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Let's Scroll It!   [2006]

Let's Scroll It! Released by :
C64.COM [web]

Release Date :
15 October 2006

Type :
C64 Demo

Released At :

Achievements :
C64 Demo Competition at X'2006 :  #3

User rating:*********_  8.5/10 (47 votes)   See votestatistics
*********_  8.7/10 (21 votes) - Public votes only.

Credits :
Code .... HCL of Booze Design
Music .... Chapelier
  Drax of Bonzai, Crest, Maniacs of Noise, Vibrants
  Hein of Focus, Onslaught, Vision
  Jeroen Tel of Focus, Maniacs of Noise
Graphics .... Hobbit of Fairlight
  Morpheus of C64.COM, Flash Inc., The Increasing Popularity Crew, The Transfer Team
  Redstar of Logic
  The Sarge of Fairlight
Design .... Morpheus of C64.COM, Flash Inc., The Increasing Popularity Crew, The Transfer Team
Text .... Antitrack of Nostalgia
  Bagder of Horizon
  Ben Daglish
  Bizzmo of Cosine
  Bob of Censor Design
  Chris Abbott of HVSC Crew
  Der Hansie
  Drax of Bonzai, Crest, Maniacs of Noise, Vibrants
  Goblin of Light
  H.O of Science 451
  Hugh Riley
  Icon of Horizon, Light, The Preservers
  Irata of Red Sector Inc., Tristar & Red Sector Inc.
  Ixion of Triad
  Jaws of Boys without Brains
  Jeff Smart of Elite
  Jon Hare
  Jonathan Dunn
  Kernal of Anticom Cracking Technique, Breakpoint Hacking Techniques
  King Fisher of Triad
  Lucifer of Triad
  Mad of Maniacs of Noise, Scoop
  Mahoney of Visa Röster
  Markus Schneider of Lords of Sonics, X-Ample Architectures
  Metal Maniac of Dual Crew, Dual Crew Shining
  Morpheus of C64.COM, Flash Inc., The Increasing Popularity Crew, The Transfer Team
  Mr. Pinge of Gothenburg Advanced International Service
  Paul Norman
  Per Håkan Sundell of Computerbrains Cracking Service
  Rambones of Ancients, HVSC Crew
  Redstar of Logic
  Richard Joseph
  Rob Hubbard
  Robin Levy
  Simon Butler
  Slaygon of Censor Design, Rator
  Snacky of Genesis Project
  The Arrow of Laser Cracking Service
  The Detonator
  The Jackal
  The Leader
  The Sarge of Fairlight
  The Shark of HVSC Crew, The Eternal Force
  The Spy of Flash Inc., The Marxists
  Trazan of Dual Crew, Hitmen
  Unlock of Albion Crew, Padua, Ram Jam
  Utopia of The Silents
  Yup of Offence, Power
  Zzap of Swedish Cracking Crew
Charset .... Morpheus of C64.COM, Flash Inc., The Increasing Popularity Crew, The Transfer Team

SIDs used in this release :
A New Haircut(/MUSICIANS/H/Holt_Hein/A_New_Haircut.sid)
Bug Off(/MUSICIANS/D/DRAX/Bug_Off.sid)
Capripholian Waltz(/MUSICIANS/D/DRAX/Capripholian_Waltz.sid)
Double Dodo(/MUSICIANS/H/Holt_Hein/Double_Dodo.sid)
Moments of Everydayness(/MUSICIANS/D/DRAX/Moments_of_Everydayness.sid)
Playing Killer Whale(/MUSICIANS/C/Chapelier/Playing_Killer_Whale.sid)
Sonic Soul(/MUSICIANS/T/Tel_Jeroen/Sonic_Soul.sid)

Download :

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User Comment
Submitted by katon on 27 May 2023
Super !
User Comment
Submitted by Sith on 16 February 2018
People who read my comments know I'm not a fan of oldskool scroller demos as they don't offer much else than tons of text.
I also think HCL's talent is a bit wasted doing stuff that many other coders could handle. He should be coding kickass fx that only the very few in his league could do. Just my .2 He's of course free to code what he enjoys.

As for the demo itself: well, this one does offer some audiovisual content. It's not just text, but also has a nice SID and gfx collection, plus nice fonts and fx. I LOVED that widepan pic by the Sarge at the end, and the Batman Returns pic with Drax' music. Also great to hear some tunes by the mighty legend Jeroen Tel. It all feels very neat and smooth. Radical downvoting would be unfair if you look at the non-textual content. And this comes from someone who loves the tech and eye-candy stuff.
User Comment
Submitted by Ghostrider on 2 November 2016
Megha-brutal to read some words from Goblin/Light again in this release! Favourite demo-group of all time! In my childhood, before I had any contact with the scene, Goblin played a role in me getting the best xmas present ever! (including demos, a personalized handwritten note, and Light-stickers! :D )
User Comment
Submitted by Stinsen on 30 March 2013
Capripholian Waltz
User Comment
Submitted by Stinsen on 2 November 2012
Can't resist the urge to comment on old releases.. "Capripholian Waltz" is such an amazing piece of music. :D
User Comment
Submitted by Jak T Rip on 29 January 2012
I finally made it... it seems you are not allowed to change scroll speed. Or I pressed joy down not fast enough in the first tries. So: it's very fast 7 joy downs.
User Comment
Submitted by Morpheus on 14 October 2010
@Necro: :-) Imagine proof-reading those scrolltexts over and over again looking for all kind of mistakes. If I remember correctly, reading them all takes 6.5 hours. Or was it 3.5? See, my head is *still* spinning!
User Comment
Submitted by NecroPolo on 25 September 2010
Let alone, the bunch of thoughts packed together would deserve a fat 10. Plus it comes with a really great style and great music.

One downside: after reading all of this, the world seems to be spinning fast around my head :)
User Comment
Submitted by Jazzcat on 30 December 2006
Despite Oswald's usual comments I give this demo a 10! It was asbolutely fantastic and captured the spirit of "scene" in the most incredible way! Thanks for the entertainment, thanks for _demo_strating to me the beauty of scroll text and old school glamour!
User Comment
Submitted by Steppe on 30 November 2006
For sure this one is a very special demo with a LOT of care for tiny details. Great musics, stunning graphics, slick design and presentation. Surely a production I will keep coming back to once in a while. Especially because I still didn't read all the scrollers yet. :)
User Comment
Submitted by Hate Bush on 30 November 2006
Retro nostalgia oldschool, therefore not a demo for me I'm afraid. Very skillfully executed though, but that's no wonder if you look at the list of people involved.
And hey, nice to see Morpheus liking it so much.
User Comment
Submitted by Style on 22 November 2006
Niceish demo, dunno what all the hype is about though. Ive never really followed the scene closely, so I dont know who most of these people are :) for me its a demo with a scroller :D
User Comment
Submitted by DRAX on 22 November 2006
So do I, Oswald... But I also like the demos that have some sort of atmosphere beyond just nice visual effects, hardcore coding, nice music... In this particular demo it is a feeling of something special that is a combination of everything in this demo ... it's hard to put a finger on a specific thing... in some demos one can easily put a finger on a single factor... I can't do that in this demo... besides... I fully respect having different taste... Still nice to hear what different people turn on ;) ... No matter what.. I like this demo ;)... I am also a nostalgic fool ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Oswald on 21 November 2006
morpheus, I appreciate that you gathered all the old ppl, and the quality of the whole thing, but for me a demo must be spectacular show off, besides if you have ever coded and linked a 2 sider trackmo then you would know that nagging ppl is a little effort compared to that. Drax, I prefer something visually new in a demo, more than something that is nice but I've seen it 100 times already.
User Comment
Submitted by DRAX on 21 November 2006
Well, I enjoyed making the music for the demo and I enjoy watching the demo. A demo for me is not just hardcore code - actually (today) I really don't care that much if there is hardcore code in it if it looks sucky... Alot of work has been done on this demo and I want to give a high vote for that and for the retro feeling that is in this demo... But giving this demo "1" is definately childish... About transparent votings... I am not sure... you can't just change it - people may have different reasons for voting anonymously - I can think of a few reasons... But deliberate downvoting sucks... If the voting system is to be transparent then you can only do it with newer votes and not reveal the votes people have given under the assumption that they voted anonymously...
User Comment
Submitted by Morpheus on 21 November 2006
@Oswald, you can think what you will if it, no prob, it's your damn right! But you're missing the whole point with the demo. If you want cool wobbly/hard coded/twitching effects, this demo is not for you. And I do think effort counts in a case like this. Try to get 64 people to write a scrolltext 15-20 years after they quit, and let's see if you manage to get half of it together. Then mail the musicians and the artists and get them to do something new on the C64.
User Comment
Submitted by Oswald on 21 November 2006
morpheus, a demo with spectacular effects/visual or very good design / story telling may belong to the top 10. A "demo" without a single effect does not belong there. A demo where the only show off is the list of big names is not a demo. I want to see some real codings, real effects, some effort for the 'wow' factor, which is forgotten these days too much. There's nothing in here I havent seen already 20 times.
User Comment
Submitted by Radiant on 21 November 2006
IMO this isn't top ten material, but it sure is good. Effort or quantity in credits alone does not make top ten; it's all about the impact the demo leaves. One of the nicest releases this year, though.
User Comment
Submitted by Morpheus on 21 November 2006
@WG: OK, I made the demo with a lot of help from my friends, but if you had any idea how long it took to get this stuff together, you would maybe have more respect for it. Yes, I think it belongs on the top 10 list, and there's many reasons for it. One is the amount of stuff we have in there. Like Drax said, it's a demo you return to because there's so much to read, look at and listen to. And it looks fucking good!

@CSDb-staff: Take away the function where you can hide your votes. That's stupid, and it makes it possible for the dickhead down-voters to continue down-vote. Give me a good reason why this function should still be there. If you cast a vote, stand by it!
User Comment
Submitted by BLiTZ on 18 November 2006
Nicely done demo, great gfx, and super music, i really enjoyed whatching this cool demo.
User Comment
Submitted by Oswald on 14 November 2006
top quality well done demo, with a lot of comebacks, however I agree with wg :) I'd rather see HCL to code some new effects instead of reinventing the wheel, even if in a top quality way.
User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 14 November 2006
wg, maybe if you hadn't downvoted other top demos, this wouldnt be so high.
User Comment
Submitted by WG on 14 November 2006
Hmmm. Some of you know what I think of this kind of demos. "Nothing special, really". Nevertheless, I have learned my lessons and will not "Downvote". Question remains: does it deserve a top ten rating?
User Comment
Submitted by DRAX on 5 November 2006
This is really an interesting demo. It kinda grows... It is simply interesting to read all those nice scroll texts... it certainly brings back memories of the past. And thanks to you Andreas for keep telling me that Capripholian Waltz is a great tune. I must admit that it fit the Batman graphics very well ;) ... Thanks alot... This is the type of demo that I get back to now and then...
User Comment
Submitted by Trazan on 4 November 2006
One gazillion lines of text read, musics playing and a smooth wildfire in the shape of pixels dancing around. A very nice hour well spent watching this production. Finally.
User Comment
Submitted by Ed on 23 October 2006
Thanks for all those scroll texts!
User Comment
Submitted by Mirage on 16 October 2006
great demo (!) too bad it's not really bigscreen material, but i really appreciate the effort that went into collecting all those gfx/music/scrolltexts... let's hope it'll lead to more scrolls in future demos :)
User Comment
Submitted by Jeff Smart on 16 October 2006
WOHOO!!! That goes to show that you couldn`t just mix things up with that tiny little computer machine... Great stuff, great stuff.
User Comment
Submitted by psych858o on 16 October 2006
Great demo ! MUSIC IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ! Thanx guys...
User Comment
Submitted by SIDWAVE on 16 October 2006
A lovely surprise demo! Superb in almost any way. I'm still reading, some people have funny humor like Benn.. :)
User Comment
Submitted by endo on 16 October 2006
great product, thx to Morpheus & HCL, nice team :)
User Comment
Submitted by H.O on 16 October 2006
Love this demo; a lot of old skool feeling and tons of scrollers.

Some of the scrolltexts would've benefited from some spellchecking though ;)
User Comment
Submitted by HCL on 16 October 2006
Some comments about the picture of a couple in the hidden part. It's a (bad) convertion of a photo of me and my wife, but at that time we were not yet married, and also this demo was supposed to be released long time before we would have our wedding. The whole plan was to do some magic by adding this picture, but not telling anyone until after our wedding. Then afterwards we could pop up in this demo like two rabbits from the hat :). There is one more hidden thing btw, it's in the picture somewhere. Just keep on searching :).
User Comment
Submitted by Gildan Jondal on 15 October 2006
Old school meets new school in this work of art, the lost art of scrollies kick ya right in the knackers with an abundance of "legends" chipping in to write them. Oh, and the Batman part gfx and music are sublime
User Comment
Submitted by Tch on 15 October 2006
Finally something with lots of text to read,and outstanding work on all other fronts aswell! 8D
Funny how Redstar+HCL kept Andreas in the dark about the LOGIC-part.. LOL!
Wonderful work from (old-)legends on both the graphical and musical parts. 8)
The texts are so numerous,there´s still some left to be read..

Oh,who is that couple on the hidden picture?
They look very happy,maybe even married recently?..

User Comment
Submitted by Clarence on 15 October 2006
This production creates a very relaxing and special mood I didn't felt for a long time watching a c64 demo (last time it was maybe back in early 1990's). Spending much time reading the scrolltext and listening to the fab musics and watching some nice effects. With the hidden goodies it's even more precious. Btw If HCL didn't mention in the hidden text the difficulties with last part including spritelayered bitmapscroll I think nobody would notice it.
Even though it's not a typical compo blockbuster demo, it's still my #2 from X.
User Comment
Submitted by Skate on 15 October 2006
This is actually more than a demo. If we just take it as a demo, it looks like a 1995 compo winner demo. But as a whole production with all those musics, scroll texts etc, it's just perfect! Morpheus sould be very happy to work with HCL. Good choice :)
User Comment
Submitted by Morpheus on 15 October 2006
OK, this message is pointed to HCL and Redstar directly: YOU BASTARDS!! I'm sitting here writing this after talking to Redstar who asked me if I had found the hidden part in the demo yet. Hold it now... Hidden part? I didn't design no hidden part! You've been cooking things up behind by back! And here I thought I had perfect dictator-control over this demo. ;) I knew you had something going but I thought Redstar wanted help to finish a new Logic demo or something. And you didn't tell me anything during the whole party David!!! This was surely a nice surprise! Thanks guys!
User Comment
Submitted by icon on 14 October 2006
Wow! Very nice, indeed! i really liked Drax waltz! God it rocked! Awsome! Some very nice graphics and code involved here to. :-)
User Comment
Submitted by Zyron on 14 October 2006
Added textwriting credits to those who had an entry in the database. Phew :)
Also added some more missing credits.
User Comment
Submitted by Deev on 14 October 2006
It's nicely put together and it's good to see all these names releasing new things, but it feels quite safe, in some cases just people doing what they've always done. Would've been nice to see the boundries being pushed a little more.
User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG on 14 October 2006
@Redstar: yes, but only by undeleting files (starts at 23;07), not yet how to activate it in the demo
User Comment
Submitted by T.M.R on 14 October 2006
This got a nine just for getting all those people together to write text... but the fact is that it deserved it for everything else too. =-)

Slight addendum; i now utterly love Moments Of Everydayness totally but it's stuck in my head and i won't be able to sleep - who should i email to complain?!
User Comment
Submitted by Matt on 14 October 2006
da hobbit is back!
User Comment
Submitted by Redstar on 14 October 2006
Did anyone found the hidden part?
User Comment
Submitted by jailbird on 14 October 2006
Superb code+graphics+music! \:D/
User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG on 14 October 2006
Awesome stuff
User Comment
Submitted by Radiant on 14 October 2006
Happy happy! <3 An amazing who's-who of the C64 scene of yore. I really hope we'll see more from those who contributed to this release. :-)
User Comment
Submitted by Motion on 14 October 2006
@ HCL : I knew you were gonna do this after that comment ya made to me! Cool! :)

I was gonna suggest that someone code this effect... I guess you're that man afterall! Truly splendid work. Times are good...

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