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1991   [2011]

1991 Released by :
Booze Design

Release Date :
7 August 2011

Type :
C64 Demo

Glass och ballong!

Released At :
LCP 2011

Achievements :
C64 Demo Competition at LCP 2011 :  #1

User rating:*********_  9.1/10 (51 votes)   See votestatistics
*********_  9.3/10 (24 votes) - Public votes only.

Credits :
Code .... HCL of Booze Design
  JackAsser of Booze Design
Music .... Dane of Booze Design
  RaveGuru of Booze Design
Graphics .... Archmage of Andromeda, Booze Design, EN0NE, Nostalgia, SHAPE
  Dane of Booze Design
  HCL of Booze Design
  Jailbird of Booze Design
Design .... HCL of Booze Design
Idea .... HCL of Booze Design
Text .... Dane of Booze Design
  HCL of Booze Design
  JackAsser of Booze Design
Charset .... HCL of Booze Design
Linking .... HCL of Booze Design
  JackAsser of Booze Design
Concept .... HCL of Booze Design
Bug-Fix .... HCL of Booze Design
  JackAsser of Booze Design
Loader .... HCL of Booze Design

SIDs used in this release :
Dane vs Danko(/MUSICIANS/M/Mitch_and_Dane/Dane/Dane_vs_Danko.sid)
Dane vs Deek(/MUSICIANS/M/Mitch_and_Dane/Dane/Dane_vs_Deek.sid)
Dane vs Scortia(/MUSICIANS/M/Mitch_and_Dane/Dane/Dane_vs_Scortia.sid)
Dane vs Zardax(/MUSICIANS/M/Mitch_and_Dane/Dane/Dane_vs_Zardax.sid)
Funky Desert Dawn(/MUSICIANS/R/Raveguru/Funky_Desert_Dawn.sid)
Good Enough?(/MUSICIANS/M/Mitch_and_Dane/Dane/Good_Enough.sid)

Download :

Look for downloads on external sites:

User Comment
Submitted by Smasher on 23 April 2016
what dr.j said! plus there's a sierpinski triangle at the end, so... :P
User Comment
Submitted by Dr.j on 23 April 2016
i still love this fuckin' cool shit! thumbs up for production cool old retro feelings. 100% top notch
User Comment
Submitted by Total Chaos on 15 October 2013
..if it hasn't been said before:
Funky Desert Dawn is FREAKING AWESOME!
User Comment
Submitted by FATFrost on 15 July 2012
What i like about this Booze is i never have a hangover afterwards. :)
User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 1 July 2012
Yah, this soundtrack is the shit. Love it!
User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 15 May 2012
The soundtrack! I just have to say it again. All that codez is nice and all... but the soundtrack! I have been listening to it for endless hours since LCP. It blew me away then and it still does. Dane proves yet again that he is one of the greatest. Much love!
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 11 April 2012
Dear booze... I had a joy looking at this demo again today... you are true heroes of the c64... love you all the way to the demo-compo at x2012! It will be wrestling time and we sure do love it! In all ways it will be a great party and we in offence do really look forward to meet all you boozers again... let us create one hell of a show, all of us... groups or no groups, let us just put on a show... c64 all the way... R.I.P Jack Tramiel - for you and for us we will create good and great c64 demos once again! We will put in the effort and the hours needed to do a great show, for you and for all of us! Us, the different kind of people... we will be strong this year at x... the whole c64 scene will be strong, together, no matter what!

Jack Tramiel
Your creations stole years of our life, they still do.
You made us hide from both the sun and rain, left us all staring at the electric blue.
you poisened our minds, we remained true.
you made us suffer and struggle, all on the electric blue.

...for that we LOVE you. R.I.P.

Pal of Offence
User Comment
Submitted by Mr Wegi on 8 April 2012
Booze on the top - all the time - thx for this one and wait for more :)
User Comment
Submitted by Medicus on 3 September 2011
Fanbrillicious! :)
User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 3 September 2011
yes, please make a testcase :) and be sure to check on x64sc =P
User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 24 August 2011
Strong stuff! :D Funny how doing it the "retro" way could feel so fresh. Good work göyz! :)
User Comment
Submitted by v3to on 24 August 2011
love it... makes me feel 20 years younger. my fave is this blocky scroller part, mr.cursor's game-on-intro cames to my mind :)
deekay: hm... i am pretty sure that there has been flicker in the late 80ies. not exactly for the scene, but i remember georg brandt doing mci stuff at magic bytes those days.
User Comment
Submitted by Jucke on 19 August 2011
I love you HCL and Dane. Your demo really threw me back to the early 90's at the LCP party. Top stuff! Love the style, and how the effects mutate into extremes and go beyond the old coding tech.
User Comment
Submitted by Mr. SID on 15 August 2011
@DeeKay: I'm not sure if Mace really loves it that much... :)
User Comment
Submitted by DeeKay on 15 August 2011
This is pure pr0n! ;-) I know a certain medieval weapon that will *love* this, hehe!...
I some way I like this more than EoD, since it's more varied on the effects - and there just seems to be loads more! Thanks for the Zardax remix, one of my all-time faves - together with the proper Elysion part to go with it! ;-D

P.S: Why no love for Crest? Only LCP attendees?
P.P.S: Funny enough I've had the perspective FPP idea very many years ago, too, when thinking of how to use VIC-tricks in new previously unexplored ways! ;-)
P.P.P.S: Flicker-gfx in 1991? I don't think so.. Funpaint II had just been released, and didn't catch on in the scene until late 1992!
User Comment
Submitted by Sander on 15 August 2011
Fantastic track! Great homage. Shame about the logos, but a nice production indeed.
User Comment
Submitted by Krill on 14 August 2011
Awesome code! The perspective thingies were great. Dot ball and hidden line vector objects, too. Quite an unfamiliar feeling to have this kind of oldskool look and feel in a trackmo, but it was very entertaining.
User Comment
Submitted by Clarence on 13 August 2011
Watching it again I liked the dot parts the most and the outstanding vector part.

Resource guys might know what I'm talking about, implementing a 'Jodie tool' in realtime. :D
User Comment
Submitted by Sledge on 10 August 2011
This was brilliant, and it's wonderful to once again see a demo with a touch of yesterday. Great stuff indeed! :D
User Comment
Submitted by FATFrost on 9 August 2011
User Comment
Submitted by Brush on 9 August 2011
Heavy lifting on the code side. And i like the style too. The retro logos are actually massive :) The perspective effects (both of them) are visually stunning. Congratulations!
User Comment
Submitted by Skate on 9 August 2011
first of all, thank you for continuing productivity even after you have nothing to prove anymore. :) congrats with your 20th anniversary. it's really strange to see an oldschool themed demo from you guys. i'm not completely satisfied with the overall quality (logos, graphics etc.) but as a coder, i adore the technicial background. some kickass stuff! starfield and dot sphere part are amazing. also $d016 and color distorted graphic looks very original. we want to celebrate your 25th, 30th, ... years while you are still active, don't forget that! :)
User Comment
Submitted by Kristian on 8 August 2011
Congrats with the 20! A superb release and a brilliant idea to go 20 years back in time. I miss tech-tech's and DYPPs :)
User Comment
Submitted by ZZAP69 on 8 August 2011
Happy birthday guys and thanks for the personal greetings!

I especially like the soundrack, a tribute to the early 90's musicians. It seems you have borrowed some other parts of the concept. For instance from: http://csdb.dk/release/?id=751.
User Comment
Submitted by Cruzer on 8 August 2011
Great concept for a birthday demo, oh and Happy birthday! Love the oldskool style with scrollers everywhere, especially when coupled with impressive effects like the DYPP'er, transparent rasterbars, dot ball record, inconvex line vector and VIC magic which I have to look at a bit closer to realize whether I'm supposed to be impressed. The tribute tunes complete the concept. And thanks again for saying that CML should have won, although I don't agree - it should of course have been Mahoney.
User Comment
Submitted by Yazoo on 8 August 2011
when it comes to the plotball, you forgot to take the ball into account which was coded by caprix / oxyron for one of the coma lights (i think it was cl5). 2-framed maybe, but count half of them, and it may still be enough to be named (i may be wrong here, its just how i remember that plotball - and didnt check it out again), hehe. whatever, i liked your demo - it triggers the oldschool-fan inside of me, and some of the effects are absolutely awesome. some graphics are good (some are less, even for 1991 style) - and the music kicks ass. happy birthday to everyone in booze design, and dont forget to bring a demo for x'12 ;-)
User Comment
Submitted by Axis/Oxyron on 8 August 2011
On the party my favourite demo was Camelot. But coming home and watching all releases again, I have to say this is the deserved winner. There is so much cool stuff in this. My favourite is the concave line vector with morphing. Well done guys. To the starfield, what was I thinking? Lets make a starfield fullscreen, nice looking, colorful and visible on the bigscreen. I think it worked. ;o) And you cant complain about the nw2 endpart. I gave you enough time. My first version was done in 95 or 96 and burned in the legendary oxyron partyplace fire. So 12 Years should be enough to code this. But your version looks great. I like the more dynamic movements. Is your interpolation linear or perspective corrected? By the way, fantastic remix of one of my all time favourite musics from the Zardax/Origo.
User Comment
Submitted by Stone on 8 August 2011
Happy birthday, Boozers! A very solid demo from you guys, but still it leaves you with a feeling that this is just a "resting step" on the way to X-2012.. I'm sure you'll blow us all out of the water there :)
User Comment
Submitted by Steppe on 8 August 2011
Much appreciated, Dane! And good work on the demo, was very entertaining on the whole!
User Comment
Submitted by Dane on 8 August 2011
Uploaded .sid files. A chord bug in Good Enough is fixed.
User Comment
Submitted by BHF on 8 August 2011
Happy 20th. :)
Its cool to see another side of Booze Design.
Some awesome effects and well produced.
User Comment
Submitted by Jazzcat on 8 August 2011
You guys have come a long way since the days of Nail in Foot. This demo contains some snappy oldschool fx, scroller power and some cool audio (esp. love the scortia cover). Happy birthday guys!
User Comment
Submitted by Clarence on 8 August 2011
Very nice oldschool effect compilation. Actually there are some very hard stuff included as well... Loved the end part music. It's a relief that this time someone else was set on the pedestal. ;)
Happy Birthday!
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 8 August 2011
Congratulations with a fine fine release and with the groups 20 years!

Hope there will be 20 more years.
User Comment
Submitted by ne7 on 7 August 2011
happy birthday \o/ i <3 the scrollers :) oodles of fun
User Comment
Submitted by Oswald on 7 August 2011
oh and FLI logo ? why does it look like restricted to 3 colors per line ? :) love this shit, digging in the code :D
User Comment
Submitted by Heavy Stylus on 7 August 2011
Booze Design can do no wrong. Great demo!

Music in the Smirnoff part is superb.
User Comment
Submitted by Oswald on 7 August 2011
I guess I found 1 cycle in the dot sphere part oto I dont understand the code fully. How about TSX instead of LDY $0e ? :) Great demo guys, nice Axis mocking ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Hermit on 7 August 2011
\o/ :):):)
Rasters over 'Dead scene?' hires won a special place in my heart. And the music compilation too.
User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 7 August 2011
Love the last Magic effect. Anyway.. quite interesting feeling to see word Magic in the demos not made by D-magic.. ;-)))))
User Comment
Submitted by Fungus on 7 August 2011
I love the demo, it's a real treat for an old-school fan such as me.

thumbs up
User Comment
Submitted by Yogibear on 7 August 2011
Really great demo! Good gfx, neat effects and nice music! I especially like the sid covers in it!
User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 7 August 2011
This demo is even better after a piece of cake. ;) Great work as always, guys. \o/ My c64c used for testing the final versions is still chocked but happy.
User Comment
Submitted by Joe on 7 August 2011
It was great to meet you guys once again, especially to talk to Dane and to see the picture right in the start of the party!
The effect is really great in that hires-border part. Archmages fantastic fast work on the logo "1991", pixel by pixel in Project One.
And the generous architectural discussion with Pernod/HZ.

Although there were some parts which simply disappeared on the projected surface like the starfield, some of those old demoeffects was pushed in a really nice way, such as the Antic logo, the double logo ontop of AFLI rasterpatterns and the Magic logo ontop of the tiled pattern background.
User Comment
Submitted by Slator on 7 August 2011
yes, actually it were zzap and me that were present there... macx, no more biize then...
User Comment
Submitted by macx on 7 August 2011
JackASS: ZZAP69 is an Onslaughter, goddamnit! :)
User Comment
Submitted by Wile Coyote on 7 August 2011
Polished audio. Great party pic.
Highlights for me were the rasters over 'Dead scene?' pic, and the 3D x3 Magic Logo part. The End is pretty neat also.


It’s difficult to decide which demo should have won LCP 2011.
The following 3 demos would have made my Top 3:

1991 - Booze Design
Pimp My Snail - Camelot
2011 A Press Space Odyssey  - Offence

If I was voting on one single effect that wowed me the most, then Pimp My Snail would be the winner with the many Bobs part. If I was voting on best mix of ideas and graphics, 2011 A Press Space Odyssey  would be winner. If I was voting on the best demo with the most amount of impressive parts, then 1991 would have been winner.
User Comment
Submitted by JackAsser on 7 August 2011
@Macx: :) Only attendees of LCP got greets basically + MoN iirc.
User Comment
Submitted by macx on 7 August 2011
Cheers guys!

Kakan är bakad och bankgiro noterat för nästa runda av räkningar.

WTF, no [o] 7113-greetz?! B-/
User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 7 August 2011
Awesome demo. Awesome music. Awesome logos =)
User Comment
Submitted by Slator on 7 August 2011
happy birthday to the 20th :) winning was some present, eh ? nice work

thanks to your mormor for the great birthday cake.
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