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Gubbdata 2020

- Det var kanske inte bättre förr, men det är i alla fall sämre nu. / Maybe things weren't better back in the days, but it's never the less worse now.

Event Type :
Demo Party

Dates :
26 - 28 June 2020

Place :
Gubbdata Plaza

Organizers :
hedning, Phreedh

Organizer Groups :
Genesis Project

Competition Results :

C64 Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Diagonality by Genesis ProjectDownload9.39.8
2The Residents by AtlantisDownload8.4
3Listen to Your Eyes by Booze DesignDownload9.49.8
45 Shades of Grey by LethargyDownload9.49.6
5Oblique by Hoaxers, Wrath DesignsDownload9.1
6One by Censor DesignDownload8.3
7The Magic of Ben Daglish by Censor DesignDownload8.9
8Social Distancing by TriadDownload8.3
9ShadowMind by Hokuto ForceDownload7.7
10Say What? by DesireDownload7.8
11Moving by Software of SwedenDownload
12Flashparty 2020 Invtro by PVMDownload7.3
13Häva, veva, åka Volvo by Esl0wDownload
14GubbLITCH [62 bytes] by JammerDownload8.6

C64 Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1On the Waves by psych858oDownload9.5
2Lundia by FlexDownload9.2
3Antikrundan Allstars by FegolhuzzDownload8.7
4No Conocida by ZardaxDownload9.4
5Wrong Kind of Young by MahoneyDownload8.3
6Dynamite by JanglerDownload9.4
7Lets Do It Figge Style! by KleggDownload8.8
8Arpalooza by Mr.Death/StinsenDownload9.3
9Lonely Planet by DaneDownload8.8
10The Dream Child by Xiny6581Download
 A Night in Sunny Skåne by JuzdieDownload8.7
12Chipohoy! by MythusDownload8.5
13Take Your Time, Babe by JammerDownload9.5
14The Dense Poppy Cake by HaschpipanDownload7.8
15Theorizing by GHDownload9.7
16Glass of Water by ProtonDownload8.5
17Narrow Hallway 96% by ZZAP69Download9.4
 Mega... Bugs! by FlotsamDownload9.7
 All Roads Lead to UIT by ChuinhoDownload9.4
20Odd Summer by isocosaDownload
 Talespinner by DAMDownload
22Turrican Autofire by ShogoonDownload8.9
23Boogeyman by SIDWAVEDownload
24From Dusk Til Schweiger by Stabile AltbautenDownload

C64 Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Atropine by The SargeDownload9.710.0
2Streampunk'd by MikaelDownload9.7
3Diagonality End by FacetDownload9.4
4The Mightiest Hunter by CarrionDownload9.0
5Stand Your Ground by MythusDownload8.5
 Vid ålaboden by TwoflowerDownload8.5
7Sidereal by Rail SlaveDownload7.9
8Phantasy Nature II by Almighty GodDownload8.6
9Help! Cablesalad! by TitusDownload8.3
10Vger Attacks by FabsDownload8.5
11Calico Cat by ViljanDownload7.7
12Kuchi Kopi by CupidDownload
13Say Hello to My Little Friend by TuckerDownload
14Angry Man by xxxplodeDownload
15Shit Bird with Lerppu by xxxplodeDownload

WiLD Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
2Tank Girl by FairlightDownload9.4
3Predator Cut Out Scenes Starring Hedning by FairlightDownload
5Chucky by Hokuto ForceDownload

PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Slabbarp by Hack n' Trade (One-File Demo)Download8.8
2Midsommarblot by The Sarge (Graphics)Download9.3
3Blepps Blersson by Klegg (Music)Download
4När Danmark blir skånskt igen by Joe (Graphics)Download
5Scaniakråkan by Moroten (Graphics)Download
615 minuter från Eslöv by Zapac (One-File Demo)Download
7Angeldog by Zeta (Music)Download
8Skåneland by Båtsman (Graphics)Download

Mixed Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Old Man Yells at Old Computer by ArchmageDownload9.4
2The Boars Head Tavern by TriadDownload9.5
3Reflection by isocosaDownload
4LLP Street 2 by Hokuto ForceDownload8.5
5Abejävel by Hardcore MofokkahzDownload8.4
6Cabinet by Hokuto ForceDownload8.6
7FightdPwr PETSCII by TriadDownload8.0
8Krokodil PETSCII by The Gumpa BrothersDownload8.0
9Charlie by Hokuto ForceDownload
10Long Live Gubbdata by Level 64Download8.5
11Zenigada by Hokuto ForceDownload8.6
12Fuy Gawkes by InsaneDownload
13Robot Mind Trip 2020 by Nah-KolorDownload
14Mazinga by Hokuto ForceDownload

Mixed Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1The C= Is Mine by Genesis ProjectDownload9.6
2Fargo by LftDownload
3It's a Beautiful Life by Digital CrackersDownload
4Kernkraft 400 by LatexDownload7.4
5Come as You Are by AtlantisDownload8.9
 F.R.I.E.N.D.S by Software of SwedenDownload
7Friend Like Me by Software of SwedenDownload
 It's a Fine Day SIDtrance Remix by Finnish GoldDownload8.9
10Bananas in Pyjamas by Hokuto ForceDownload9.0
11Bananas in Pyjamas by LatexDownload

Mixed Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Expand by BonzaiDownload9.8

Productions released outside compos :
Colours Explained by Genesis Project (Graphics)
Intro Show 2020 by The Seventh Sector (One-File Demo)
John Stormont's Electrosound History Book by Onslaught (Music Collection)
Monty on the Run - D'n'B Edit [2sid] by Samar Productions/MultiStyle Labs/Genesis Project (Music)
Propaganda by Latex (One-File Demo)
Roblox Sid Remix Selector by Software of Sweden (Music Collection)
Show This First or Else.. by Vivo (BBS Graphics)
Thanos by Genesis Project (Graphics)

Attendants : (19)
Beardswitcher, grip, hedning, JackAsser, Jucke, Lft, Mahoney, Oxidy, Pernod, Phreedh, Scooby, SkY, Skyhawk, Steel, Strepto, The Sarge, Thorin, wasp, z-nexx

Releases containing information on this event :
Gubbdata 2020  Party invitation
Vandalism News #71  

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 13 September 2020
I know for a fact that Epsilon, Mikael, Morpheus, Soya, and The Sarge did not attend the party. Removing them. Keep the "Attendants" to the ones that were actually there, please. :)

User Comment
Submitted by RaveGuru on 3 July 2020
Thank you, sir! ❤

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 3 July 2020
One week after, and I finally had the strength to make a d81 with all onefilers (I had to crunch a lot of the releases), and a pack of 12 disks with all C64 releases released for the C64 at Gubbdata 2020 for the ones that enjoy these packs. Thank you all who helped us make Gubbdata what it is today. Love and respect!


User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 2 July 2020
The jury consisted of Beardswitcher (Atari/C64), deadguy (Amiga), grip (C64/Amiga), JackAsser (C64), Jucke (C64), Lft (C64), Mahoney (C64), Oxidy (C64), Pernod (C64), Scooby (C64), Skyhawk (C64), Thorin (C64), Troed (Atari) wasp (Amiga), Z-nexx (C64, MSDOS, Gameboy).

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 1 July 2020

User Comment
Submitted by RaveGuru on 30 June 2020
Is it possible to get a .zip of all the releases somewhere?

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 28 June 2020
Updated C64 gfx compo results:

## C64 Graphics

1. 9.08 The Sarge - Atropine
2. 8.62 Mikael - Steampunk'd
3. 8.08 Facet - Diagonality End
4. 7.38 Carrion - The Mighties Hunter
5. 6.62 Mythus - Stand Your Ground
6.62 Twoflower - Alaboden
7. 6.46 Railslave - Sidereal
8. 6.31 Almighty God - Phantasy Nature II
9. 6.08 Titus - Help Cable Salad
10. 5.85 Fabs - Vger Attacks
11. 5.38 Viljan - Calico Cat
12. 3.69 Cupid - Kutchi Kopi
13. 3.54 Tucker - Say Hello To My Little Friend
14. 3.00 Braves of Scotland - Angry Man
15. 2.38 Braves of Scotland - Shit Bird With Lerppu

User Comment
Submitted by Dymo on 28 June 2020
Just in awe due to the amount of releases.. friggin’ awsome..

Gubbdata, were everyone releases ’em selves.. *hik!* :P

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 28 June 2020
We are out of compo areas. I put the "90s gfx" as WiLD Demo compo. Can't find anything else that would suit it.

User Comment
Submitted by The Sarge on 28 June 2020
Thank you for Gubbdata 2020! This was such a nice event. I watched almost all of it and this streamed event had a very cozy, down to earth and friendly feeling. Exactly what I expect from Gubbdata. The interviews with LFT and Mahoney and Larson Bros was pure gold. Very interesting to see them explain and analysing their demos and watch it play. Big hug!

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 28 June 2020
# Gubbdata 2020 Results

## 90s Music

1. 8.60 Steel - The c is mine
2. 7.80 Lft - Fargo
3. 6.70 Zeta - B-Life
4. 6.40 Batsman - Kernkraft 400
5. 6.10 Wolk - Friends
6.10 Mibri - Come As You Are
7. 5.50 Proton - It's A Fine Day
5.50 Wolk - Friend like me
9. 5.00 Juzdie - Night in Motion
10. 4.00 Nordischsound - Bananas in Pyjamas
11. 3.60 Batsman - Bananas in Pyjamas

## Amiga Music

1. 7.60 The Old Gubbs
2. 6.50 Feels so good
3. 5.50 XSM - Trungle Revelation
4. 4.90 Adkd - Gopijanavallabha
4.90 SIDwave - Superfrog 2 Title
6. 4.60 Amiga Junglism
7. 4.30 Slaxx - Metro Police 2

## C64 Music

1. 8.20 Psycho8580 - On the Waves
2. 8.00 Flex - Lundia
3. 7.90 Fegolhuzz - Antikrundan Allstars
4. 7.80 Zardax - No Conocida
5. 7.60 Mahoney - Wrong Kind of Young
6. 7.56 Jangler - Dynamite
7. 7.30 Klegg - Let's Do It Figge Style
8. 7.20 Stinsen + Mr Death - Arpalooza
9. 7.00 Dane - Lonely Planet
10. 6.90 Juzdie - A Night In Sunny Skane
6.90 Xiny6581 - The Dream Child
12. 6.70 Mythus - Chipohoy
13. 6.60 Jammer - Take Your Time Babe
14. 6.30 Haschpipan - The Dense Poppy Cake
15. 6.10 GH - Theorizing
16. 5.90 Proton - Glass of Water
17. 5.80 Chuinho - All Roads Lead To UIT
5.80 Flotsam - Megabugs
5.80 Zzap69 - Narrow Hallway
20. 5.70 Dam - Talespinner
5.70 Isocosa - Odd Summer
22. 5.60 Shogoon - Turrican Autofire
23. 5.50 SIDwave - Boogeyman
24. 2.40 Stabile Altbauten - From Dusk To Schneider

## 90s Graphics

1. 7.00 The Sarge - Tank Girl (Amiga)
2. 6.23 The Sarge - Tank Girl (C64)
3. 5.85 Oxidy - Predator Cut Out Scenes Starring Hedning
4. 5.00 Mntrk - Shiny Flaky Uncut
5. 3.31 Kody - Chucky

## Skanecompo

1. 9.21 Hack'n'Trade - Slabbarp
2. 8.64 The Sarge - Midsommarblot
3. 5.43 Klegg - Blepps Blersson
4. 4.79 Joe - Naer Danmark Blir Skanskt Igen
5. 4.50 Moroten - Scaniakrakan
6. 4.36 Zapac - Esl0v
7. 4.07 Zeta - Angeldog
8. 3.36 Latex - Skaaneland

## Other Platform Graphics

1. 7.92 Grip - Swish and Flick
2. 5.29 Jojo073 - Chica34
3. 5.00 Jojo073 - Kaneda
4. 4.57 Tucker - Ducks In A Row
5. 1.69 Pararaum - Kijken Naar Het Spiegelbeeld Van Twee Torens

## Other Platform Demo

1. 8.79 Bonzai - Expand
2. 5.46 Istari - Gubbstar
3. 4.71 Brown Art - Visuals


1. 8.85 Archmage - Old Man Yells At Old Computer
2. 8.31 Skyhawk - The Boars Head Tavern
3. 6.92 Isocosa - Reflection
4. 6.54 cheapshot - LLP Street 2
5. 6.08 Phreedh - Abejaevel
6. 5.92 Slaxx - Cabinet
7. 5.77 wbochar - Fight the Power
8. 5.62 Moroten - Krokodil
9. 5.31 Kody - Charlie
10. 5.23 Almighty God - Long Live GD
11. 4.08 Kody - Zenigada
12. 4.00 Bjoppen - Fuy Gawkes
13. 3.77 CoaxCable - Robot Mind Trip 2020
14. 3.69 Kody - Mazinga

## C64 Graphics

1. 9.15 Jon Egg - Thanos
2. 9.08 The Sarge - Atropine
3. 8.62 Mikael - Steampunk'd
4. 8.08 Facet - Diagonality End
5. 7.38 Carrion - The Mighties Hunter
6. 6.62 Mythus - Stand Your Ground
6.62 Twoflower - Alaboden
8. 6.46 Railslave - Sidereal
9. 6.31 Almighty God - Phantasy Nature II
10. 6.08 Titus - Help Cable Salad
11. 5.85 Fabs - Vger Attacks
12. 5.38 Viljan - Calico Cat
13. 3.69 Cupid - Kutchi Kopi
14. 3.54 Tucker - Say Hello To My Little Friend
15. 3.00 Braves of Scotland - Angry Man
16. 2.92 Raistlin - Colours Explained
17. 2.38 Braves of Scotland - Shit Bird With Lerppu

## C64 Demo

1. 8.38 Genesis Project - Diagonality
2. 8.00 Atlantis - The Residents
3. 7.62 Booze Design - Listen To Your Eyes
4. 7.38 Lethargy - 5 Shades of Grey
5. 7.31 Hoaxers & Wrath Designs - Oblique
6. 6.38 Censor Design - One
7. 5.62 Censor Design - The Magic of Ben Daglish
8. 5.23 Triad - Social Distancing
9. 4.85 Hokuto Force - Shadowmind
10. 4.69 Desire - Say What
11. 3.92 SOS - Moving
12. 3.62 PVM - Flashparty 20
13. 3.46 Esl0v - Haeva Veva Aaka Volvo
14. 2.25 Jammer - Gubblitch

User Comment
Submitted by anonym on 28 June 2020
Great remote viewing for a great party. Thank you for all the contributions, but also especially to the organizers. Hedning, you rock.

User Comment
Submitted by tlr on 27 June 2020

User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 27 June 2020
Party pix

User Comment
Submitted by pewp on 27 June 2020
Sorry! but I won't be hosting the Worms compo this year! But we are still on for 2021!

User Comment
Submitted by Morpheus on 27 June 2020
Awesome choons so far, but what's with all the graphics? For next year, get rid of that and let the music do all of the talking.

User Comment
Submitted by Creep on 27 June 2020
Thanks for an awesome stream pågar.

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 26 June 2020
OK.. The day is here! Here's the deal: Deadline for all compos is this evening at 19.00 CEST. Send your remote entry to hedning@gubbdata.se. Streaming (Through SceneSat and Twitch) will start after lunch today while we are doing the final preparations, and we will stream all the way to sunday with demo shows, entertainment, interviews and more. We will have fun, and we really hope the whole world can be with us. Music compos will be tonight friday, and the rest of the compos tomorrow saturday. Voting will be done by a jury consisting of local well known sceners like Mahoney, lft, Jackasser, Oxidy, Pernod, Grip, Phreedh, and more. So. Let's do this!

(The schedule may be subject to change.)

Main hosts: hedning/GP and Phreedh/HmF.

GUBBDATA will be streamed through SceneSat, and their Twitch etc.
We will hang out at the stream chats and might take up demo
requests and so on from time to time, as we will try to entertain
you when there is nothing scheduled. We aim for constant entertainment.
Voting will be made by a selected jury of fine high profile
Gubbdata sceners present at the party. On physical vote sheets
as always. (The special guests will be presented during the
stream. Some are already hinted below).

Friday June 26
Building and testing the streaming gear.
16.00-18.00 Welcome! Streaming will start. Testing the gear live.
20.00: Music Compo!
• 90ies Music Compo (mixed platforms)
• Other Platform Music (incl. C64 2SID)
• C64 Music
After the compo - Worms tournament with tequila

Saturday June 27 - The day of the Gubbe
12.00 Atari Demo Show - Troed of SYNC
13:00 Amiga Demo Show - PACiF!C
14:00 C64 Demo Show - Jucke and Skyhawk
15:00 Assembly64 talk - Scooby of G*P
16:00 Surprise slot
17:00 Interview with Mahoney and LFT
18:00 Super Larsson bros
19:00 Food time - (surprise stuff)
• Out of compo releases
• 90ies - mixed
• Skåne themed stuff - mixed
• Other Platform Gfx
• Other Platform Demos
• C64 GFX
• C64 Demo
??:?? Prize Ceremony

Sunday June 28 - The Gubbe is tired
??-?? Random stuff perhaps. Stay tuned.


User Comment
Submitted by Dymo on 22 June 2020
I will miss dat tequila worms racin'.. or.. I got hammered and phine last time... :P

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 8 June 2020

I will post here and on Demozoo for updates as I can't update gubbdata.se because of reasons. The info on the homepage is accurate though, except, as you know, the party will be online only, and streamed. Some questions have been e-mailed to me, and I'll post the answers here as well:

* Will stuff be streamed, if so, where? Yes, all compos will be streamed through Scenesat and thus even Twitch etc, and yes, we will stream throughout the party with interviews, demoshows, and try to entertain you, the viewers, as well as the local elite gathered. From friday to sunday.
* Local elite gathered? I thought it was online only? Yes, it is, but the rules in Sweden accepts small gatherings, and as we need a jury for the compos, we have decided to invite some local high profile sceners to act as a jury. Names? Well. Mahoney, Jackasser, Pernod, Jucke, Skyhawk, lft, and so on (I love this town!) as well as selected Amiga heroes. We will be about 10 people in the jury, and most of them are booked for interviews and so on as well.
* Sweet! What about a schedule? Schedule will be posted in time, here and on Facebook and Demozoo. It will resemble the ordinary Gubbdata as much as possible.

Remote entries can be e-mailed to hedning@gubbdata.se.

The deadline for all compos are Friday June 26 at 19:00 CET.

The music compos will be shown on Friday, the rest on Saturday. Schedule will come!

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 28 April 2020
OK. SORRY GUBBS! GUBBDATA 2020 WILL BE AN ONLINE EVENT ONLY THIS YEAR! I regret to inform you all that we can't take the risks having the party as usual due to the Corona outbreak, recent law changes in Sweden, the Swedish government's recommendations, and also the policies of the School where the party is held, but don't be too sad: The School has a professional pod-studio, and all compos and all events will be shown and discussed. Stream will be available on Twitch and hopefully even Scenesat. Main hosts will be hedning/GP and Phreedh/HmF, and special guests will run demo shows, interviews, compos and more! All compos and shows will be run on real hardware, and streamed through our RetroTink and HDMI, and multiple cameras will capture both the smaller BBQ and the reactions of the people being invited as special guests.


User Comment
Submitted by Nith on 7 December 2019
Däs Bööt

User Comment
Submitted by Smasher on 7 December 2019
Aerosmith could be 70s, 80s, 90s as you said, 2000s, 2010s, ... :)

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 7 December 2019
Ok. Theme for music covers and extra special gfx compo: the 1990's! So go bananas: Nirvana, Aqua, Terminator 2, Pulp Fiction, Beavis & Butthead, Beastie Boys, Aerosmith, U96, Acid House, Techno, you name it!

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 30 November 2019
This is an invite only party, and it is already full (80 peeps - it's like people never left!). I organize this for the local scene in southern Scandinavia, and do it free of charge at my work place. I can't afford people trashing the place, and I need to clean the place myself afterwards. Thus I kind of need to know the guys coming. Oh. And I am sure Gubbdata is good for the scene. If you feel you deserve you come, and you know me, feel free to send me a PM.

As always we accept remote entries, and will stream the whole party for you sofa sceners out there, hopefully through SceneSat just like last year.

This year the music compos will be on Friday, and the rest on Saturday.
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