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BBS Type :
Legal, Illegal, Wares

Trivia :
NOTICE: Due to botnets hammering port 23, Antidote is now reached on port 64128 instead! Update your phonebooks!

"Antidote" was in a way launched by Taper to take over after "The Highway", since Joyride's HD broke down and all was lost.

Co-Sysop's Taper and Jucke had in practice been managing "The Highway" together during the last period of the boards life, as Joyride had lost interest. Since there was no way the 042 area could be without a BBS, something had to be done!

However, the birth of the BBS had occured even before this, with only a few selected testcallers and not open 24/7.

Shortly after "The Highway" went down, "Antidote" went public. Jucke, all-time Co-Sysop, was the one who came up with the name for the BBS.

During these times, the BBS ran as HQ for TRIAD, Alpha Flight 1970, Oneway and Wrath Design.

Dates are a bit fuzzy after all this time, but Antidote suffered from HD corruption sometime late 1996/early 1997 and the BBS had to be restored from not-so good backup's. A lot of posts and some graphics were lost in the process.

Sometime after this, the BBS was relocated to Ronneby, when the Sysop move there. In 1999 the HD crashed again. Almost all data could be rescued this time though. The plan was to install a new HD and re-open the BBS once again, but the BBS scene had been dead for quite a while and callers were really drying up, so it never happened. Also the Sysop once again moved to the 042 area, and the BBS gear was boxed away.

In late 2003, the BBS was re-opened on telnet with a full backup installed, as the first scene BBS running on real hardware available over the net. Now running under the flags of TRIAD and Onslaught and still going strong. Frantic joined as co-sysop in 2012.

In late 2016, port was changed from 23 to 64128 due to excessive hammering by botnets.

Actually, "Antidote" is now situated just a few hundred meters away from where Joyride hosted his "The Highway". The circle is complete...

Current Hardware:
Commodore 128 (in c64 mode)
CMD HD with a 1GB Compact Flash Card (Old SCSI HD replaced 081019)
Jiffy Dos

Also see http://www.triad.se/antidote

Sysops :
Taper (Main)
Frantic (Co)
Jucke (Co)

Groups :
Alpha Flight (HQ)
Oneway (HQ)
Onslaught (HQ)
Triad (HQ)
Wrath Designs (HQ)

Phone :

Location :

Online periods :
1994 - 5 June 1999
3 October 2003 -

URL / Telnet :

Users : (290)
6R6, A Life in Hell, Aggressor, Akira, Alias Medron, Almighty God, Animalo, Antichrist, Antitrack, Archmage, Artlace, Asterix, Barfly, Beam, Bismarck, bittin, Bizarre, Bluez, Board Rider, Booger, booker, Bordeaux, Burglar, Bymp, Cabbage, Cactus, Cash, Cavron, CBA, Chameleon, Chaotic, Chotaire, Chris537, Chrysagon, CMP, Coda, Conjuror, Crossfire, Cupid, Curlin, Cyberjank, Cyborg, Cygnus, d4ng3r, dalezy, Dario, Dash, Decompracid, DeeKay, Deev, Derision, Design, Despair, Devia, Deviant, Didi, Dino, Dirty C, Disaster, Dishy, DJB, Dodger, Donar, Doppleganger, Dr. Acid, Dr. Doom, Dr. Strange, Dr. Video, Draz, Duke, Dylotic, Ed, El Topo, eLBAN, Elwix, Enthusi, eryngi, Ewys, Eyesee, FatFrost, Father Dagon, fieserWolf, Firefoot, Fix, Flood, Fortytwo, Frantic, Freestyle, Fungus, Fusion+, GeoAnas, Gilligan, Goat, Goto80, GOZ, Groepaz, Grue, Gum, H-Bloxx, H.O, Hannenz, Heavy Head, hedning, Hollowman, Homeboy, Honesty, Horrid, Ibanez, Ice Breaker, Icebreaker, Infiltrator, Insane, Intensity, iopop, Irata, Jack Alien, JackAsser, Jason, Jayce, Jazzcat, Jerry, JFK, Jordan, Joyride, Jucke, jzu, Karl XII, Kickback, Klegg, Knave, Knobby, Knoeki, Ksubi, L.A.Style, Larry, Lemming, LightSide, Linus, Lion, LordNikon, Lynchbit, Lynx, m00p, Mace, MacGyver, Macx, Madcrow, MagerValp, Maktone, Malmix, Marc, Marcus, Mason, Mathman, Max, MdZ, Mendrake, Mermaid, Metal Maniac, Midfit, Midnight Mover, Mindflow, Moloch, Moren, Morpheus, Morphfrog, Motion, Motley, Mr Zero Page, Mr. Brain, Mr.Alpha, Mr.Ammo, Mr.Wax, ne7, ned, Newscopy, Optic Freeze, Oxidy, Paladin, Pantaloon, pcollins, Peacemaker, Pitcher, Poison, Pommac, Puma, Puterman, Quorthon, Radar, radiantx, Rambones, Ramirez, Ravage, RaveGuru, Raze, Riddler, Rimflex, Rough, Rowdy, Rug Rat, Sack, Sailor, Sander, Schema, Scout, Scratcher, Seven, Shocker, Shokray, Six, Sixx, Skid Row, Skinhead, Skyhawk, Slartibartfast, Slator, Sledge, Sliver, Smasher, Snabel, Sorceress, SounDemoN, Spectator, Speed-Head, Sphinx, Spider Jerusalem, Spock, Spot, Stablizer, Stainless Steel, Stan, Stash, Stasi, Stormfront, Stratos, Styx, Subjik, Sumo, Tango, Tao, Taper, Technotron, Terric, The Communist, The Goblin, The Heretic, The Ignorance, The Overkiller, The Unholy, The Wiz, tNG, Total Chaos, Tranziie, Trasher, Trick, Trident, Tristan, Trouble, Twoflower, twosheds, Tyron, UL-Tomten, Ultimate Hacker, Univerz, Vai, vedos, Vengeance, Vinzi, Violator, Vizz, Vodka, WAD, Walker, Wattie, Weasel, Welli, Westbam, White Lion, Wiggen, Wil, Yazoo, Yonx, Zakk, Zaner, Zatt, Zealot, Zone, Zorlac, Zyron, ZZAP69

User Comment
Submitted by Rough on 27 January 2014
Userlist full. What the hell!

User Comment
Submitted by DeeKay on 10 May 2012
JA: Thanks! ;-) It is actually an improvement on a really old Crest Logo I once did way back in 1993 or so. For Antidote, i managed to do a fancier logo style and also color it nicely! 8)

User Comment
Submitted by OEP on 18 December 2011
for some reason I can't get it to recognize my pw. OEP fails

User Comment
Submitted by Total Chaos on 6 May 2010
Loged on last night... I don't remember how to navigate the system anymore... only thing I succedded in doing was reading a mail from jucke, dated 1997: "Welcome back darling"


I need a how-to...

User Comment
Submitted by El Topo on 20 February 2009
Yup, it was done by DeeKay btw. Now call the BBS! :)

User Comment
Submitted by JackAsser on 20 February 2009
Heh nice PETSCII in the shot! It kinda hints how mine and WVLs roto-zoom techniques in Amplifire and Pearls for Pigs works. :)

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