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Vandalism News #72   [2022]

Vandalism News #72 Released by :
Offence [web], Onslaught [web], Vandalism News Staff [web]

Release Date :
17 April 2022

Type :
C64 Diskmag

Dedicated to T.M.R.

Released At :
Revision 2022 Online

User rating:**********  9.7/10 (37 votes)   See votestatistics
**********  9.7/10 (17 votes) - Public votes only.

Credits :
Code .... Perplex of Offence, Vandalism News Staff
  Trap of Bonzai
  Walt of Bonzai, Miami Fun Project
Music .... Drax of Bonzai, Camelot, Crest, Maniacs of Noise, Vibrants
  Fegolhuzz of Fairlight
  Laxity of Bonzai, Maniacs of Noise, Vibrants
  Magnar Harestad of Censor Design, Megastyle, Nah-Kolor
  Mutetus of Artline Designs, Onslaught
  Qdor of Fairlight
  Shogoon of Elysium, MultiStyle Labs
  Stinsen of Genesis Project
  Yavin of Heatwave
Graphics .... Almighty God of Atlantis, Excess, Level 64
  Cupid of Padua, The Solution
  Goerp of Fantastic 4 Cracking Group
  Joe of The Tuneful Eight, Wrath Designs
  Mirage of 5 O'Clock Software, Booze Design
  Pal of Fairlight, Finnish Gold, Offence, Vandalism News Staff
  Shine of The Solution
  Spiham of Pretzel Logic
  The Sarge of Fairlight
Design .... Jazzcat of Onslaught, Onslaught-Antiques, RGCD, Vandalism News Staff
Disk Cover .... Lobo of Atlantis, Onslaught, Protovision
Text .... Anonym of Padua
  Bacchus of Fairlight
  Bob of Censor Design
  cTrix of Disaster Area
  DeeKay of Censor Design, Crest, News Press Magazine Staff, Oxyron
  Deetsay of Da Jormas, Nah-Kolor, Panic, Zymosis
  Derision of Longshot, Scene World Magazine, The Renegade Programming Group, Vandalism News Staff
  Dr. Science of Atlantis
  El Gato of Babygang
  Electric of Extend
  Encore of Kollektivet, Undone
  Facet of Genesis Project, Propaganda Magazine Staff
  Firehawk of Censor Design, Hoaxers
  FRaNKy of Padua, Royal Belgian Beer Squadron, Smash Designs, STARZ
  Grass of Avatar, Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force, Lethargy, Resistance
  JackAsser of Booze Design
  Jazzcat of Onslaught, Onslaught-Antiques, RGCD, Vandalism News Staff
  JCH of Vibrants
  Joe of The Tuneful Eight, Wrath Designs
  Magic of Nah-Kolor, Vandalism News Staff
  Mibri of Atlantis, MultiStyle Labs, Proxima
  Mikael of Pretzel Logic
  Mr. SID of HVSC Crew, Megadesigns Incorporated
  Nafcom of Hokuto Force, People of Liberty, Protovision, Scene World Magazine, The ArachnoPhobia Staff
  Pal of Fairlight, Finnish Gold, Offence, Vandalism News Staff
  Perplex of Offence, Vandalism News Staff
  Raistlin of C64GFX Staff, Genesis Project, Propaganda Magazine Staff
  Sander of Focus
  Sentinel of Excess
  Strepto of Lethargy
  The Sarge of Fairlight
  Trap of Bonzai
  Unkle K of Reset Magazine Staff
  Veto of Oxyron, PriorArt, Tristar & Red Sector Inc.
Linking .... Perplex of Offence, Vandalism News Staff
Loader .... Krill of Plush
Interviewed .... Bob of Censor Design
  Frida Katarina of STARZ
  Heavy Head of Netphreakers, Onslaught, Polser Party Posse
  Lobo of Atlantis, Onslaught, Protovision
  Macx of Chromance, F*A*I*C, MaZZA, Offence, Onslaught
  Mirage of 5 O'Clock Software, Booze Design
  Skyhawk of Triad
Test .... Magic of Nah-Kolor, Vandalism News Staff
  Shocker of Onslaught, sidDivers, STARZ
Directory Art .... wbochar of Triad

SIDs used in this release :
Club Yoda(/MUSICIANS/S/Stinsen/Club_Yoda.sid)
Last Stop(/MUSICIANS/S/Shogoon/Last_Stop.sid)
Limousine Ride(/MUSICIANS/Q/Qdor/Limousine_Ride.sid)
Midday Conductance(/MUSICIANS/M/Mutetus/Midday_Conductance.sid)
Sidlife Crisis(/MUSICIANS/F/Fegolhuzz/Sidlife_Crisis.sid)
The Code(/MUSICIANS/M/Magnar/Code.sid)
The Vandals Waltz(/MUSICIANS/L/Laxity/Vandals_Waltz.sid)
Vandalism News #72 Intro(/MUSICIANS/D/DRAX/Vandalism_News_72_Intro.sid)

Download :

Look for downloads on external sites:

User Comment
Submitted by DRAX on 1 July 2023
How the hell could I miss that tune from Laxity - that is pure awesomeness and brilliance :)!
User Comment
Submitted by rupy on 26 May 2023
Could these run on a cart? Or do they require too much RAM?
User Comment
Submitted by Didi on 24 May 2022
Just laughing my ass off reading the AOD news part. You'd better got a good phychiatrist instead. :D
User Comment
Submitted by Laxity on 27 April 2022
Wow.. momster read, and some really cool music and graphics. Especially like the tracks by Youth and Yavin and if it were any surprise.. Shogoon. You always hit the mark, buddy.
User Comment
Submitted by Laxity on 27 April 2022
Wow.. momster read, and some really cool music and graphics. Especially like the tracks by Youth and Yavin and if it were any surprise.. Shogoon. You always hit the mark, buddy.
User Comment
Submitted by grip on 22 April 2022
User Comment
Submitted by Bob on 22 April 2022
OMG I am still reading!
awesome piece of work.
Mirage stuns with another amazing master piece, adding that water splash to the pic wtf!! But soon you will be challanged ;) maybee.. ish. :P
And Bonzai was deserved winner with Bromance, a shaggingly good hairy piece of work.
Haven't read it all yet only 35% so will read on here.
User Comment
Submitted by Fungus on 21 April 2022
@bacchus Indeed it's hard to remember everyone. Your article inspired me though to make a sort of follow up on my own accord from the perspective of someone from NTSC land. I have already written it, we'll have to wait for the next issue. We agree on many things, however I have a different ranking of some people (I tend to leave groups out of it in general) and have some slightly different ideas on what makes someone great or notable. I hope my article is as enjoyable as yours was.
User Comment
Submitted by Shogoon on 19 April 2022
Amazing work! Congrats to all involved. It's great to be a part of this. All the tunes are sweet but I especially dig that Waltz mr Petersen - classy! @youth Thx for kind words on my composition! Your tune also rocks!
Jazzy cat - .sid files plix plox :)
User Comment
Submitted by Jammer on 19 April 2022
It's sooo fat it's dripping! <3
User Comment
Submitted by psych on 19 April 2022
Massive in every aspect!
User Comment
Submitted by Oswald on 19 April 2022
the opening pic is holy cow, mirage?
User Comment
Submitted by Qdor on 19 April 2022
What a massive effort to put all of this together! I have just started to go through the interesting articles (It will probably take a while). I am glad I could contribute a little to this huge project. I was also a bit suprised to be chosen as the default song with all these talented musicians on the list! Big thumbs up to everyone involved, especially to Mirage and his intro picture. That piece of art is probably the best I have ever seen on our beloved machine! Just awesome.
User Comment
Submitted by Digger on 19 April 2022
Fantastic release and great effort to everyone involved, I can only imagine how many hours went into producing this. Made my Monday morning bed newspaper.
User Comment
Submitted by The Syndrom on 19 April 2022
what a great release with outstanding music and lots of interesting text to read.

any chance to upload a package of the .sids ?
User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 19 April 2022
I would recommend you guys to keep the discussions to the forum: Release id #216880 : Vandalism News #72
User Comment
Submitted by Bacchus on 19 April 2022
@fungus The issue with making such a compilation is that you easily forget people. I did a map of which of the major groups belong where. and in that process missed adding Triad. Such a shame and my good friend Jerry of course went bonkers.

It's not proper to add oneself to such a list - I leave that to others. But many thanks for saying I should, as did Sailor in a PM.
User Comment
Submitted by Trap on 19 April 2022
Congrats to the team on another monumental release. I can only guess how much work this required. My favorite articles in this issue was the interview with Bob. It's nice to get into the head of the competition ;) Interesting thought to group coders into categories that way. I think it touches into the article about design. The whole retro scene has changed a lot and the articles tell a part of that story. Also the round table discussion and the graphics reviews were really interesting reads. Thank you. As Raistlin says in his comment, maybe the next round table should be online to get better dynamics in the discussion. On the graphics reviews - the fitness guy in Bromance. We were planning for some other effects in that part. That never materialized and we ran out of time to expand the graphics beyond 46 chars in width. So, it really just was a question of time :)
Thank you for awarding Bonzai as best demo group. We have had some very busy years, that's for sure. The past days have been really crazy and we are so happy with all the positive vibes we got from Bromance. all the praise and kind words mean everything when you spend so much time on something.
Thank you for letting me dish in with some thoughts of my own.
User Comment
Submitted by Dr.j on 18 April 2022
gr8 Easter egg , kudos for the makers for another yet excellent magazine!!! i love it!
User Comment
Submitted by Jazzcat on 18 April 2022
Thank you everyone for your kind words! So many people to thank for their efforts in making this product!

Raistlin: Thanks for your kind feedback and glad that you rated this magazine so highly in your mini-review! On your comment on the "Quality Chart"; this represents who is releasing the best quality "games" first (this doesn't mean quality 'trainers' or cracking 'ability'). The quality points (decimals) per group are aggregated and then averaged (divided by the number of releases from that group). Each year, there has been a different group (in most cases) ruling that chart, essentially, it's not the volume of releases but choosing only the better games to release so that your average is higher.
User Comment
Submitted by chancer on 18 April 2022
nice it's decidcated to TMR .. but you interviewed el gato ? lol.. considering most mags posted a load of BS about me, stark and the rest of the UK bit of BYG leaving back in the day.. funny.. he wasn't so proactive in the group anyway.
User Comment
Submitted by Youth on 18 April 2022
Great job guys, cool reading material, cool graphics (the intro screen is just amazing!). The tune that really stands out for me is Shogoon's. Brilliant sound design (I was actually looking out the window for that pesky seagull that sometimes bothers us. Had to relisten to find out it was a sound effect!) Simple yet sophisticated and a wonderful atmospheric flow. Cool melodies too, everything fits together like a glove.

Stinsen's tune is another favorite, because it's a style that I found quite boring when it was 'mainstream', but this one I do enjoy, also because it takes me back to my younger days. It is quite a feat to pull this off on the SID I think.

Very proud to be part of this mega production that all these great people have been working on! And thanks for the kind words about Sunkissed guys ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Dan on 18 April 2022
Only saw the intro and the preface till now but "steamy masterclass in intro execution" wraps it up quite nicely. Wow, can't wait to read further and continue to be blown away.
User Comment
Submitted by Viscid on 18 April 2022
Wonderful. After getting a bit more sleep from revision 2022 I'll check it out on the real hardware ;) Was a long wait for it... but after seeing the advert on the stream I know it's coming. Thx.
User Comment
Submitted by Wile Coyote on 18 April 2022
Excellent intro. Really nice (scrolling) image. The hires font looks great also.

One .sid in particular really grabbed me, and that was:
Sunkissed (8580) Youth & Yavin / Heatwave

(all the other .sid's sounded good also ^_^)
User Comment
Submitted by Raistlin on 18 April 2022
Wow, really nice to see VN72! Awesome work, everyone! Now ... a review worthy of a whole VN chapter ;-p

The intro - wow, really nice! The huge bitmap, and how it blends through into the intro proper and the mag .. . Bonzai's text-effect from Christmas Megademo .. yep, this is stylish.

With the mag engine, all good .. a minor bug we found - but barely worth mentioning as I doubt most are CRSR demons like me to find it ;-) .. the REU version is obviously where it's at - I wish there was a batch file or config to auto-launch VICE with the right settings .. but, hey, we're all reading on real hardware anyway right? The disk version is very slow to load now, I'd say, now that we're spoilt by the Propaganda engine built upon Sparta's Sparkle ;-) .. I don't mind the disk-swapping as much as the load times and long pauses when paging through various chapters.

Artwork throughout is fantastic - great work from all involved, particularly Sarge and Joe. Music is awesome - Stinsen's and Magnar's particularly for me.

I like all the demo articles of course - the Design vs Code roundtable (though I would've preferred if we'd had it done as a real roundtable - my answers were all given without knowing what anyone else was saying), Making of Submerged and Median, Bonzai History Pt2, Demo Reviews and Awards all good. On the Awards, my only thought is that Walt, and Trap, truly deserved to win 2021. Like Trap, I wasn't a huge fan of FIG's demo, and pretty much for the same reasons... perhaps an Attitude-like committee for the Awards might work better?

Headline News .. being honest, I haven't read all of this yet. I can say already, though, I find it cumbersome to navigate .. it's just soooooo long. But, yeah, 18 months of news to digest I guess?

I'm not big into the crack scene.. but did find a few issues with this side of things. AoD owned 2021 of course, there's no doubt - though they upset the apple cart in doing that. That's not really for debate.. what I did find surprising was to see Onslaught placing themselves at #1 in the "Crack Quality" chart - to me this just highlights the problem with The List's scoring methods. The more qualified groups, Triad, FLT, G*P, etc are all placed low... with ONS and AoD taking the top places - and ONS doing so by a very high margin... I just find this sort of thing embarrassing to witness in the 21st century... we can do better. This lets down an otherwise excellent mag to me.

Sorry for the long review..!
User Comment
Submitted by The Sarge on 18 April 2022
What a monumental effort this issue is! Happy I could add something to this release.
User Comment
Submitted by katon on 18 April 2022
The magazine is an amazing read I'm full of admiration and the intro artwork by Mirage is cosmic, perfect in every detail something unbelievable overall I'm totally shocked by all of this. Congratulations to the entire team for working on this wonderful release!
User Comment
Submitted by Brush on 18 April 2022
Awesome issue. Tons of texts to read through Easter. Superb music and awesome intro! Thank you soo much!
User Comment
Submitted by KAL_123 on 18 April 2022
Very nice production. Especially the intro is fantastic, a superb picture combined with a very good SID-tune.
User Comment
Submitted by Scorpion on 18 April 2022
It was a nice surprise to see my crappy Scene World logo in there! :) Great job everyone!
User Comment
Submitted by El Jefe on 18 April 2022
Awesome issue. So far my favourite articles are the one about the return of Babygang and the superb one on the best alltime crackers from Bacchus!

Awesome songs from Mutetus, Drax, Qdor and Shogoon!
User Comment
Submitted by katon on 17 April 2022
Wow Amazing ALL !
User Comment
Submitted by Carrion on 17 April 2022
...and the Mirage's pic in the intro... O M G!
User Comment
Submitted by Stinsen on 17 April 2022
Yeah, Sunkissed on a loop for an hour here, perfect loop material confirmed. <3 Soon time to start reading some articles. :D
User Comment
Submitted by Yogibear on 17 April 2022
Oh yes nice tribute to TMR. Must read more articles yet.
User Comment
Submitted by Yogibear on 17 April 2022
Great release! Last Stop and Sunkissed are best tunes! Liked Sonic article most! Gfx are gorgeous!
User Comment
Submitted by Fungus on 17 April 2022
Thank you for the props Bacchus, I'm flattered. Of course you belong in the list. I agree sailor is the best cracker still active today and he truly can crack anything. I think Mitch/Eagle Soft is the best cracker though, still the only person to crack Take Down Wrestling which is the biggest nightmare v-max ever written. I think you missed Ignorance in the list for the sheer volume of things he did under his various handles, more than 1000 games. All in all a very nice article, and the rest of the mag is outstanding too jazzcat and staff! Love the intro!
User Comment
Submitted by El Gato on 17 April 2022
a big thank you for the article on our return. El Gato / BabYganG
User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 17 April 2022
Stinsen's tune is the bestest. And I am not biased! :D
User Comment
Submitted by Darklord on 17 April 2022
Thank you all - that's some massive content and a few hours to read... Well done !
User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 17 April 2022
8 disk sides! We need a new category: Diskbook! :D Off to read.
User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG on 17 April 2022
well, that's a nice surprise in this year's easter egg.
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