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Gubbdata 2019

Gubbdata 2019

- Framtiden var bättre förr / The future was better back in the days

Event Type :
Demo Party

Dates :
28 - 30 June 2019

Place :

Website :

Organizers :
bepp, Dymo, hedning, Rhythm, Taper

Organizer Groups :
Genesis Project

Competition Results :

C64 Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1The Elder Scrollers by Booze DesignDownload9.49.7
2The Dive by Genesis ProjectDownload9.39.4
3Skåneland 2 by FairlightDownload9.49.6
4Thera by AtlantisDownload8.8
5Innervasion by Genesis Project, Offence, Panoramic DesignsDownload9.2
6Pandemoniac Part 5 of 5 Slider by Offence, Panoramic Designs, ProsonixDownload9.3
7Gumbo by CamelotDownload8.7
8Dark Times by Software of SwedenDownload8.3
9Tech-Tech Magic by Censor DesignDownload8.0
10Fat Albert by TriadDownload8.0
11Bender by OffenceDownload7.2
12Pretzeled by The SolutionDownload7.4
13Cash Heart GP by TriadDownload
14Esløw nästa by Esl0wDownload

C64 Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Aslång på Skansen by FegolhuzzDownload9.29.8
2Dimelo by ZardaxDownload9.69.9
3So Fucking Bitter and Oldschool by Mr.Death/AnaNgDownload9.0
4Azzid Jizz by RaveGuruDownload9.0
5Floppy in Action by TDMDownload9.4
6Entry Denied by Magnar HarestadDownload8.6
7Eurogubbe 2019 by FlexDownload9.1
8Accelerated by psych858oDownload9.5
9Roady by ApollyonDownload8.3
10GubbWubb by Spider JerusalemDownload8.0
11Ikebukuro by MibriDownload9.4
12Jack Door by DAMDownload
13Whisteling Wolk by WolkDownload7.5
14Vinegar by BarikDownload
15Sun of Japan by iovianiDownload
16Spacestation by MythusDownload8.3
17Wild West Rider by Pal/SIDWAVEDownload
18Gubbdataintrång by ZZAP69Download
19Kaosmanicken by BåtsmanDownload
20Datatanten Theme by AnaNgDownload
21Laholms baksida by E-GrassDownload

C64 Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Hola! by The SargeDownload9.6
2The Mighty Octopussy Hunter by FacetDownload9.4
3Purgatory by RazorbackDownload9.6
4Hard2B by RaphisDownload9.4
5Mind The Power by ApollyonDownload8.7
6Vortex by FabsDownload8.6
7Paradroid by ArcadestationDownload9.1
8King Doggo by AltaDownload8.8
9Fall of the Desert by LeonDownload8.4
10Gubba Gubba Hey by LoboDownload8.0
11Vakttorn - Med plutonium tvingar vi dansken på knä by DanskjävelDownload8.1
12Psychotropic Eden by Rail SlaveDownload8.4
13Spacestation GFX by MythusDownload8.1
14Fager by luNixDownload6.4
15Girl in Darkness by SplashDownload

WiLD Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Nyheter by MahoneyDownload
2Live Wire by Booze DesignDownload
31984-2019 by LogikerDownload

PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Gubb Wish VI, Return of the Senior Citizen by Oxidy (Graphics)Download9.4
2The Weapon by The Sarge (Graphics)Download9.4
3Rasters of the Universe by Archmage (Graphics)Download9.7
4Blade Runner by Mikael (Graphics)Download9.6
5Miami Advice by Apollyon (Graphics)Download8.8
6HazlHof by Alta (Graphics)Download
8Maniac Mansion by Arcadestation (Graphics)Download

C64 2SID
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Camel Ohio [2sid] by EncoreDownload

Mixed Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Punished by Being Toppled from the Top by Mayday!Download9.2
2Armakuni Returns by Genesis ProjectDownload8.5
3On a Bed of Silicon by LftDownload
4Lethal Eve by 8R0TK4$T3NDownload6.5
5Grumpy by LatexDownload
6Uriel by AeleusDownload
7Gubbub by Hardcore MofokkahzDownload7.1
8Øresundståg by JuckeDownload
9Creatures by Hardcore MofokkahzDownload
101984-2019 by LogikerDownload
11Hello I Love You by TriadDownload
12Pigselated by BeardswitcherDownload
13Rosa ögat by PravdaDownload
14How mås it? by BeardswitcherDownload
15Kyckling by LolaDownload
16Kool by BeardswitcherDownload

Mixed Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
180's Ad by FairlightDownload9.1
2Gubbrock is Law! by LatexDownload
3Free Fallin' by Censor DesignDownload
4Sweet Dreams by BåtsmanDownload
5Stockholmsserenad [2sid] by ZetaDownload
6Rytmen av ett regn by ZapacDownload

Mixed Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Samantha Fox Strip Poker Pro by TriadDownload

Productions released outside compos :
Datastorm 2019 Invite by Genesis Project (Invitation)
Irmen's Teh Triz by Genesis Project (Crack)
NGC 1277 100% by Samar Productions (Demo)
Ninja Invasion Simulator Preview 2 + by Genesis Project (Crack)
Phreeeeeeedh by Hardcore Mofokkahz (Intro)
Relentless 64 Promo by Bitplane Technomantes (Intro)
Space Orbs Preview &D by Genesis Project (Crack)
Terminal Fighter Preview + by Triad (Crack)

Attendants : (83)
AnaNg, Archmage, aXL, Bacchus, Beardswitcher, bepp, Bjørn Røstøen, bob, Cash, Conjuror, Creeper, Dane, Devil, Dymo, Encore, Epsilon, Fegolhuzz, Fix, Gandalf, Gonilotto, grip, HCL, hedning, Illmidus, Itch, JackAsser, Joe, Jonas Hultén, Jucke, Kaktus, King Fisher, Kirkulus, Landreth, Lft, Lotus, Macx, MagerValp, Magnar Harestad, Mahoney, Mason, MCH, MdZ, Metalux, Microtop, Mogwai, Morpheus, Mr.Death, Norrland, Oxidy, Pad, Pernod, Perplex, pewp, Phreedh, Powerslave, RaveGuru, redcrab, Rhythm, Ron, Rowdy, Ruk, Sailor, Scooby, Shadow, Sixx, SkY, Skyhawk, sLASH, Smeden, Snabel, Spelpappan, Stinsen, Taper, The Sarge, Thorin, Tomse, Trap, wasp, Whizzy, z-nexx, Zeta, Ziphoid, ZZAP69

Releases containing information on this event :
Attitude #20  Party report in the "Reports" section.
Gubbdata 2019 Invite  Invite to send in remote entries to the party.
Vandalism News #70  Report + results
Vandalism News #70  Report + results

User Comment
Submitted by ruk on 11 July 2019
@Don Kichote - regarding Booze Design's wild compo entry: I will wrap something up for you all in a proper release. Can't make any promises on just exactly when though :)

User Comment
Submitted by DKT on 10 July 2019
Hi. Any chances to see/download "Booze Design – BD Wild Demo" and get to know how it was made?
The rendering of video frames was looking extremely great on C64 stream machine!

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 4 July 2019
Here is one .d81 and 4 .d64:s with all onefilers sorted, if you guys want the stuff collected on a disk. Only things not added are the full disk stuff. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mvblllht0bdem8k/Gubbdata2019Releases...

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 2 July 2019
ian: good.

User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG on 2 July 2019
Moved "80S GRAPHICS" as "Mixed" category, 2SID tune as "C64 2SID", so Wild Demo is now for actually that.

User Comment
Submitted by Dymo on 1 July 2019
Yeah, I want to throw my mug around with you next year Raistlin.. I love me sum bonkers UK-peepz ;)
Well... hope to see some of ye' "will maybe attend" peepz as well next time... cheers jolly you! :)

User Comment
Submitted by Raistlin on 1 July 2019
Hoping that I can come next year - from the stream, it looked like you all had a fantastic time!

User Comment
Submitted by pewp on 1 July 2019
Thank you Hedning for an amazing event! As always its amazing to meet and greet fellow sceners! Much love from me!

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 1 July 2019
Here's the new final zip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/phut7bdhmrq0jog/GUBBDATA19.zip?dl=0

User Comment
Submitted by Brittle on 30 June 2019
Sad that I missed the party, the compos were really cool! I originally planned on making one for the graphics compo, but procrastination got in the way of me..

I'll try to focus on working/finishing next time >.<

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 30 June 2019
Sort "80S GRAPHICS" under WiLD Demo until CSDb has fixed this. Mixed = other platform music.

User Comment
Submitted by Ziphoid on 30 June 2019
Thanx to Hedning for yet another massive Gubbdata and to all the lovely people I got to talk to. Also, when it comes to streaming to Twitch, it's really my bad that I didn't bother to press the "Republish"-switch, since our system is able to broadcast it to Twitch/YouTube/Facebook as well, but due to the overall management trouble with keeping the Mac Mini cool enough to not overheat and also keeping track of everything else surrounding the stream, I just couldn't be bothered. Will remember to do so next year, then. :)

Again, thanx for an awesome weekend! :D

User Comment
Submitted by Flex on 30 June 2019
...just wondering about the CSDb category for the 80's compos.. :-) Seems like the PETSCII for example took over the "mixed graphics".

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 30 June 2019
Gubbdata 2019 Results. Quick and dirty version. 
A proper nfo will follow. 	

80S MUSIC				Average	1 decimal
1	Fegolhuzz – 80ies Ad			7,69	7,6
2	Båtsman – Gubbrock is the Law!		6,72	6,7
3	Soya – Free Fallin’			6,69	6,6
4	Båtsman – Sweet Dreams			6,11	6,1
5	Zeta – Stockholmsserenad (2SID)		6,02	6,0
6	Zapac – Rytmen av ett regn		5,51	5,5

1	Oxidy – Gw6				8,25	8,2
2	The Sarge – Weapon			8,07	8,0
3	Archmage – Rasters of the Universe	8,05	8,0
4	Mikael – Bladerunner			7,77	7,7
5	Apollyon – Miami Advice			6,75	6,7
6	Alta – HazlHof				5,74	5,7
7	Sixx – Sickans Amiga 80ies bidrag 	5,53	5,5
8	ArcadeStation – Maniac Mansion		5,09	5,0

	80S DEMO		
1	Triad – Sam Fox				7,10	7,0

1	Mahoney – Nyheter			8,84	8,8
2	Booze Design – BD Wild Demo 		8,09	8,0
3	L0giker – 1984 – 2019			4,04	4,0

1	Encore – Camel Ohio (2SID)		6,67	6,6
2	E!ghttbm – Tove Janssons Groove 	6,54	6,5
3	Maze+Slash etc – Simply Lovely		6,38	6,3
4	MCH-					6,06	6,0
5	Zeta – Slebber				5,85	5,8

1	Senex – Gammelheter 2			8,62	8,6

	C64 MUSIC		
1	Fegolhuzz – Aslång på Skansen		7,50	7,5
2	Zardax – Dimelo				7,33	7,3
3	Mr.Death&AnaNg – So fucking bitter ...	7,12	7,1
4	Raveguru – Azzid Jazz			7,00	7,0
5	TDM - Floppy in Action			6,91	6,9
6	Magnar – Entry Denied			6,78	6,7
7	Flex – Eurogubbe 2019			6,71	6,7
8	Psych858o – Accelerated			6,71	6,7
9	Apollyon – Roady			6,35	6,3
10	Spider Jerusalem – GubbWubb		6,09	6,0
11	Mibri – Ikebukuro			6,00	6,0
12	Dam – Jack Door				5,98	5,9
13	Wolk – Whisteling Wolk			5,82	5,8
14	Barik – Vinegar				5,82	5,8
15	Ioviani – Sun of Japan			5,67	5,6
16	Mythus – Spacestation Music		5,59	5,5
17	PAL					5,55	5,5
18	Zzap69 – Gubbdataintrång		5,02	5,0
19	Båtsman – Kaosmanicken			4,77	4,7
20	AnaNg – Datatanten Theme		4,07	4,0
21	E-Grass – Laholms baksida		2,77	2,7

1	The User – No Bro-cooli guy		8,44	8,4
2	Shine – Armakuni Returns		7,76	7,7
3	Lft – On a bed of Silicon		6,74	6,7
4	8rotkasten – Lethal Eve			5,54	5,5
5	Creep – Grumpy				5,54	5,5
6	Aeleus – Uriel				5,43	5,4
7	Båtsman – Gubbub			5,39	5,3
8	Jucke – øresundståg			5,24	5,2
9	Båtsman – Creatures			5,00	5,0
10	Logiker – 1984-2019			4,81	4,8
11	Skyhawk – HelloILoveYou			4,26	4,2
12	Beardswitcher – Pigselated		4,24	4,2
13	Pravda – Rosa ögat			3,92	3,9
14	Beardswitcher – How Mås it		3,73	3,7
15	Lola – Kyckling				3,47	3,4
16	Beardswitcher – Kool			2,73	2,7

1	The Sarge – Hola!			8,57	8,5
2	Facet – The Mighty Octopussy Hunter	8,26	8,2
3	Razorback – Purgatory			8,16	8,1
4	Raphis – Hard2Be			7,58	7,5
5	Apollyon – Mind the Power		7,53	7,5
6	Fabs – Vortex				7,33	7,3
7	Arcadestation – Paradroid		6,90	6,9
8	Alta – King Doggo			6,86	6,8
9	Leon – Desert				6,84	6,8
10	Lobo					6,67	6,6
11	Danskjävel – Vakttorn			6,56	6,5
12	RailSlave – Psychotropical Eden		6,50	6,5
13	Mythus – Spacestation Gfx		6,02	6,0
14	Lunix – Fager				5,69	5,6
15	Splash – Girl in Darkness		5,30	5,3

	C64 DEMO		
1	Booze Design Demo			9,43	9,4
2	Genesis Project – The Dive		8,69	8,6
3	Fairlight – Skåneland 2			8,60	8,6
4	Atlantis – Thera			7,89	7,8
5	Offence – Innervasion			7,87	7,8
6	Offence m.fl. – 5 of 5 Slider		7,25	7,2
7	Camelot – Gumbo				6,88	6,8
8	Software of Sweden – Dark Times		5,65	5,6
9	Censor					5,61	5,6
10	Triad – Fat Albert			5,60	5,5
11	Offence  - Bender			5,04	5,0
12	The Solution – Pretzeled		4,96	4,9
13	Triad – Cash Heart GP			4,83	4,8
14	Esløw – Esløw Nästa			3,55	3,5

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 30 June 2019
I am crazy tired, but here is a link to all entries so people can start add them to CSDb. The Wild entries were not supplied as it, so ask Mahoney and Ruk for them if you want their stuff. Thankx to SceneSat for a pro stream, and to everyone that stayed to clean the place.


Results will follow.

User Comment
Submitted by rail slave on 30 June 2019
Love Gubb, it IS the main event for me ... but a twitch stream would be really cool, so the uninvited can have a bit of fun and share the OMG moments/chat a bit.
We had a bit of a discord party *blush*

User Comment
Submitted by Shine on 30 June 2019
For me this party was a big success. (Even as a sofa scener). The compos were really cool!
Thanks to all who involved (active or passive)!

User Comment
Submitted by Maxlide on 28 June 2019
I follow you guys on the stream, be sure to make some nonesense infront of the cam!
I wish every visitor a happy good time. PROST!

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 28 June 2019
GUBBDATA STREAM ! Compos after 20.00 CET Saturday https://scenesat.com/video/2

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 15 June 2019
In the spirit of Airwolf and with two weeks to go: GUBBDATA is introducing two new compos: Inspiration from the 80ies: Gfx and Music. Copies are ok, if handpixeled and not only wired, and music covers are welcome, as long we are talking the 80ies! So gogogo! Lets revive the 80ies!

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 11 May 2019
Unfortunately I cannot change the gubbdata.se homepage, so here are the 2019 info and Compo rules.

Because of limited space, the party is invitation only, but the compos will be streamed and we do accept remote entries! We will even mail you your prize if you win anything with a remote entry, just like every year.

Remote entries should be e-mailed to hedning@gubbdata.se

The deadline is June 29 at 19:00 CET.

-Unlimited size
-Max runtime 15 minutes
-REU and SCPU demos will compete in the Other Platform demo compo

-No covers or remixes
-Please specify sid model (old/new)
-Executable C64 files only
-We reserve the right to limit the length of music entries to 4 minutes
-Tunes using 2 or more sid chips will compete in the Other Platform music compo.

-All C64 formats/modes allowed
-Copies will be disqualified. Please provide workstages
-Executable C64 files only

-Copies will be disqualified. Please provide workstages
-Executable C64 files only

-Max runtime 15 minutes
-Oldskool platforms only, no modern PCs/consoles
-If your platform isn't listed among the compo machines, you will have to bring the hardware to the partyplace yourself
-If there are 3 or more Amiga demos there will be a separate Amiga compo.
-Amiga demos must work on A1200/020 without fpu, or A500

-Maximum resolution 320x256 pixels, 32 colours
-Copies will be disqualified. Please provide workstages
-Image will be displayed in its native format on the target platform

-No covers or remixes
-XM/S3M/IT/other modern PC formats NOT ALLOWED
-No interaction with the hardware during compo
-No live music, pre-tracked music only
-We reserve the right to limit the length of music entries to 4 minutes

Compo Machines
Commodore 8 bit
6581 C64, 100% VSP safe
8580 C64C, 100% VSP safe
8580 C64C, stereo SID (8580x2)
Plus/4 with 8580 SID-card (NST's AE V2)
Peripherals: 1541U2(+), 1541-II, 1581, EasyFlash, 512k REU, 1mb REU, SCPU

Amiga 1200 with Blizzard 1220/4, no FPU
Amiga 500, kickstart 1.3, 512k slow, 512k fast

Atari Falcon 030 with 14mb ram, IDE HDD / 060 with 512MB RAM, IDE HDD
Atari STE with 4mb ram, SatanDisk, HxC
Atari 1040 STfm with Satandisk

The following can also be procured if we get entries for these platforms:

Commodore 128, NTSC C64, Vic 20

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 30 March 2019
First prize in the demo compo will include a Ultimate 64 motherboard, sponsored by Coconut Lizard.

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 25 March 2019
The deadline for sending in entries for the compos is June 29 at 19:00 CET

User Comment
Submitted by rail slave on 1 March 2019
50f4 5c3n3r f0r lyf3!!

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 28 October 2018
This is an invite only party, and it is already full (it's like people never left!). I organize this for the local scene in southern Scandinavia, and do it free of charge at my work place. I can't afford people trashing the place, and I need to clean the place myself afterwards. Thus I kind of need to know the guys coming. Oh. And I am sure Gubbdata is good for the scene. If you feel you deserve you come, and you know me, feel free to send me a PM.

As always we accept remote entries, and will stream the whole party for you sofa sceners out there.
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