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Gubbdata 2022

Gubbdata 2022

- We Feel the Need, the Need for Tweed!

Event Type :
Demo Party

Dates :
1 - 3 July 2022

Place :

Website :

Organizers :
hedning, Phreedh

Organizer Groups :
Genesis Project

Competition Results :

C64 Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1The World Is Not Enough - We Need More Scrollers by BonzaiDownload9.59.8
230 Years by Booze DesignDownload9.49.7
3Sidelined 2 by Censor DesignDownload9.59.8
4Lifecycle by Offence, ProsonixDownload9.59.8
5Breadbinked by Atlantis, Pretzel LogicDownload9.49.8
6Coppernicus by TriadDownload9.0
7Urbaniac by Mahna MahnaDownload8.7
8Megademo 7 by Hack n' TradeDownload
9Vovve by RebelsDownload9.2
10Uffelicious by Ancients, Camelot, F*A*I*C, Pretzel Logic, The Supply TeamDownload
11KaosLike by Hokuto ForceDownload8.5
12Back From The Dead by BabygangDownload7.5
13Bananasours by DinasoursDownload
14Fria bad BBS by JudasDownload
15GubbLIIITCH [46 bytes] by MultiStyle LabsDownload9.5

C64 Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Pilgrimage to Paradise by FlexDownload9.7
2Bruce Printscreen by FegolhuzzDownload9.6
3Sommargubbe by LftDownload9.710.0
4Hardwood by StinsenDownload
5Hot Earwax by MCHDownload9.3
6Gunnar Ö by MutetusDownload9.710.0
7Farewell Nova Berg by Xiny6581Download9.6
 Liquid Sun by VincenzoDownload9.9
9A Strange Dream by HeinDownload9.8
10Grass Between Toes by psych858oDownload9.89.8
11Singularity by ProtonDownload
12Rising Planet by JCHDownload9.8
13Lai by The SyndromDownload9.49.4
14The Battle by NordischsoundDownload9.5
15Italic Disco by Goto80Download
16Samba Funk by SIDWAVEDownload
 Life! by MoraffDownload
18Solving 20 Knots by ZZAP69Download
19GUBBJÄVEL!!! by DeMOSicDownload8.1
20Enter VX0 by ZZAP69Download

C64 Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1The Wanderer by MikaelDownload9.8
2SkyFall by FacetDownload9.89.9
3Fear Treatment by The SargeDownload9.7
4Lovegun by SuleviDownload9.79.8
 Tom Loves GB by The SargeDownload9.5
6Uqbarensis by TwoflowerDownload9.3
7Weather Balloons by mwambiDownload9.6
8Voidsurfer by ArchmageDownload9.2
9Two Minds Frozen by ProwlerDownload9.4
10Friday the 1st by RazorbackDownload9.6
11Jack by HonchoDownload9.2
12Last Caller by gripDownload
13Driller Date by christwoballsDownload9.2
14Mating call by Rail SlaveDownload9.19.6
15Asteria by SarahboevDownload9.3
16In a Lake by KatonDownload9.2
17Adelle by KatoyamaDownload8.5
1830 Years Excess by Almighty GodDownload8.7
19GrotesQ by QuiaraDownload8.0
20Das Geweih Wurde Verpfändet by Stabile AltbautenDownload
21C64 Stripes by KatoyamaDownload
22There Will Never Be A Rainbow by SwistakDownload

WiLD Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Sir Arthur Preview by PET SCIIENTISTSDownload9.9
4Retro SID-Cover Essentials by Finnish Gold, OnslaughtDownload9.5
5Hollandaisesås by JudasDownload

PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
2Hakan (Eddie Meduza) by Ron/Wolk/makkan (Music)Download
3Dra skinnet bakåt by TDM/Icon/Twoflower (Music)Download
4Reaktorn läck i Barsebäck by theK (Music)Download
5Va' den grön får du en ny by TDM/Icon/Twoflower (Music)Download

Mixed Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Salem's Lot by TriadDownload9.3
2Octopetscii by Pretzel LogicDownload9.89.8
3Midnight Goblins by AtlantisDownload9.4
46502/680x0 Rules! by TriadDownload8.8
5Drink Responsibly by Worrior1Download8.7
6Snack Time by LftDownload
7Lockdown Party 2022 by Nah-KolorDownload8.6
8Fishmoose by JudasDownload
9NewMan by AtlantisDownload8.9
10Abiogenesis by 4gentEDownload8.9
11Executive by Frida KatarinaDownload8.0
12Brallytrattz by TrazanDownload
13Genesis Project by NoirotDownload

Mixed Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1(Use Your) Imagination [2sid] by AtlantisDownload9.2
2Rollin' with Tha Mouse [fm-yam] by Atlantis, Genesis Project, MultiStyle Labs, XentaxDownload9.9
3Greatness is a Vision [fm-yam] by Genesis Project, XentaxDownload9.8

Mixed Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1I the Lamer by FairlightDownload

Productions released outside compos :
Digi Organizer v.3 FM by Genesis Project/Xentax (Tool)
Fart (Graphics)
GoatTracker V2.76 - Silver Fork V1.0 (Other Platform Tool)
Gubbatuned by Software of Sweden (Music Collection)
IceBro Lite V1.0 (Other Platform Tool)
Money for Nothing (595 Dollars Remix) (Music)
Sir Arthur Preview +2 by Triad (Crack)

Attendants : (95)
Alta, Archmage, aXL, Bacchus, Beast, bepp, Bjørn Røstøen, Cash, Coffe, Creeper, Dane, Devia, Dino, Dymo, Epsilon, Facet, Fegolhuzz, Fix, Flex, Gandalf, Goto80, grip, Hagar, HCL, hedning, Honcho, Hydra, iopop, Itch, JackAsser, Joe, Jucke, King Fisher, KMS, Knatter, Lft, linde, Lotus, Macx, MagerValp, Magnar Harestad, Mason, MCH, MdZ, Merlin, Metalux, Microtop, Mikael, Mogwai, Morpheus, Morphfrog, Oxidy, Pad, Pal, papademos, Pernod, Perplex, pewp, Phreedh, Prowler, Rambones, RaveGuru, Ron, Rowdy, Sailor, Scooby, Shadow, SIDWAVE, Sixx, Skuggan, SkY, Skyhawk, Slaze, SMC, Snabel, Spelpappan, Spot, Stinsen, Taper, The Sarge, theK, Thorin, Tomse, Trap, Trasher, Twoflower, Uthar, VIC, Walt, wasp, Whizzy, Yodelking, Yonx, z-nexx, ZZAP69

Releases containing information on this event :
Need for Tweed  Invitation
Overshadow #38 [hungarian]  results
Propaganda #32  Report + 10 year summarize
RapidNews #23  Invitation information
Vandalism News #73  Gubbdata 2022 Party Report

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 4 July 2022
Carrion: Working on it.

User Comment
Submitted by Carrion on 3 July 2022
Fantastic releases! Thanks for this! Any chance to get them all in a .zip file?

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 3 July 2022
# Gubbdata 2022 results

## Other Music

 1.  7.18 TheK - Imagination
 2.  6.56 Mibri - Rollin' with tha Mouse
 3.  5.42 Mr. Mouse - Greatness is a Vision

## Eddie Meduza Cover Compo

 1.  7.84 Slaze - Reaktorn går läck i Barsebäck
 2.  7.42 Wolk - Hakan
 3.  6.12 TDM - Dra skinnet bakåt
 4.  5.75 TheK - Reaktorn går läck i Barsebäck
 5.  5.58 TDM - Va den grön får du en ny
 6.  5.13 Platon42 - Runke Ball

## Gubbstep Compo

 1.  7.57 W4rp8 - Mo4no 595 remix
 2.  7.14 Slaze - Never Gonna Gubb

## Amiga Music Compo

 1.  7.13 Syphus - Openup22
 2.  6.88 Tempest - We'll Get There
 3.  6.74 Slaze - Flex Your Muscle
 4.  5.88 Krdn - Shrt Base Freakout
 5.  4.83 Slash o co - Sommarblommor
 6.  4.50 Adkd - Commodore Hotel

## C64 Music Compo

 1.  8.91 Flex - Pilgrimage to Paradise
 2.  8.81 Fegolhuzz - Bruce Printscreen
 3.  7.87 Lft - Sommargubbe
 4.  7.72 Stinsen - Hardwood
 5.  7.45 MCH - Hot Earwax
 6.  7.00 Mutetus - Gunnar Ö
 7.  6.97 Vincenzo - Liquid Sun
     6.97 Xiny6581 - Farewell Nova Berg
 9.  6.94 Hein - A Strange Dream
10.  6.88 Psych858o - Grass Between Toes
11.  6.61 Proton - Singularity
12.  6.41 Chordian - Rising Planet
13.  6.35 The Syndrom - Lai
14.  6.00 Nordischsound - The Battle
15.  5.94 Goto80 - Italic Disco
16.  5.42 Moraff - Life
     5.42 Sidwave - Samba Funk
18.  5.33 Zzap69 - Solving 20 Knot
19.  4.67 Demosic - Gubbjävel
20.  4.35 Zzap69 - Enter VX0

## LAMER Compo

 1.  7.04 The Sarge - I The Lamer

## Wild Compo

 1.  8.38 Honcho - Sir Arthur
 2.  7.86 Genesis Project - Sharper
 3.  7.64 Genesis Project - A Bright Shining Star
 4.  7.41 FIG & ONS - Retro SID-Cover Essentials
 5.  4.80 Judas - Hollandaisesås

## Amiga Gfx Compo

 1.  8.04 Grip - The Heist
 2.  7.50 Viljan - Fairy Dust
 3.  5.90 Online - Midsommar
 4.  5.77 Platon42 - Solid Smile
 5.  5.68 Elder0010 - Oldtimer
 6.  5.62 Almighty God - Cybernetics

## Amiga Intro Compo

 1.  7.26 Up Rough - Up Rough Boulevard

## C64 PETSCII Compo

 1.  8.49 Skyhawk - Salems Lot
 2.  8.08 ND - Octopetscii
 3.  7.80 Honcho - Midnight Goblins
 4.  7.27 Wbochar - 6502
 5.  6.98 Worrior1 - Drink Responsibly
 6.  6.75 Lft - Snack Time
 7.  6.13 Ze ev - CXC Lockdown
 8.  5.80 Jucke - Fishmoose
 9.  5.64 Almighty God - New Man
10.  5.47 4gentE - Abiogenesis
11.  5.31 Frida Katarina - Executive
12.  4.31 Trazan - Brallytrattz
13.  3.69 Noirot - Genesis Project

## C64 Graphics Compo

 1.  8.92 Mikael - The Wanderer
 2.  8.79 Facet - Sky Fall
 3.  8.61 The Sarge - Fear Treatment
 4.  8.25 Sulevi - Virtual Dreams
     8.25 The Sarge - Tom Loves GB
 6.  8.20 Twoflower - Uqbarensis
 7.  7.82 Mwambi - Weather Balloons
 8.  7.72 Archmage - Voidsurfer
 9.  7.70 Prowler - Two Minds Frozen
10.  7.41 Razorback - Friday the 1st
11.  7.24 Honcho - Jack
12.  6.90 Grip - Last Caller
13.  6.53 Christoballs - Driller
14.  6.24 Rail Slave - Matingcall
15.  6.18 Sarah Boeving - Asteria
16.  5.92 Katon - In A Lake
17.  5.57 Katoyama - Adelle
18.  5.55 Almighty God - 30 Years Excess
19.  5.12 Quiara - Grotesq
20.  4.80 Micha - Das Geweih Wurde Verpfändet
21.  4.38 Katoyama - C64 Stripes
22.  3.10 Swistak - There Will Never Be A Rainbow

## C64 Demo Compo

 1.  9.85 Bonzai, Sarge, Facet - Twine
 2.  8.36 Booze Design - 30 Years
 3.  8.34 Censor Design - Sidelined 2
 4.  8.22 Offence + Prosonix - Life Cycle
 5.  7.35 Pretzel Logic and Atlantis - Breadbinked
 6.  7.15 Triad - Coppernicus
 7.  5.88 Mahna Mahna - Urbaniac
 8.  5.67 Hack'n'Trade - Megademo 7
 9.  5.40 Rebels - Vovve
10.  4.84 Various Artists - Uffelicious
11.  4.80 Hokuto Force - Kaoslike
12.  4.27 Babygang - Back From the Dead
13.  3.82 Dinasours - Bananasours
14.  2.91 Judas
15.  2.83 Jammer - GubbLIIITCH

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 30 June 2022
yes we will be on Twitch and Scenesat.
We will stream the whole party, more or less, with music compos after 20.00 (swedish time) on friday and the rest of the compos on saturday about the same time.

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 4 June 2022
Posted over at FB: "X moving into Gubb territory (summer 2023) made me think. It might be time for me to enjoy parties organized by others for once. So here you are. My latest sincere thoughts of the evening. Now go make demos."

Looks like Gubbdata 2022 will be the last one. It's hard work, so I need a party organizing vacation for a while. :) Smaller meetings will pop up in Lund, though. Probably using the Gubbdata name.

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 30 May 2022
WiLD entries will ofc also compete.

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 12 March 2022


-Unlimited size
-Max runtime 10 minutes
-REU and SCPU demos will compete in the Other Platform demo compo

-No covers or remixes
-Please specify sid model (old/new)
-Executable C64 files only
-We reserve the right to limit the length of music entries to 4 minutes
-Tunes using 2 or more sid chips will compete in the Other Platform music compo.

-All C64 formats/modes allowed
-Copies will be disqualified. Please provide workstages
-Executable C64 files only

-Copies will be disqualified. Please provide workstages
-Executable C64 files only

-Max runtime 10 minutes, max size 10mb
-Oldskool platforms only, no modern PCs/consoles
-If your platform isn't listed among the compo machines, you will have to send in a full capture from real hw.
-If there are 3 or more Amiga demos there will be a separate amiga compo. Same with other platforms.
-Amiga demos must work on A1200/020 without fpu or A500
-060 demos will have their own category.

-Maximum resolution 320x256 pixels, 32 colours
-Copies will be disqualified. Please provide workstages
-Image will be displayed in its native format on the target platform

-No covers or remixes
-XM/S3M/IT/other modern PC formats NOT ALLOWED
-No interaction with the hardware during compo
-No live music, pre-tracked music only
-We reserve the right to limit the length of music entries to 4 minutes

-Cover versions of any of the Swedish musician Eddie Meduza's tunes
-SID, MOD and other gubbformats are allowed
-XM/S3M/IT/other modern PC formats NOT ALLOWED
-No interaction with the hardware during compo
-No live music, pre-tracked music only
-We reserve the right to limit the length of music entries to 4 minutes

-Gubbstep is defined as dubstep with the touch of old classics that old people like, even if dubstep in itself is a bit dated. But yeah, we are all pretty old now. You'll figure something out. :D
-Must be a cover of an old classic in dubstep style
-SID, MOD and other gubbformats are allowed
-XM/S3M/IT/other modern PC formats NOT ALLOWED
-No interaction with the hardware during compo
-No live music, pre-tracked music only
-We reserve the right to limit the length of music entries to 4 minutes

- To celebrate the infamous "LAMER!" sample nowadays popularised by Mibri's Twitch stream, the concept of "lamer" is the new thing.
- Do whatever you want themed "lamer", and enter the compo. What you consider to be lame is up to you.
- Preferrably C64 or Amiga
- Don't be boring

Music compos will be taking place friday July 1st (deadline 19.00 Scandinavian time). The rest of the compos will be held on saturday July 2nd (Deadline 19.00 Scandinavian time). Send remote entries to hedning64 AT gmail.com and/or hedning AT gubbdata.se.

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 13 February 2022
COMPOS: Music compos will be taking place friday July 1st (deadline 19.00 Scandinavian time). The rest of the compos will be held on saturday July 2nd (Deadline 19.00 Scandinavian time). Send remote entries to hedning64 AT gmail.com.

More info will come.

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 1 December 2021
Nice Frantic!

User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 1 December 2021
Nice logo!

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 1 December 2021
Placeholder for now. At least date is set. More info will come.
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