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2015-01-18 13:03
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Registered: Aug 2003
Posts: 55
Censoring Adult Stuff

I am not sure this message belongs here in the Forum Pixeling Section, every Graphician puts up his message about graphics, questions about tools, and looking for lost graphics from the past.

The message I am having, is your honest oppinion about what can be upped to this database and what not, because lately I read that Perff is doing some Censor thingy, on nude images on the db. Now I know that porn is here, and also offensive horror graphics, with metal groups like Iron Maiden, but censoring everything would make the db a forbidden place, where in the far future almost every offensive graphic or demo or game isn't anymore for download, etc.etc. Ofcourse Perff can add a 18+ restriction
to the release, that it only can be downloaded when you add a birthday, believe Gametrailers.com has that, and Youtube owners have to create an account. Then again, inserting a wrong birthdate when you're just 9 years old and do it in 1969 then even a child can see pornography, or any kind bloody images.. So there must come some protection in
this db to download only when you're 18+ when it comes to adult images. Now, I am smart about this, and what can be created, but if any of you have suggestions for Perff and this db, then drop some message here. I think many of you still want everything freely downloadable, because
you don't give a shit about offensive graphic with thorn off legs, and brains splatted out, for god's sake think about the elder sceners having children, when dad points them to CSDb, for showing graphics, or download offensive demo's.

The Warning message I would give you here, would be that I made a Doublescreener of some Disney figures, with a pretty massive sick kind of humor, sarcasm. I will Upload it here, alltough it is a simple graphic work, my contacts will get also a Warning message, for the first time, just to not provoke the people, with the graphic piece, in the end I will show it them still, because I make them curious and they think, Disney, how offensive can it be? Anyway, there is no porn involved.

Actually these are two messages, but goes about Censoring and my Doublescreener, so maybe the CSDb feedback section, would be something for this, I don't know.
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2015-01-18 15:24

Registered: Dec 2004
Posts: 782
oh god, please fuck off
2015-01-18 15:44

Registered: Apr 2004
Posts: 819
@JSL: There are people here giving you a proper answer to your question. If you don't understand the answer, you can at least try to respect their patience for answering and say thanks.
2015-01-18 15:57
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Registered: Aug 2003
Posts: 55
Hein & All: I respect C64 and Sceners, and I understand the answers, but saying THANKS to someone who is from oppinion, that children can freely download porn, ofcourse that is not so in that way written, but the answers where NO Censorship on CSDb stuff, with Porn, animal abuse, gore, and sensitive texts, everyone has their own oppinion, even some scener (no handle mentioned here), had his oppinion he likes Adolf Hitler, commented once on a JSL graphic. But feel free to comment, and many FUCK OFFs against me, there are many Fathers outthere, understanding the meaning, of no Adult images for their Childeren, only when they're grownup. If you guys don't understand that, then don't fuck, without a Condom!!
2015-01-18 17:09

Registered: Nov 2002
Posts: 735
Quoting Jailbird
One of CSDb's main revenue is based on Adsense, which forbids nudity, racism and JSL's images. Nothing's wrong with that.

2015-01-18 17:20
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Registered: Aug 2003
Posts: 55

JSL's Nude images, are quite Stronger, but JB, nice looking girl, is she enjoying the sun and the rain, splash splash, she is getting INSANE or is she screaming of orgasm, provoking graphics are everywhere, but I can't say a thing about this, just her mouth open, open for what? ;)
2015-01-18 17:29

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 1495
Quote: Most of them do belong on the same pile, yes.

@JSL: there's a logical explanation, as you can read. Don't make this forum your personal diary because of that, please.

Speak for yourself, Hein. I love JSL's rants. It's like reading John Wayne Gacy Jr's lost memoirs.
2015-01-18 17:34

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 1495
Quote: Rainshine

JSL's Nude images, are quite Stronger, but JB, nice looking girl, is she enjoying the sun and the rain, splash splash, she is getting INSANE or is she screaming of orgasm, provoking graphics are everywhere, but I can't say a thing about this, just her mouth open, open for what? ;)

JSL I'll put this in the most friendly way as it is humanly possible: you are an idiot.
2015-01-18 17:53

Registered: Nov 2002
Posts: 735
Oh noes, JSL gonna quit now :(
2015-01-18 17:57
iAN CooG

Registered: May 2002
Posts: 1780
2015-01-18 18:10

Registered: Jul 2009
Posts: 190
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