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10:58 - Cruzer:
I vote for code
10:27 - Scarzix:
Work, SID, Code, Fringe or Sleep... hard to decide
01:52 - markus sinalco:
Atari joined Segmüller and Sonic Youth !
21:14 - Thunder.Bird:
I know.... tomorrow never ends ;)
14:50 - hedning:
Evoke ends tomorrow.
11:24 - Thunder.Bird:
Evoke pr0ds?
00:56 - Frantic:
23:47 - Trap:
16:44 - Scarzix:
16:43 - Soren:
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Welcome to the C-64 Scene Database

A site dedicated to gathering as much information as possible about the productions, the groups, the sceners, the events and bbs's in the Commodore 64 scene.
You can help this database grow by submitting information about the productions/groups/sceners/events/bbs you know about.
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Latest Releases
Name Type Released by Release Date
Zorro +5DC64 Crack Hokuto Force(2015-08-04)
We AreC64 Crack intro Hokuto Force(2015-08-04)
ECAC64 256b Intro Freshness(2015-08-03)
S.F.S. - Special Forces Soldier ..C64 Crack S.E.U.C.K. Trainers United(2015-08-03)
Turrican USA +3D [ntsc]C64 Crack Underground Domain Inc.(2015-08-03)
Mona64C64 1K Intro Ilmenit, Graham(2015-08-03)

Latest Additions
Groups Releases Sceners Events BBS
Peter and SamZorro +5D RockySLAY Radio Gathering 2015BBS Zutphen
Berlin Cracking CrewWe Are WiLLAssembly Summer 2015The Heart of Limbo
OdiousDefender of the Crown TurtleEvoke 2015The Torture Chamber
NOOPCabal (US Version) DeltaThe 2015 REU CompoThe Living Dead
Infinity! Cracking Corpo..ECA Morgan IndustriesSceners in the Sun '15Jammer's Hideout

Latest Forum Posts
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Latest User Comments
(R) Review for Zorro +5D /iAN CooG (2015-08-04 15:45)
(R) Review for Zorro +5D /The Overkiller (2015-08-04 15:44)
(R) Review for Zorro +5D /Thunder.Bird (2015-08-04 15:43)
(R) Review for Zorro +5D /Jupp3 (2015-08-04 15:41)
(R) Review for Zorro +5D /Color Bar (2015-08-04 15:28)

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News & Comments
Nafcom:2015-08-02 12:58
In case you have missed our (+Scene World Magazine and +olymptronica ) livestream with demoscener and party organizer +Peter Smets for the ‪#filmundgames exhibition at the Frankfurt Film Museum, a recording of the live show can now be seen here:
Enjoy and spread!:)

Nafcom:2015-07-27 22:51
An Evening At The Museum: This time’s guest: Peter “FraNKy” Smets talking about the demoscene and demoscene parties!

Our next guest for An Evening At The Museum in The Frankfurt Film Musem as part of the “Film & Games” exhibition will be long-time demoscener and party co-organizer responsible for the retro compos: Peter Smets AKA FraNKy We will be talking about the demoscene, what it is about, the challenges of organizing a demoscene party and the compos and everything!
At Twitch, with co-presented with Olymptronica!
Follow the liveshow, at Wednesday the 29th, 6 PM CEST via Twitch a twww.twitch.tv/sceneworld!

Dr.j:2015-07-16 10:02
Amiga and Commodore 64 legends found a new flat and you reach us now at: http://www.8bitlegends.com/
you are more than welcome to respond and cherish our beloved heroes with more info , pictures and stories

Bimz:2015-07-11 09:47
For those needing a new housing for their C64 there is a limited amount of newly made ones going on eBay in this weekend!


Nafcom:2015-07-06 20:15
Exactly one year ago, on July 6th 2014, we started our podcast, exactly today 1 year later, July, 6th 2015, we present no#9! This time with a famous and high profile video game comoser again! Dave Lowe AKA Uncle Art and his daughter Holly!

Listen to this awesome podcast episode at http://sceneworld.org/blog/2015/07/06/podcast-episode-9-uncle-a.. and make sure you also back their Kickstarter campaign in which he releases his old classics via an orchestra and even more! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/124468523/uncle-art-a-temp..

If you had a home computer back in the 80s and 90s or a videogame console, you have had musics from him as well! He did music for all the classics aka Elite II; Power Drift, Street Fighter II, After Burner, Buggy Blast, Star Glider, Thrust, etc etc!

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