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13:58 - Dr.j:
great work TheRyk
13:53 - TheRyk:
all is upped thx&hugs 2 all guests&competitors
12:19 - Dr.j:
great stuff from bcc
11:24 - hedning:
Indeed. All hail mighty Kong
09:33 - Adam:
👍 donkey kong rulez the universe 👍
08:30 - hedning:
08:14 - Lemming:
23:37 - Sith:
top demogroups were never interested in Star Trek
16:36 - hedning:
No time for Dinos. Too much else to show.
16:25 - Joe:
Could we please not see any DINO-crap this year?
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Quest for PeaceC64 Music Genesis Project(2015-02-28)
DestinyC64 Music CODE7(2015-02-28)
DelydaymaysidC64 One-File Demo Mayday!, Delysid(2015-02-28)
Riesiger ScrollerC64 One-File Demo sidAholic(2015-02-28)
Snatch McBlagger +2D [seuck]C64 Crack S.E.U.C.K. Trainers United(2015-02-28)
BCC FacesC64 Demo Delysid(2015-02-28)
THEY [german]C64 Crack Geißpeter(2015-02-28)
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Inglish Glatss V1C64 Crack Saufbox(2015-02-28)
We Fly HighC64 One-File Demo Rabenauge(2015-02-28)
Pagan's MindC64 Demo Dream(2015-02-28)
AFLTC64 Intro Mayday!(2015-02-28)
Game Corner Q4/2014 [pal/ntsc]C64 Diskmag Laxity(2015-02-28)
Scarlet on Black BackdropC64 Graphics wile coyote(2015-02-28)
Overlander Tape Loader - The Dis..C64 Music The New Dimension(2015-02-28)
OceanicC64 Music Robric(2015-02-28)
Star Slayer +34D [crazy hack]C64 Crack Hackersoft(2015-02-28)
Noisy Pillars 2015C64 Music The New Dimension(2015-02-28)

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News & Comments
Jammer:2015-02-24 02:02
As voting phase is over, whole compo can be considered closed. As Linus has also handed his types, results present as follows:

Je suis #Linus music compo - RESULTS

1. Hein - The Infiltrator - 9.61
2. Jammer - Linusz Sucks Hard - 9.57
3. MCH - On The Road Once Again - 9.48
4. Groepaz - I Don't Know What I Am Doing - 6.13


Congrats to the worthy winner and his awesome entry! Thanks to all contributors and voters. See you next time during second edition!

SIDwave:2015-02-18 10:19
dream on.. Rob Hubbard is making a comeback, no joke. https://www.facebook.com/ProjectHubbard
TheRyk:2015-02-14 13:21
Hey party animals and remote competitors!

Only 2 more weeks till BCC#9 party in Berlin.
BCC Party #9

Please remember that deadline for remote entries is Fri 27th 12:00 high noon GMT.
Mail whatever you want to compete with to rykerÄTfreenet.de

Looking forward to your entries!

Ryk for rest of BCC orga team

Nafcom:2015-02-12 20:53
Scene World #24 and Podcast #4 (3D Realms) are out!

We are having a double release this time!
Next to Scene World #24, we also release our 4th Podcast with 3D Realms as guests!


Also: Download our first 3-sides issue and watch the Skype video interviews, all on http://sceneworld.org and http://youtube.sceneworld.org

Celebrating 30 years of Boulder Dash!
Interviews with Boulder Dash creator Peter Liepa and known fan Boulder Dash creators Schlonkel and Firefox!
Boulder Dash special diskcover by Ishita Mukherjee.
Tons of Meetings and Party and Retro reports!
Exclusive Skype Video interview with former designer of Commodore Japan designing the PET, VIC20 and C64: Yash Terakura!
We are also talking to the inventor of the Mobile Phone Marty Cooper, Computer Chronicles host Stuart Cheifet, Beta testing pioneer James Bach, Videogame composer Chris Huelsbeck. Videogame scorekeeper and Twin Galaxies founder Walter Day and many many more!

Grue:2015-02-07 16:17
1541Ultimate demo collection updated today, get it while its hot!

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