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20:19 - Joe:
3 days left!!
20:19 - Joe:
Nonstandard Time Signature Compo 2018!
09:13 - rail slave:
heman compo just got real
20:45 - DCMP:
skate like its 2017
20:12 - rail slave:
2018 the year He-Man Jr. Compo broke
20:10 - TheRyk:
19:56 - ZeSmasher:
C64 scene is überactive!
21:48 - wertstahl:
The Return Of The Ghettosceners
19:13 - Joe:
Use the border for hidden messages :D
12:30 - Jailbird:
Pooping the Border like 1939
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CodeBase 64

Welcome to the C-64 Scene Database

A site dedicated to gathering as much information as possible about the productions, the groups, the sceners, the events and bbs's in the Commodore 64 scene.
You can help this database grow by submitting information about the productions/groups/sceners/events/bbs you know about.
In order to do that you first need to create an account.
For more info about the CSDb check the docs.

Latest Releases
Name Type Released by Release Date
Battle Cat Action FigureC64 Graphics Dr. TerrorZ(2018-03-20)
Bat-Man Jr. - Title PictureC64 Graphics Marq(2018-03-20)
In Ruhe 1 AbseilenC64 Music Mayday!(2018-03-20)
Smallest I Can [62b]C64 256b Intro Jiminy(2018-03-20)
Two Fonts [103b]C64 256b Intro Jiminy(2018-03-20)
The Lean 117bC64 256b Intro Zirias(2018-03-20)
Hermetic +6DTC64 Crack Hokuto Force(2018-03-20)
He-Man & FriendsC64 Graphics Vision, Genesis Project(2018-03-20)
Bla-derunnerC64 256b Intro wertstahl(2018-03-20)
John J.C64 Graphics STE'86(2018-03-20)
Leo-Man Junior - Title PictureC64 Graphics Smasher(2018-03-19)
Fontje [108 bytes]C64 256b Intro Focus(2018-03-19)
Space InvadersC64 256b Intro Color Bar(2018-03-19)
Atwoods C64 Summer Open-Air Invi..C64 Invitation Atwoods Studios(2018-03-19)
Teela Junior - Title pictureC64 Graphics Dr. TerrorZ(2018-03-19)
Fat-Man Jr. - Title PictureC64 Graphics Marq(2018-03-19)
Heman and Fightingcat title pict..C64 Graphics Dinasours(2018-03-19)
Emboss V2C64 256b Intro Resource(2018-03-19)
Simple Yet Effective 68bC64 256b Intro Shadow(2018-03-19)
CompactC64 256b Intro Desire(2018-03-19)
The Chars of Reflection 128bC64 256b Intro Lft(2018-03-19)
Stencil 85bC64 256b Intro Victory(2018-03-19)
Shaded 88bC64 256b Intro Samar Productions, EXclusive ON(2018-03-19)
Rounded 125bC64 256b Intro Victory(2018-03-19)
Trivial 73bC64 256b Intro Shadow(2018-03-19)
The Tracer Sanction [1581]C64 Crack Master(2018-03-19)
Speed Blur 128bC64 256b Intro Zirias(2018-03-19)
BlockyC64 256b Intro Desire(2018-03-19)
Pirate Font 111bC64 256b Intro enthusi(2018-03-19)
LaidBack101C64 256b Intro Desire(2018-03-19)
Afro-Man jr. Title PicC64 Graphics Haelmuth(2018-03-19)
Multicolor FontC64 256b Intro Camelot(2018-03-19)
EmbossC64 256b Intro Resource(2018-03-19)
She-Man Jr.C64 Graphics fieserWolf(2018-03-19)
Dir-Man Jr.C64 Graphics fieserWolf(2018-03-19)
Shaded 94bC64 256b Intro Samar Productions, EXclusive ON(2018-03-19)
He-Man Senior - Title PictureC64 Graphics Alakran(2018-03-19)
Marbles 94bC64 256b Intro Samar Productions, EXclusive ON(2018-03-19)
Battle Cat Junior - Title PictureC64 Graphics Alakran(2018-03-19)
OutlineC64 256b Intro Resource(2018-03-19)
Trim 63bC64 256b Intro Samar Productions, EXclusive ON(2018-03-19)
Emboss 69bC64 256b Intro Samar Productions, EXclusive ON(2018-03-19)
CBM FontC64 256b Intro Smasher(2018-03-19)

Latest Additions
Groups Releases Sceners Events BBS
Maro-SoftJukebox 3 DabArok Party 2018Bajt
Twin PeaksRanks March '91 Killer BobATWOODS C64 Summer Open-AirFarpoint Station
PlayOrbitDeep Strike Sound Interface DeviceThe 128b font compoThe Party Place
Snueder Cracking CompanyThe Last Ninja 2 Music ToxinHe-Man Jr. CompoIndecent Exposure
HISZIndiana Jones and the Last C.. SidewardMögdataLabyrinth

Latest Forum Posts
C64 Coding: Kick Assembler: Creating Binary Header /Raistlin (2018-03-20 18:21)9 replies
CSDb Entries: Event id #2678 : The 128b font compo /Mixer (2018-03-20 18:01)27 replies
CSDb Entries: Event id #2670 : $11 Music Compo /ChristopherJam (2018-03-20 14:48)148 replies
C64 Coding: Holy Grails /Repose (2018-03-20 11:39)28 replies
C64 Coding: Spindle/PEF on Windows /Raistlin (2018-03-19 21:43)6 replies
C64 Coding: Dynamic Character Set /TBH (2018-03-19 05:57)22 replies
CSDb Entries: Release id #162956 : The Tracer Sanction [1581] /Adam (2018-03-19 02:55)1 reply

Latest User Comments
(R) Review for In Ruhe 1 Abseilen /Thunder.Bird (2018-03-20 20:16)
(R) Review for He-Man & Friends /Rudi (2018-03-20 20:13)
(R) Review for He-Man & Friends /Mermaid (2018-03-20 20:01)
(R) Review for Jukebox 3 /hedning (2018-03-20 19:05)
(R) Trivia for Jukebox 3 /Dymo (2018-03-20 18:58)

News & Comments
Grue:2018-03-09 09:07
Minidocumentary about archiving c64 tapes and other media.

Oswald:2018-01-22 23:32
Why Commodore Failed - A Conversation with Commodore UK's David John Pleasance & Trevor Dickinson


Mr. Mouse:2018-01-01 22:16
The Unepic SID Channel ended the year with a brief vlog about some stats and a big "thank you" to Mr.Ammo:

The "CSDb releases 2017" has over 340 tunes released last year at CSDb:
It's a great way to listen to lots of last years' compositions found at CSDb.

The Unepic Stoned High SID Channel (Unepic SID channel) has over 500.000 views and offers more than 50.000 tunes to date.

Subscribe to stay in tune with the modern SID times, and delve into the YT archive of SID gems by playing any of the playlists holding thousands of tunes each!

iAN CooG:2017-12-23 00:11
HVSC #68 is out!

After this update, the collection should contain 50,240 SID files!

This update features (all approximates):
700 new SIDs
222 fixed/better rips
2 repeats/bad rips eliminated
327 SID credit fixes
20 SID model/clock infos
3 tunes from /DEMOS/UNKNOWN/ identified
1 tunes from /GAMES/ identified
24 tunes moved out of /DEMOS/ to their composers' directories
0 tunes moved out of /GAMES/ to their composers' directories

We finally broke another record: the major milestone of 50,000 SIDs has
been reached. Don't even think that's enough, as there's always new and old
tunes to be discovered every day.
Starting with this update we're offering 2 new ways of calculating and
reading song lengths infos, please refer to DOCUMENTS/Songlengths.faq

High Voltage SID Collection v68

Dr.j:2017-12-16 11:48
A memorial page for Jive/Noice have been uploaded.

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