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01:21 - TheRyk:
who needs stream so many gubbdaten already up \o/
00:49 - ZeSmasher:
00:48 - Moloch:
recliner scene, fuck the sofa!!1
23:08 - DKT:
give me audio stream pls
23:05 - DGGR:
go Zardax!
22:17 - Metal Maniac:
22:00 - Zyron:
21:57 - Fungus:
All hail the sofascene
20:49 - hedning:
gubbdata stream http://scenesat.com/ video
17:33 - Dwangi:
a bottle of gyllene damer
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CodeBase 64

Welcome to the C-64 Scene Database

A site dedicated to gathering as much information as possible about the productions, the groups, the sceners, the events and bbs's in the Commodore 64 scene.
You can help this database grow by submitting information about the productions/groups/sceners/events/bbs you know about.
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Latest Releases
Name Type Released by Release Date
Positive KarmaC64 Demo awsm(2015-03-29)
TubbagadC64 One-File Demo Dinasours(2015-03-29)
Sounds of the 80sC64 Music Collection TRIAD(2015-03-29)
Stereophonik [2sid]C64 One-File Demo Mahoney(2015-03-29)
Hello ScopeC64 Demo Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group, Genesi..(2015-03-29)
The Butterfly EffectC64 One-File Demo Offence(2015-03-29)
Raise Your BeersC64 One-File Demo Arsenic(2015-03-29)
RequiemC64 One-File Demo Vision(2015-03-29)
Impala ImposterC64 Music Genesis Project(2015-03-28)
BeetlephantC64 Graphics Genesis Project(2015-03-28)
It's winter, winter in KleveC64 Music Toondichters, MultiStyle Labs(2015-03-28)
Bittersweet MemoriesC64 Music Sentenced to Death(2015-03-28)
Party MakerC64 Music Elysium, MultiStyle Labs(2015-03-28)
Hell YeahC64 Music MultiStyle Labs(2015-03-28)
Northern StarC64 Music Booze Design(2015-03-28)
DurexForth V1.32C64 Tool Mathman, Hack n' Trade(2015-03-28)
RACE GamemusicC64 Music SIDwave(2015-03-28)
Nice BeaverC64 Graphics Onslaught(2015-03-28)
DisconnectC64 Graphics Hoaxers(2015-03-28)
Paperboy [cartridge]C64 Crack Undone(2015-03-28)
ObsessionC64 Music Artline Designs(2015-03-28)
MontantennaC64 Music Artline Designs(2015-03-28)
Nothing Special, Simple FishC64 Graphics Resource, Chorus, Singular(2015-03-28)
All The Small ThingsC64 Music Sid Ryders(2015-03-28)
Glada Gubbar i DatadjungelnC64 Music Prosonix(2015-03-28)
EuphoriaC64 Music Toggle(2015-03-28)
Amen, Bigbeat Brother!C64 Music Samar Productions, MultiStyle Labs, EXclusiv..(2015-03-28)
DragonslayerC64 Graphics Vision, Genesis Project(2015-03-28)
Jungle Drums IntroC64 Crack intro TRIAD, Genesis Project(2015-03-28)
Bruce Lee II +C64 Crack Genesis Project, TRIAD(2015-03-28)
Acid @ NightC64 Music CeriX(2015-03-28)
Bruce Lee IIC64 Game Jonas Hultén(2015-03-28)
Genesis Project "Big Swing Intro"C64 Crack intro Genesis Project(2015-03-28)
Rex SenexC64 Music Panda Design(2015-03-28)
Trance Sector Ultimate +10HDC64 Crack Laxity(2015-03-28)
Ultima IV RemasteredC64 Crack Genesis Project(2015-03-28)
Trance Sector UltimateC64 Game RGCD, New Dimension(2015-03-28)

Latest Additions
Groups Releases Sceners Events BBS
DazzasoftPositive Karma Super ÅttanRetroKomp/LOAD ERROR 2015Colosseum
StarlineImpala Imposter padInterface 5Sector by Sector
UFPTubbagad T.C.Forever 2016 - Defender ..The Elite's Inn
Poptown Cracking Associa..Beetlephant Red StarCopyfete CologneHidden Power
I.B.C Cracking ServiceIt's winter, winter in K.. FiestaSceneradio "On Air Rakka..Future Fortress

Latest Forum Posts
CSDb Entries: Event id #2314 : C64 Cracking Competition 2015 /ZeSmasher (2015-03-29 00:30)108 replies
C64 Productions: Wizball song 5 of 9. Cliff Burton of Metallica /Merman (2015-03-28 23:14)2 replies
C64 Coding: KickAss and entry point in Vice /Trap (2015-03-28 20:09)3 replies
C64 Productions: Ultima IV Remastered /Sledge (2015-03-28 17:40)14 replies
C64 Coding: Drive code: 1541/81 code conversion. /MagerValp (2015-03-28 12:11)14 replies
C64 Coding: Looking for C64 programmer [paid] /Oswald (2015-03-28 11:43)61 replies
CSDb Entries: Handle id #3305 : Wander /bugjam (2015-03-28 11:19)

Latest User Comments
(R) Review for Bruce Lee II /Hypnosis (2015-03-29 11:19)
(R) Review for Dragonslayer /Perplex (2015-03-29 11:17)
(R) Review for Tubbagad /DGGR (2015-03-29 11:17)
(E) Gubbdata 2015 /Dr.Strange (2015-03-29 11:10)
(R) Review for Impala Imposter /celticdesign (2015-03-29 11:08)

News & Comments
icon:2015-03-28 20:31
Live stream from compo att GubbData. Tune in and enjoy now! :-)

Richard:2015-03-27 22:04
@SIDWave... That's not new. :) I have the original game on tape. Cool tune anyway :-D
SIDwave:2015-03-27 09:38
New SID from Matt Gray

Jammer:2015-03-20 18:05
LMan, welcome aboard! It's great to have another talent like you among us :D You'll feel like home ;)
hedning:2015-03-20 11:03
One week left. Gubbdata coming up. Prepare your remote entries, check out http://gubbdata.se
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