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09:26 - tlr:
http://www.youtube.c om/watch?v=agIv8AC07 pc
00:29 - TheRyk:
work sux
00:24 - TheRyk:
holidays almost over :(
13:46 - Scorpion:
telnet://scorp.us.to - nice and small :)
11:47 - Didi:
telnet://colosseum.c 64bbs.org:6400
01:53 - Black Beard:
telnet bbs.masturbationstat ionbbs.com
20:41 - DKT:
Sunday bloody sunday
13:37 - Shine:
Sun(ny)day! ;)
19:43 - Moloch:
Still looking
18:25 - plagueis:
Did they ever find Shane??
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Welcome to the C-64 Scene Database

A site dedicated to gathering as much information as possible about the productions, the groups, the sceners, the events and bbs's in the Commodore 64 scene.
You can help this database grow by submitting information about the productions/groups/sceners/events/bbs you know about.
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Latest Releases
Name Type Released by Release Date
Clawfinger (test-tune)C64 Music Randall(2014-08-20)
Player ExhibitionC64 Music Genesis Project(2014-08-20)
Cold Shoulder.C64 Graphics Pievspie(2014-08-19)
Goyl vs Longy.C64 Graphics Pievspie(2014-08-19)
Source-Konverter V1.1C64 Tool Digital Excess(2014-08-19)
Sampler V2.0C64 Tool Digital Excess(2014-08-19)
Romuzak-Player 2C64 Tool Digital Excess(2014-08-19)
Playfield-Editor V1.2C64 Tool Digital Excess(2014-08-19)
Graphics-Ripper 1.0C64 Tool Digital Excess(2014-08-19)
FLInterlazer V1.0C64 Tool Digital Excess(2014-08-19)
Final Font Artist V2.0C64 Tool Digital Excess(2014-08-19)
Multi-Graphics-DisplayerC64 Tool Digital Excess(2014-08-19)
Bob-Getter V1.0C64 Tool Digital Excess(2014-08-19)
AMICA-Paint CrashsaverC64 Tool Digital Excess(2014-08-19)
3x3 Block-Matrix-CreatorC64 Tool Digital Excess(2014-08-19)
MechaPanda From Outah SpeesC64 Graphics Genesis Project(2014-08-19)
Oh no! More InvadersC64 Graphics Genesis Project(2014-08-19)

Latest Additions
Groups Releases Sceners Events BBS
The Invincible CrackerThe Sweden Demo UriasDreams Summer Meeting V3Hierarchy
TUGCSTMH Music Show II Jan RasmussenDeadline 2014Frontline
The Icepic EaglesFire Track +2 mac (tugcs)Evoke 2014The Dragon's Eye
Die Spezialisten UnterwegsDirty Gallery 1 Pro-RamRevival 2014TNT HQ
Leo SoftwareDirty Demo II J.LaineInterface III KielThe Imagination Station

Latest Forum Posts
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CSDb Entries: Handle id #10941 : The Gothicman /Rough (2014-08-18 22:37)4 replies
CSDb Discussions: 1541_Ultimate_Case_The_Box with ethernet /WVL (2014-08-18 12:13)6 replies
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Latest User Comments
(R) Review for Clawfinger (test-tune) /Isildur (2014-08-20 10:25)
(R) Review for Indiana Jones III Rip /Acidchild (2014-08-20 09:47)
(R) Review for Clawfinger (test-tune) /celticdesign (2014-08-20 09:25)
(R) Review for Oh no! More Invaders /Conrad (2014-08-20 09:22)
(R) Review for North East Crackers Intro /Acidchild (2014-08-20 09:11)

News & Comments
Richard:2014-08-14 11:48
Commodore Format Archives announces POWER PACK 63. Do you have a game, playable demo of an upcoming game, a single file demo or utility, you'd like to submit for this project. If so, visit: http://commodoreformat.wordpress.com/announcing-power-pack-63/ for more information about how you can get involved.
GeoAnas:2014-08-08 11:10
C64 project "Robotic arm (Bluetooth interface)"

Druid:2014-08-06 19:59
http://intros.c64.org got updated with 75 new intros and 35 new groups. Feel free to visit us :)
bugjam:2014-08-03 11:34
New graphics compo up and running NOW: CSDb Science Fiction Graphics Competition
Grab your favourite weapon of pixelling and impress us! :-)

Sasq:2014-07-31 13:28
CHIPMACHINE: A new fullscreen music player with a demo-like GUI that out of the box can play all supported from HVSC & Modland:

(packages only for Ubuntu ATM)

Here's a youtube video with a quick demo:


CHIPSTAT: A server side project that let's you share playlists between music players:

Live at:

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8 2011 - A Press Space..  (9.2)
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