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22:24 - markus sinalco:
Hello Frantic
20:33 - rail slave:
heman compo
20:33 - rail slave:
forgive me father, i have sinned, i repent of he-m
17:04 - Cruzer:
? too many releases error
12:15 - קєคςє๓คкєг:
stop crashing csdk :P
12:15 - Joe:
Nope not going to compete
00:32 - TheRyk:
but 4 which of the 3 compos?
00:10 - rail slave:
I can feel it!!
00:10 - rail slave:
joe is holding back on something for this compo
16:06 - Frantic:
Nice fonts!
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Latest Releases
Name Type Released by Release Date
Plarp!C64 Music Vision, Genesis Project(2018-03-22)
But we are never gonna survive u..C64 256b Intro Mahoney(2018-03-22)
Röck döts böldC64 256b Intro Offence(2018-03-22)
Gi-Ana Sisters - Title PictureC64 Graphics Alakran(2018-03-22)
SIDs of Faith and DevotionC64 Music Collection The Solution(2018-03-22)
He Man: First Blood Part II - Ti..C64 Graphics The_WOZ(2018-03-22)
Bold (57b)C64 256b Intro Avatar(2018-03-22)
Appropriation of the Act of Publ..C64 Graphics ChristopherJam(2018-03-22)
Contour 123bC64 256b Intro Zirias(2018-03-22)
Happy 119bC64 256b Intro Victory(2018-03-22)
Scroll it shorterC64 256b Intro Mixer(2018-03-22)
Central Pin fontC64 256b Intro 4-Mat(2018-03-22)
TNOFC64 256b Intro Copyfault(2018-03-22)
Contour 128bC64 256b Intro Zirias(2018-03-22)
OneHundredAndEighty!C64 256b Intro Desire(2018-03-22)
Undertow (unedited version)C64 Music Hokuto Force(2018-03-22)
Freddy Jr. - Title PictureC64 Graphics The_WOZ(2018-03-22)
He-Man Junior - BackstageC64 Graphics Alakran(2018-03-22)
ROT13C64 256b Intro Jupp3(2018-03-22)
ClicheC64 256b Intro Icecube(2018-03-22)
EEPROMC64 256b Intro Samar Productions(2018-03-22)
Stick Man Jr.C64 Graphics Rudi(2018-03-22)
Galencia Khaos Sphere PreviewC64 Crack Genesis Project(2018-03-22)
C64-Man Junior - Basic PictureC64 Graphics Smasher(2018-03-22)
Scroll ItC64 256b Intro Mixer(2018-03-22)
Galencia Khaos Sphere PreviewC64 Crack Excess(2018-03-21)
Skeletor Jr. - Title PictureC64 Graphics The_WOZ(2018-03-21)
Illegal! 61bC64 256b Intro Offence(2018-03-21)
Planet of the JuniorsC64 Graphics The_WOZ(2018-03-21)
Curtis Newton JuniorC64 Graphics TheRyk(2018-03-21)
Ghost-Man Jr. Title PictureC64 Graphics Rudi(2018-03-21)
Chicken-Boy Jr. Title PictureC64 Graphics The_WOZ(2018-03-21)
Trump Man Jr. - Title PictureC64 Graphics Rudi(2018-03-21)
mans not hot-manC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2018-03-21)
Furry-Pal Jr. - Title PictureC64 Graphics The_WOZ(2018-03-21)
Leisure Suit He-Man Jr - Title P..C64 Graphics Saufbox(2018-03-21)
FallenC64 256b Intro Mixer(2018-03-21)
Gator-Man Jr.C64 Graphics Rudi(2018-03-21)
Parallax 108bC64 256b Intro Offence(2018-03-21)
Cybertron 106bC64 256b Intro Victory(2018-03-21)
GeneratedC64 256b Intro Triad(2018-03-21)
Valkyrie 3 - The Night Witch [se..C64 Game The New Dimension(2018-03-21)
The LeanC64 256b Intro Zirias(2018-03-21)
1982C64 Graphics Rail Slave(2018-03-21)
Barbarian Junior - Title PictureC64 Graphics Alakran(2018-03-21)
Mini fontC64 256b Intro Smasher(2018-03-21)

Latest Additions
Groups Releases Sceners Events BBS
The Fast GuysPlarp! TBLArok Party 2018Bajt
Maro-SoftBirthday Demo Keyboard CTRLATWOODS C64 Summer Open-AirFarpoint Station
Twin PeaksAnti PABA-SoftwareThe 128b font compoThe Party Place
PlayOrbitBut we are never gonna survi.. DabHe-Man Jr. CompoIndecent Exposure
Snueder Cracking CompanySum Messys Killer BobMögdataLabyrinth

Latest Forum Posts
CSDb Entries: Event id #2678 : The 128b font compo /Stone (2018-03-22 22:27)36 replies
C64 Coding: Holy Grails /Oswald (2018-03-22 21:33)40 replies
C64 Composing: straight from YOUR playlist /Mixer (2018-03-22 20:47)454 replies
CSDb Entries: Event id #2677 : He-Man Jr. Compo /iAN CooG (2018-03-22 13:47)3 replies
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CSDb Entries: Handle id #17889 : NWA /TheRyk (2018-03-21 20:41)2 replies
CSDb Entries: Event id #2670 : $11 Music Compo /Moloch (2018-03-21 06:40)154 replies

Latest User Comments
(R) Review for But we are never gonna survive unless we get a little /Oswald (2018-03-22 23:54)
(R) Review for But we are never gonna survive unless we get a little /Mr. SID (2018-03-22 23:18)
(R) Review for But we are never gonna survive unless we get a little /Dymo (2018-03-22 23:15)
(R) Review for Planet of the Juniors /Thierry (2018-03-22 23:14)
(R) Review for But we are never gonna survive unless we get a little /ChristopherJam (2018-03-22 23:06)

News & Comments
Grue:2018-03-09 09:07
Minidocumentary about archiving c64 tapes and other media.

Oswald:2018-01-22 23:32
Why Commodore Failed - A Conversation with Commodore UK's David John Pleasance & Trevor Dickinson


Mr. Mouse:2018-01-01 22:16
The Unepic SID Channel ended the year with a brief vlog about some stats and a big "thank you" to Mr.Ammo:

The "CSDb releases 2017" has over 340 tunes released last year at CSDb:
It's a great way to listen to lots of last years' compositions found at CSDb.

The Unepic Stoned High SID Channel (Unepic SID channel) has over 500.000 views and offers more than 50.000 tunes to date.

Subscribe to stay in tune with the modern SID times, and delve into the YT archive of SID gems by playing any of the playlists holding thousands of tunes each!

iAN CooG:2017-12-23 00:11
HVSC #68 is out!

After this update, the collection should contain 50,240 SID files!

This update features (all approximates):
700 new SIDs
222 fixed/better rips
2 repeats/bad rips eliminated
327 SID credit fixes
20 SID model/clock infos
3 tunes from /DEMOS/UNKNOWN/ identified
1 tunes from /GAMES/ identified
24 tunes moved out of /DEMOS/ to their composers' directories
0 tunes moved out of /GAMES/ to their composers' directories

We finally broke another record: the major milestone of 50,000 SIDs has
been reached. Don't even think that's enough, as there's always new and old
tunes to be discovered every day.
Starting with this update we're offering 2 new ways of calculating and
reading song lengths infos, please refer to DOCUMENTS/Songlengths.faq

High Voltage SID Collection v68

Dr.j:2017-12-16 11:48
A memorial page for Jive/Noice have been uploaded.

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