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13:37 - Shine:
11:31 - Adam:
$D418 ;ST8
21:42 - TheRyk:
yeah so u can steal 2015 statwanking points \o/
21:07 - hedning:
I meant that the local date is set to 2014
20:59 - lft:
Colosseum is so 1st century
13:37 - Shine:
13:16 - Groepaz:
you mean: 1988
13:15 - hedning:
Didi: Colosseum lives in 2014!
10:47 - deizi:
me neither. internet is bad.
10:33 - Groepaz:
Goethe still has no internet :(
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Welcome to the C-64 Scene Database

A site dedicated to gathering as much information as possible about the productions, the groups, the sceners, the events and bbs's in the Commodore 64 scene.
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Latest Releases
Name Type Released by Release Date
TransformingC64 Music c0zmo(2015-11-25)
Galza-23: Propaganda (C64 Edition)C64 Graphics Collection Galza, Hitmen(2015-11-25)
Underwater IntroC64 Crack intro Fantastic 4 Cracking Group, Atlantis(2015-11-24)
Athanor +DC64 Crack Fantastic 4 Cracking Group, Atlantis(2015-11-24)
Tribute to Eagle Soft Inc.C64 Graphics Nigaz(2015-11-24)

Latest Additions
Groups Releases Sceners Events BBS
GalzaBlobber &H DCM 2000Interface VIIIPentagon
All American DistributorsKillerwatt ZaadiiEXON meeting #3Wares Syndicate
HydroxMad Springs + KEDfYaNICA #9Neptune
TDM TeamChopper Commander StarrayFraction Meeting V4.0Pittsburg Pirates BBS
R.A.F. DistributionChopper Commander DealerCommodore-Treffen Graz $1ASoftware Connection

Latest Forum Posts
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CSDb Entries: Handle id #28110 : Dealer /Zyron (2015-11-26 14:28)1 reply
C64 Composing: Suggestions for releasing needed /ThunderBlade (2015-11-26 10:01)13 replies
CSDb Feedback: Credits for 'packer' in productions. /Groepaz (2015-11-25 20:59)30 replies
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Requests: PLK and alike card scans /Count Zero (2015-11-25 19:35)8 replies
Requests: Aluminium /Groepaz (2015-11-25 18:30)8 replies

Latest User Comments
(R) Review for Hotline Intro 22 /Tom (2015-11-27 01:24)
(R) Review for Transforming /Randall (2015-11-27 00:48)
(R) Review for Galza-23: Propaganda (C64 Edition) /Frantic (2015-11-26 23:40)
(R) Review for Galza-23: Propaganda (C64 Edition) /HCL (2015-11-26 23:19)
(R) Review for Pallas and Carla /Color Bar (2015-11-26 23:11)

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News & Comments
Dipswitch:2015-11-13 00:36
We have digitised Incubus' "Photo Albums" from the early 1990s! See http://gotpapers.untergrund.net/?p=717 for more info.
Fred:2015-11-08 11:40
Dutch interview with Jeroen Tel: http://tweakers.net/video/11064/polderpioniers-jeroen-tel-en-de..
Magic:2015-10-24 19:06
It's Magnar's Birthday! Enjoy this small intro on the commodore platform! :D https://youtu.be/-xOx11rw-Ac
Nafcom:2015-10-18 19:34
Scene World finally runs live on the website!
Staff members Garry Fokke AJ Heller , Joerg Droege actually just met on Skype today and Garry figured it out!
So issue #23, #24, #25 are already working thru the webpage ! (Firefox suggested!)
You simply click on “run online now!” in the contents tabe page that appears when you click on an issue on our homepage, a new page is loading starting VICE.JS and magically loading and running Scene World (please have patience with the first loading time)
How to control it on mobile devices is something that we are working on right now, also the other issues should follow to run straight from our website soon, too!
Thanks to JAVA.JS maintainer +Richard Janicek who implemented some features we needed (like D81 support) and undusted his previously discontinued project!
Enjoy it and feel free to give feedback by contacting us:

Dipswitch:2015-10-16 16:53
There’s one artifact in our anonymous contributor’s collection which is so unusual that it’s worth dedicating a single post to. On first sight, it’s rather inconspicuous: a 5,25″ C64 disk sleeve from 1987, looking like many others. In fact, while browsing through a disk box, one could mistake it for a random commercial software sleeve – there are no fancy stickers, no scribbling, no graffiti sketches or anything else that normally makes a scene disk cover stand out. However, the inscription, TUERK’S CRACKER INCORPORATION, immediately reveals the sleeve’s subcultural origins. And makes it intriguing in several aspects.

CLICK to read on: http://gotpapers.untergrund.net/?p=552

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