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00:04 - Jazzcat:
C64 - Amiga - PC - all platforms, pm if have entry
00:03 - Jazzcat:
Flashback 2015 - remote@defame.com.au
23:00 - Malmix:
Welcome to Gerp 2015! (Not only for Amiga boys)
22:31 - PAL:
demo demo?
20:47 - Dwangi:
18:23 - The Gothicman:
Happy 50th brithday to Irata/TRSI...
07:41 - cba:
Oh boy.. ramparts overdosis :)
23:27 - Zyron:
Yes, more Ramparts! ;)
23:15 - Dr.j:
RIP Crush/Bonzai
21:01 - CreaMD:
Can I has my own tribute too?
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Irata 50th Bday tuneC64 Music Dr.J(2015-04-30)

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News & Comments
Jazzcat:2015-05-03 00:20
FLASHBACK 2015 - remote entries accepted - C64, Amiga, PC, all platforms allowed - bring the spirit, join the fun! Live streaming of The Event!


Malmix:2015-05-01 11:24
The demoparty Gerp 2015 will take place from the 21st to the 23rd of august in Skövde/Sweden! This year we have a bigger hall, better audio, better big screen and we're in the middle of town with all the conveniences that may be needed within walking distance. So if you've ever considered visiting Gerp, now is the time!


Nafcom:2015-04-29 14:32
Skype Video Interview with former C64/AMIGA/ATARI/etc video game composer Dave Lowe released!

As an exception of the rule, we released today our video interview with composer Dave Lowe.
Dave Lowe AKA Uncle Art is a known composer for video games that he did the music for between 1985 and 1998. In this interview, he tells about this daily life as a composer, the challenges of making new pieces of music for games under great time pressure.
He also talks about his Kickstarter campaign in which he wants to release his old classics as orchestra versions!
Please help and pledge for Dave’s Kickstarter campaign!: http://t.co/ih0MsFiIkj

Also, Scene World Magazine is now officially having a full Channnel and Google+ page, so please subscribe to both!

YouTube: http://youtube.sceneworld.org
Google+: http://googleplus.sceneworld.org

JackAsser:2015-04-23 11:42
Pernod's and Moppe's SidTracker for iPad. Soon out: http://sidtracker64.com Check out their promotional video featuring nice Vanja graphics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-j3QfzoT4tE
zzarko:2015-04-22 09:05
Did someone notice a (real) Doom port for C64 with SuperCPU? I saw it just yesterday, it was made in september 2014:

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