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Surströmming yum yum
12:43 - hedning:
blub blub
01:46 - TheRyk:
greetinx to herring! :P
21:46 - DKT:
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19:19 - TheRyk:
in Soviet Russia computers programmed YOU
14:19 - ChristopherJam:
inD80s we'd guess opcodes by sysing random numbers
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Side B of the internet is full as well.
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Seabrowse V1.3cC64 Tool C64 Club Berlin(2016-02-11)
Shark +2C64 Crack Fairlight(2016-02-10)
DurexForth V1.6.1C64 Tool Hack n' Trade(2016-02-10)
Standard Project ReM V2C64 Misc. (2016-02-10)
Monkey IslandC64 Graphics Oliver Orosz(2016-02-10)

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Groups Releases Sceners Events BBS
TDFSeabrowse V1.3c Grosses TuerkSuper Bong 2016.1The Board
The Seven DuoMagnumcopy V2.0 Error-SoftArok Party 2016Treasure Island
Machoman and Moneymaker ..Who Dares Wins II BurtyGubbdata 2016Crime World
The Tetra CrackersSolomon's Key CS 42Bavarian Copy PartyThe Shire
ArdianeSolomon's Key MistralStary Piernik 11Pentagon

Latest Forum Posts
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C64 Composing: A SID Adventure... /Cresh (2016-02-11 22:12)25 replies
CSDb Entries: Handle id #2158 : Eclipse /bugjam (2016-02-11 20:00)

Latest User Comments
(R) Review for Monkey Island /TheRyk (2016-02-12 00:56)
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(R) Review for African Smile /psych858o (2016-02-11 23:12)

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News & Comments
hedning:2016-02-10 23:35
Genesis Project and Triad both turn 30 this year. This will be celebrated as a 60th birthday at Gubbdata 2016 in Lund/Sweden July 1-3. The party is invite only, and also filled up already, but we will have epic compos just like last year, and there will be not only legendary sceners, kalsongdata and LIVE STREAM with The Cable, we also ACCEPT and WELCOME REMOTE ENTRIES - so start up that assembler, push that pixel and spank that SID, because there will be glory, there will be prizes, and there will be well known geezers casting votes! For more info and compo rules, check out http://gubbdata.se
GeoAnas:2016-02-10 12:12
A nice interview with Linus... http://www.iamretro.gr/a-sid-adventure-introducing-linus-artsta..
Enjoy ! :-D

Nafcom:2016-02-01 12:19
We have been playing Vortex 2 and NetRacer live on Twitch last Saturday on real C64s with internet in multiplayer ! Who has missed it can now watch it via youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbkNYCXy2ZE
TheRyk:2016-01-30 17:39
less than 4 weeks till BCC#10! \o/

Please check out party entry including further links, especially be aware the Motel in the neighborhood offers the mentioned conditions only if you book by 5th of Feb.
BCC Party #10

Remote competitors, please mail .D64/.PRG/.SID to ryker[ÄT]freenet.de by 26th of Feb, 12:00 CEST high noon. Live competitors get 30 bonus hours to finish their stuff at the party :)


GeoAnas:2016-01-28 23:24
A nice interview with Jason Page...here: http://www.iamretro.gr/a-sid-adventure-introducing-jason-page/
Enjoy ! ;-)

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