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2018-01-23 00:35

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 218
Vice sux these days...

....I am just a lamer so bear with me... music halts, no real frame-rate - full 50 halts now, set settings resetting to no true drive.... a big chunky graphics overlay when looking at demos in full-screen... WHY IS VICE EMULATOR SUDDENLY SHITTY TO THE POINT ONE DO NOT WANT TO USE IT ANY MORE?

It was so stable and perfect before last update... what went wrong? There are so many issues now... all things bugs in all demos and playback...

Will there be a fix it all for people like me that just happen to have a greatest ASUS laptop where everything used to work but now are just total lame in every aspect and can not get it to play right, I ask because last version worked like a charm... So utterly lame update to the latest version.

Maybe it is just me... wait, our coders and everyone have same bugs... such a terrible update... if there are some special setting to be set why do not make them the same as last version? that worked all the time with all demos?
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2018-01-24 16:54

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 289
Quoting Oswald
looks like you cheated, your desktop is taller than wider. :) my max res is 1366x768, which can not host that menu without scrolling it.

that treeview mode looks cool, is that the linux version ? would like to have something like that for win.

As groepaz mentioned, the screenshot with the settings treeview is on Windows, since we're working with Gtk3 to have a portable UI, the new UI should look the same on Windows, OSX, Linux and BSD.
Of course, it being Gtk3, it'll probably not look completely native on all systems, but at least you'll have an up-to-date and better UI than the unmaintained Windows/OSX-Cocoa UI's, or the Linux Gtk2 UI for that matter.

I'm designing the UI with a screen size of 1280x768 in mind, which sometimes makes for some 'interesting' design decisions/compromises. So far, when compiling the Windows version on my laptop (1366x768) in a Win7 VM, stuff fits.
2018-01-24 17:36

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8406
Who in their right mind would want a Linux desktop looking like Windows, and then the fugly classic look?

i use classic w2k-server look on all my machines, all my OSs, since 15 years or so. not planning to change that either. problem? :)
2018-01-24 18:28

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 289
I still like how Gtk2 looked, so my Linux desktops use Mate, a Gtk3-based desktop that actually works, unlike Gnome Hell or Qt Plasma. And my Windows VM's use the W2K look.

Functionality over looks/fancy crap.
2018-01-24 20:09

Registered: Mar 2002
Posts: 10
Why no one mentioned the easter-eggs/hidden parts on Poopbirds screenshot?

After Slajerek C64 debugger got released I prefer Vice over CCS even if it's more resource hungry. Video lagging is depends on how many window is open in the background, how long ago the computer was restarted (hello AMD drivers and shaders!) and of course, recent patches. You should get used to it or write your own emulator. (https://preview.ibb.co/mrb9Tb/bigemu.png)

Anyway +1 on the "classic shell" looks, I get lost too on the modern start menu/metro screen... and don't trust the one uses Internet Explorer in most cases.
2018-01-24 20:18

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 289
Quoting BiGFooT
Why no one mentioned the easter-eggs/hidden parts on Poopbirds screenshot?

Maybe because they were very obvious? Though I lol'ed a bit.
2018-01-25 09:41

Registered: Apr 2003
Posts: 16
btw. with 3.x the winvice became unusable for me too... but the "Use only First CPU" option fixed everything here, it is back to smooth emulation 50 fps now.
2018-01-25 14:14

Registered: Sep 2006
Posts: 201
@Tom-Cat, thanks for pointing to this new option. Always stable 100% + 50fps here on win10x64 for the first time ;)
2018-01-25 17:56

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 1495
Quoting Tom-Cat
"Use only First CPU"

Where can I find this option?
2018-01-25 18:03

Registered: Apr 2003
Posts: 16
Quote: Quoting Tom-Cat
"Use only First CPU"

Where can I find this option?

In the Settings menu... check your own screenshot up there, 20th selection from the top :)
2018-01-25 20:25

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 1495
Ah, thanks :)
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