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High-score Power Ballad Competition 2012


Event Type :
Standalone Compo

Dates :
7 - 24 November 2012

Website :

Organizers :
Kristian Røstøen, OMP

Competition Results :

C64 Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Channels by DaneDownload8.89.4
2High-score Ballad by Kristian RøstøenDownload8.48.5
3Scarlet by DaneDownload8.08.7
4Sidviken Highscore by StinsenDownload8.58.7
5The Emperor's High by OMPDownload8.48.4
6I don't want your money baby by LinusDownload8.58.9
7I Sail at Midnight / Can Only Lose by LinusDownload8.58.8
8After the Battle / In the Nick of Time by Stein PedersenDownload7.97.8
9Game Over by FlexDownload8.38.8
10Global Warming Lighter Moment by 6R6Download8.48.9
11Vers de Nouvelles Aventures by franz_koopaDownload7.98.5
12Victory against Tacgnol by CadaverDownload8.18.6
13Close, but No Cigar by HeinDownload8.07.8
14Short Highscore Tune is Short by Stein PedersenDownload7.98.0
15Your Best Effort by radiantxDownload8.08.3
16Staring at the Ceiling by psych858oDownload7.37.1
17Hi-Score Harmony by RichardDownload7.77.3
18Hardsync by LftDownload7.67.7
19Hiscoretunage by ZerozillionDownload7.57.9
20In My Time of Dying by RandallDownload7.47.5
21Cute Bundle of Fluff by ToggleDownload7.16.9
22Pantheon by ToggleDownload7.27.4
232012 High Score Power Ballad by BordeauxDownload6.97.0
24Highscore tune 2 by FredrikDownload6.86.9
25Quick Score Ballad by Spider JerusalemDownload6.86.8
26Higher Scores by FranticDownload6.86.2
27High-Score 2020 by Xiny6581Download6.46.5
28Waste Life by WisdomDownload6.46.9
29High-Score Ballad by EclipseDownload6.46.8
30High-Score Ballad by G-FellowDownload5.95.8
31Highscore Ballad by PievspieDownload5.6

Productions released outside compos :
Highscore Power Ballads 2012 Sidplay 64 Pack (Music Collection)

Attendants : (27)
6R6, Bordeaux, Cadaver, Dane, Eclipse, Flex, Frantic, franz_koopa, Fredrik, G-Fellow, Hein, Kristian Røstøen, Lft, Linus, OMP, Pievspie, psych858o, radiantx, Randall, Richard, Spider Jerusalem, Stein Pedersen, Stinsen, Toggle, Wisdom, Xiny6581, Zerozillion

User Comment
Submitted by G-Fellow on 4 December 2013
@Kristian Røstøen, OMP / Ole Marius Pettersen: Where is the High-score Power Ballad Competition 2013 ? It is still time! :-)

Check out this: CSDb Compos invented by...

User Comment
Submitted by cadaver on 3 December 2012
Congratulations to Dane and all participants!

Great theme for a compo, got me to sacrifice one day from nanowrimo :)

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 3 December 2012
Yup! Congratulations, Dane! A Well deserved winner :)

Thanks to everyone who contributed. It sure generated more participation than anticipated.

Great fun to listen to so many contributions, of such different manners.

Let's have more of those, people :)

User Comment
Submitted by Kristian on 3 December 2012
For those who cares:
Artist						Points	Voters	Average
Dane - Channels					378	44	8,590909091
Kristian Røstøen - High-score ballad		496	58	8,551724138
Dane - Scarlet					466	56	8,321428571
Stinsen - Sidviken highscore			391	47	8,319148936
Ole Marius Pettersen - The emperor's high	316	38	8,315789474
Linus - I don't want your money baby		389	47	8,276595745
Linus - I sail at midnight / can only lose	463	56	8,267857143
Stein Pedersen - After the battle		286	35	8,171428571
Flex - Game over				399	49	8,142857143
6R6 - Global warming lighter moment		347	43	8,069767442
Franz_Koopa - Vers de Nouvelles Aventures	242	30	8,066666667
Cadaver - Victory against Tacgnol		303	38	7,973684211
Hein - Close, but no cigar			358	45	7,955555556
Stein Pedersen - Short highscore tune is short	313	40	7,825
Radiantx - Your best effort			264	35	7,542857143
psycho8580 - Staring at the ceiling		294	39	7,538461538
Richard - Hi-score harmony			300	40	7,5
LFT - Hardsync					306	41	7,463414634
Zerozillion - Hiscoretunage			243	33	7,363636364
Randall - In my time of dying			235	33	7,121212121
Toggle - Cute bundle of fluff			255	36	7,083333333
Toggle - Pantheon				225	32	7,03125
Bordeux - 2012 High score power ballad		202	29	6,965517241
Fredrik - Highscore tune 2			228	34	6,705882353
Spider Jerusalem - Quick score ballad		227	34	6,676470588
Frantic - Higher scores				226	34	6,647058824
Xiny6581 - High-score 2020			204	31	6,580645161
Wisdom - Waste life				180	28	6,428571429
Eclipse - High-score ballad			179	28	6,392857143
G-fellow - High-score ballad			216	39	5,538461538
Pievspie - Highscore ballad			156	30	5,2

User Comment
Submitted by 6R6 on 2 December 2012
Cheers Dane!

User Comment
Submitted by Xiny6581 on 2 December 2012
Congratulations everybody :-)
I've updated my site with the official "Hall of Fame".
Hope to see you guys in another awesome competition!

User Comment
Submitted by Dane on 2 December 2012
Thank you, Kristian, and everybody who entered!

Also, thank you to whoever voted 3 for Scarlet, a tune which I felt was one of my best ever. That motivated me to finish one more tune for this competition.

User Comment
Submitted by Kristian on 2 December 2012
Btw, if anyone wants the Excel spreadsheet, PM me or something. I haven't figured out how to upload it to this page.

User Comment
Submitted by Kristian on 2 December 2012
Congratulations, Dane! Well done :)

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 30 November 2012

ok - you may indeed, Sir.
But that's gotta be one melodic fucker! - still incombatible though. Of course.

Oh, and you're welcome. 😊 Lets have more compos, or at least release more tunes outside of demos.

User Comment
Submitted by Linus on 30 November 2012
Yay, may I borrow "incompatible taste-ism" as a title for my next tune? <3

Thank you for an awesome compo, a hell lotta superb tunes.

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 30 November 2012
Votes? What you mean votes?

We're the jury of this compo - So We'll reveal the results Monday.
Since the only one fulfilling our criteria is us, We're proud to report we'll probably win .
- Unfortunately, in addition there will be a lot of disqualifications due to, traditionalism, plagiarism, digging through old disks-ism, and incorrect voting and incompatible taste-ism.

Thank you for your effort!

Have a Nice day,
Oler Jong-un

User Comment
Submitted by Kristian on 29 November 2012
Regarding the High-score power ballad compo voting:

Voting will be open until Sunday December 2nd 23:00. Votes after that will not be counted.

All votes from the CSDB will be entered into an Excel spreadsheet where the total number of voting points will be divided by the number of voters to get the average. In order to get an as accurate result as possible there will be no weighting of the votes and numbers will not be rounded.

The results of the compo will be revealed hopefully a little later that evening. Complaints can be sent to Ole Marius ;)

Happy voting!

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 27 November 2012
ah, true dat. but slow triumphant tunes are excellent high score tunes - and there are quite a few triumphant power ballads.
Like some of manowars's ballads :D

ALso, highscore tunes are often sad, and/or bitter sweet - since often - you're dead… and nothing is more bitter sweet than power ballads…

Another reason for adding the power ballad aspect was to widen the category a little… to get away from just getting those typical highscore chords, and rather try to mix the two.

it worked too I think. Loads of tunes here with surprising twists.

User Comment
Submitted by 6R6 on 27 November 2012
Combining a High-score song with a power ballad theme (such as scorpions, whitesnake, etc. ) is tricky. High score songs are mostly happy and jolly, while power ballads are about lost love, love hurts and wish you were here cries.
I went for a power ballad solution.

User Comment
Submitted by MagerValp on 26 November 2012
Spent the evening listening to all tunes and voting. I decided to rank tunes based on not only their technical and musical quality, but on how highscorey they were, which lead to some surprising results.

User Comment
Submitted by 6R6 on 26 November 2012
sidplay64 pack - for easy access on real c64 :
Highscore Power Ballads 2012 Sidplay 64 Pack

User Comment
Submitted by Stone on 26 November 2012
Amazing compo! So many high quality melodic tunes, just the we us old-timers like it :)

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 26 November 2012
great once again.

Now I can listen to it at work. Great design emerge from flowery unicorn tunes

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 26 November 2012
Xiny, PM.

User Comment
Submitted by Xiny6581 on 25 November 2012
Here is the what you all want:
6581/8580 recordings on real hardware
SID, MP3 and PRG
From this awesome competition :)

If you find any incorrect info or errors... let me know ;)

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 25 November 2012
That's really great Spidey, thanks a bunch!

I was already getting mixed up in my own archive with all the sudden new entries :)

User Comment
Submitted by spider-j on 25 November 2012
Here's my *inoffical* disk with all entries crunched to fit on one side:
Entries are sorted alphabetically by first letter of handle.

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 25 November 2012
ok - I guess that's it. No more entries.

A massive amount of entries I must say! I had no idea that so many people would participate, and with that many great pieces.

Now, for the voting I had no further masterplan then letting the average decide on here.
I do agree that the average vote method is kinda off, though… Seems hundreds of people download tunes to check them out, but only 20 or so care to vote…

So if anybody has any suggestions, feel free to bring them forth.

That said, there's only world wide fame to this and glory, no prize beyond that, so when all these lovely pieces are released, I'ts pretty much fine by me whatever way it's done. Mostly cause it seems I'm not winning.

Joking aside, I seem to remember that part of the compo being Kristians responsibility. That's clearly stated in the "How to arrange a SID compo on the internet" Pamphlet of medio 2011.


Loads of tunes to listen to, so before anybody does anything, check all those tunes out - for more than 10 seconds - and vote! FOR ALL OF THEM!

…and people, please - no down voting in order to make a tune reach the AVERAGE score YOU'd like it to achieve. That's just not in the Highscore Spirit… crap - This is c64, not politics.

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 24 November 2012
Cool. ;-)

User Comment
Submitted by Xiny6581 on 24 November 2012
Yep, that's me. I will try and make a better main page for the SIDCompos I host.
That's the one I made for you ;)

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 24 November 2012
Ah.. exomizing.. those were the times ;-) Xiny, you still host some of this SidCompo things? Last time I checked I could download some mp3 but don't remember who helped me with them at that time.

User Comment
Submitted by Xiny6581 on 24 November 2012
Awesome Spider, since I had the very same idea ;)! Let me know and I can put it on my site for download!

User Comment
Submitted by spider-j on 24 November 2012
All the entries don't fit on one disk side anymore!!!

So I took some time and exomized all releases that weren't crunched and put all entries together on a d64 (to transfer to real floppy). If someone is interested I can upload that image to my webspace (tomorrow when compo is closed). Perhaps if someone hasn't voted yet.

User Comment
Submitted by Kristian on 24 November 2012
Sitting here at a hotel in Lisbon waiting to go out to dinner with the rest of guys at work. Checks the CSDB and there are like tons of new tunes since last I checked in. I'm shocked over how many tunes are competing... and I love it! Great work guys!

User Comment
Submitted by freℚvibez on 24 November 2012
I Started a tune earlier this week, but was way too busy with work. Still hopin' to finish it in time. :)

User Comment
Submitted by Radiant on 24 November 2012
Started working on a tune last evening. Might still make it. :-)

User Comment
Submitted by Xiny6581 on 23 November 2012
Wow, so many awesome songs :)
I've an excellent idea for a similar themecompo like this.. "The Ultimate Loveboat Tune" :D
How about it guys? ;)
Oh, as always. When all songs are "done" and the vote is to begin, I shall upload the songs, recorded on real hardware to my soundcloud/website :)

User Comment
Submitted by Flex on 23 November 2012
Thanks for all composers for making it a great event. Who's the one to arrange next themed music compo? Disco? Reggae? Cover? Artist? ... you name the theme..

User Comment
Submitted by Toggle on 23 November 2012
Thanks, Ole Marius!

It's brand new and almost finished. If I can make it before deadline and submit it here, I'll put the first tune "outside compo" so that it's non-competitive. I think that would be fair.

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 23 November 2012
About submitting more than one tune…
If any of you do a new one in adition to the one you already handed in, please let us hear it. Submit! :)

If you have another tune, or two, or three, lying around and for some reason think you should have handed in one of those instead, please don't, unless its absolutely necessary :P

Do something for the compo, then it's cool -
but we don't need roaming through old disks for this compo.

Then I'd have to release my whole disk of high score tunes!

"Dude! I did another High Score tune, dude!"

User Comment
Submitted by zscs on 23 November 2012
Would be good to see all tunes together in a music disk or something. :) Excellent stuff guys!

User Comment
Submitted by spider-j on 23 November 2012
I voted for every song except my own so far. I made me a 'compodisk' where I always add the new songs, so I can make sure I don't forget anyone.

User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 23 November 2012
Personally I would think that it is best to keep one tune per composer, but I wouldn't mind if you remove your old tune from the compo and replace it with a new one, as long as it is done before the deadline. Just my view of course, and I am not an organizer of this compo, so it is precisely just my view on that.

User Comment
Submitted by Toggle on 23 November 2012
I'd like to submit a second tune to this compo which is probably much more of a highscore tune than my first one. Would that be okay? No prob if not, but please let me know.

BTW: Thanks for the compo itself and all the great tunes!

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 23 November 2012
Yeah, I second that :) Ill be voting for all the tunes this weekend. I've already checked out a few. very varied stuff, making it surprising and fun to check them all out.

I wish people would stop calling tunes too long, or too varied, or not sad, happy, fast or slow enough, how ever.

The title of the compo is High-score Power Ballad - which opens up for a little more varied stuff than a commando highscore replica.

It could be a traditional high score tune, with it's traditional high score chords, or it could be something more complex and varied, bringing in the power ballad part a little more.

It could be sad, happy, triumphant or what ever - just don't let your own subjective opinion of how a high score theme should be, keep you from opening up to other people's, different, subjective opinions… :)

Cheers! :)

User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 23 November 2012
I think it would be reasonable to ask at least everyone who participated in the compo to give votes for all the tracks, to ensure that no track gets too few votes to get a proper score (due to that weighting algo) I mean, I guess most compo participants have probably listened to all, or almost all, of the tunes already? ...or what do you think?

And then of course everyone else could vote as well, as much as they want to.

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 22 November 2012
Going away!? No wait! only you know the rules! hehe

hm, so any suggestions how to do this, anybody? The voting thing I guess would be OK if everybody voted for everybody - but i guess that's too much too ask…

mine'll be right up… :)

Entries should close at midnight 24th, tho!

User Comment
Submitted by Kristian on 22 November 2012
18 tunes so far... wow! Still waiting for OMPs tune so there should be more goodies to come :)

I'll be gone for a few days now, so Ole Marius... take it away!

User Comment
Submitted by zscs on 20 November 2012
I love this compo so much, thanks guys for all the wonderful tunes! Keep up the good work! :)

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 19 November 2012
Glad to see plenty of tunes! :)

Mine however, I'm immensely tired of, and can't seem to finish it.

I'll have it by thursday though.

"cut short - loop - save - post - done"

User Comment
Submitted by Xiny6581 on 15 November 2012
Interesting :) This I am going to make a tune for!

User Comment
Submitted by dEViLOCk on 14 November 2012
Whohoo! Veeery nice tunes so far! Would love to compete, but I am currently composing a highscore tune for a game, so no time for a compo tune ... again ;-(

User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 14 November 2012
I totally agree with what STE'86 is posting... and that is a bad thing he points out... but maybe, and just maybe it is up to each composer to post it under this compo then and get lower score for that when compared to the others in the compo? I think that is something that one can do for a such event... like also in the pixmas event we hold... let us just do it and think that it is fun... no one gets less loooked upon because of it and really.... it is for fun and also fame but lets be different... let us all just do it, and not think so much... we are all crazy fools on here... let us maintain that in a way... we are special we are what we are and will be that for a long time...


User Comment
Submitted by STE'86 on 13 November 2012
If you do the vote on Lemon then it just comes down to 1 man 1 vote for your favourite. most votes wins.

which I think is probably a fairer way to vote on a compo than weighted averaging on CSDB which is by its very nature only supposed to work with MANY more votes than these are going to get.

also I can see that already some of the pieces are saddled with lower votes because while they are musically fine, they do not fit the compo criteria of "hi score ballad". now these pieces will still be low voted when the compo is over and I don't think thats very fair or "cricket" as an Englishman.

User Comment
Submitted by Mace on 13 November 2012
Now, have any decisions been made on how the voting will go?
I hope you let go of the CSDb voting, because I find that if you vote for 1 song, you have to vote for all of them. Quite a job to check...

User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 12 November 2012
Not much Power Ballad material really but some really ace hiscore tunes :-D

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 10 November 2012
Yeah, this compo will be legendary :) Great work, everybody!

Now, where's your tune at Groms? That's one I'm looking forward to!

now to do some more on mine…

User Comment
Submitted by Stinsen on 10 November 2012
Yeah, awesome compo concept and entries so far :D

User Comment
Submitted by G-Fellow on 10 November 2012
Great tunes so fare! This compo is alot fun, mostly spontaneous things are great. :) Thank you all for all the melodic tunes with alot love in it ... I wait for DRAX to join this compo, you can listen to this tune from DRAX so long, would be also a great high-score tune Boneless .

User Comment
Submitted by Shine on 10 November 2012
Rock would win 4 sure :) ... agree ... nice compo

User Comment
Submitted by Conrad on 10 November 2012
Nice compo and some really nice tunes so far.

User Comment
Submitted by Kristian on 10 November 2012
Extended the deadline until the 24th. Heat up your SIDs and produce power ballads all of you!

Great stuff so far, looking forward to more. I think I'll save my votes until I've heard all contributions. Looks like it will be a close race.

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 10 November 2012
wow :) great to see so many people joining in! All tracks have a distinct highscore feel to them, I'm surprised to see that a couple of tracks have a similary sound as mine…

almost all have the power-ballad bassdrum bass thingie, with long arpeggios and a rich lead sound.
Excellent fun :D

Hang on, I'll be done in no time…

oh, i guess a couple of weeks would be a cool deadline. 2 weeks from now it is!

User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG on 9 November 2012
done, made tune #1 as default, it's the relevant part for the compo

User Comment
Submitted by Kristian on 9 November 2012
Would be nice if Lft could make a seperate release for his tune. It's hard to link it to the list above when it is already linked to another event.
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