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Longplay Music Competition 2014

- SID music for the world


Dates :
2 February - 9 March 2014

Organizers :

Organizer Groups :

Competition Results :

C64 Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Little Sentient Hatchback vs. the Hordes of Tacgnol by CadaverDownload9.39.8
2Sid*Nation XII - The Final Chapter by celticdesignDownload8.9
3Sentimentally Inspired Day (SID) by psych858oDownload8.48.5
4Bloomy by SlimexDownload7.6
5Three-Headed Boy by Spider JerusalemDownload8.08.6
6Jumping Dots by MCHDownload7.97.2
7Break-Up by WisdomDownload7.4
8Nasty Piece of Funky Shit by psych858oDownload7.27.5
9The Little Gaubert by CorpsicleDownload6.8
10Minimal Illuminatus by ZiriasDownload6.4
11Canon457II by onebitmanDownload6.1
12A SID Tribute to Nino Rota by ZiriasDownload5.2
13Funkito (Reloaded) by Sta64Download6.0
14Rava Revisited by ZiriasDownload5.06.0

Productions released outside compos :
Canon457 Study #1 by Mayday! (Music)
Canon457 Study #2 [2sid] by Mayday! (Music)
Funkito (Music)

Attendants : (11)
Cadaver, celticdesign, Corpsicle, MCH, onebitman, psych858o, Slimex, Spider Jerusalem, Sta64, Wisdom, Zirias

External links :
Recordings in MP3 and FLAC of the entries.  (http://goo.gl/1gAmvt)

User Comment
Submitted by Mr.Ammo on 18 March 2014
Rough - sorry about that... I just did ammo@xs8:~/WWW/LPMC$ chmod 644 *.zip


User Comment
Submitted by spider-j on 18 March 2014
Rough is right. ZIPs seem to have wrong user permissions. I did "wget" the recordings.

User Comment
Submitted by Rough on 18 March 2014
Hm, I get this on Mr. Ammo's dir: "You don't have permission to access /LPMC/LPMC2014_ALL_FLACs.zip on this server."

User Comment
Submitted by cadaver on 17 March 2014
Thanks to all participants and voters! This compo managed to produce some atypical and epic music, which is cool (my entry was kind of safe.) No doubt there was timing issue of several composers participating also in other compos, so it could theoretically have been much more epic, but ... in the sequel longplay compo then :)

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 17 March 2014
Cadaver! \o/

User Comment
Submitted by Didi on 17 March 2014
Just had time to enter the final rankings. Final words and else later today.

User Comment
Submitted by spider-j on 17 March 2014
What's up? Just a "silent" update of the ranking? Hope it's because Didi is busy making the LXT compo release ;-)

User Comment
Submitted by Didi on 15 March 2014
I guess Yoko/MHR will get a big stiffy that his lame deeds were mentioned again. ;)

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 15 March 2014
I didn't know that there's anyone MHRfkaYTV does not downvote, the guy just needs another hobby or a doctor.

it's nothing new that CSDb voting is easy to use and okay a joke but I would not use it for competitions at all.

User Comment
Submitted by E$G on 15 March 2014
As DiDi asked I did my part voting everyone but Slimex/HF tune. It's politically correct.
Right now 1 day left and HF handicap aka the german Arschloch - Yoko Tv Inc. - did is downvoting part. That's not correct. Kick him out or avoid to consider his vote. Today is mainly against german friends in Laxity and AFL and HF tomorrow could be bother you!

User Comment
Submitted by Didi on 10 March 2014
@Mr Ammo: Thanks for supporting the compo again with your recordings!

User Comment
Submitted by Mr.Ammo on 10 March 2014
I have added the last two entries as mp3 and flac, but also added a zip-archive for all FLACs and one for all MP3s.

The link to the files: http://goo.gl/1gAmvt

I recorded Funkito (reloaded) from a 8580. It just didn't sound good (enough) on the 6581.

User Comment
Submitted by encore on 10 March 2014
Had a listen at the whole bunch and threw some votes. :) Also had a tune in the works but I didn't feel it was great enough for 10 minutes of listening. Will probably surface in some other competition though.

User Comment
Submitted by Didi on 10 March 2014
Entry submission is over. Now please place your votes until Sunday, March 16, 2014 at 21:00:00 (09:00:00 pm) CET for the final results.

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 9 March 2014
Listeners win anyway :)

No matter what voting will lead to, thumbs up 2 all competitors 4 competing & Didi 4 organizing, I was rather pessimistic in the beginning about the kind of compo definition and the willingness of people to compete. Outcome proves me wrong, definetely very nice overall results and some really excellent tunes.

User Comment
Submitted by Toggle on 9 March 2014
Damn it, I really wanted to take part in this compo but sadly I fell behind schedule. However, I can finally take a listen to all your contributions now :)

User Comment
Submitted by spider-j on 8 March 2014
My statement was meant to ENcourage people to do some real long tunes, *not* to DIScourage anyone to do short ones :-) I really love long instrumental songs that tell some kind of "story".

Groepaz: do you miss some death threats currently? ;-)

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 8 March 2014
@Groepaz: go ahead! I like overly long annoying remixes :D

User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 8 March 2014
somehow i am tempted to do a really annoying^H^H^H^H^Hwonderful bubble bobble cover :)

User Comment
Submitted by jailbird on 8 March 2014
@Dane: Gloria doesn't seem too long to me and I could literally listen to it for hours without getting bored. So that's no excuse :)

User Comment
Submitted by psych on 8 March 2014
Well, nobody says that tune should last long. Should be so enjoyable that you will listen to it for atleast 10 minutes, even though it loops for example after 2 minutes. For me such tune is Blondie from Geir - I can listen to it endlessly.

User Comment
Submitted by Dane on 8 March 2014
Bad timing for me, don't have enough time to compose something long now.

User Comment
Submitted by Didi on 8 March 2014
Guess the challenge is too hard. :p

User Comment
Submitted by spider-j on 8 March 2014
Come on musicians! I still hope for some more entries that make the 10 mins. mark. As far as I can see it's just Slimex and myself atm. Would love to hear more "epic" tunes.
While it's okay within the rules I'm slightly disappointed that so many tunes with "normal" lenght entered the compo. If I recall correct, there were a couple of votes for a longplay compo last year during intro music compo.

User Comment
Submitted by Zirias on 5 March 2014
Uh ... maybe I need to get some more chips then ... Right now I don't even have a 8580

User Comment
Submitted by Mr.Ammo on 5 March 2014
Zirias - If I put the 6581R4AR in a c64, I'll get the same sound. That's not a HardSID problem but a general 6581 SID problem :) Perhaps an R2 or R3 chip would sound better for you. The R4 I have (without the AR) sounds almost the same, just a bit less distorted.

Next time compose using the 8580 SID :-)

User Comment
Submitted by Zirias on 4 March 2014
OMG, the HardSID recording of "tribute to nino rota" is distorted as hell ... "minimal illuminatus" is slightly distorted, too, but fairly ok. Mr Ammo: No offense, I guess I just somehow manage to create tunes that are ... uhm ... challenging for the HardSID :) After your very helpful analysis with my first tune [thanks again], I'm quite confident the others work fine on real hardware, too (they do on my old breadbin).

User Comment
Submitted by Didi on 1 March 2014
One more week to go. Hoping for some more entries. ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Xiny6581 on 22 February 2014
Are you guys interested to have this compo hosted?
I can offer this:
-Dedicated webpage with specific info for each of the tunes.
-SID, PRG,D64(custom), MP3/FLAC files for downloading
-Authentic SID recordings from real hardware (6581 and 8580)

PM me for details ;)
Best regards,

User Comment
Submitted by Wisdom on 21 February 2014
Fine then, anyway it's my original composition. :-)

User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG on 21 February 2014
restrictions do not mention covers so it's allowed. see 1st post all below for the rules.

User Comment
Submitted by Wisdom on 21 February 2014
I am working on one tune and actually half way through, I hope I will get it finished before the deadline.

By the way, it is a conversion of a track I did on PC for an Android game 3 years ago and thus it was released (in other platforms). But now I am doing a SID conversion. I don't know if it's even allowed?

User Comment
Submitted by Didi on 21 February 2014
2 weeks to go and some nice entries already. Hope there will be some more until deadline. I know it's not an easy task and takes some time.

User Comment
Submitted by Zirias on 15 February 2014
Thanks to Mr.Ammo's outstanding helpfulnes, my tune is now thoroughly tested on original machines (works everywhere) and the recording is fixed (had timing problems with hardsid PAL timing). Thumbs up! Now looking forward to more entries to listen to ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Zirias on 13 February 2014
@Mr Ammo: Thanks for the offer :) But if it really depends on the SID whether playback is ok or not, I probably failed here ...

@cadaver: Thanks for the hints. I'll check when I'm home, but IIRC I really used attack 1 on the snare sound. Didn't expect problems because playback on my C64 is ok.

User Comment
Submitted by Mr.Ammo on 13 February 2014
Zirias, interesting! I didn't notice that at all ;-) I will check your tune on another 6581 SID on the hardsid and on one or two real c64's. I will let you choose which version to replace the one that's online with.

User Comment
Submitted by cadaver on 13 February 2014
Some ADSR settings, usually nonzero but very small attack/decay/release are unsafe, they require tight timing of SID writes, and if a difference in timing (for example badline) throws it off, it will bug. Goattracker is a dangerous tool for composing in this respect because it doesn't actually execute C64 code to play the tune when you edit -> the timing will be too perfect. Some things you can try to learn what combos are unsafe, is to play back songs with NTSC timing, or use the -Zxx parameter in Goattracker (deliberately induce random timing delays)

User Comment
Submitted by Zirias on 13 February 2014
@Groepaz: well, the real machine doesn't run at /exactly/ 1MHz, so could this be the reason for the bugs in the recording? I'm a little worried now that these bugs could appear on a real C64, too...

User Comment
Submitted by Rough on 12 February 2014
And, yeah, thanks for the flac files, Mr Ammo!

User Comment
Submitted by Rough on 12 February 2014
Honestly I expected hardly anyone to take part in this compo. Thumbs up!

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 12 February 2014
1mhz indeed.

User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 12 February 2014
hardsid runs on exactly 1Mhz, no?

User Comment
Submitted by Zirias on 12 February 2014
@Mr Ammo: Thanks for recording these, acutally a very nice idea! Unfortunately, my tune exhibits strange ADSR bugs in the snare drum in your recording, those don't happen on my real C64 (and also not in vice with resid). Is this dependent on the individual SID chip or could it be a timing inaccuracy in the hardsid player?

User Comment
Submitted by Mr.Ammo on 11 February 2014
Recordings of the entries can be found here: http://goo.gl/1gAmvt

Recorded using my HardSID 4U.

User Comment
Submitted by Didi on 9 February 2014
Would be OK for me according the rules.

User Comment
Submitted by cadaver on 9 February 2014
Is it OK for the entry, after release in compo, to also reside in a public SVN repository dedicated to an upcoming production (which will not be released before voting deadline, and requires manual build commands to be made executable)?

User Comment
Submitted by Didi on 6 February 2014

Voting platform is CSDb, therefore entries have to be posted here.

So just post it on CSDb and link it to the compo.

User Comment
Submitted by SIDWAVE on 6 February 2014
ehm where is the info where to send the tune ?
i have a long one that is perfect, i will finish that and send, but how to who ? - email please, where to send ENTRY ?

User Comment
Submitted by Didi on 4 February 2014
I am not a big fan of those old-timers, but that's a matter of taste.

User Comment
Submitted by Oswald on 4 February 2014
last time I checked only galway / hubbard / matt gray could achieve this :)

User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG on 4 February 2014
of course you can, but if you crunch the prg it's irrelevant where you placed it =)

User Comment
Submitted by Didi on 4 February 2014

User Comment
Submitted by Zirias on 4 February 2014
Is it acceptable to add a basic stub and player-driving code (calling into the actual player from IRQ) between 0801 and 0fff?

User Comment
Submitted by Didi on 3 February 2014
I did not mention it in the restrictions, so it is allowed. But no samples only entry, please.

User Comment
Submitted by Adam on 3 February 2014
interesting. can we use samples?

User Comment
Submitted by Scarzix on 2 February 2014
Great idea. If I can find the time AFTER Datastorm, I would love to participate in this.

I just love to make SID's I can listen to for hours myself, as I use then when I work as background music.

I doubt that anyone will use it afterwards though, as most groups wants to use unreleased tunes for their productions. But a music-collection for this compo would be nice too.

Thumbs up for initiative.

User Comment
Submitted by Didi on 2 February 2014
Many people enjoy to listen to SID music e.g. besides work. Some tunes can be listened for a long time without going on your nerves. Others are also great but you feel to urge to switch to another one quite soon.

The task in this competition is to create a SID tune which people can enjoy listening for at least 10 minutes without becoming bored or annoyed. The tune does not need to play that long. Loops are allowed. Short tunes may also be enjoyable even if they loop several times. The listeners will decide with their votes if the purpose is fulfilled well or not.

- Has to be playable on stock PAL hardware. SID model preference has to be noticed.
- Multi-speed is allowed, multi-SID is not.
- No memory limit, but memory usage has to start at $1000. Using zero-page addresses while playing is OK. (Fixed start address is set for possible use in a future collection.)
- Has to be handed in as executable .prg or .sid (might be embedded in .t64 or .d64).
- The executable player has to be plain text. No fancy code or graphics or a Demo- or Intro-like presentation and no PETSCII art, because the voting should be focussed on the music itself.
- The participating musics may not have been released or used in a public production before voting deadline. Musics used before that deadline, will be put out of competition.
- Max. 3 entries per participant. Entries might be taken back from the compo until deadline. That means if you want to remove one of your works from the compo to make space for another entry from you, this can be done until deadline.

Deadline for entry submission is Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 21:00:00 (09:00:00 pm) CET.
Voting closes one week later at Sunday, March 16, 2014 at 21:00:00 (09:00:00 pm) CET.
Voting platform is CSDb, therefore entries have to be posted here.
No prices to win, just the fame. But if your tune is great, there will surely be someone to use it.
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