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Graffity   (GRF)

- The new quality was born.
- In vino veritas.
- We aren't the best. But nobody is better than us.

Founded by :
Brian, Jay, Matrix & Maxwell in October 1990

Dissolved in :
October 1994

Group Types :
Demo Group, Music Group

Base Country :

Trivia :
including divisions:

Superiors Aural Department (Music Group)
Superiors Gameware Production (Game Development Group)
Double Design (graphician duo)
Smartworks (Game Development Group)
Kukisoft+Halálsqad (fake group with Cellux/Faces)

In August 1990 – after the change of regime – when the Chromance party was organised, the Quality, who was beside the Trays the most professional demogroup of Hungary, wasn’t active any more. Their last megademo, the Back to Life was uncompleted. In September Jay (ex-Genie of Quality) and Brian of Tomcat decided to work together in order to unite their knowledge of Commodore 64 and to make much more serious works. The name of the new team was Graffity. (This is an italian word, meaning wall-painting, having no connection with any devotion toward hip-hop.) The last letter of the word was changed from 'i' to 'y', because a 'g' – 'y' descender may provide more visual creativity in a logo. Jay’s Quality-membership and Brian’s experiences as music editor (Tomcat’s Mini Music Editor) were the guarantee, that they may carry on the mentality of Quality. Maxwell (Hepido 19, ex Tomcat-member and classmate of Brian) and Matrix (a friend of Jay) joined them. These four guys were the founders of Graffity.

The first results of this fusion were a digi editor and a music editor (GMC – Game Music Creator), but they also released 2 or 3 cracks and they also wanted to develope games. The GMC was the first hungarian-developed professional music editor, so a lot of music were edited with this programme, but in fact they made it to sell it to the Magic Disk. The first hungarian professional music-group (The Superiors Aural Department) were founded within Graffity, with Brian and Jay. They had a good reationship with the group Trays, one of its member, Hetye was Brian’s classmate and they released in november their innovative megademo, the Promethida. Hetye had an appartment, where he lived without his parents, and Maxwell, who was the oldest member of the group, had a car, so they organised a lot of mini demo party in friendly atmosphere, so at the end of 1990 a mandelbrot and a christmas mini-demo were released.

By March of 1991 they completed the DMC 2.0 (Demo Music Creator), a de facto scene standard, that inspired mass of versions and a lot of music. They arranged parties and they were on friendly terms not only with the Trays, but also with the Gentlemen, to whom they produced a lot of music in exchange for logos. In March 1991 at the demo-party of group Art-X from Eger, they met two graphicians, Cybortech and Davis/Double Design/Ruler, who were dissatisfied with their then group and they got to like each other, so in April two new memebers joined Graffity, who were nothing else then graphicians. Jay began to write a game, called Jumping Jack. The Magic Disk bought the game, so Jay was able to buy his first PC. Maxwell and Cybortech tried to port Prince of Persia to C64, but it wasn’t developed until beta-level.

In a little while new members joined: Grabowsky and Hetye (who later used his previous group’s name) from the Trays, and Canny, Hammer and Anarchy from the Gentlemen. As our group became more and more numerous, the members decided to change our name to "Violence", but two weeks later we returned to our formal name and remained Graffity. So Graffity was ready to release a megademo, titled Justincase, with foreign acknowledgements. In Summer they organised a demoparty, but it was cancelled. Hammer left the scene and Matrix was kicked out. In August Calt (ex-The Force-Hungary) joined them, he was an active swapper and took over Anarchy’s contacts.

At the end of 1991 Brian, Maxwell and Anarchy joined to Amiga, Jay and Trays joined to PC – but they didn’t release any serious, they only released a christmas demo with Canny’s code and a new member was offered to them: Cheesion, who was the classmate of Jay. This new member became a worthy partner to Grabowsky, because of his convincing knowledge. In August 1992 was released the innovative megademo, the Justintime, with a positive occidental critic. They wanted to make a groundbreaking full of world records, Grabowsky, Trays and Davis released the Amoba game under name „Smartworks” (but Mr. Wax released it on scene before its’ official releasement, even though he was requested not to do this.)

The developement was already in 1992 a problem, because of studying, interest of other platforms, languidity, C64 became out-of-date, financial and private problems, so real life took enthusiasm away. That’s why the developement of Justinblue progressed slowly, and from year to year the lot of source code became out-of-date. A few years later others made the same: in summer of 1993 – to great surprise – Brian returned to scene C64 and released the famous DMC v5 with a lot of good music, that he planned to Justinblue and he associated with the music project of The Syndrom – TIA (The Imperian Arts). A DMC v6 with short raster time was waiting for releasing too. But in 1994-1995 the Graffity was in fact inactive. Grabowsky regretted having a C64 at all. Davis turned toward alternative and electro jazz and founded a band, until nowadays he is the leader and the bassguitarist of his band called 'Ez a divat' and he makes unique music (and he is also marketing manager at an auction website).

Jay began to deal with music hardware and nowadays he is official and only hungarian distributor of a lot of electronic instruments (Nordlead for example) in his own shop called Hitspace.

In 1996 Graffity got a freshening: with the help of Clarence and Ollie (ex-Chorus members) they released the 'Higher Love' megademo. 3 years later they came up with a stranded part called 'Gear up!', it was a one-file world record demo.

Brian released more things on PC, with that he proved his competency about this platform too: AMC 3.0 (AdLib Music Creator, 80x50 MS-DOS, 1993), AudioSim (VGA MS-DOS, 1996), DreamStation 1.0, (Win32, 1998–1999), DreamStation DXi (Win32, for Twelve Tone Systems, 2000), GameBoy Music Creator (for GameBoy Color) and connected to that GB musics to Cosmigo, DreamStation 2.0 (WinXP,2007). Nowadays Brian developes not only softwares but also hardware, mainly in the field of DSP and microcontroller IC’s constructing and programming.

In autumn 1995 Cybortech studied desktop publishing, and worked as graphic operator at advertisement agencies. He helped Brian with his graphical knowledge to make his music softwares (DreamStation), and he released Justinblue graphics in 1996-1997.

Calt, Cybortech’s brother manages the family business and he has his own family. Anarchy, 'the hungarian Eric Cartman' works as a lawyer, Canny started a family and manages his own firm. Trays is a project manager at T-Com, Maxwell is a webdeveloper, (www.cyberhub.hu) and operate webshops, and both of them started a family too. Grabowsky and Cheeson develop on PC, but the last one is observing scene as well, although between 1993 and 2010 he wasn’t an active and productive member of the group.

Our activity in 1991-1992 could have been more effective, more succesful, and more famous world-wide, but we wanted to release megademos, which are one and only, unrepeatable and unforgetable and we didn’t want to release a demo once in two week in order to break our records again and again. We didn’t do tons of lame game cracks either in order to make our name acquainted with more scener, let alone, that professional game industry died in 1991 after games Last Ninja 3 and Creatures. Why should we give our name to the devolution after all, that happened in game industrie (silly logical games for example)? It wasn’t a challenge for us, not to mention that we didn’t operate BBSs, because it was technically impossible in Hungray that time.

The C64 demoscene began to sink aesthetically after 1994, and we didn’t like it. The codes were good, but we didn’t want to do the same 4/4 beat, 4*4 px effect techno music (trackmo), that anybody else did. Why would the C64 copy Amiga and PC, when it never catched up with them? Vectors and converted/interlace graphics weren’t our style as well. So we always insisted on preserving Graffity’s image: 'Graffity – old fashioned demos.' Fortunately, since 2000 things became more clear, there are more normal musics and conception in demos, this is of course the effect of Internet and PC too.

It was really a great surprise for us, when we realised – first after 1995 in Hungary, and later after 2000 abroad – that our group is/was mentioned with the most appreciation. Me and my friends all agree, that the Commodore 64, the scene and the Graffity between 1990 and 1993 was one of the most beautiful part of our life.

Graffity: Brian (music, founder) – Calt (swap) – Cheesion (code) – Cybortech (graphic),

April, 2011.

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All Members :
Brian (9-1990 -> ) .... Coder, Musician
Grabowsky   (inactive) (5-1991 -> 1993) .... (unknown function)
Anarchy   (ex) (5-1991 -> ) .... Swapper
Calt   (ex) (8-1991 -> ) .... Mega Swapper
Canny   (ex) (5-1991 -> 2-1992) .... Logo Graphician
Cheesion   (ex) (1992 -> ) .... Coder
Clarence   (ex) (1996 -> 1999) .... Coder
Cybortech   (ex) (5-1992 -> ) .... Graphician
Davis   (ex) (4-1991 -> ) .... Graphician
Display   (ex) (4-1991 -> 5-1992) .... Graphician, Logo Graphician
Double Design   (ex) (4-1991 -> ) .... Fullscreen Graphician, Graphician, Logo Graphician
Hepido19   (ex) (9-1990 -> 5-1991) .... Coder, Musician
Jay   (ex) (8-1990 -> ) .... Musician
Matrix   (ex) (9-1990 -> ) .... (unknown function)
Maxwell   (ex) (5-1991 -> 8-1991) .... (unknown function)
Ollie   (ex) (1996 -> 1997) .... Coder, Graphician
Style Design   (ex) (4-1991 -> ) .... Graphician
Trays   (ex) (5-1991 -> 1993) .... Musician

Releases : (45)
DownloadLegacy ... 2011 Graphics Collection(Released at Arok 2011)
DownloadGear Up! ... 1999 One-File Demo(#1 C64 Demo at Contest 1999)
DownloadAlien Visitor ... 1997 Graphics(#3 C64 Graphics at AmigaNica #1 (1997))
DownloadBreath of Air ... 1996 Music(#?? C64 Music at The Party 1996)
DownloadHigher Love ... 1996 Demo(#5 C64 Demo at The Party 1996)
DownloadCarrieta ... 1996 Graphics(#?? C64 Graphics at Scenest 1996)
DownloadGoing Around the Qumkuat Tree ... 1996 Music(#?? C64 Music at Scenest 1996)
DownloadManga ... 1996 Graphics(#2 C64 Graphics at Scenest 1996)
DownloadDMC 4.0 Professional ... 1995 Tool
DownloadDMC 5.1 Package ... 1994 Tool
DownloadDMC 5.1+ Package ... 1994 Tool
DownloadDMC 5.0 ... 1993 Tool
DownloadJustintime ... 1992 Demo(#1 C64 Demo at Headway and Faces Party 1992)
DownloadX-Mas 91 ... 1992 One-File Demo
DownloadAlmaital Packer V2.0 ... 1992 Tool
DMC 4.05 ... 1992 Tool
DownloadHalalsquad Logo ... 1992 Graphics
DownloadNote ... 1992 Misc.
DownloadJumping Jack ... 1991 Game
DownloadDMC 4.0 ... 1991 Tool
DownloadJustincase ... 1991 Demo
DownloadDMC 3.0 ... 1991 Tool
DownloadRuler Logo #1 ... 1991 Graphics
DownloadRuler Logo #2 ... 1991 Graphics
DownloadCoopintro ... 1991 Crack Intro
DownloadMusic Driver V1.0 ... 1991 Tool
DownloadAlmaital Packer V1.0 ... 1991 Tool
DownloadDMC 1.2 ... 1991 Tool
DownloadDMC V2.0 ... 1991 Tool
DownloadMerry Newyear (Xmas '90) ... 1991 One-File Demo
DownloadAcid Sux ... 1991 One-File Demo
DownloadChromance Logo ... 1991 Graphics
DownloadDMC Relocator ... 1991 Tool
DownloadGraffity Logoeditor V1.0 Beta ... 1991 Tool
DownloadGriff Sucks ... 1991 One-File Demo
DownloadHouse of Fun ... 1991 Music
DownloadLost Mekong ... 1991 Graphics
The Superiors Demo Music Creator V2.1+ ... 1991 Tool
DownloadWOW logo ... 1991 Graphics
DownloadMandelbrot ... 1990 Demo
DownloadGMC V1.0 ... 1990 Tool
DownloadGMC V1.6 Editor + Beta Music ... 1990 Tool
DownloadDigieditor V1.3 ... 1990 Tool
DownloadDMC 4.0 Six Speed ... ??? Tool
DownloadGraffity Music Driver V1.0 ... ??? Tool

User Comment
Submitted by Cybortech on 24 November 2014
wacek, thank you!

User Comment
Submitted by wacek on 14 October 2013
...and their famous sticker ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Cybortech on 21 January 2011
many unofficial/illegal extended DMC releases...

User Comment
Submitted by jailbird on 23 March 2002
An excellent demo group! The "Just in..." series are one of the brightest gems in my demo-collection.
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