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We Are All Connected   [2014]

We Are All Connected Released by :
Fairlight [web], Offence [web], Prosonix

Release Date :
15 February 2014

Type :
C64 Demo

Released At :
Datastorm 2014

Achievements :
C64 Demo Competition at Datastorm 2014 :  #1

User rating:*********_  9.4/10 (112 votes)   See votestatistics
**********  9.7/10 (45 votes) - Public votes only.

Credits :
Code .... Bjørn Røstøen of Offence, Panoramic Designs
  Kribust of Offence
  Pantaloon of Fairlight, Offence
  Perplex of Offence
  Stein Pedersen of Offence, Panoramic Designs, Prosonix
Music .... Groms of Offence
  Kribust of Offence
  OMP of Offence, Panoramic Designs, Prosonix
  Scarzix of F*A*I*C, Offence
  Stein Pedersen of Offence, Panoramic Designs, Prosonix
  Wiklund of Fairlight, Retroguru
Graphics .... Pal of F*A*I*C, Fairlight, Offence
Design .... Pal of F*A*I*C, Fairlight, Offence
  Pantaloon of Fairlight, Offence
Text .... Lemming of HiRMU, Nostalgia, Offence, Orange
Linking .... Pantaloon of Fairlight, Offence
Loader .... Krill of Plush

SIDs used in this release :
Golden Moments(/MUSICIANS/S/Scarzix/Golden_Moments.sid)
Lead of Light(/MUSICIANS/P/Prosonix/Pettersen_Ole_Marius/Lead_of_Light.sid)
Talk to the Wind(/MUSICIANS/K/Kribust/Talk_to_the_Wind.sid)
Theme from Save Truckstop Alaska(/MUSICIANS/P/Prosonix/Pedersen_Stein/Theme_from_Save_Truckstop_Alaska_part_1.sid)

Download :

Look for downloads on external sites:

User Comment
Submitted by 4gentE on 8 November 2023
3 sides of awesomeness. Still rules!
User Comment
Submitted by Viscid on 15 August 2022
Still connected in 2022! Nice flow! ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Jak T Rip on 11 November 2015
One of the nicest themed demos ever made. I can connect to that.
User Comment
Submitted by Asthor on 14 September 2015
I Love this demo! We are connected!

User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 11 February 2015
When we set sail for this demo we had nothing, and then we had this idea that we really wanted to create a demo for the ones that have been arranging Datastorm and them in focus and also things that had been on Datastorms... MUSIC, CODE, GFX and THE MOST important part of the demo in my humble opinion - THE SCENE LOVING TEXT that we all did but LEMMING mostly did write and struggle with to fit the demo that we all wanted to be great and portray our LOVE for you all.... God damn it - this is Lemmings demo and we had a bug when we changed the final imageas so that he is not even in the demo around the scene glory hole of love where sceners are open handed grabbing the one out of there... Lemming this is your demo. Me and Perplex are so sorry for the bugs we got there because you made this demo special and beyond! We are all connected!
User Comment
Submitted by goerp on 19 September 2014
But most of all: brilliant demo. Loved the graphics!
User Comment
Submitted by goerp on 19 September 2014
I saw the demo on youtube (not really an active follower of all the demos) but was surprised to see an effect I made for Excel,sometime around 2003 I think!
The effect at 9:00 is strikingly similar to the effect of the Excel document you can find at: http://excel.goerp.nl/letters4.xls
Or watch at http://youtu.be/V2M2PLGmlDM

I can't imagine people finding that but otherwise I would have cried foul!

PS: If you WERE inspired by my Excel sheet: thanks!
User Comment
Submitted by BHF on 28 March 2014
Fantastic demo !
User Comment
Submitted by DKT on 25 March 2014
Frak the vectors! They are not needed to enjoy a demos...
User Comment
Submitted by Response on 17 March 2014
You surely did it again! Applause!! :)
User Comment
Submitted by Sith on 15 March 2014
A demo full of beautiful art with high level production values. The scroller is one of the coolest I've seen in a long time. The falling little cubes put a smile on my face and they reminded me a bit of Groepaz his Crowd Pleaser demo. Poor sheep in the intro, I hope they are ok lol. The jumpman bit at the end made me smile even more. Great work on the whole demo guys.
User Comment
Submitted by FATFrost on 7 March 2014
What a demo!! cannot believe the work you guys put in..... BIG RESPEKT!!! Thanks for making our data lives the best ever!!!!
User Comment
Submitted by Dane on 5 March 2014
I have mixed feelings. At the party I was so blown away (and still am) by all the emotions that the Shape demo made me feel, that I thought this was just a whole lot of more-of-the-same from FLT and Prosonix.

I still haven't watched it at home and will probably have something more to say after that.
User Comment
Submitted by taper on 1 March 2014
Great at the party, but I must say I enjoy it even more in the comfort of my home. Either way, solid production.
User Comment
Submitted by anonym on 24 February 2014
WOW! So much style in one demo. I truly enjoyed this one a lot... Great work guys.
User Comment
Submitted by Zyron on 22 February 2014
What a wonderful demo!
User Comment
Submitted by Copyfault on 22 February 2014
Usually I try to hold back with comments, but the hires gfx in this piece is from above the skies...

The pics seemingly turn into hires interlace while moving which is wonderful but they are just as nice when not moving.

Seeing your demos makes me think anew of the phrase "design drugs" - you definatly take a whole lot of plenty of them;)
User Comment
Submitted by Steppe on 22 February 2014
Had a Datastorm 2014 evening yesterday, watching all the demos on my C128D-CR. I'm happy to confirm that the loader is C128/1571 friendly! Awesome demo, by the way!
User Comment
Submitted by Green on 21 February 2014
ok ok, switching of 2nd Diskdrive :(
User Comment
Submitted by Green on 21 February 2014
can't start, in Vice or real C64 just a red screen
User Comment
Submitted by Fuzz on 21 February 2014
Well done!
User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 19 February 2014
Jeez A*Mage, all that food talk made me hungrey ;-)
User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG on 19 February 2014
zip of tunes added
User Comment
Submitted by Archmage on 19 February 2014
Wowsers. I have deliberately let this sit with me for a few days before commenting on it. The amount of work and talent that has gone into this is yet again huge. One cannot but feel a sense of gratefulness for some truly beautiful moments in this demo. Moments that spring to mind are the tornado, the girl blowing bubbles, the scroller twisting around the vertical bars, the star with the bouncing balls and some very nice graphics that that to some extent of reinvents the whole technical approach to hires. The music that goes with it is clearly the 2nd best demo soundtrack in the whole democompetition at DS, and like everybody else present at the party, I had my mind blown by it when watching it on the bigscreen.

As you know, I love all of you both as craftsmen of demos and as true friends, and therefore I'm sure that you'll permit me a minor gripe here as well. As with the previous Offence demos of recent years, I think it that it suffers from being too big and too wide in scope. It seems to be made from the principle of letting everybody come to the table with whatever they want, which of course should be no problem when everybody is as talented as the people involved. And it's not that it doesn't work. It's more that I personally disagree with the approach, and that the worn out saying about the amount of chefs springs to mind. Contentwise, I feel that I could just as well be looking at as much three demos here, which again tells me that there is no one direction.

I hope, for the future, that we'll see a will in FLT/Offence/Prosonix to juggle things up a bit in order to make some smaller meals as well - made by smaller constellations of chefs. But hey, I'm well aware that I'm eating at a luxury restaurant here and I shouldn't really be complaining about the fact that there is too much on the plate and that the meal isn't as cold as I would want it.
User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 18 February 2014
bepp: ask ian for the sids. ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Shadow on 18 February 2014
I really liked this one, the black-dither-shaded hires graphics was a fresh new look. And thanks for not using VSP this time so I actually could watch it on my C64! :)

PAL must be astonishingly productive with the immense amount of pictures he produces for every demo, respect!

The second scrolling part created a very nice atmosphere with the graphic motives, the music and the scroller combining to at least give me a kind of feeling of friendliness and overall good vibes, even though I don't go to many parties and never even have been to Datastorm. So I guess that as the demo succeeded in conveying that emotion it has really lived up to its name! We are all connected.
User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 18 February 2014
Pllleeease upload sids! I've already made room in my playlist =)
User Comment
Submitted by Yogibear on 18 February 2014
User Comment
Submitted by Bob on 18 February 2014
Looked at it again...
Master Piece! ...
User Comment
Submitted by Skate on 18 February 2014
Very creative effects. I enjoyed it from the first part to the last. A well deserved 10/10 from me.
User Comment
Submitted by cg on 18 February 2014
PAL delivers! <3
User Comment
Submitted by Firehawk on 18 February 2014
Great demo F/O/P. Love the way great coded pieces are intermixed with the scrolling graphics. Also top notch graphics.
User Comment
Submitted by Perplex on 18 February 2014
@Scarzix: I bet you ski better than we do these days, though.
User Comment
Submitted by Scarzix on 18 February 2014
@bepp I am still not Norwegian :-)
User Comment
Submitted by jailbird on 18 February 2014
Really inspiring!
User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 17 February 2014
Such a beautiful demo, it really touched me. There was no hesitation that this was the winning entry. Hats off to my Norwegian friends feat. Panthailoon :) PAL's hires pixels look marvellous, paired with all the small animations here and there. The face morph part is great! And the music... wow! Please post SIDs!
User Comment
Submitted by ilesj on 17 February 2014
Fresh and excellent graphics driven presentation. Very catchy and entertaining!
User Comment
Submitted by Xenox on 17 February 2014
I can't believe that only one person did the whole grafix, that's pure quality, really, really in love with all what i have seen and heard ofcourse...!
User Comment
Submitted by Dr.j on 17 February 2014
Superb demo in every aspect. great music by Scarzix and top notch coding and gfx also (Hires is back into fasion!) , thanks for the greetings for delysid . deserve to be #01 though also C*D demo is super either . WE ARE ALL CONNECTED
User Comment
Submitted by F7sus4 on 17 February 2014
I'm afraid I don't buy the rapture around. Sorry, not this time.
User Comment
Submitted by Hoild on 17 February 2014
This is the post-2010 C64 demo to show around to people, unlike those overrated entries on CSDb Top 10. The formidable group of coders shows in the breadth of content -- every demo should have this much to be worth released. Converted or not, both the large amount of GFX and the direction was stylish and coherent -- Cheers and Respect guys!
User Comment
Submitted by Bob on 17 February 2014
very nice demo... so cool that it is hires all the way :)
love the twister scrollers & the physics and ofcoz all the massive amount of GFX .. getting spoiled here. ;) cool that it is in hires for a change. Totaly un expected, it looked fantastic on the big screen. worthy Winner!
User Comment
Submitted by Merlin on 17 February 2014
Wooh. Great gfx! Loved it.
User Comment
Submitted by Pantaloon on 17 February 2014
Some detailed credits:

Intro code & music & gfx: Kriburst
The long scroller + effects on side 1: code: Perlex, music: Scarzix: gfx: Pal, The fadeout and greetings part on side 1: code: Pantaloon, music: Groms, gfx: Pal, Side2, code: pantaloon, music: wiklund, graphics: pal & pantaloon, side 3, long scroller code: perplex, gfx: pal, music scarzix, the "voxelscroller and the rotating head" code: pantaloon, music: ole, gfx: pal. The game: everything by Stein.
User Comment
Submitted by Pantaloon on 17 February 2014
Wiklund did the tune for disk 2 with the facemorph credits.
User Comment
Submitted by Akira on 17 February 2014
The graphics by Pal were incredible, off the fucking hook.
Who made the "credits morphing face" part music? That tune was SICK!
User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 17 February 2014
My SX64 is in it! :D Great demo!
User Comment
Submitted by Unkle K on 17 February 2014
Truly an outstanding and wonderful piece of art in every aspect. I am blown away. Congratulations and thank-you.
User Comment
Submitted by wysiwtf on 17 February 2014
the only downer for me in this one is the excessive dithering in the gfx style.. its probably jut my bad taste but oh well.
apart from that this demo is in its usual own league, i love the game ending idea and think its one of wiklunds best demo soundtracks.
User Comment
Submitted by Ksubi on 16 February 2014
Such a beautiful demo full of outstanding graphics, music and code. The scroll text also compliments the overall feel of this demo. My new favourite F+O+P demo 10/10!
User Comment
Submitted by Stone on 16 February 2014
Thanks for the kind words, guys! We had a great time at Datastorm as usual and we really wanted to make a demo that showed our appreciation for what the organizers are doing to keep the scene alive.

@groepaz: To quote ourselves: "if you don't like scrollers, please leave the party" ;-)
User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 16 February 2014
gfx and music is really outstanding in this one... however, i still couldnt resist warpmode in some places.

i think a good practise for you guys would be designing a demo that has no scrolling whatsoever =)
User Comment
Submitted by X-jammer on 16 February 2014
What a beauty! Aims straight for the heart.
User Comment
Submitted by Comos on 16 February 2014
Brilliant !
User Comment
Submitted by HCL on 16 February 2014
Such a lovely demo!! Beautiful in all aspects.
User Comment
Submitted by ALIEN on 16 February 2014
Truly coolest guys on earth - so much passion and genious ideas. What a great weekend, thanks so much for all this effort!
User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 16 February 2014
And again another truly excellent multisider from Offence \o/

the switch to hirescharmode for a huge portion of all graphics is working awesome. so much detail and in everything, just wow!
User Comment
Submitted by Sixx on 16 February 2014
Thanks to all the people that made this demo happen, i belive all the organizers had a little tear in their eye during the showing. Spledid in every way, the music and graphics is simple uber awesome and everything fits so well together. Worty winner for sure, among many fine compo entries. <3
User Comment
Submitted by Xenox on 16 February 2014
Argh, the grafix are amazing, that BIIIIIGGGG Datastorm Logo at the end is awesome, fantastic... Great piece...!!! Love it...!
User Comment
Submitted by Sounx on 16 February 2014
Truly an amazing piece of art and code put together. Goosebumps when the big Fairlight logo came scrolling in and the Druid2 tune sounded...

User Comment
Submitted by Saphir on 16 February 2014
Holy hell, what for a stylish masterpiece, wonderful graphics work and very nice songs :)
User Comment
Submitted by Magnar on 16 February 2014
Well worthy winner, I bow in the dust for the efforts behind this one. Excellent work, ppl!
User Comment
Submitted by Conrad on 16 February 2014
Offence... a dangerous formula of ruling the C64 demoscene! Tell us you secrets please!
User Comment
Submitted by Shine on 16 February 2014
WOW ... such a lovely and high skilled demo! I love it!!! Very good in all aspects.
BTW. THANKS for greeting "Delysid" & "CODE7" :)
This demo makes my rainy sunday! ;)
User Comment
Submitted by BYB on 16 February 2014
User Comment
Submitted by Matt on 16 February 2014
I can't help but to say that this is the best demo I've ever seen on a C64! I am totally blown away °_°
User Comment
Submitted by bernie on 16 February 2014
Awesome. Impressed beyond words. Fantastic work by everyone involved.
User Comment
Submitted by MacGyver on 16 February 2014
Anyone got flip disk to work with 1541U? (1541U1, 2.4A)
User Comment
Submitted by Magic on 16 February 2014
The sum of all it's parts again gives a very nice 3 sided demo!

I really liked:
*High res logos/gfx (FLT theme during FLT logo is a nice touch)
*Truckstop Alaska demolition

Message to Pal&Co: the real thrilla is at X ;-)
User Comment
Submitted by celticdesign on 16 February 2014
just wow, what an impressive show. datastorm was a blast for sure. i can't judge anymore about all this greatness. 10/10!! i love you guyz!
User Comment
Submitted by psych on 16 February 2014
Guys, this is unreal how much love and passion is in your hearts. I have looked for words to describe what i feel watching this art - there is only one - BEAUTIFUL!
User Comment
Submitted by Hydrogen on 16 February 2014
"I talk to the wind/King Crimson" cover is wonderfull.
User Comment
Submitted by v3to on 16 February 2014
hires charmode ftw <3
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