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Trivia :
- Composer of the great soundtrack of "Soul Crystal" (StarByte)
- Made the music for the game K.A.O.S. which was widely used in demos.

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Oliver Kläwer(Currently used handle)
Woogle Sound Ltd.

Country :

Credits :
DownloadrakBIT by NecroPolo ...  2009 Music Collection  (Music)
DownloadMonthy Pajdon by Impact Laboratories ...  1994 Fake Demo  (Music)
DownloadJamaica #5 by Jam ...  1993 Diskmag  (Music)
DownloadJamaica #5 by Grego, Jam ...  1993 Diskmag  (Music)
DownloadShow 'Em What Ya Got by Arson, Forces of Evil ...  1990 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadCzy atarowcy to ludzie? by Siosoft, Zaksoft ...  1990 One-File Demo  (Music)
Download1989´1990 by Metal Software Service ...  1990 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadK.A.O.S. Muzak by Alienware 4009 ...  1990 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadUnion by VisualFlex Inc., Wanted ...  1989 Demo  (Music)
DownloadMulti Demo 1 by Highlight ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadOpal Intro by Opal ...  1989 Crack Intro  (Music)
DownloadTop Ten Week 34 by Opal ...  1989 Charts  (Music)
DownloadRough Trade Intro by X-Ray ...  1989 Crack Intro  (Music)
DownloadRIAS Routine Disk by Riskful Inteligence After Suicide ...  1989 Misc.  (Music)
DownloadTop Ten (Week 24) by Opal ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III - The Revenge of Michelangelo by The Dragon Alliance ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadWicked V2 by Psycho ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadM.A.D. V4 by Mystery Byte ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadIllness by Opal ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadIntro Collection by Opal ...  1989 Intro Collection  (Music)
DownloadIntro Collection by Crest ...  1989 Intro Collection  (Music)
DownloadSlickfaces by Oracle Art Industries ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadSWC Demo by The Software Crew ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadPremonition by Opal ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadSamantha Fox & Jean Michel Jarre-Sampler by New Edition ...  1989 Music  (Music)
DownloadSlater ENT! by Sean ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadShort Contact Demo by The FOCC Team Inc. ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadMagic Attack by The Public Enemy ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadNomenklatura by Quari Cracking Group ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadBest of Muzax by Great Krefeld Connection, Powerrun ...  1988 Music Collection  (Music)
DownloadRed Muzix by New Order Incorporated ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadWanderer Intro (Boozy Intro) by The Wanderer Group ...  1988 Crack Intro  (Music)
DownloadDualis Intro by Dualis ...  1988 Crack Intro  (Music)
DownloadWanted by Powerforce ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadThe Sharks & Shining 8 Intro by Shining 8, The Sharks ...  1988 Crack Intro  (Music)
DownloadSuperdemo V1.0 by M and M Worldwide ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadBrutalization by Crackforce ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadA Bit Terror by Promise ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadGreetings by Welfare Software Boys ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadReal Cool Demo by The Public Enemy ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadBounce Party by Xenon ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadOh Shit by Confusing Solution ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadI.N.C. Intro by International Network of Chaos ...  1988 Crack Intro  (Music)
DownloadThe Color Editor by The Vikings ...  1988 Tool  (Music)
DownloadTIC Intro by The Inner Circle ...  1988 Crack Intro  (Music)
DownloadIron Maiden by Commando Frontier, The Inner Circle ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadInc $TC by Thundercats ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadPlatoon Colours by Thundercats ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadAB by Zap ...  1988 Demo  (Music)
DownloadPower & Glory by The Slayers ...  1988 Music  (Music)
DownloadRunning Demo by Confusing Solution ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadSharks by Stage 3 ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadTHT Team Intro by The Hunting Tigers ...  1988 Crack Intro  (Music)
DownloadBig Boom by The Force ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadIntro Collection by Jewels ...  1988 Intro Collection  (Music)
DownloadSimple Demo 2 by Compufix ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadDrummaker V1.1 by Warriors of Time ...  1988 Tool  (Music)
DownloadRip Ruler #11 by Hacker Trick Group ...  1988 Music  (Music)
DownloadJust a D-Mo by New Hawk International ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadSpetters by BBS Zutphen ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadMCP Demo Dreams by Marsupilami Cracking Productions ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadIntromaker V1.0 by German Software Pirates ...  1988 Tool  (Music)
DownloadThe Music Machine by The Hunting Tigers ...  1988 Music Collection  (Music)
DownloadIt's Look Like by New Aces ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadGarfield Collection 87 by The Famous Ones ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadEniac.Defender Picture Show by The Smartsoft Crew ...  1988 Demo  (Music)
DownloadIntro Collection 1 by The Sharks ...  1988 Intro Collection  (Music)
DownloadZaniness by Hot Air ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadPush It Mix by The Hunting Tigers ...  1988 Music  (Music)
DownloadSocial Strikes by SDI ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadOut Run Demo by Goldline Crackers ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadDrum Mix by The Electronic Boys, The Hunting Tigers ...  1988 Music  (Music)
DownloadPicket Demo ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadLast Demo This Year by Platoon ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadRockmaster by Anti MSX Group ...  1987 Tool  (Music)
DownloadSyncronize by Science 451 ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadContact The Vikings by The Vikings ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadCopyparty Demo by Finnish Gold ...  1987 Invitation  (Music)
DownloadGame Demo by The Parpays ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadUnion Rules by Hanseatic Cracking Association ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadAstounding by Energy ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadEasy-Demo by Hulk Hogan Cracker ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadThe Armageddon Demo by The Evil Forces ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadBB Crack Intro by Beastie Boys ...  1987 Crack Intro  (Music)
DownloadEye Demo by Formby Cracking Group ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadBullshit IV by Network ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadContact Us Now! by Dio ...  1987 Misc.  (Music)
DownloadChaos by The Weekend Warriors ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadJumping Flash Dance by The Melmac Team ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadHCA Intro by Hanseatic Cracking Association ...  1987 Crack Intro  (Music)
DownloadMetal Music by Starfire Inc. ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadMagic-Chaos by The Fashion, The Last Science ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadSimple Mind 2 by The Coders ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadWho's Really the Best? by Radwar, The Light Circle ...  1987 Invitation  (Music)
DownloadK.A.O.S. Music by Fairlight ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadShit! Once More! by 2000 A.D. ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadThe Last Science Intro 09 by The Last Science ...  1987 Crack Intro  (Music)
DownloadBong 13 Demo by Bong 13 Unlimited 1945 ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadThe K.A.O.S. Demo by The Remix Crew ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadKAOS Music by The Supersonics ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadJinks Music by Cool Cracking Team ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadMega Music Part I by Cool Cracking Team ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadThe Flight Society by Alpha Flight ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadA Piece of Mind by Rawzar ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadIntro-Maker V5 by The Sharks ...  1987 Tool  (Music)
DownloadAnnouncement by Attach League ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadThe Legend by Fantasy Cracking Service, Science Frontier, The New Season ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadJust a Little One by Energy, New Corporation ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadContact the GCC by German Cracking Company ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadRipped Off #12 by The Supply Team ...  1987 Music  (Music)
DownloadBe Cool by Cool Cracking Team ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadPublication by The Fantastic Crew ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadA Cluster of Ripps by Front ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadWhen the Tough Gets Going by The Beavers ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadTunes from Armageddon Man and KAOS by The Ninjas ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadK.A.O.S Music by The Shadows ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadK.A.O.S. Music by Fabulous Breakin' Group ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadMusic from K.A.O.S by Software of Sweden ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadWanted Members by Energy ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadKAOS Music by German Spreading Service ...  1987 Music  (Music)
DownloadSpace Trilogy #2 by The New Patriots ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadK.A.O.S. Music by The Soft Union ...  1987 Music  (Music)
DownloadFuture Mix by Highline ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadJewels Logo 1 by Jewels ...  1987 Graphics  (Music)
DownloadK.A.O.S. by Highline ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadKaos Demo by Stainless Steel ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadChristine by Fog, Vip ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadCSL Reklama 4 by CSL Software ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadHumhum-Demo by Mjau ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadIn Cooperation by The Crap Industries, The Orbit Fight ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadK.A.O.S. Tune by Channel II ...  ???? Music  (Music)
DownloadAnti-War-Walter by Sky Channel ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadNot Mega by The Hot Crackers ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadOfferdemo1 by M and M Worldwide ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadLegendary Intro by The Electric Soldiers ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadLoverbyte by The Aliens Corporation ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadKAOS Rip by B-Art ...  ???? Music  (Music)
DownloadSpeed Test [german] by Omega Crackings ...  ???? Tool  (Music)
DownloadContact TSC by The Star Crackers ...  ???? Misc.  (Music)
DownloadMusic Collection by Mr. Fritt ...  ???? Music Collection  (Music)
DownloadWild Demo II by More Stupid Initials, Wild Styles ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadWarlock Digi Demo 2 by The Aliens Corporation ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadDigi Drums by The Aliens Corporation ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Music)

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