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Desert Dream   [2007]

Desert Dream Released by :
Chorus, Resource [web]

Release Date :
8 April 2007

Type :
C64 Demo

Released At :
Breakpoint 2007

Achievements :
C64 Demo Competition at Breakpoint 2007 :  #1

User rating:*********_  9.3/10 (123 votes)   See votestatistics
*********_  9.4/10 (58 votes) - Public votes only.

Credits :
Code .... BiGFooT of Breeze, Chorus, Resource
  Clarence of Chorus
  Edhellon of Resource
  Ninja of The Dreams
  Oswald of Resource
Music .... Fanta of Chorus, Oxyron, Plush, Viruz
Graphics .... Leon of Chorus, Singular, Storm
Linking .... BiGFooT of Breeze, Chorus, Resource
Loader .... BiGFooT of Breeze, Chorus, Resource
  Krill of Plush

SIDs used in this release :
Desert Dream(/MUSICIANS/F/Fanta/Desert_Dream.sid)

Download :

Look for downloads on external sites:

User Comment
Submitted by chesser on 18 August 2022
The original demo is my fav on A500. I used to watch it on every month. But after that I immediately turn on my breadbox to watch this. Double pleasure. :-)
User Comment
Submitted by DKT on 23 April 2022
And it's usually harder to do the same effect on a different platform without knowing if it will turn out just as well IMO :)
On of the greatest demos eva.
User Comment
Submitted by Oswald on 23 April 2022
@joe the driving power behind this was to show that we can do it on c64 too, not the copying aspect. it was fun coding it, we've even learned in the process how some of the effects are done algorithmically on the miggy and were able to reproduce that in many cases. so its basically coder porn from the creator's point of view.
User Comment
Submitted by Joe on 16 September 2021
I honestly never understood this "DeMake", which seems to be the new expression?
Why not use all of those fantastic creative powers in creating something we hadn't seen before?
Fantastic in all it's genius, but without the originality at all!
User Comment
Submitted by JCH on 22 October 2018
It's bloody fantastic is what it is. A very impressive feat.
User Comment
Submitted by balsi on 22 October 2018
nice remake of the Amiga classic
User Comment
Submitted by ThunderBlade on 1 October 2017
Watching this again today... is it really 10 years old already? Amazing work... especially the pace of the show, and the overall speed of the individual effects. And funny moments like "let's remove the stars" (on Amiga: "let's quarter down the stars"). I also like how the music brings over the special atmosphere of this Amiga classic to the C64. Kudos!
User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 9 October 2013
HCL, thank you for casting a smile on my face today morning. ;-D
User Comment
Submitted by Bob on 27 February 2013
This is one of my favourite demos that caused me to slumber from my sleep, one of those "Moments"
where is BigFoot nowdays?

User Comment
Submitted by Magnar on 10 December 2012
Wow, this is some remake! The drawback is that it IS a remake of someone elses original ideas, but the way this is put into display on a lesser powerful computer is amazingly well performed. Kudos and hugs to you guys for putting this together! Cheers
User Comment
Submitted by CONS on 1 March 2012
This brought back so many memories from the past and made me re-live the moment when i first saw the original. Even the chills were back. Thank you for your effort!
User Comment
Submitted by Oswald on 13 June 2011
Thanks :) The main intention was 'it would be cool to make it' and not to rip off the original. You mention the rotozoomer, funny as you say you use this demo for d011 trick reference, well the zoomer is after looking at several ones is based on one of your routines :D and the fast pace compromises, most of my parts had to be frame fixed to give the loader time, which was most painful at the dot landscape & ball because they were just slightly above one frame :)
User Comment
Submitted by HCL on 6 June 2011
After some time has passed by i like this demo more and more. It's an amazing work put together in just 6 months. I have been using some parts from here as a reference of how to do certain d011-tricks :).

I still feel that some parts could have been done even better, but then you would probably have had to work ~6 years on a demo like this. Needless to say that the fast pace in the demo probably ruled out a lot of options.

Parts i like the most is probably the rasterbar-zoomer and the roto-zoomer. The very last chess-board effect is also awesome.

Finally a confession.. After complaining alot about this demo (see my earlier comments) i went to LCP-party some months later. When we entered the party hall Desert Dream was playing on the big screen, and i said something like: "Ahh, wonderful it's the original demo and not that st0pid c64-remake..". I remained watching a few moments just to find out that i was totally wrong. It was "that st0pid c64-remake" that was playing :D. Love you guys behind this demo, you rule!!
User Comment
Submitted by TomoAlien on 9 December 2010
It's not on top 10? This is unnacceptable!
This demo is an instant classic, yet it's not on top 10? Shame on you who downvoted this demo!
User Comment
Submitted by szu on 14 August 2010
amazing guys..keep pushing the 64 to its limit as we get wiser!
User Comment
Submitted by abaddon on 18 April 2010
Agreeing with the naysayers here. The massive effort would've been better spent on creating an original demo.
User Comment
Submitted by munkey on 8 November 2009
this is fucking awesome!
User Comment
Submitted by Jammer on 24 December 2008
i think that kefrens' original wasn't top as for 1993. still 8-bit version of this is the achievement.
User Comment
Submitted by Testa on 30 September 2008
heavy stuff.... great demo....
User Comment
Submitted by Nemezis on 26 January 2008

As good as nothing was before.
User Comment
Submitted by lbp on 12 December 2007
Just saw the original version, after I saw this c64 version a couple of times. The music is absolutely amazing - better than the original, and the code and graphics are nothing short of ace. Me bows a deep bow
User Comment
Submitted by Vangelis/ASD on 25 November 2007
Nice remake of the absolutly culture-demo from Kefrens!
User Comment
Submitted by Medicus on 24 July 2007
a) Shame on Kefrens for not making extensive use of the Amiga's capabilities.


b) Praise the gods for creating this on a C64.
User Comment
Submitted by Jamais on 24 July 2007
especially music is awesome.I've just put in my mp3 player that tunes.it makes me feel good:)
User Comment
Submitted by Scout on 20 July 2007
That (the video) was nice! And indeed...the crowd went wild.
Now where's that video with Leon :)
User Comment
Submitted by Sixx on 20 July 2007
Wowsie! What a great video, almost made me cry..
User Comment
Submitted by jailbird on 20 July 2007
Quoting Oswald
Live recording from the Commodore 64 demo competition at Breakpoint 2007 of the Desert Dream. Turn up the volume real loud if you want to get an idea of the atmosphere there IRL.


Cool! Download it directly from here
User Comment
Submitted by Radiant on 21 May 2007
Effort alone does not make a good demo, though. I'd have given this a 9 even if it had been hastily thrown together during a few hours before the party, as I'm founding my vote on the end result rather than the invested development time.

That being said, it was the moral compo winner because of the effort, but Natural Wonders is every bit as good from a purely technical point of view.
User Comment
Submitted by Sasq on 21 May 2007
I really can't understand people who give this less than 9 - Sure it is a remake and I would also have preferred a completely new demo, but the amount of work put into this one is incredible. It really did deserve to win over Natural Wonders (which is also a good demo but very short and lacking in effects in comparison).
User Comment
Submitted by zenda on 20 May 2007
This really is GREAT !! Now I have one of my favourite demo/-soundtracks on both the Amiga and C64 :-) Love it!
User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 17 May 2007
Fanta: time to play subtune 3 in endless loop. Starting from now.

User Comment
Submitted by Fanta on 17 May 2007
time to lean back and hope, that my sid will outspace the demo downloads. \:D/
User Comment
Submitted by Clarence on 17 May 2007
Wow! Thanx Inge and Steppe.
User Comment
Submitted by Steppe on 17 May 2007
By the way, the sid is up now. Ripped by the one and only Inge Pedersen.
[edit: of course with the digi samples included. Subtune 4 is just subtunes 1,2,3 played in a row, like in the demo]
User Comment
Submitted by Necronomfive on 17 May 2007
Funny, I have used the original Demo to test the Clone-A prototype a lot. Now seeing this faithfully reproduced on a C64 , it really blows my mind away. No matter if this is "only" a conversion, it's an unbeliveable effort!
User Comment
Submitted by Darkus on 13 May 2007
Totally blown away by this, especially being a huge fan of the original!
User Comment
Submitted by Saphir on 12 May 2007
Impressive Conversion.. Absolutely rocks :)
User Comment
Submitted by Killsquad on 4 May 2007
I've watched this demo countless times now, I just love it. True recreation of my favorite demo and demomusic ever! Awesome!!
User Comment
Submitted by Dishy on 29 April 2007
Desert Dreams from Danish Kefrens is one of the few Amiga demos, which I actually still remember very well from my Amiga days and still have in my old Amiga archives. Great to see this on the C64 too. I really enjoyed to see this demo again. And the music by Fanta sure rocks, I think... Great job!
User Comment
Submitted by Sander on 28 April 2007
Amazing conversion! Respect.
User Comment
Submitted by Morpheus on 26 April 2007
You guys did a great job, and there's a great old school vibe with the plots and stuff. That definately satisfies an old-timer like myself.
User Comment
Submitted by Dr. 8 Bit on 22 April 2007
I'm in a state of trance for this demo...wow..
User Comment
Submitted by Axis/Oxyron on 19 April 2007
I really loved this one when watching it on the big-screen and its still rising and rising in my opinion. You guys did a brilliant job on the conversion and it must have been a hell of a work to get all this stuff working. There are so many screens where I first thought: "hey, this is easy", but had to realize that its not. Impressive to see that you always gone the "hard" way to get everything as close to the original as possible. Thanks for this great demo. And, you are right "Unicorn roolz" ;O)
User Comment
Submitted by fenek on 18 April 2007
Respect, respect, respect and one more positive word "MASAKRA" :)))
User Comment
Submitted by Clarence on 18 April 2007
Thanks for the nice words! :)

Fanta composed the soundtrack on 8580, so please try to use new sid if possible. On old sid it sounds *very* bad compared to 8580 in my opinion.

Do not search for secret part yet. Due to time pressure and more important duties before the compo, we skipped including it (however a trigger is there).
The final version will have secret part and lots of other goodies planned, it will take some time though to release it, as the team shut itself down to recover for a little while. :)
User Comment
Submitted by Surgeon on 18 April 2007
Yeah....something wrong with that music :/ second part of this release is great!...I don't like I part-I don't know why...but anyway that demo is goooooooood ....veeeeeryy gooooood ;) ratings 8/10 :P
User Comment
Submitted by The Phantom on 18 April 2007
Astounding. Amazing. Fantastic.

If ANYBODY think's I went overboard with this, they haven't viewed the demo or even seen the original KEFRENS work.

I gave 9/10 in the ratings. Abso-fu%$#(@-lutly blew my mind. Great work!!!!

PS. Any word on how to access the "secret" part?
User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 16 April 2007
TDJ: it seems like with most courts.. The Dark Court is no exception as far as speed is concerned. ;-)
User Comment
Submitted by TDJ on 14 April 2007
Still haven't had the time to check this out but I kinda agree with what Fanta said below: there should be room for demos like this.

That being said, please stop the complaining about the 'downvoters', there's only 1 real low vote (a 3), and maybe the person that gave it actually dislikes this production that much.
User Comment
Submitted by Jak T Rip on 14 April 2007
There are so many things I utterly love about this I don't know where to start. First of all, I never liked the Amiga style of gfx, msx and demos, EXCEPT FOR KEFRENS DEMOS... Guardian Dragon 1+2 (my personal best) and Desert Dream are the only non-c64 demos that stick in my head ever since I watched them. I was really disappointed when I saw 2nd reality on a PC, because I liked KB's SID music so much more ;-))) And now this.. you know, the only thing I disliked about DD was the Amiga-touch in the musics, so in my eyes you have really enhanced one of the best demos ever. Another thing I love about this demo is to see all the cool guys I love (you are not only great coders, also great characters in real life!) forming for such a group effort. I can imagine how much fun it is (despite the sweat) to do a conversion - your goals are set, there is no such thing as "OK, let's build in a pause here for the loader, and let's skip this or that to have more memory", nope, it's a defined task you work your guts out to achieve it. And then there is one more thing I very much liked about this production, it made me laugh real hard, and it is: Fanta's comment. You got it all right, man!!

The meaning of life is to become a legend, and you guys made it, while I'm still so far ;-)
Hail to the downvoters :)
User Comment
Submitted by Fanta on 14 April 2007
hi there. thanks for all the kind words. i expected massive feedback like this but wasn't aware that even my music conversion job will be marked in such a way. =) thanks again! some people asked about the player... apart from the hidden part tunes *hint hint* which were made in goattracker, all demo tunes are composed in the somewhat faster driver 6 from laxity/MoNs sidfactory. thank you thomas for implementing some requested stuff for your favourite bugger! you see, i even didn't use the most powerful player around and also had to deal with some out of instruments/effects issues so the result could have been even better. however... one last word to all the "originality" whiners. we have been involved in other more original releases but this time, we took the challenge to do a remake and believe me it WAS a challenge in every aspect! WE KNOW it lacks on the originality side of course and it's a bit pointless to tell us we should stick to original demos, really! for me, not only focus or fairlight demos are good and i think it's the different demo concepts that makes the scene so colourful and this also includes a remake if it's well done like in the case of desert dream or simply a traditional hardcoded oxyron demo without proper concept. ;-P the worst comment came from dane (I'm quite sad to see such a positive hype over something that is neither original nor filled with extremely hard stuff). sorry stellan but this was dissapointing and even sounds a bit jealous - but of course you are not, maybe it's the words that are chosen in a clumsy way. ;) hugs to kefrens, the C64 DD crew and all downvoters, i love you! =)
User Comment
Submitted by QuasaR on 14 April 2007
Technically and artistically very impressing, it's nice to watch this demo on C64! Looks like it inspired the one or the other from C64-scene... :)
But still there is a flat taste about it, me thinks the manpower behind this project would blow away nearly every other demo if it would have been an original one...
User Comment
Submitted by Clarence on 13 April 2007
Thanks for the positive feedback. Really cool to see so much positive feedback. :) It also justifies somehow it worth the serious effort we put into this project. As for the motivation from my part behind the reamke, it was the challenge to realise one of my fave Amiga demos on c64. We didn't make this to cheaply win at Bp or something like that... I wouldn't care if Oxy wins with their demo they would deserve it.

As for the trivial 'originality' critique, you all are right. We prepared for that since the beginning of this project and it glances off us easily. :)

Anybody with a little knowledge about c64 coding can see that there were serious issues realising this demo. It wasn't like a trivial thing to do all these effects in a c64 trackmo with decent looking. Hollowman you're wrong, we were seriously concerned all the way during the process that we will fail with it, it wasn't trivial. 14 years or not it was an Amiga 500 demo, and 80% of the effects gave us serious problems. One of the biggest concern was to be able keeping the quick pace of displaying all effects without losing the timing to the music (30-40 different screens), since nearly all parts were quite demanding with memory usage. Doing effects like the blown up filled vector or realising the intro vector scene or the falling bricks transition effect were very hard to get over with. We will make a final more polished version with a readme file to the people who liked the present version and are interested about the obstacles we had to solve.

Hey Drax! Now you see why I didn't even bother asking you to do it. ;)
User Comment
Submitted by DRAX on 13 April 2007
Excellent demo. But that music really sucks imo. That is of course not Fanta's fault... I would have preferred some original compositions from Fanta but that would ruin the whole idea of the demo. The music is simply the kind of Amiga style music that I don't like... Otherwise excellent demo and excellent covering of the music by Fanta.
User Comment
Submitted by Ant on 12 April 2007
A beautiful piece of art, respect! The effects are totally awesome, and not that downsized compared to the original demo. Absolutely wonderful - a proof that the scene is forever!
User Comment
Submitted by Optimus on 12 April 2007
I find a meaning in remakes (others of course don't). I really love them. They are impressive and appealing, watching your beloved demos in another machine and wondering how they will put out the next effect. Especially when the conversion and code is as well done as possible. And here it's quite better in comparison to 2nd reality conversion.
User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 12 April 2007
mmmh, while technically cool, i find this just as boring as the original (especially the vector intro). funny how all of this years winners are a design ripoff of some sort =P
User Comment
Submitted by Britelite on 12 April 2007
Honesty: You mean it shows you can do the same on the c64 as on the amiga, only with worse framerate, worse resolution and less colors and so on? :)

Still, very good job, even if it's ofcourse seriously lacking in the originality department =)
User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 12 April 2007
@HCL: On the other hand, it would be quite fun with a Deux Ex Machina-war. People trying to do better and better versions of the same demo. :)
User Comment
Submitted by warp8 on 12 April 2007
Thanks for this one, it's great!
User Comment
Submitted by CyberBrain on 9 April 2007
Very good conversion of the ultimate amiga demo! All of my four thumbs up!
User Comment
Submitted by icon on 9 April 2007
Just beutiful guys! Some of the effects are even better done here than on the Amiga... Respect!
User Comment
Submitted by Honesty on 9 April 2007
Really nice demo even when it is converted... But make such a show off from an old amiga demo is really cool and also had some real oldschool aspekts.
It show´s that it is today possible to do things were you need on amiga 8mhz to do are also possible with atleast 1mhz.
(ok less colours)
User Comment
Submitted by Steppe on 9 April 2007
Technically brilliant, the conversion is very accurate in every aspect. The music rul0rz, but yet I was left a bit empty after the demo was over. Probably the feeling that this is "just" a warmed up meal.
User Comment
Submitted by grasstust on 9 April 2007
This really made my day and week! I totally love the conversion job, covering this demo on the C64 was just a very cool thing to do. One thing I missed was the saw-blade effect when it actually cuts the screen and there's a blurred-crap screen flashing. I always loved this effect. A straight 10 from me.
User Comment
Submitted by HCL on 9 April 2007
Looks nice, but extremely old. I can see that many farts from outside the c64-scene simply adore this demo, probably of the simple reason that they recall some other demo they have seen before. To me, this can never be voted very high since it's just a copy.

..what if i picked the #1 ranked demo here on CSDb (DeusExMachina for the last moments) and recoded every effect and even made some small improvements on them. What votes would i get!? 0-5 probably, and that's a little bit how i feel about this.

The guys behind this demo *could* have made a real kickass demo with the same effort. You just have to invent, design, and combine some stuff out of your own minds. That's all you'd have to do.

My 5 cents.
User Comment
Submitted by Hoild on 9 April 2007
A technically impressive, verbatim remake of an overly long, repetitive, and thus flawed Amiga demo. A more conchise and dynamic script would have made the original - and consequently this remake - much better. I wish coders were better designers!
-What else to say?

Some people prefer No Copy gfx.
Some people prefer No Copy demos. :]
User Comment
Submitted by null on 8 April 2007

fucking awesome.
User Comment
Submitted by Zyron on 8 April 2007
I always felt that Amiga demos were very pretentious & utterly boring. Not my cup of tea at all. This conversion is top notch though, amazing effort. I prefer this over the original.
User Comment
Submitted by Linus on 8 April 2007
Uff, now that's _awesome_. Still remember the day when I first saw Desert Dream in 1993. Special thumbs up for uncle Fanta for being able to squeeze Laxity's mods into three sid voices converting them as accurate as possible. Straight 10.

@Wile Coyote: You haven't seen many Amiga demos, have you? =)
User Comment
Submitted by Shadow on 8 April 2007
Fantastic conversion! Having seen the original many times make you only appreciate even more the amount of work put into the details to make this as close as possible to the Amiga demo.
Amazing that a large number of the effects actually look VERY close to the original, guess it shows the power of the C64 in the hands of the right coders! :)
User Comment
Submitted by Richard on 8 April 2007
What can I say? This is *the best* demo of 2007! :D Excellent music and excellent demo effects. 100% vote from me :)
User Comment
Submitted by Jayce on 8 April 2007
With the risk of getting everybody on my neck but i found this demo extremely boring. Nice mathematic stuff, especially for a C64 but please never ever do a remake job again. Stick to original stuff next time, please devote your time in making a original C64 production instead of copying some boring amiga classic. (now i remember why i sold my amiga, vector graphics are boring and dull)
User Comment
Submitted by Scout on 8 April 2007
Chorus...Resource, you lean mean hungarian coding machines!
What have you done?!?! OMG!

Excellent conversion in every aspect with total respect to the original.
A true masterpiece!
Also major big ups to Fanta and Leon...incredible!
User Comment
Submitted by bubis on 8 April 2007
A miracle made in strictest confidence!
User Comment
Submitted by PCH on 8 April 2007
Wonderfull !! code .. music ... graphic ... everything ...
User Comment
Submitted by hollowman on 8 April 2007
Watching it on demoscene.tv it was very impressive, first i thought "ok, so they've done the pyramid scene..", but then it just kept going and going, and i was constantly wondering how they were gonna pull the next effect off.
But having watched it a few more times it just feels pointless for me. sure the demoscene is partly about doing things without any sane reason, and i guess this demo proves a few things about the capabilities of the c64, but if i want to watch desert dream ( which i normally dont since i never liked it that much) i watch it on amiga instead.
very impressive work but meaningless to me
User Comment
Submitted by algorithm on 8 April 2007
Excellent conversion. And what Awesome music... However it would have been better to concentrate on a new original production. Still.. One of the closest demo conversions to date.
User Comment
Submitted by ThunderBlade on 8 April 2007
F*A*N*T*A*S*T*I*C !!! Doing such a demo today can not be appreciated enough. WOW! Congratulations to everyone involved. Kefrens forever :-)
User Comment
Submitted by Dane on 8 April 2007
Nice handiwork unfortunately wasted on boring concept.
User Comment
Submitted by Style on 8 April 2007
raster filled vector crashes on my c128 :(
User Comment
Submitted by Deev on 8 April 2007
very nicely put together and a good conversion. I particularly enjoyed the first section as you don't see many cinematic vector parts like that on the C64. I would've preferred to see an original release of similar quality, however.
User Comment
Submitted by Devia on 8 April 2007
Wow! Very cool stuff indeed! - and most impressive that you actually took your time to do it so well.. the respect earned for that is out of bounds in my book.
User Comment
Submitted by Skate on 8 April 2007
If I had seen this demo in the 90s, it would have been a great shock for me. After second reality, this is the second crazyest remake on c64. Great work guys, lots of well coded vectors. Graphics and music are cool as well. I really enjoyed the ride :)
User Comment
Submitted by Hydrogen on 7 April 2007
Superb remake. Most of the parts are well coded, fast and clean. I enjoyed so much.
I also liked gfx works, elegant.
User Comment
Submitted by Mirage on 7 April 2007
I agree with burglar on this one... You guys are so much better at making original stuff! we've seen the original, don't need to see it twice

Otherwise, a perfect conversion... nice job
User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG on 7 April 2007
There's nothing wrong in showing that it can be done =)
User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 7 April 2007
great demo, especially the intro!

but... why a remake?
User Comment
Submitted by Nightlord on 7 April 2007
Excellent, excellent, excellent work guys. Big respect and greetings for keeping C64 vectors alive :) I especially loved the last vector with the changing raster colors inside
User Comment
Submitted by Platoon on 7 April 2007
this demo was one of my favorites on the amiga & i must say this c64'er conversion is fucking close to the amiga version VERY VERY VERY incredible code , graphics and sounds thanks alot this REALLY made my easter !!!!

User Comment
Submitted by Sixx on 7 April 2007
Execellent. Here's a You Tube video of the original Amiga demo by Kefrens:

User Comment
Submitted by DJ Gruby on 7 April 2007
Hello there! This is DJ Gruby/Oxyron writing *LIVE* from Breakpoint party. The demo from Chorus and Resource was awesome and this is a true winner of the demo competition!
User Comment
Submitted by Motion on 7 April 2007
I was at THE GATHERING'93 party in Norway, when this was originally released on the Amiga. So, to see this converted to the C64 was both surprising and very exciting! The bottle with FANTA written on it was a nice touch. :)

Great effort guys! This has made my EASTER! :D
User Comment
Submitted by diabolus on 7 April 2007
This is just unbelievable! I can see that lots of work was done for this demo. Fanta has made a perfect sid version of the greatest amiga mod ever compsosed...
User Comment
Submitted by JackAsser on 7 April 2007
Deep respects from me!
User Comment
Submitted by Oxidy on 7 April 2007
User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG on 7 April 2007
It's so fecking awesome that I feel a bit moved. For me it's the most awaited C64 remake after 2nd reality. Watching it over and over. Can I vote it 11?
Let's wait for the final version, so we can see also the hidden part - found it but is not even working here, apart some flashing border ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Inge on 7 April 2007
Yes, a superb remake.
User Comment
Submitted by Stainless Steel on 7 April 2007
Thumbs up, great remake.
User Comment
Submitted by Ed on 7 April 2007
Hairy balls. Great stuff. laughed my ass off!

Some of the stuff aint really that sharp but a good comparison to the original demo which by now is as old as my grandmother...
User Comment
Submitted by Raf on 7 April 2007
after watching the Amiga version I can only say : this is as accuarate as possible.
User Comment
Submitted by Hein on 7 April 2007
I liked part 2 the most. :\
User Comment
Submitted by tlr on 7 April 2007
Excellent remake! :)
The original was one of my favorites!
User Comment
Submitted by ne7 on 7 April 2007
absolutely bloody amazing :)
User Comment
Submitted by A3 on 7 April 2007
Thank you for making my day. This one blew my mind.
User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 7 April 2007
Deserves eternal glory for the sheer effort invested. Faithful remake showing almost no compromises in code, gfx or sound. Awesome. Lovely. Dynamic. Entertaining. Giving credits where credits are due. I could continue for ages. Bigfoot, Clarence, Oswald, Leon, Fanta, Ninja, Edhellon. Thumbs up! I love you guys! RespecT!
User Comment
Submitted by Tao on 7 April 2007
Mmmmmm. Codepr0n, a wonderful soundtrack and neat graphics. Just what I needed for breakfast!
User Comment
Submitted by Radiant on 7 April 2007
The best demo remake for the C64. Impressive stuff.
User Comment
Submitted by jailbird on 7 April 2007
Completely insane!!!
A remake done with style.
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