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2015-08-02 23:11
The Phantom

Registered: Jan 2004
Posts: 352
A sprite editor ....

Greetings all...

I've backed myself into a corner, sort of.

I NEED a sprite editor where I can edit ALL 8 sprites ON SCREEN, NOT 1 at a time.

Does such a program exist?

I'm NOT looking to use Chaos Logo Maker .
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2015-08-03 05:29

Registered: Nov 2007
Posts: 80
As per above, then convert using Graham's excellent:

GFX Transformer 1.0
2015-08-03 05:54
The Phantom

Registered: Jan 2004
Posts: 352
Shine - I've tried Pixcen and didn't really care for it. I'm sure it's a great program, but I still prefer using my old programs, like Advanced art studio or even ECA packer.. I know, right? hahaha
The 7up editor looks like what I need.

I've tried numerous programs that "convert" images to sprites, but that is not what I am looking for here. I simply need to create a half circle and map the bytes around the circumference of the final result, whew.

I will be drawing from a circle I drew. I've already mapped out the sprite positions, I think. Being able to draw the circle in one sitting will save countless hours.

Asking for help is 1 step before coding it myself, which I honestly don't have time for. I've only coded one utility in my time, and that will never be released (It's a characterset editor). I couldn't find an editor that allowed proportional pixeling, so I made one.

Thank you all for the help. I think SHINE found the program I need

:D :)
2015-08-03 07:02
The Phantom

Registered: Jan 2004
Posts: 352
The editor Shine mentioned works well, but does not allow me to position the sprite layout. I'll check more into the program in the morning, and continue looking...

Thanks :D
2015-08-03 07:05

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4231
heigh ho converter lets you place sprites freely and convert bitmap to spr. altho you'll need atelast 30 minutes to get comfy in it.

you might also try graphics basic, lets you also position sprites and copy bitmap to sprite, you can even draw the circle with 1 command, and able to save sprites. the extra mile here is finding out where it does store or how does it save sprites.
2015-08-03 08:38

Registered: Jan 2002
Posts: 1727
centauri editor -> heigh ho converter

or Mega Sprite Editor would work?
2015-08-04 01:01
The Phantom

Registered: Jan 2004
Posts: 352
I'm thinking this is a pain in the ass.

My sprites need to be like this:

I think I'm simply going to have to draw them one by one, which will be a pain. The reason I need these sprites to be so specific is I'll be plotting data to them. I need to draw the half circle I already have drawn in my picture so I can use it to complete the plotting. I don't want to plot outside the circle.

I think it's wild that there isn't an editor that allows one to position and edit all 8 sprites. I COULD use the sprite editor in Gamemaker, which would allow me to position and edit 4 at one time. I'm thinking that is an option.

I'm also thinking of making the damn editor myself, but not sure if I'll ever need it after this, haha.. :D

Won't happen right away, too many projects, not enough time. Never enough time.

I do recall there being an editor, but cannot think of the program. I know I used a sprite editor to make several logos used in past demos.. If only I could recall that program. I'll have to examine some of my old 1581 disk images... I think the program will be there.

I really want to thank you all for the help. It really is appreciated.
2015-08-04 06:08

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4231
Graphic Editor

this will let you do it, BUT its a pain in the ass to position sprites no coords displayed iirc, AND it doesnt have an area big enough to display all sprites in that form at once.
2015-08-04 07:37

Registered: Mar 2007
Posts: 51
For cross development, C64 Studio allows you to do this, simply switch to the preview pane in the sprite editor.
2015-08-06 02:31
The Phantom

Registered: Jan 2004
Posts: 352
I'm not like a lot of my friends from the past. Most went further into computer languages, I didn't. I went the repair route. Serious repairs, none of that swapping boards crap ;)

I use WinVice to code. I have since 2006. I haven't gotten into PC stuff either, again, I'm more technical, into the resistors and caps and diodes.. All that fun stuff ;) I haven't made a board in a long long time..

Cross assembly seems weird. It FELT weird when I first tried. It's weird using an emulator too, VERY weird. I've gotten used to it and have it exactly as I had my real machine, same cart image that I STILL have from the day. Thought of selling it, but not sure...

Anyway.. I've uploaded the gamemaker sprite editor ;)

Gamemaker Sprite Editor

Maybe somebody, someday, will hack it for 8 sprites.

I used it to make my sprites, so we can close this if need be.

I always appreciate help, thanks to everyone who commented :)
2015-08-06 10:31

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4231
"Cross assembly seems weird. It FELT weird when I first tried. It's weird using an emulator too, VERY weird. I've gotten used to it and have it exactly as I had my real machine, same cart image that I STILL have from the day"

haha, exactly my feelings when I switched, it took me a long time get used to it.

for some years I've coded in emulator in turbo asm :)
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