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TheRyk  (RYK)  (1996 - ??)

Currently member of :
Arsenic (30/12-2011 -> ), C64 Club Berlin (2-2009 -> ) [web], Mayday! (22/5-2012 -> )
Ex member of :
Avatar (5/3-2011 -> 30/5-2012)
Functions :
Coder, Cracker, Organizer
Founder of :

Handle alternative spelling :
:TheRyk, Ryker, Ryk, ZeRayk, SeRück, DerRyk, Rykky Martin, Rykster

Trivia :
Trust me. I know what I'm doing.

Other handles used by this scener :(Display all info for all handles)
Ned Ryker

Country :

Organizer of :
BCC Party #10, BCC Party #6, BCC Party #7, BCC Party #8, BCC Party #9, Mayday! Air Base Conference 2013, Plain PETSCII Graphics Competition

Releases released :
DownloadDevoted Voting Engine ... 2013 Graphics Collection(Released at Plain PETSCII Graphics Competition)
DownloadCheValley ... 2013 Graphics(#66 C64 Graphics at Plain PETSCII Graphics Competition)
DownloadHidden Violence ... 2013 Graphics(#37 C64 Graphics at Plain PETSCII Graphics Competition)
DownloadPseudo Tunes [pal/ntsc] ... 2012 Music Collection
DownloadMxSize ... 2011 Basic Demo(#13 C64 Basic Demo at First International GOTO-less BASIC coding competition)
DownloadSquare Curves 101% ... 2011 One-File Demo(#5 Mixed at BCC Party #5)
DownloadNeotunes [optional NeoRAM/GeoRAM]  ... 2011 Music Collection(Released at BCC Party #5)
DownloadMafia V1.31+ [english] ... 2010 Crack
DownloadMafia V1.3e+ [english] ... 2010 Crack
DownloadFanboy(s) of the Asteryk ... 2010 One-File Demo(#2 Mixed at BCC Party #4)
DownloadReturn of the Holsten Knights ... 2009 One-File Demo(#4 Mixed at miniMO 2009)

Credits :
DownloadHigh Voltage SID Collection v64 by HVSC Crew ...  2015 Music Collection  (Help)
DownloadPlayEm64 V1.2 Tools (and Music) Collection by Mayday! ...  2015 Tool Collection  (Code, Docs)
DownloadHypnotic Beats by GI-Joe HL ...  2015 One-File Demo  (Text)
DownloadSFX Editor V3.2 by Achim ...  2015 Tool  (Help)
DownloadParty Animals 85% by Mayday! ...  2015 Graphics  (Code, Graphics, Charset)
DownloadF64GC 2016 Invitation by TheRealWanderer ...  2015 Invitation  (Test, Translation)
DownloadMAH +3M 100% by Mayday! ...  2015 Crack  (Linking, Test)
DownloadBCC #10 Invitro by C64 Club Berlin ...  2015 Invitation  (Text, BBS Graphics)
DownloadSpiders-Raushau-Disk 001 by Mayday! ...  2015 Music Collection  (Code)
DownloadMAH +2M [bugged] by Mayday! ...  2015 Crack  (Linking)
DownloadSpace Trip VE +3H by Mayday! ...  2015 Crack  (Linking)
DownloadHigh Voltage SID Collection v63 by HVSC Crew ...  2015 Music Collection  (Help)
DownloadFHGHG aka Revolution by Agile 101% [fix] by Mayday! ...  2015 Demo  (Linking)
DownloadFHGHG aka Revolution by Agile 100% [fix] by Mayday! ...  2015 Demo  (Linking, Bug-Fix)
DownloadDungeon Crawl +2D by Mayday! ...  2015 Crack  (Linking)
DownloadAbout Three Years Mayday! by Mayday! ...  2015 One-File Demo  (Code, Music, Text, BBS Graphics)
DownloadCdoRyKalinKorobeinikiMix2ch1kB by Mayday! ...  2015 Music  (Music)
DownloadThe Truth About Heidi by Mayday! ...  2015 One-File Demo  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadDelydaymaysid by Delysid, Mayday! ...  2015 One-File Demo  (Text)
DownloadRykSkiDanceWithChrisAndRob by Mayday! ...  2015 Music  (Music)
DownloadDemon Stalkers +5MD [onesided] by Mayday! ...  2015 Crack  (Trainer, Linking, Docs, Test)
DownloadTutti Frutti 64 by Mayday! ...  2014 Game  (Test)
DownloadFratzengeballer! by Alpha Flight ...  2014 Crack intro  (BBS Graphics)
DownloadAFL by Fredrik ...  2014 Music  (Code)
DownloadHigh Voltage SID Collection v62 by HVSC Crew ...  2014 Music Collection  (Help)
DownloadPlain (P)Russian PETSCII Plane 4k by Mayday! ...  2014 Crack intro  (Code, Music, Graphics, Text)
DownloadEndless ICC 2014 Mayday Introshow by Mayday! ...  2014 Intro Collection  (Code, Music, Graphics, Text, Linking)
DownloadTutti Frutti 64 V0.1 [16kb cartridge] by Mayday! ...  2014 Game Preview  (Test)
DownloadTell It to My Hairdresser 4 Times per Frame by C64 Club Berlin ...  2014 Invitation  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadPlayIt64 V0.9 by Mayday! ...  2014 Tool  (Code, Docs)
DownloadMade in (P)Russia MiG-19 Mix by Mayday! ...  2014 Music  (Music)
DownloadFuture 2015 by Sentenced to Death ...  2014 Graphics  (PAL-Fix)
DownloadNucular by Arsenic ...  2014 One-File Demo  (Code, Music, Graphics, Text, Charset)
DownloadHigh Voltage SID Collection v61 by HVSC Crew ...  2014 Music Collection  (Help)
DownloadSlinky 101% +7MHD by Mayday! ...  2014 Crack  (Crack, Trainer, Original Supply, Bug-Fix)
DownloadPlayEm64 V1.0 by Mayday! ...  2014 Tool  (Code, Docs)
DownloadThe Impossible Game by Mayday!, Uppercase Software ...  2014 Game  (Test)
DownloadCosmos 101% +7MD by Laxity ...  2014 Crack  (Idea)
DownloadCosmos +7MD by Laxity ...  2014 Crack  (Idea)
DownloadWas erlaube MYD? by Mayday! ...  2014 One-File Demo  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadCompo Fodder by Mayday! ...  2014 Music  (Music)
DownloadScene World #22 by People of Liberty, Scene World Magazine ...  2014 Diskmag  (Interviewed)
DownloadBCC#8 Invitro (Wind behind Projector Screen) by C64 Club Berlin ...  2014 Invitation  (Code, Text)
DownloadHelikopter Jagd 102% Jewel V1.2 +7HD by CSixx, Mayday! ...  2014 Crack  (Crack, Trainer, Original Supply, Linking, Bug-Fix, Docs)
DownloadHelikopter Jagd 101% Jewel V1.1 +3H by CSixx, Mayday! ...  2013 Crack  (Crack, Original Supply, Linking, Bug-Fix, Docs, Translation)
DownloadA Mayday's Night by Mayday! ...  2013 One-File Demo  (Text)
DownloadHigh Voltage SID Collection v60 by HVSC Crew ...  2013 Music Collection  (Help)
DownloadGolden Times by Arsenic, Mayday! ...  2013 Crack intro  (Code, Graphics, Text, Charset, Ripping)
DownloadPlain PETSCII Compo 2013 Results Scroller by Mayday! ...  2013 Graphics Collection  (Code)
DownloadDevoted Voting Engine by TheRyk ...  2013 Graphics Collection  (Code)
DownloadAsymmetric Anger by Arsenic ...  2013 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadBlueMYD!SCII by Mayday! ...  2013 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadCheValley by TheRyk ...  2013 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadHidden Violence by TheRyk ...  2013 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadEvergreen Party Screen by Arsenic ...  2013 Music Collection  (Code, Linking)
DownloadMelangerie Mediocre by Mayday! ...  2013 Demo  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadPetscimandias by Arsenic ...  2012 One-File Demo  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadBCC#7 Invitro by C64 Club Berlin ...  2012 Invitation  (Code, Text)
DownloadTelengard V5.2 permadeath by Mayday! ...  2012 Crack  (Crack, Linking, Bug-Fix)
DownloadTelengard V5.1 [bugged] by Mayday! ...  2012 Crack  (Crack, Linking, Bug-Fix)
DownloadCause of Death by Arsenic ...  2012 Demo  (Code)
DownloadTrashman +2DH by Mayday! ...  2012 Crack  (Test)
DownloadAttitude #13 by Oxyron, Triad ...  2012 Diskmag  (Interviewed)
DownloadALF in the Color Caves +D by Mayday! ...  2012 Crack  (Test, Help)
DownloadNeotunes 2 Light [standalone] by Arsenic ...  2012 Music Collection  (Code, Graphics, Text, Charset)
DownloadDonkey Kong +5H by Mayday! ...  2012 Crack  (Trainer, Linking)
DownloadMayday! Intro by Mayday! ...  2012 Crack intro  (Code, Graphics, Text, Charset)
DownloadSkate or Die! +D [easyflash] by Avatar ...  2012 Crack  (Docs)
DownloadSkate or Die! +D [AR loader/IDE64/1541/1571/1581] by Avatar ...  2012 Crack  (Linking, Docs)
DownloadPseudo Tunes [pal/ntsc] by TheRyk ...  2012 Music Collection  (Code, Linking)
DownloadWaste of RAM by Arsenic ...  2012 One-File Demo  (Code, Graphics, Charset)
DownloadSloppy Code #01 by Arsenic ...  2012 One-File Demo  (Text)
DownloadThe Feeling of Power 95% by Avatar ...  2012 Game  (Code, Graphics)
Download20 Years Oxyron by Oxyron ...  2011 One-File Demo  (Text)
DownloadSnake on a Plane V1.1 by Avatar, Snake Oil Software ...  2011 Game  (Code, Graphics, Charset, Bug-Fix)
DownloadBattling Seizure Robots by Avatar ...  2011 One-File Demo  (Code, Graphics, Text, Charset)
DownloadMxSize by TheRyk ...  2011 Basic Demo  (Code)
DownloadSilver Rasterbar Triangle Intro by Avatar ...  2011 Crack intro  (Code, Graphics, Text)
DownloadMurder V1.2 by Avatar ...  2011 Crack  (Graphics, Crack, Bug-Fix)
DownloadBCC #5 Party Scroll by C64 Club Berlin ...  2011 One-File Demo  (Code, Text, Charset)
DownloadSquare Curves 101% by TheRyk ...  2011 One-File Demo  (Code, Graphics, Charset)
DownloadNeotunes [optional NeoRAM/GeoRAM] by TheRyk ...  2011 Music Collection  (Code, Charset, Linking)
DownloadEnjoy X-Mas! by C64Camper ...  2010 Graphics  (Code)
DownloadMafia V1.31+ [english] by TheRyk ...  2010 Crack  (Crack, Trainer, Bug-Fix, Docs, Translation)
DownloadMafia V1.3e+ [english] by TheRyk ...  2010 Crack  (Crack, Trainer, Docs, Translation)
DownloadConnected 1 Partyscroller by Stonehead ...  2010 One-File Demo  (Text)
DownloadHappy Birthday, Floyd/Willow! ...  2010 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadBCC #4 Party Scroll by C64 Club Berlin ...  2010 One-File Demo  (Code, Text, Charset)
DownloadFanboy(s) of the Asteryk by TheRyk ...  2010 One-File Demo  (Code, Graphics, Charset, Ripping)
DownloadReCoMe 1/2010 Invitro by ReCoMe ...  2010 Invitation  (Code)
DownloadReturn of the Holsten Knights by TheRyk ...  2009 One-File Demo  (Code, Graphics, Text, Charset)
DownloadBCC #3 Party Scroller by C64 Club Berlin ...  2009 One-File Demo  (Text)
Cevi-aktuell 03/09 by CEVI-aktuell Staff ...  2009 Papermag  (Text)

Attended :
BCC Party #10
Forum64 Game Competition 2016: Strategy
Interface VIII
Vintage Computing Festival Berlin 2015
BCC Party #9
Intro Creation Competition 2014
Vintage Computing Festival Berlin 2014
Interface III
BCC Party #8
Mayday! Air Base Conference 2013
Intro Creation Competition 2013
Classic Computing 2013
Plain PETSCII Graphics Competition
Bunkerparty 2013
Arscenic goes Bonkers in Hamburg Mayhem
BCC Party #7
Maximum Overdose 10
Bunkerparty 2012
BCC Party #6
Maximum Overdose 9 (miniMO?)
Bunkerparty 2011
First International GOTO-less BASIC coding competition
Kleine C64 Club Berlin Kellerparty
BCC Party #5
Connected 1
BCC Party #4
miniMO 2009
BCC Party #3

User ratings :  
As Coder:*******___  7/10 (8 votes)   See votestatistics
As Cracker:awaiting 5 votes (2 left)   See votestatistics
As Organizer:**********  9.5/10 (11 votes)   See votestatistics
**********  9.8/10 (5 votes) - Public votes only.
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