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Cauldron   [2008]

Cauldron Released by :
Exceed, Resource [web], The Dreams [web]

Release Date :
23 March 2008

Type :
C64 Demo

Released At :
Breakpoint 2008

Achievements :
C64 Demo Competition at Breakpoint 2008 :  #1

User rating:*********_  8.8/10 (35 votes)   See votestatistics
*********_  8.9/10 (17 votes) - Public votes only.

Credits :
Code .... Edhellon of Resource
  Murphy of Exceed
  Ninja of The Dreams
  Oswald of Resource
Music .... Linus of Resource, Tristar & Red Sector Inc., Viruz
Graphics .... AmN of Anarchy, Resource
  Leon of Chorus, Singular, Storm
Design .... Oswald of Resource
Loader .... Doc Bacardi of The Dreams
Help .... Clarence of Chorus

SIDs used in this release :
Cauldron II Remix(/MUSICIANS/L/Linus/Cauldron_II_Remix.sid)

Download :

Look for downloads on external sites:

User Comment
Submitted by jailbird on 1 June 2016
Soundtrack is teh shit <3
User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 1 November 2014
NEwer fixed/enhanced version: Cauldron 101% +++.
User Comment
Submitted by jailbird on 1 November 2014
Maybe I missed something, but most of the graphics are from this game:
and I didn't see it mentioned in the credits at the end of the demo.

Not only not giving credits where it's due, but some of the 1:1 retouches were nonchalantly signed, giving the impression of own original work. "Hey, I've put colors over your graphics, not they're mine"
User Comment
Submitted by Frank Buss on 11 June 2014
Maybe I missed something, but most of the graphics are from this game:
and I didn't see it mentioned in the credits at the end of the demo.
User Comment
Submitted by F7sus4 on 21 April 2013
One of my all-time favorites. Design+theme=flawless!
User Comment
Submitted by prowler on 17 January 2013
Wonderful demo, one of my favourites!
User Comment
Submitted by CommodoreBlog on 13 January 2013
One of my favs <3
User Comment
Submitted by Conrad on 13 March 2012
oooh you're such a boasting tart, Sascha. :)
User Comment
Submitted by Linus on 13 March 2012
What Jailbird said ;)
User Comment
Submitted by jailbird on 13 March 2012
One of my favorite demo soundtracks ever. Chilling.
User Comment
Submitted by The Shadow on 16 November 2011
I found this also by chance discovery. This demo is way cool! Excellent job done by everyone involved :)
User Comment
Submitted by macx on 19 May 2011
Wow! I had totally missed out on this one, but was editing The Charts for VN#56 earlier today when I stumbled upon a release I did not recognise. Neat stuff!
User Comment
Submitted by encore on 22 January 2011
Nice one, enjoyed the effects and the Cauldron-theme. Really cool and eerie tune as well.
User Comment
Submitted by Linus on 4 April 2008
@The-ex-constant-runner-up aka Alex: Ah, Randall The Prophet was right. The next soap opera episode is on air, finally. A pitty that picking up the challenge against you turned out to be little to no challenge at the end of the day, tho, mid-schooler :) Thanks for your honest flowers nontheless :)
User Comment
Submitted by Fanta on 3 April 2008
one of the best and most entertaining tunes by linus. i really love it meanwhile! :) it's good to have newcomers like him to join the scene.
User Comment
Submitted by Mermaid on 31 March 2008
Lovely demo, the discoball felt totally out of place though and I didn't like the pumpkin pic just before the discoball, other than that, smashing stuff.
User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 31 March 2008
how much was the prize money? ;)

nice gesture btw.
User Comment
Submitted by Edhellon on 27 March 2008
WVL: there was a .dfi from the compo version. :-) Ninja is off for the weekend so either you make your own or wait until Monday... Sry.

@Linus: shit. Probably a zp error, we'll probably fix it on Monday aswell... :(
User Comment
Submitted by WVL on 27 March 2008
Can we have the .dfi too please? :) (or do we have to make our own .dfi?)
User Comment
Submitted by Linus on 27 March 2008
@Domey: Yep, music seems to bug :/
User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 27 March 2008
\o/ the d64 is here \o/

(maybe the releasedate should be changed now)
User Comment
Submitted by Skate on 27 March 2008
I've watched it live at BPTV but I didn't want to make a comment until I watch it on the real thing. I really loved the demo.

First of all, Cauldron I and II are one of my favorite c64 games ever. So, concept hit me at the first.

All 3 of the 4x4 effects were really original. I loved them. I don't care about the lowres if effect is original and high-quality.

Graphics and graphic+effect combinations were all great.

I liked the disco ball too, but I think it's a little bir out of the concept :) I know the story behind the effect but a witch ball, I mean a glass sphere would fit better, wouldn't it?

Particle looking bobs were nice as well.

Finally, it's a beautiful demo. Should this one be the Breakpoint winner demo? it's another story...
User Comment
Submitted by Domey on 27 March 2008
What's wrong with the music during the screenshot?
User Comment
Submitted by Motion on 27 March 2008
A long, but worthwhile wait! Love Oswalds Disco Ball and the Thermal Bobs are very nicely done. It's all good!
User Comment
Submitted by Jamais on 26 March 2008
that's a Cool one.music is great.Effects look good.but i still wonder where is the d64 file?
User Comment
Submitted by Cruzer on 26 March 2008
Nice smooth 4x4 effects, especially on the YouTube version ;_;
User Comment
Submitted by FATFrost on 25 March 2008
eh Linus, you are the jack white of the 64 scene, you got all the best riffs maan!!!
User Comment
Submitted by Linus on 25 March 2008
Added the demo version of the cauldron II remix.
User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 25 March 2008

also at BP, there were way more exceptions to the rules than just this demo...

and if you noticed any, you should say so... we really try to stick to the rules
User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 25 March 2008
ninja, heh, well, that's true ;) but coma job didn't participate in the compo ;) a better example is Krestology 90%, which did participate (and win), but was also released as-is. anyway, I'm done with this topic now.
User Comment
Submitted by linde on 25 March 2008
Really good, and the plasmas are the most beautiful I've seen on C64. The disco ball felt a bit out of place though, but I understand that it was sort of a tribute :)
User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 25 March 2008
Agrees with Wisdom. I'm sure I will play it at next Forever demoshow .
User Comment
Submitted by Ninja on 25 March 2008
/me remembers X98 where orgas (Burglar maybe?;)) asked Graham after the demo-compo if he now was ready to supply Coma Job...

Honestly, I cannot recall any party the last years which enforced their rules that strict; also at BP, there were way more exceptions to the rules than just this demo...
User Comment
Submitted by Wisdom on 25 March 2008
Looking at this only as a "compo saver" would not do justice to it. It is a nicely designed demo with well done effects, graphics and music. Congratulations guys!
User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 25 March 2008
This is not the best place to discuss negative aspects of loose organisation. Start a new thread in forum guys.
User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 25 March 2008
edhellon, I'm not calling you cheaters, I'm merely stating the organizers bent the rules a bit in your favor. Which is somewhat understandable due to the lack of good c64 demo entries @ BP.
But it's still a competition, with prizes and honor involved and hence its a bit unfair to the other participants imho.
User Comment
Submitted by Edhellon on 25 March 2008
@Burglar: if you accuse us of cheating (although honestly I don't understand why you would do that), just say so, I hate implied innuendo. I understand if it was X you would've disqualified the demo for not running on 1541 before the compo, but luckily (for us) Franky didn't, and honestly, I would've done the same in his shoes. The .d64 will be released today or tomorrow anyway, we just didn't want to confuse ppl with releasing different versions in a couple of days..

@Shadow: the final version will work on mmc64 aswell as 1541/1571/whatever so stay tuned!

@Knoeki: yes, this is definitely not the best resource + the dreams production yet I'm proud of it for at least two reasons: one is that we actually managed to do a demo with a consistent design for a change, and two, we actually managed to do 99% of what we wanted to do in 10 days before Breakpoint. Actually last monday I wrote an email to Oswald saying we should just skip it, there's not enough time but he just replied with the script... And it was a lot of work to get it out (so to speak) and it meant quite some sleepless nights for me (working during the day and coding during the night and sleeping at most 5-7 hours for two weeks) so I'm really glad it's over and we managed to do what we wanted to do.

@others: thanks for the nice comments. \o/
User Comment
Submitted by Almighty God on 25 March 2008

Oops... I have no c64 with Mp4 player it's a pity...

Appart from that...

Nice demo...
User Comment
Submitted by Nightlord on 24 March 2008
eagerly looking forward to the d64 version
User Comment
Submitted by Fanta on 24 March 2008
cool demo, great soundtrack (although recycled which is bad ;-). best thing on this demo is that it saved the BP2008 demo compo, somehow.
User Comment
Submitted by Shadow on 24 March 2008
Some of us actually has MMC64s, so why not release that version so that we can feel special for a while? :)
User Comment
Submitted by null on 24 March 2008
ninja: I do realize that, just being honest here! I do think it's a nice demo, just feels like it could have been better... somehow :_D
User Comment
Submitted by Clarence on 24 March 2008
It was very good to see the parts linked together, and more importantly in time for the competition. Well done guys, and yes you saved the c64 demo compo this year!
User Comment
Submitted by Jetboy on 24 March 2008
Nice demo
User Comment
Submitted by Ninja on 24 March 2008
Burglar: If you would have read the production notes, you'd know that the loader now works on the real thing (has done so since Sunday). And if I was at Franky's situation, I also wouldn't have dropped the demo. YMMV. "Stop whining" sounds good ;) Be assured that I am not letting you wait because of cruelty.

Knoeki: Ehrm, could it be you missed the intention of this demo to finally release Murphy's effects?
User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 24 March 2008
jb, so a demo that doesn't work at all on a stock 64 + 1541, won the democompo... smells kinda fishy to me...

anyway, I'll stop whining for now ;)

the demo itself looks cool, esp the themed gfx.
User Comment
Submitted by jailbird on 24 March 2008
@Burglar: you wouldn't be very happy with it as the loader doesn't work (as far as I'm awared). I think it that the party version was taped from an MMC card, but maybe I'm wrong here.

Btw. the download link seems wrong. This is the one which works for me: ftp://ftp.untergrund.net/users/breakpoint/2008/c64_demo/Videos/..
User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 24 March 2008
not releasing the party version receives a thumb down from me. still don't understand why some party organizers allow that.
User Comment
Submitted by Mace on 24 March 2008
I'm not watching it untill I get a proper D64... :-/
User Comment
Submitted by DjS on 24 March 2008
awesome work
User Comment
Submitted by Optimus on 24 March 2008
I really like the 3d blob flares in this one. The 4*4 effects behind the trees were nice too. Actually in the streamer looked quite impressive but I know they will look more block in my C64 but who cares? :P
User Comment
Submitted by Tom-Cat on 24 March 2008
Wow, loving this one. Nice theme, nice effects (they are ALL lovely, whatever some here say) and really great music :) Bring on the D64 !
User Comment
Submitted by Oswald on 24 March 2008
here is the tech blabla: murphy's parts are still the best up to date of their kind imho. the first 3 4x4 parts are adding up two texture distortion tables and doing texturing according to the result (remember 'additive blob' tunnels on pc). I've only seen such fx on lower res/slower so far. the additive light flares fx is unique in its kind. the disco ball is a homage to boogie factor: I was interested how much I can squeeze out of such thing. and last the blue rays are simply a loader part.

thanks for the warming comments.

youtube link for teh lazy:

User Comment
Submitted by null on 23 March 2008
okay, I am going to be honest here.
As much as I like the resource guys, I think this demo is not really that good. I realize that the code is old, but really, don't do 4x4 unless you can't do better ( and I know you can! ) Picture of the moon looked a bit odd, as if there was trouble deciding against 2 colour schemes. especially the blue looks out of place.
The awesome music still makes this demo something that is worth to have on a 5.25" disk.
User Comment
Submitted by Conrad on 23 March 2008
Very nice demo, love those gooey plasmas!
Linus: Great update of the remix tune... sounds much much better!!
User Comment
Submitted by Radiant on 23 March 2008
A downvote already? Come on...
User Comment
Submitted by Ed on 23 March 2008
I tried the link but failed...
User Comment
Submitted by Soren on 23 March 2008
Great demo. It's always good to have some sort of theme for a demo, if you ask me.
Cool music and gfx. Those witches look damn evil, great job on pixelling those!
User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 23 March 2008
Ok, couldn't wait and checked the recording at my office. Tune and great gfx are about 66% of a succes of this demo. I found 4x4 plasma effect a bit overused and I really miss that moon wasn't rot-zoomed in! ;-) That would be really nice ;-). Solid and consitent piece worth at least 8/10. Special thanx for giving the C64SKCC a reason to live ;-))) (P.S.: checked again, getting better with second watching. Changed my vote to 9/10)
User Comment
Submitted by Radiant on 23 March 2008
d0c: Probably in the hands of the BP compo crew.
User Comment
Submitted by d0c on 23 March 2008
wheres the d64 images??
User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 23 March 2008
Nice to see this this excellent tune being used for a decent demo. Gotta check it when it gets out as executable. (my old machine can't play that mp3 fast enough.. ;-/ )
User Comment
Submitted by Twoflower on 23 March 2008
Really nice concept, quite well kept together. It's not Seal of Focalor, but AMN and Leons graphics keeps it together quite well. Too bad about the constant black background and the fact that the (also black) border sometimes cuts off the effects, but I figure that comes with the old code. All in all, this is a nicely connected bunch of effects with superb music by Linus.
User Comment
Submitted by Puterman on 23 March 2008
Sweet data love! 4x4 revival, pretty good flow and some fresh design, this is the kind of shit I like.
User Comment
Submitted by Radiant on 23 March 2008
Well done guys; it's pretty obvious this will be presented as the winning demo in an hour. Do I sense some inspiration? :-P

All effects and graphics are of the highest quality, and Linus's tune is still awesome. Too bad everybody else seems to be aiming for X and forgetting about the other parties, or this could have gotten some competition.
User Comment
Submitted by Joe on 23 March 2008
Nice theme and some great looking screens!
I simply love the tree-motives and the turning disco ball.
User Comment
Submitted by A3 on 23 March 2008
Great theme for a demo :)
User Comment
Submitted by jailbird on 23 March 2008
Thank you for saving the democompo!
Nice theme, I'm sure Vanja will love it! ;)
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