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Pearls for Pigs   [2008]

Pearls for Pigs Released by :
Xenon [web]

Release Date :
26 October 2008

Type :
C64 Demo

Released At :

Achievements :
C64 Demo Competition at X'2008 :  #3

User rating:*********_  9.2/10 (77 votes)   See votestatistics
*********_  9.4/10 (33 votes) - Public votes only.

Credits :
Code .... Megabrain of Xenon
  WVL of Slash Design, Xenon
Music .... A-Man of Xenon
  Arne of Alpha Flight
Graphics .... Electric of Extend
  Oxbow of Xenon
  Sander of Focus
  Savvy of Xenon
  Spectator of Success + The Ruling Company, Xenon
  Valsary of Elysium
  WVL of Slash Design, Xenon
Loader .... Krill of Plush

SIDs used in this release :
Xenox's Intro Tune(/MUSICIANS/A/Arne/Xenoxs_Intro_Tune.sid)

Scrolltext and other text in this release : ()
Text in bottom 3d-scroller
Text in endpart
Text in interference part
Text in top 3d-scroller

Download :

Look for downloads on external sites:

User Comment
Submitted by JAYCE - THE MiNiSTRY on 15 August 2021
Didn't see this until today for some reason, but it's excellent!!!
User Comment
Submitted by psych858o on 18 January 2020
Been watching it again today....what a ride! Awesome in every aspect!
User Comment
Submitted by HCL on 4 April 2014
Damn fine demo this!! Many great effects and very well executed. For me, this one is on higher level than most of today's demos.

The screen with the pig is still epic, the music, the graphics, and the whole screen animated.. Such a great moment in scene history!!
User Comment
Submitted by ѕiηk on 21 March 2014
User Comment
Submitted by Sounx on 28 January 2014
Though my personal contribution was somewhat doubtful, I can indeed remember we had a small meet at Megabrain's place and WVL assembled every XEN member to do some work on the blinking eyes.

Great fun and the result... Well, WVL being the genius he is, pulled it off amazingly.
User Comment
Submitted by Yazoo on 25 May 2013
...still i think this demo has one of the best soundtracks ever (and the demo is one of my all time favourites anyways)
User Comment
Submitted by Shine on 12 November 2012
Nice masterpiece! :)
User Comment
Submitted by Magic on 12 September 2012
Instand classic! Love the pig! Greetz to WVL!
User Comment
Submitted by Axis/Oxyron on 1 May 2012
After watching this again I have to send some big respect to A-Man. Damn, is this music good!
User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 16 November 2010
First time I ever watch this demo. And what a nice Tuesday-surprise! Some truly great effects and music, nice flow. 3D scroller is simply amazing! Possibly the nicest scroller I've ever witnessed on a C64. Looking forward to your next production!
User Comment
Submitted by plagueis on 6 September 2010
I don't know why I just got around to watching this tonight for the first time. Amazing!!! Bravo. Nice effects and so much originality here. I'll be watching this in regular rotation for some time to come.
User Comment
Submitted by WVL on 12 March 2010
Ready : Your post just made my day :) Maybe some nice trivia : the pig-fli animations were done in Timanthes and the file had 98 different layers :) (Timanthes was really struggling with that!)

Everybody went totally crazy drawing all the anims and even more so when I spotted problems all around ;) and a lot of things had to be redone.

Afterwards I went totally crazy with merging all the anims into a usable file.. blergh!

But for sure the work wasn't wasted.
User Comment
Submitted by ready. on 12 March 2010
1.5 years old daughter dances when whatching this demo and joyfully points one finger at the pig, another finger at her eyes when the pig's eye blink. pig receives a lot of kisses too!
User Comment
Submitted by Stainless Steel on 9 May 2009
Just had to comment again on A-Man's awesome tracks. The master of EQ FX.

10 just for the music. And everything else ofcourse too :-D
User Comment
Submitted by Thunder.Bird on 1 May 2009
beware of Schweinegrippe :P
User Comment
Submitted by Stainless Steel on 26 March 2009
Definitley some of A-Man's finest work. Awesome tracks. Grade A demo.

User Comment
Submitted by elkmoose on 26 March 2009
i need to say, i really love this one, especially the pig part, it rocks so hard, i could spend hours watching it! awesome work guys!
User Comment
Submitted by Linus on 19 March 2009
Yep, it *still* rules bigtime after all the time that has passed ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Edhellon on 19 March 2009
Just watched it yesterday again, it still rulez bigtime.
User Comment
Submitted by Exin64 on 7 January 2009
The picture in the screenshot reminds me of the movie Dreamcatcher. ;-)
User Comment
Submitted by spider-j on 8 November 2008
Amazing demo. It was my absolute X'2008 favorite before EOD was released to the public. My personal 2nd place.
User Comment
Submitted by lbp on 8 November 2008
great partydemo! i especially dig the (outstanding) music sync with the visual effects, which can be found everywhere throughout the demo. the wobbly interference part followed by the kefrens is top notch!
User Comment
Submitted by assiduous on 6 November 2008
this demo has the best soundtrack from all X2008 democompo entries(barring Vicious Sid but its good in a different way). coupled with Valsary`s gfx,afew great effects- in particular the 3d scroller which i like the most- it makes a gorgeus demo. another good thing about it is now that its finished and released the most impressive C64 game may come closer to being realized:)
User Comment
Submitted by Steppe on 6 November 2008
Sander, the scrolling's too fast, you don't get to appreciate the great pixels you've put there. Had to pause the emu to see it's actually yours.
User Comment
Submitted by Jucke on 6 November 2008
Damn!! Seriously, I never knew Xenon was a kickass demogroup like this. Am truly impressed by this demo, and would have voted it first if was at the party. It has a interesting atmosphere, originality and even impressive effects ontop of that. The music is really nice too and actually fits the demo, enhances it, which is quite unusual these days. I will show this to my non data friends.
User Comment
Submitted by Jammer on 5 November 2008
effectwise i put it above EoD. but, still, EoD is a master of editing ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Sander on 5 November 2008
Damn, i notice this music sticks to my mind - i enjoy it though :)

@Steppe: W0t, Elvis no good? Come again?! ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Steppe on 1 November 2008
The hires twister, WOW!
The following effect, endless zoom, OOOH!
The Xenon logo -> unreadable...
3D scroller, ew? *rubs eyes*
Pig part, what the hell...!?
Elvis, hm... (that part is so-so)
Wobbling interferences, YIEEHAAA!
Horizontal kefrens bars, hmpf. Maybe you need to be a coder to understand it.
All border stretcher, looks a bit ugly.
Embryo pic, great!
During the compo I thought: What do these treetrunks want to tell me? Odd music. Boring.
At home I thought: Still a strange sad endpart. Wicked music. Interesting.
After my 5th time of watching this demo I fell so in love with this part. Vewwwy atmosferik, wow, it really touches me. Music is nothing but a masterpiece. Same goes for all the other tunes in this demo, they need time to grow on you.
(Tempted to raise my vote to 10 now, but let's give it another 5 private sessions with this fabulous demo, ok?)
User Comment
Submitted by Motion on 31 October 2008
Yeah the pig is by Valsary (look at the top left for his sneaky signature), isn't this part just great? The music is just wonderful, I'm blasting it out hard on my speakers here, really catchy tunes. The gfx are just wonderful and some great code fx, great work guys!
User Comment
Submitted by QuasaR on 30 October 2008
@oys: I think the pigs are from Valsary.
And yep, the demo is really great! Liked the pig and eye animation! I hope we don't have to wait another 8 years to see a great Xenon demo... ;)
User Comment
Submitted by oys on 30 October 2008
i really dig this one and sanders picture are so wonderful nice! (the pig are also very sweet), great work!
User Comment
Submitted by WVL on 30 October 2008
Crossbow? He's just an invention of our imagination, he doesnt exist! And even if he did exist, he can't do 80 real kefrens bars either ;) (ehr.. 1 pixel high bars dont count obviously.. minimum is 9 pixels high for it to count)
User Comment
Submitted by Radiant on 30 October 2008
WVL: You said the i-word! Now Crossbow will slap you in the face. ;-)
User Comment
Submitted by WVL on 30 October 2008
@HCL :

hope you didnt check out the code for those horizontal kefrens yet ;) You'll be really disappointed ;))

BTW, did I mention it is _impossible_ to do 80 real horizontal kefrens? I tried and got struck by the fail. :( By real I mean you can position every bar at any position, so no animations.
User Comment
Submitted by HCL on 29 October 2008
Very nice demo. The blinking pig is just brilliant, as well as many of the effects. @dk: Yes, i was screaming loud about the horizontal kefrens-bars, i don't know.. i was in such a good mood ;). But the rest of the effects still stand for a sober audience.

Really like the music (yepp, why don't ppl mention that?) by A-man. I get the feeling that the instruments are a bit Randall-inspired, am i right? Fits very well to the whole thing. And of course also stunning gfx!!

@Scout: No, EoD is not 40-tracks disks.
User Comment
Submitted by Clarence on 27 October 2008
I love this demo! Some of the finest new effects for the last years can be found here. The 320*200 50 fps rotator, the 3d scroller (which was unfortunately hard to see on the projector) and the very cleverly done interference beating it's precedessor in many ways. The x-y flipping fullscreen zoomer is also neat. The horizontal Kefrens should not have been skipped, they are just shown for a bit too long. The main soundtrack is also simply great. The gfx are also proof of real craftmanship...
This demo is my personal #2 in the very close demo compo.
User Comment
Submitted by WVL on 27 October 2008
I added a 35 track version that consists of 2 .d64's for the people who cannot transfer a 40 track d64.. Just insert side 2 after loading the first file, and then run it.
User Comment
Submitted by anix on 27 October 2008
"live" video here
User Comment
Submitted by Scout on 27 October 2008
@shadow: keep in mind this demo is made for a 40 track disk. Afaik, transferring with Warpcopy/RR-Net is a no-go.

Edge Of Disgrace is a 40 trackdisk demo too, btw.
User Comment
Submitted by Shadow on 27 October 2008
Excellent demo! Superb coding and magnificent graphics. The pig+eyes animiation looks great.
Several effects that made me go 'How the fuck did they do that!??'

Strange thing though, the endpart will not work on my C64. It scrolls the pic to the top, but when the parallax effect should appear (which it does when I run it in VICE) nothing happens, just pic on the top, black screen and music playing. I have done two different transfers to disk, but same thing happens on both copies.
User Comment
Submitted by daison on 27 October 2008
Brilliant effects and fresh ideas! Nice tune indeed, and lovely packaged with gfx&transitions.
The end part felt a bit rushed though.
Anyway, great to see another one from you guys! Looking forward to see more!

User Comment
Submitted by Spectator on 27 October 2008
Kool to see so many positive reactions!

Valsary's gfx actually aren't that old compared to some of the other gfx, which were drawn 8 years ago.

As for the end part, it's 90% finished.. so a 100% version will follow, just wait and see (but don't expect it too soon!). It is actually my favorite part (and A-man's tune rules!).
User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 26 October 2008
I dont see enough ppl praising A-Man for his awesome soundtrack.

so A-Man, you rule!

this demo grows on you a lot, liking it more and more ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Paul Bearer on 26 October 2008
Pretty much perfect.
User Comment
Submitted by Optimus on 26 October 2008
Starts well with an awesome big chessboard rotozoomer, cool interference circles, some other great ideas (pig eyes gfx anim). Another great one!
User Comment
Submitted by Jammer on 26 October 2008
fresh like a green tasty apple glistening with water drops. quite short but man doesn't need much time to have a hard-on seeing this :D
User Comment
Submitted by Scout on 26 October 2008
Proud to be dutch when I see this.
User Comment
Submitted by Axis/Oxyron on 26 October 2008
hey, i really really like this demo. brilliant graphics and some top notch codepr0n. i especially like that chessboards in the beginning and the perspective scrollers.
User Comment
Submitted by Hate Bush on 26 October 2008
stunning. so full of everything.
User Comment
Submitted by Archmage on 26 October 2008
Although it is a bit inconsistent, this one really features some great graphics methinks. Sander rules of course, and so does the guy who did the Tool'ish pig-picture. The screen with the 3d scroller was also very tasteful I think.
User Comment
Submitted by _V_ on 26 October 2008
The eye blinking world record is a world first and hard to forget. But... I'm gonna beat it, just wait ;) The end part felt like it was missing something... now I know why :).
User Comment
Submitted by Mace on 26 October 2008
Spectacular code and really original stuff. I especially like that 3D/perspective scroller!
It would have been even better if it wasn't just a well-glued set of separate parts, if you catch my drift...
User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 26 October 2008
I like this one! Good shit!

It crashed on the elvis part for me once, but... only once, so who knows..
User Comment
Submitted by TPM on 26 October 2008
i liked this demo most in some way.. probably because of the design and (sometimes subtile) code-pr0n effects like the 3D-scroller. Xenon did an awesome job!
User Comment
Submitted by Sander on 26 October 2008
I'm still quite shocked to see how well this demo turned out! It has a rich visual experience and has real nice timing. Professor WVL delivers!
Good to finally see the demo from Holland's #1 :)
User Comment
Submitted by JackAsser on 26 October 2008
Super nice work Werner! :D
User Comment
Submitted by jailbird on 26 October 2008
Awesome graphics and very neat effects!
I LOL'd when I saw Oswaldbogár :D
User Comment
Submitted by DeeKay on 26 October 2008
Leon: From what I heard the valsary pics were made years ago, so don't get your hopes up just yet! 8(

Great Demo thouogh, I was sitting next to HCL in the compo, and he seemed to be rather impressed with the horizontal Kefrens! ;-D At first I thought it was hard-poking into an AFLI bitmap screenram, but that's too slow, then i thought sprites, but seeing how it's 1 char minimum it's probably some DYCP on steroids! ;-)
That 3D scroller is awesome, I totally did not even notice on the bigscreen for some reason!
Love the part with the pig and the eyes, also that you change the texture of the rotating spritezoomer when it's on its backside is great. The endpart may not be as coder-pr0n as the other stuff but I like it, since it totally looks and sounds like a Panoramic Designs thing! 8)
User Comment
Submitted by Deev on 26 October 2008
Some really nice parts, I like the intro a lot, loved that 3d shadow scroller and the thing with the pig eyes was quite cool. Agree with Blackdroid that it lost the flow slightly with the bars, still a very nice demo though.
User Comment
Submitted by leonofsgr on 25 October 2008
brilliant demo! and valsary back! \o/ yeaaaaahhhh! ! ! ! ! !
User Comment
Submitted by Testa on 25 October 2008
yeah the intro has hypnotized me.. don't get me wrong this is a nice demo but somehow i got the feeling that you guys could get even more out of it, besides this and i didn't like the pig, i think you are one of the best dutch groups we have at the moment... well done....

User Comment
Submitted by blackdroid on 25 October 2008
Some great effects, music and ok graphics, more importantly a really good flow all the way to the wobbly interference part. After that I lost interest, imho the bars should have been skipped.

oh and thanks for making me feel drunk without the need to drink :) and the scroller with the shadow, very nice.
User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 25 October 2008
totally dig the intro effect, makes you dizzy ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Alias Medron on 25 October 2008
User Comment
Submitted by The Phantom on 25 October 2008
Very nice demo indeed. I loved the Eyes & Pig.. The 2 scrollers with "realtime" shadowing was superb!
User Comment
Submitted by Lubber on 25 October 2008
Yep, very nice and very good ideas.
User Comment
Submitted by d0c on 25 October 2008
a very nice megademo :)
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