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Artillery 100%   [2010]

Artillery 100% Released by :

Release Date :
1 September 2010

Type :
C64 Demo

User rating:*********_  9/10 (55 votes)   See votestatistics
*********_  9.4/10 (23 votes) - Public votes only.

Credits :
Code .... 6R6 of Blues Muz', Nostalgia, SHAPE
  Glenn Davanger of SHAPE
  GT of Maniacs of Noise
Music .... GT of Maniacs of Noise
Graphics .... Archmage of Andromeda, EN0NE, Instinct, SHAPE
Design .... 6R6 of Blues Muz', Nostalgia, SHAPE
Charset .... 6R6 of Blues Muz', Nostalgia, SHAPE
Loader .... 6R6 of Blues Muz', Nostalgia, SHAPE

SIDs used in this release :
Artillery (credits)(/MUSICIANS/T/Tjelta_Geir/Artillery_credits.sid)
Artillery (hidden part)(/MUSICIANS/T/Tjelta_Geir/Artillery_hidden_part.sid)

Download :

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User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 5 March 2022
Yes. Geir is king.
User Comment
Submitted by Pantaloon on 5 March 2022
still one of the best demos! that music is so damn awesome!
User Comment
Submitted by Scrap on 18 November 2021
just saw this for the first time... So many cool ideas in this demo! great!
User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 27 March 2021
you need to load the correct bootfile.
hint: it's not the first file on the d64 ;)
User Comment
Submitted by BigDaddyCainer on 27 March 2021
SID is amazing, but I just get the blue scren with the music and no graphics. Do I need REU?
User Comment
Submitted by AMB on 15 October 2020
This is so rich, so emotional. There's rivers of art in this demo. Thanx SHAPE!
User Comment
Submitted by anonym on 27 June 2020
A great fader at the beginning nice music, design and style. In one word: Shape!
User Comment
Submitted by Slajerek on 11 November 2017
From me 7/10. It has really awesome potential with the Artillery music which is just perfect. But the design of the demo does not fit with music at all. I mean literally having that great music I would add INC $D020 to just have this improvised. Music 15/10, Design 3/10, Code I haven't time to look due to bad Design. By the way this is my TOP personal music track ever.
User Comment
Submitted by Sith on 16 March 2017
Only thing that's annoying is that you can't boot with * by default, but you can move the file to the top of the dir without causing issues.
User Comment
Submitted by Jak T Rip on 19 October 2015
Lately I rarely watch the same demos twice... however Artillery I watch again and again! It just sits. The music is sooooo fantastic from the first second on, it's got great design, perfect transitions and wonderful gfx plus decent coding. I just love the ride.
User Comment
Submitted by wysiwtf on 14 July 2014
totally in love with this baby, full of the most awesome gfx and the tune is also pretty awesome =)
User Comment
Submitted by Preacher on 2 May 2014
This has to be one of my favourite C64 demos ever. Fantastic graphics, great effects and a truly fantastic soundtrack. Ever since I watched this for the first time, I'm not sure the wistful melody ever left my head...
User Comment
Submitted by rez on 2 May 2014
Awesome demo! one of my favourite! not the best ever technically speaking, but everything is very well done, the demo has a very good flow so you reach the end without any boring moment, and of course both music and gfx are really really great!
perhaps the best, and biggest amount in term of quality and quantity of graphics on C64 :D
User Comment
Submitted by F7sus4 on 26 February 2014
Yea, it looked intentional, just couldn't find the cause. Thanks! :-)
User Comment
Submitted by MacGyver on 26 February 2014
Lamb: REU emulation activated? The hidden parts runs with a REU, see "Hidden Parts".
User Comment
Submitted by F7sus4 on 26 February 2014
How does it came that demo AUTOMATICALLY runs ONLY hidden part on 1541 Ultimate while starts normally at real 1541-II? :-)
User Comment
Submitted by Sith on 25 September 2013
A guy licking his breadbin; yes it's yummy haha. :)
Solid release. Beautiful SID. We want to see more, guys!

I have to type LOAD"ARTILLERY /SHAPE",8 then RUN in VICE. But since Heavy Stylus mentioned this I got to it fast.
User Comment
Submitted by celticdesign on 2 June 2013
awesome music (indeed on of the best demomusics ever) and cool gfx mixed with nice coding. a pleasure to watch this and a bit underrated to me.
another shape demo would be way cool!
User Comment
Submitted by FATFrost on 30 May 2013
So much awesomez. I am waiting for the new Shape prod....
User Comment
Submitted by Slator on 30 May 2013
I agree with yazoo, this is the best "music-disc" ever :-D on this lovely machine. Superb code, gfx and music, 100% awesome presentation
User Comment
Submitted by Yazoo on 29 May 2013
yep... maybe the best demo-music so far for me... for sure
User Comment
Submitted by FATFrost on 29 May 2013
Geir, i have tears in my eye's every time i listen to this song... thanks you very much for making such a wonder...
User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 17 February 2012
Damn! This song is still mind-blowing... <3 GT
User Comment
Submitted by Scorpion on 31 July 2011
Wow man, I'm glad I stumbled into this demo.

I have to give it to Geir, the SID is absolute amazing, with lots of variety (melody and arpeggio as part of the melody etc.) and evolving the whole time.
User Comment
Submitted by Heavy Stylus on 15 July 2011
To run this on the Ultimate 1541 II I have to type:


instead of the usual load"*",8,1

Nice REU screens btw ;)
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 12 March 2011
again I just have to say... WOW... geir.... this sid is the awesomest ever...
User Comment
Submitted by 6R6 on 6 March 2011
@Conjuror, yes, thats an old nice upscroller effect. But I think Wile wants a horizontal scroller.
User Comment
Submitted by Conjuror on 6 March 2011
@6r6 or even an 80 column scroller like in the second part of this demo: Liquid Metal

Starts off 40 cols.
User Comment
Submitted by 6R6 on 6 March 2011
:-) Wile, Yes using the $3fff bug, you can have a 40 chars wide scroller in the lower border. Unexpanded gfx. You need a REU to make it possible.
User Comment
Submitted by Wile Coyote on 5 March 2011
@6r6 You make it sound so simple. I don't recall seeing this effect in any other demo?

Can it be used to create lower border scrollers wider than 8 non expanded sprites :D
User Comment
Submitted by 6R6 on 5 March 2011
@Wile : It's done using the $3FFF bug ($7FFF in this case).
User Comment
Submitted by Wile Coyote on 5 March 2011
Some how missed the release of Artillery 100%

The hires yellow SHAPE until upper and lower border. How is that done ?
User Comment
Submitted by abaddon on 4 March 2011
I don't know how I managed to miss this. Some magnificent pixelwork and epic soundtrack. Maybe just a little lacking in the effects department.
User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 22 December 2010
Honestly... Did you listen to this music already? Is it for real??? The first time I was watching^H^H experiencing Artillery, it struck me right in the heart.

This has got to be one of the best SIDs ever composed! Besides from being technically and musically perfected (and all that), it touches you. It makes you weak and it gives you strength. It's sad but at the same time it's full of hope. I swear, it's the first SID that made me cry.

We love you Geir! Thanks for blessing us with your work!

(Oh yeah, the rest of the demo is also high class, especially the Archmage wizardry that we more and more are getting used to, but never can't seem to get enough of! =)

Keep up the good work, guys!
User Comment
Submitted by grennouille on 19 September 2010
Excellent! Won't play on my NTSC 64 but Vice is there to help me watch and hear your marvellous release!
User Comment
Submitted by Xiny6581 on 5 September 2010
This demo really gave me a moment in time. The song is probably one of the best I have ever heard in this time of my life, so to speak. The effects are nice and really give that piece of extra to the whole demo.
Very good demo and music! Well done guys and good luck in the future :)
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 3 September 2010
This demo features the best technical sid tune ever... it is so perfected Geir... I urge you to just release a tune or two a year but with the same handcraft put into this one... style is something one can argue but this is the best sid I ever have had in the c64... it is marvelous... it sound just so incredible right and proper. That would be my argue, it is too perfect maybe... but for me that is the coolest... Love it so much!
User Comment
Submitted by Nightlord on 3 September 2010
very nice to watch those great gfx in the context of a demo. Especially being accompanied by this "OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! WHAT KIND OF SICK AWESOMENESS!! UNBELIVABLY GREAT!!! COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED ME, LIFE WILL NOT BE SAME FROM NOW ON, I AM A DIFFERENT PERSON" soundtrack :)

Geir dude WTF! I salute you

Codewise, clean but just a bit slow at times (the colorram effects behind the bitmaps) The twister is my most favorite part of the demo code-wise.
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 3 September 2010
Well, offence have always been faster than blackmail... ha ha... I used a lot of time to get into the scene again Geir, but it had to be so because of life. I would love to have that music in the part we know but then again it works so perfectly in the shape demo so I think that is even cooler to using it there. But we are back and will give out a demo soon too... The cool thing about the scene, I almost think this is the coolest, there are no deadlines other than the ones one put on ourselves and that is cool, not like at my office and have to deliver every day. I love that about the scene... time is mostly no issue in a way... hey we do create stuff on a computer that were released in 1982... that is soon 29 years ago... that is a timeframe for you right there... Hope to see you all on X, and after the demo Artillery I really hope there will be a new shape demo too...
User Comment
Submitted by Wile Coyote on 3 September 2010
(comment no.2)

The intro complete with Tetris shapes. As much as it rocked, it would have rocked even harder, if the shapes exited via the lower border :D
Also, as much as the speed suited the demo, could the speed at which the Tetris shapes fall have been faster?
User Comment
Submitted by GT on 3 September 2010
Actually this tune was made allready in april 2008. I Tried to convince PAL/Offence to look at the scene activity and get involved, but he took a year until he reacted. It was first planned for Offence. GRG's demo was getting together more quickly, about 2 years quicker. :) But I guess Offence will show up with something cool sound-wise from some cool guy you haven't heard from in decades. :)

Takk to those who like it. I'm quite bored of it (the tune). LOL
User Comment
Submitted by Stone on 3 September 2010
What a lovely demo! Great tune Geir, it keeps evolving all the way through and never gets dull. Awesome work guys!

(I initially had trouble running it in VICE, but after reading GRGs note I disabled all but one disk drive and it worked fine)
User Comment
Submitted by Hydrogen on 3 September 2010
Graphics are just great, but most of them are not exclusively made for the demo I think, it was used in some demos(amplifire) and compos(concubism, datazombies from hell, lick it oldshool) So this demo isn't graphically impressive for me.

Music is outstanding.Amazing sounds and catchy melodies. Really delicious.
Also twister looks really cool, some screens designed well like equalizer and some trasitions are well made.
User Comment
Submitted by Flex on 3 September 2010
Geir, the tune is perfect 10!!!
User Comment
Submitted by Yazoo on 2 September 2010
still this includes one of the best demo-tunes
User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 2 September 2010
A 100% version of an 85% relase - That was unexpected! ;) Mostly, those remain unfinished forever.

Worth the effort, however, thumbs up.
User Comment
Submitted by Inge on 2 September 2010
Det er deilig å være norsk... :) Kanonbra jobba gutter!!!
User Comment
Submitted by Malmix on 2 September 2010
Awesome! A very qualified 100% version.
User Comment
Submitted by daison on 2 September 2010
What's changed in comparison with the 90% version?
The tune still rocks!
User Comment
Submitted by tempest on 2 September 2010
Solid demo with great graphics. The last pic was a real jawdropper.
User Comment
Submitted by Motion on 2 September 2010
Lovin' the SX-64 at the end! Archmage is one of the lucky chaps that owns one. Great production guys - full of love! Oh, ...and about fookin' time, too! ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Ant on 2 September 2010
Pure class.
User Comment
Submitted by Ksubi on 2 September 2010
Really nice work and good to see yet another demo finished to 100%. I think though I was more impressed with the hidden parts, awesome old school feel. Good work!
User Comment
Submitted by The Phantom on 2 September 2010
Very nice graphic demo.

I loved the opener, with the tetris pieces falling about. Amazing.

Smooth transitions throughout the entire production. Music kicked ass too!
User Comment
Submitted by pvcf on 2 September 2010
sometimes wrong sid detection here.
User Comment
Submitted by Pantaloon on 1 September 2010
really nice!
User Comment
Submitted by plagueis on 1 September 2010
I like the style and the design of this. Fun transitions and fade-in/outs. I like the chunky plasma under bitmap!...of course I have the advantage of not being around the 64 during the PC-effects explosion, so I never got jaded to that stuff :) Also, the twister implementations were original too I thought. The pics were great of course. 9+ to 10!
User Comment
Submitted by Sixx on 1 September 2010
Made me smile like a retard. Not one single boring screen, great gfx and msx and awesome effects. Top Notch. Sweden gives 9 points.
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 1 September 2010
Archmage... I have looked at this over and over again today and you are a true master... one could argue the style, but there is no way in hell one could argue the craft you have put into this... so a 10 for me on that alone. Very good use of multicolor, some of the best ever created on the c64 in my mind when I really investigate your creations...
User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 1 September 2010

...and I also liked how the BFP-pic with the C64 was first shown in the original orientation with the C64 keyboard mirrored (i.e. Datazombies From Hell ), but then flipped so the C64 keyboard was instead shown in the correct orientation. Finally! Justice! ;)

Also.. Too bad Archmage doesn't have a handle that starts with G too. ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Chrom_ on 1 September 2010
Amazing use of the colours and smooth effects. The music rocks. This is a top quality prod!
User Comment
Submitted by Cobra/Samar on 1 September 2010
Nice gfx and msx.
User Comment
Submitted by MagerValp on 1 September 2010
To make the note text readable, enter the VICE monitor and enter:

> 9116 4c 10 01
> 0110 8d 18 d0 ad 06 91 49 01 09 c8 8d 16 d0 4c 19 91
User Comment
Submitted by JackAsser on 1 September 2010
Sweet!! :D Very nice! Loader indicator, haha! Nice one! :D
User Comment
Submitted by Ed on 1 September 2010
Splendid. Have made a smaller review in VN #53. :)
User Comment
Submitted by Slator on 1 September 2010
a real beauty. Thanx for the nice work.
Superb artwork, everything in perfect shape I would say ;-)
User Comment
Submitted by Cresh on 1 September 2010
Thank you!
User Comment
Submitted by Richard on 1 September 2010
Very nice demo. I like most of the effects in this production. Brilliant music. :)
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 1 September 2010
Super Geir music, fantastic Archmage art and all put together so nice by GRG... love it! Cool to see all the multicolor images and the hires ones too... Very very professional!
User Comment
Submitted by Wile Coyote on 1 September 2010
That was entertaining. Thanks.
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