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Plain PETSCII Graphics Competition 2013

Plain PETSCII Graphics Competition 2013

- PETSCII rulez - If you can print it, it's PETSCII

Event Type :
Standalone Compo


Dates :
29 August - 31 October 2013

Organizers :
Achim, TheRyk

Competition Results :

C64 Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
3Victor Charlie by MermaidDownload9.89.8
4N00NEFUKWITEN0NE by ArchmageDownload9.89.8
2I HAS FLOPPY!! by redcrabDownload9.79.8
1Gary by MermaidDownload9.69.7
9Mikulas vs. Krampusz by HermitDownload9.69.9
21The Last Ninja by Wile CoyoteDownload9.39.6
6PETSCII & Pilt by PalDownload9.39.2
7Daft Robot by Wile CoyoteDownload9.29.5
5The Game Is Apaw! by iLKkeDownload9.29.6
12Undo by rexbengDownload9.19.3
8Voodoo Love by Wile CoyoteDownload8.98.9
15Evening at Home by Dr. TerrorZDownload8.99.2
17La caja de pandora by AcidT*Download8.99.3
13Eye Candy by DaneDownload8.89.2
14Walter White (and grey) by GoatDownload8.78.8
16End Game - The Boss Stag by ilesjDownload8.6
29Cubiic by Kristian MyklebustDownload8.58.5
31HELP by Slayer GrafixDownload8.59.6
19Hey let's play! by ilesjDownload8.4
26Tear by Slayer GrafixDownload8.4
22M30W by LeonDownload8.39.1
11Skullbot by Dr. TerrorZDownload8.38.7
30Han som reiste by 8R0TK4$T3NDownload8.3
47Punched Monkey by ReekolDownload8.38.7
20Asterix bei den Pikten by DomspitzeDownload8.2
48Monkey Strong! by UneksijaDownload8.2
18Let's All Celebrate For Your Leader Has a New Shiny Crown! by UneksijaDownload8.2
26Stereo-type by MalmixDownload8.19.4
25The Stillness and The Shadow by WacekDownload8.08.5
10Mantis Compo Version by Slayer GrafixDownload8.0
23Seekin' Sirens' Shelter by LucaDownload7.9
53SRA-CII by HermitDownload7.9
26Cold Red Scarf by ReekolDownload7.8
44Owl's Howl by ManuDownload7.8
40The Day the World Was Not Saved by UneksijaDownload7.68.0
52Petscii "Dragon's Gate" by ShineDownload7.6
38The Legend of Zelda - Spirit Tracks by DomspitzeDownload7.6
34PETSCII Nagel by LeichtfußDownload7.6
32Big C by NuckheadDownload7.6
36PETSCII ME! by GoatDownload7.58.1
43Rabbit on Acid Trip by ManuDownload7.5
50Hunter in the Shallows by HammerfistDownload7.5
55Petscii "Flux" by ShineDownload7.48.4
49Turtles Petscii by JSLDownload7.37.7
39By Your Command by finchyDownload7.37.8
37Hidden Violence by TheRykDownload7.37.8
46Dawn of Reason by iLKkeDownload7.3
73Meanwhile in an Other Galaxy by HermitDownload7.2
40The Valley Introscreen by DeeKayDownload7.2
34Star Power by EndurionDownload7.07.8
71Made in the 80s by DaimansionDownload7.0
32Gimma 3 by Dr. TerrorZDownload7.0
45Bees Petscii by JSLDownload7.0
40Petscii "Ghoul" by ShineDownload6.8
68Toro DiabolikoDownload6.8
57Endspiel by MarvinDownload6.8
55sm by LeichtfußDownload6.7
61The Capitol by GoatDownload6.67.4
51LFant by LeichtfußDownload6.5
65The Hidden Introscreen by DeeKayDownload6.4
62Joker by SteveboyDownload6.4
88Chessboard by Spider JerusalemDownload6.2
66CheValley by TheRykDownload6.2
54Ribbonman by MarqDownload6.2
59CaptainFuturePETSCII by CapFuture1975Download6.2
69Blocky Bub by finchyDownload6.1
58Mayan God of Fear by ReekolDownload6.1
60Midnight Hour by HammerfistDownload5.9
72Missing Samus Revisited by 8R0TK4$T3NDownload5.8
67M30W M30W by LeonDownload5.6
76Funkeln by MarvinDownload5.6
83Squarefrac by Monte CarlosDownload5.6
62Snails Petscii by JSLDownload5.5
74Super Ness by ChancerDownload5.4
70New York by DaimansionDownload5.4
85Chip 6581 by NuckheadDownload5.36.9
76007 by DaimansionDownload5.1
64Innocence by EndurionDownload5.1
79Petcchi Pin-up by 8R0TK4$T3NDownload5.1
75The (PETSCI)IT Crowd by LucaDownload5.0
84C ya by finchyDownload5.0
78Our House by MarqDownload4.7
825bot vs. Souroman by 5botDownload4.7
98Medieval Castle by King DurinDownload4.6
86C=MPS803 by VC1542Download4.6
87You See? I.C. by NuckheadDownload4.4
89250441 by q0wDownload4.3
99Pyramid on Nile by G-FellowDownload4.3
96Pillars and Wheels by King DurinDownload4.3
91PET8 by q0wDownload4.2
81Asymmetric Anger by TheRykDownload4.1
95Wine and Cheese by MetalfootDownload3.4
100C64 Scene History by G-FellowDownload3.4
90Pikachu by Mary BDownload3.2
94?Entropy Too High Error by Spider JerusalemDownload3.2
103Yours Balls by Monte CarlosDownload3.1
92Molwas by VC1542Download3.0
100Forum=64 by CapFuture1975Download2.9
93PETSCII Batman V1.1 by TadpoleDownload2.9
102Live and die by SkyffelDownload2.5
105Live Free or Die by King DurinDownload2.4
104City at Night by G-FellowDownload2.0
106Smuts by CHR$(142)Download1.5
79Rebus 100% by q0wDownload
97Guennie by VC1542Download
23Last Ninja V1.b by war64burnoutDownload

Productions released outside compos :
39811 by Dinasours (Graphics)
Alfred E. Neuman (Graphics)
Baum Paar (Graphics)
Blockbert (Graphics)
Blue Bomber by Panther Moderns (Graphics)
BlueMYD!SCII by Mayday! (Graphics)
Butterfly Petscii (Graphics)
Char Explosion by Algotech (Graphics)
Devoted Voting Engine 2013 (Graphics Collection)
Donald Duck (Graphics)
Dragon Attack by Avatar (Graphics)
Druidsnack by svenonacid (Graphics)
Dusk (Graphics)
Elvis (Graphics)
Feel Like Dancing (Graphics)
Fire & Ice (Graphics)
Flowers Petscii (Graphics)
Hexenkueche (Graphics)
IHOF (Graphics)
JL (Graphics)
Last Ninja [discarded version] (Graphics)
Last Ninja V1.a (Graphics)
M.U.L.E. Main by Avatar (Graphics)
Mantis (Graphics)
Missing Samus (Graphics)
Pearl Necklace by Metalvotze (Graphics)
Petscii "Fairplay" (FUNEntry) (Graphics)
Petscii "Mesh-Wire" (Graphics)
Petscii "Newton's Law" (FUNEntry) (Graphics)
Petscii "Nippon Temple" (Graphics)
PETSCII Batman (Graphics)
PETSCII Batman V1.2 (Graphics)
PETSki (Graphics)
Plain PETSCII Compo 2013 Results Scroller by Mayday! (Graphics Collection)
Platte 80 (Graphics)
Ready-Set-Go! by Avatar (Graphics)
Rebus 50% (Graphics)
Return of the Jedi (Graphics)
Save New York (Graphics)
sny [discarded version] (Graphics)
Sword and Shield by Avatar (Graphics)
Tapes Don't Smile (Graphics)
Thanx you 64 by Backbone Society (Graphics)
Undone (Graphics)
Wearing Sunglasses at Night (Graphics)
Who to Thank? (Graphics)

Attendants : (50)
5bot, 8R0TK4$T3N, AcidT*, Archmage, Chancer, CHR$(142), Daimansion, Dane, Domspitze, Dr. TerrorZ, Endurion, finchy, G-Fellow, Goat, Hammerfist, Hermit, ilesj, iLKke, JSL, King Durin, Kristian Myklebust, Leichtfuß, Leon, Luca, Malmix, Manu, Marq, Marvin, Mary B, Medvurst, Mermaid, Monte Carlos, Nuckhead, Pal, q0w, redcrab, Reekol, rexbeng, Shine, Sixx, Skyffel, Spider Jerusalem, Steveboy, Tadpole, TheRyk, Uneksija, VC1542, Wacek, war64burnout, Wile Coyote

Releases containing information on this event :
Plain PETSCII Compo 2013 Results Scroller  

User Comment
Submitted by Marq on 24 August 2015
Yeah, about time to revive the compo :)

User Comment
Submitted by Cresh on 31 July 2015
What about 2015 edition, guys?

User Comment
Submitted by Jak T Rip on 26 November 2013
Wow, congrats Mr. Ryker, the compo was such an amazing success!!

And I agree, there are at least 15 number ones in there. Who would have thought, after all these years, that we would be stunned again by a PETSCII compo?? You who have competed here are all just amazing!

User Comment
Submitted by iLKke on 18 November 2013
Congrats everyone, this has been great fun.

The number of excellent entries is ridiculous, and the stylistic diversity is amazing.

There are at least 15 entries that are "number one" for me :)

User Comment
Submitted by redcrab on 18 November 2013
Thanks to everyone involved in this amazing compo! Special thanks goes to Gary for showing us the way <3

User Comment
Submitted by Nuckhead on 18 November 2013
Congrats to the winners Mermaid & Redcrab. So many talented artists, I'm utterly amazed of the level of art here.. Thanx to Achim & TheRyk for compo and Marq for a great tool!

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 18 November 2013
Finished entering ranking.

@Mermaid: at least two more :)
The Stillness and The Shadow
Asymmetric Anger
besides: Congratulations!

User Comment
Submitted by Mermaid on 18 November 2013
A massive thank you to TheRyk and Achim for organising this compo, and to everyone who took part, I'm simply awestruck by the amount of great pictures! Also a great big thank you to Fieserwolf for Petscii Editor V3 that I used for both my entries, and to Marq for opening up the world of petscii for a bunch of great artists with his excellent editor.

As for the compo within a compo, I count at least 6 The Hidden/The Valley entries:
Rebus 100%
Hidden Violence
The Valley Introscreen
The Hidden Introscreen
Did I miss any?

User Comment
Submitted by Archmage on 18 November 2013
Congrats to Vanja and Andre! Well deserved of course! You guys never seize to amaze! Also thanks to The Ryk and Achim for excellent organizing.

User Comment
Submitted by Shine on 18 November 2013
AMAZING COMPO!!! So many talented gfx artists! Simply: WOW! :)
Now all need to vote TheRyk and Achim for their very good work organizing this awesome competition. :)

EDIT: Big thanks goes also to Marq with his very nice tool PETSCII

User Comment
Submitted by wacek on 18 November 2013
Hedning, they were not hiding - they were not drawn to/exposed to this graphics mode before, and therefore not able to apply their talents to it. And I think everyone's glad they did :)

Thank you for a great compo, with such a inflow of amazing entries I am very proud of my 25th place :)

Unfortunately, I counted only 5 Hidden/Valley entries, so that means no conclusion on the compo within a compo... :(

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 18 November 2013
Wow! I love the results! Congrats Mermaid and Redcrab! Archmage's picture is also a winner. And ilkke and pal... And wile coyote, Slayer Grafix, Dr. TerrorZ, rexbeng and hermit... So many great PETSCII artists. Where were you all hiding? This compo really was a revolution.

User Comment
Submitted by Rough on 18 November 2013
Mantis only 10th? You guys got no clue at all.

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 17 November 2013
Voting and results file are done!
Plain PETSCII Compo 2013 Results Scroller

Please gimme some rest, I'm gonna fix the ranking in this entry and missing credits in voting engine and results scroller shortly.
Edit: 01:03 a.m. credited top 40, congratulations to all who made it into the results scroller, was tough enough!

BTW, feel free to be faster than myself with the remaining credits :)


User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 14 November 2013
less than 4 hours to vote :)

results to be released about Sunday

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 4 November 2013
It's there: Devoted Voting Engine 2013

Please mail me the VOTING.PRG (or complete Image) plus! your top 5, e.g. like this:

From: Uberscener[ÄT]CSDb.dk to ryker[ÄT]freenet.de
Rank / Entry Nr

01./ 000
02./ 987
03./ 123
04./ 133
05./ 777

Attached: Image including -> or only Single File VOTING.PRG

Of course it's also okay to send them seperately as long as I can identify via handle or mail address which belongs where.

by the 14th of Nov 23:59:59 CEST. <- 10 days should due inspite of the delay.

OH  NO : 0 points
SO  SO : 1 point
 GOOD  : 2 points
FINE   : 3 points
TOP PIC: 4 points

On top your ranked top 5 will get: (as in the example mail above)
Rank Score
   1      1.0
   2      0.8
   3      0.6
   4      0.4
   5      0.2

In the end everything will be cleared of self-votes (<- that's why I insist on nicks and publicity), summed up and divided by number of votes.

<-EDIT 7th of Nov about voting participants: Since it was not crystal clear: Self-Voting will be cleared PROPERLY, i.e. The entry score is in the end of course devided by no. of votes clear of self-votes not by no. of voters in total, so you do definetely neither damage your own score nor boost it but not influence it at all.

Anything else should be clear by rules or screens in the voting machine .prg.

Happy Voting


User Comment
Submitted by Marq on 4 November 2013
As a little ad: Zoo 2013 is taking place next weekend and they accept remote entries to the PETSCII competition - one more outlet for your surplus works :)

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 4 November 2013
Yeah, as usual, real life somehow crossed my plans. Shouldn't have announced "this weekend", seems to take till this afternoon/evening (= Monday 4th CEST).

Status: Everything is ripped and crunched, engine works and generates "VOTING.PRG". Very little remains to be done (basically testing, could release it in a hurry now, but I'd rather not...), so hold the line... ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Rough on 2 November 2013
"to give you some reasons to hate each other"

That's the main reason you started this, isn't it, Ryk? ^^

Anyway, waiting eagerly for that vote-program. I'm hanging around in bed with a fucking flu.

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 1 November 2013
No worries, after you went through all pics, you can choose
a) Revise votes
b) Watch only top votes again for making Top 5 decision
c) Generate voting.prg

@Marq: It's great how the competition gave people like Algorithm and you the drive to code tools for working on that format. Of course it's also easier to convert pictures now, we had some little quarrel about that not only here but also on forum64.de. My bottom line was and is that the debate is superfluous because true art will always triumph over wired stuff. I am happy your editor kind of boosted the curiosity of users and thus, the amount of entries.

User Comment
Submitted by Shine on 1 November 2013
@ Hammerfist:

I agree! 100% :)

User Comment
Submitted by Hammerfist on 1 November 2013
Will the vote engine allow us to revisit pictures after voting? For serious vote-work I prefer to establish a baseline of a number of entries and work from there. If I give 10/10 too early, better pictures won't get their due rewards! :)

User Comment
Submitted by BokanoiD on 1 November 2013
Awesome. Will vote on the real thing, using 1084 monitor.

User Comment
Submitted by Marq on 1 November 2013
Wow - that's been quite a ride! Really happy and surprised that talented folks put my modest editor into good use.

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 1 November 2013
106 entries, competition is over, thx to all competitors!

The already overPETSCIIfied users can relax again, the PETSCIImaniacs can look forward to the voting engine to be released this weekend (Sat or even Sunday night, gotta work today, damn real life, German Protestant regions had a day off yesterday, Catholics today but no holidays in Capital City for PETSCII worshippers).

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 31 October 2013
Ok, voting engine's almost done :)

gotta sleep

anything uploaded(!) here or on forum64.de or somehow communicated to me by 2013-10-31 23:59:59 CEST will count as handed in before deadline. Any later entries will count as "out of competition".


User Comment
Submitted by ilesj on 30 October 2013
Yeah, sounds like a great voting system! And really, the CSDb screenshot does not give justice to the pictures. On a big TV some of the pictures impressed me even more! Details become more evident, picture aspect ratio, color and sharpness are how they should be and so on.

User Comment
Submitted by uneksija on 29 October 2013
A voting engine so I can enjoy the pics and vote on the real thing? Awesome!! What a great idea!

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 29 October 2013
A few words about
Revised VOTING system:
The originally planned system "Send me your ranked top 10 as .txt" was discarded.
Main reason: I want really devoted voters who at least use an emulator,
preferrably with CRT emulation, or - in a perfect world - real hardware
for voting and take a few seconds to watch each picture.
Another reason: The original idea won't really help for ranking the 'compo fodder'
such as my own entries which no one might really regard as top 10 material, i.e. places 50 ff.

A Spartan but functional voting engine for C64 is under construction and will be released on
the following weekend.
It will use KERNEL-Load, so there shouldn't be compatibility problems with
fancy or new hardware such as SD2IEC/1541U/Chameleon and whatsoever.
It will display pic by pic as a slide show, which only shows next pic after
you voted for the currently displayed pic.
In addition(!) you will be asked to name your ranked top 5.

Competitors may vote and if they do so, they will even have to vote for own entries,
BUT the final calculation will be cleared of self-votes, which consequently won't influence
the final ranking,
so it does not matter what you vote for own entries
and including them in top 5 is not allowed.
All votes will be public afterwards in order to give you some reasons to hate each other
or create some conspiracy theories if you like. Might be more interesting than the usual
damn anonymous downvote cowards cant ;)
Further details will be explained when the voting engine is released.

In mid-November Achim (thanks a lot) will have finished an already very promising top ?? results
release as a nice mega soft scroller with music and what-not. :)

There will also be sth like a side B for all the crazy outtakes.


User Comment
Submitted by The MeatBall on 29 October 2013
100 releases in-compo and 36 out-of-compo?!? WTF, madness! And the quality of the releases is amazing!

User Comment
Submitted by algorithm on 26 October 2013
It may still be possible to pack all current entries (91) into a single filer if the average pack rate for each petscii is around 0.55 bytes or less.

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 16 October 2013
A few words on entry-locking-mania:
Imho it is a nuisance anyway on CSDb, since you often cannot even add missing information which is plain to read in a scrolltext. If you release sth new(!) like a crack or a demo and know that some people whom you are at war with might terrorize the entry parameters (I've experienced that myself), I can understand it, partially. For a standalone competition based on CSDb, you really should think twice if there's any plausible reason for locking it. Just saying, no offence intended but it even happened that an entry was locked but by mistake "out of competition". Makes interested users and compo orga puzzled and costs them some time to find out if _out_ on purpose etc.
Bottom line:
So, pleeez: If you release sth for a competition run on CSDb, at least check thoroughly if everything is correct, the entry is _in_(!) (<- not only "released at" but also "Compo" drop down must be selected!) and screenshot plus execeutable .PRG/.D64 is there as well as credits and "released by". Otherwise don't lock it, then compo host like myself or helping other users will do that for you, easily.

Thx in advance!

@Matt: Don't mention it, and I was not talking about that release in this comment, because it wasn't locked ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Matt on 16 October 2013
ah, thanks for clearing that out so quickly mate!

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 16 October 2013
@Matt: Thx for telling, I suppose(!) not you but the creator of the entry just missed sth, i.e. when creating an entry you have to adjust settings "released at event xyz" but also specify "compo: C64 Graphics" to label an entry "inside" comp. I added that for Daft Robot now.

In some cases the authors just want "outside competition" for whatever reasons. But I can't imagine this is true for wile's great pic. Otherwise he just can label it "out of comp" again and post a comment telling that it is his wish that the pic is out.

PS: Don't worry, the "out of competition" entries will make a great "side 2" ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Matt on 16 October 2013
why is Daft Robot/WEC not in the compo?
Have I missed something?

User Comment
Submitted by Xenox on 13 October 2013
Oh shit, the quality is amazing high, i'm really shocked, i remember the first gfx of the Boards, nothing to compare with the stuff released here...!

User Comment
Submitted by ChristopherJam on 11 October 2013
Dammit, I want fractional CSDB scores!

I mean, I know the winner isn't based on CSDB ranking, but I'd still like to differentiate the rating I give my top half a dozen, and they all deserve at least an eight. Excellent work, everyone.

User Comment
Submitted by Goat on 11 October 2013
>> Will anyone package all entries of this compo
>> in a singlefiler? ;-) Maybe scroll them in
>> one huge screen?

I think that an automatic upscroller (with pause function) is the best way to show several BBS screens. I did so in my collection "Art-Retro" (Art-Retro).

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 10 October 2013
@DeeKay: That's roughly my intention, maybe a loading displayer (slideshow) for the voting and a single-filer for the top XYZ ranking release. Huge soft scroller is not really planned, though, I still suck in terms of double buffering and am not too optimistical that I have time and will to learn it in the next 3 weeks :)

EDIT: Was already offered help with double buffering/softscrolling for final release, so don't expect too much, but keep your fingers crossed. Anyway, there will be at least two worthy presentations, voting slideshow will "feature" KERNEL load (which has two advantages, one: compatibility, two: I already know how to use it).

User Comment
Submitted by DeeKay on 10 October 2013
Will anyone package all entries of this compo in a singlefiler? ;-) Maybe scroll them in one huge screen? Should certainly be possible at 1500 bytes per screen (uncompressed)!

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 10 October 2013
And Waste of RAM ;) just kidding...

Status: Three more weeks to go. Inspite of all the great entries so far, don't be scared off by the high quality of the pics which are already in the competition. Compete for competing, not for winning, a couple of entries I would not see as hot favourites, are nevertheless entries I am very fond of being released here.

And forget the CSDb voting, anyway :)

PS: And bitfaker/ASC/OXY: less complaining, more competing, use whatever $d021 color you like and compete yourself instead of whining about almost everyone using black :P

User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 4 October 2013
and Tales of Esgaroth 3 :)

User Comment
Submitted by Didi on 4 September 2013
For some great examples of PETSCII art check out Colours.

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 1 September 2013
Quoting Sixx: "If there's more than six submitted logos for either The Hidden (G¤P WHQ) or The Valley (G¤P US HQ) the highest ranked picture will recive a T-shirt of free choice from Aliens T-shirts webshop. NOTE: Fake shit and plain and simple crappy logos will be ignored."

Highest ranked picture = highest ranked BBS picture for The Hidden or The Valley. Just saying.

User Comment
Submitted by JSL on 1 September 2013
First two Petscii Entry's are in. :D Snails & Flowers by Johan aka JSL...

User Comment
Submitted by Endurion on 30 August 2013

At this position I'd like (again) to recommend C64Studio, which has a nice PETSCII screen editor. The editor can export a BASIC file with PRINT statements.

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 29 August 2013
yeah of course moloch that's sth we Krauts keep confusing, esp since in some cases it's only a BrE vs AmE thing as in "criticise/critize", but here one typo really makes a meaningful semantic difference -> thx, corrected ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Moloch on 29 August 2013
Nice compo idea, hope to see some really cool entries!

"6. Price"
I hope there isn't a price to enter the compo. I'm assuming that should be prize? ;)

User Comment
Submitted by E$G on 29 August 2013
exactly what Bepp said!

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 29 August 2013
No problems with compo internal compo, Sixx, I might even compete in that sub compo, myself :)

If anyone wants to give a Chameleon to the one who PETSCIIs the most beautiful Boy George or a sandclock for the yellowest PETSCII desert, I won't oppose ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Sixx on 29 August 2013
TheRyk: We're running a compo within the compo if that's fine?

If there's more than six submitted logos for either The Hidden (G¤P WHQ) or The Valley (G¤P US HQ) the highest ranked picture will recive a T-shirt of free choice from Aliens T-shirts webshop. NOTE: Fake shit and plain and simple crappy logos will be ignored.

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 29 August 2013
Yay! Great!

User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 29 August 2013
+1 for great compo idea, +1 for out-of-CSDB voting :)

User Comment
Submitted by Sixx on 29 August 2013
Fucking A!

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 29 August 2013
1. Release Restrictions

"If you can PRINT it, then its PETSCII. Really.",
as Groepaz commented The Call from Beneath a few competitions ago.
That's exactly what we wanna see here. So it's up to you if you wanna use each character
or only SPACE and INV SPACE as long as you use one of the two charsets of the C64 character ROM.

Anything huppyfluppy like sprite overlays or rastersplit $d012/$d021/$d020 effects
as in Petscimandias , "PETSCII sprites" in bottom or top border like in
PETSCII Skull Intro
is fancy stuff and I appreciate if anyone wants to show off a little, but such
releases will be labeled as "out of competition".
The same will happen to animations as JSL likes doing, no matter whether
they consist of various screens or only a single modified byte, verrrboten.

So in general, we want nothing but 1000 bytes screen and the according amount of nibbles
(<- let's not split bytes, of course you save the whole bytes)
in the color RAM
used, fix value in $d020 and $d021 each (i.e. you have to decide on
one border plus one screen background color), no music, no scrolling, no sprites at all,
no $d016 or $d011 shaking, you know what I'm saying?
Edit 9th of Oct: To make it once again crystal clear, $d020 is border in this
competition, and it is supposed to be in one color for your entry, so please don't use different
colors in top and side borders.

However, a few lines of BASIC or ASM (meaningless what you choose) to display
the PETSCII graphics is obligatory,i.e. the file should be executable.

Edit 30th of Aug:
For fairness' sake:

Entry may not have been released before - as should go without saying, but I tell you.
And pleaaase don't be a smart ass, for example sprite "underlays" are as forbidden
as sprite overlays, I'll test each release immediately by ripping screen and color ram
and display both again, if one pixel is different, entry is disqualified. ;)

Directory art is not per se ruled out, as long as all the other
restrictions are matched, but I'd rather recommend dir artists to launch
another competition for those kind of releases, since they are hard to compare with
the truely intended kind of releases in this compo.

Edit 16th of Oct:
This is the C=64(!) scene database, other systems - even C16 are not allowed.
Everybody must use the C64 color palette in all its beauty/with all its flaws and
create an executable running on vanilla C64.

Not a restriction but a kind request: BASIC competitors will not touch
left nibble of $D018 anyway, I guess. To those who hack their own few bytes
displayer in ASM: Believe it or not, I also know a few registers in the memory
map and will rip the screen data wherever you move it, so there's no reason to
play hide and seek/be unneccessarily mysterymongering, anyway. Since I expect
more than 100 releases, in order to make the Top ??? singlefiling as easy and
fast as possible after the competition, I'd be thankful if you just use $0400 for screen RAM
and only use VIC-Bank from $0000 to $3fff ($dd00 bits 0-1: %11) preferrably,
in short: the default values after you turn on the vanilla machine in direct modus.

As the competition master I reserve the right to add further restrictions just
in case there are other tricks I forgot, we really want plain PETSCII.

2. No. of Entries

Since I expect a vast number of competitors, the number of releases per
participant is restricted to maximum three.
But participants are allowed to
remove existing entries from the competition by labeling them "out of
competition" themselves and replace them with new entries.
Edit 17th of Sep:
In those cases, please write something in comments/ production notes etc. to help me
recognizing that it was really the author's wish to remove an entry from the competition.

3. Deadline

Entries will be accepted if they are uploaded by
31st of Oct 2013, 23:59:59 CET.

4. Voting

CSDb Voting system with all its controversies won't do. Voting here's fine,
anyway, but I'd rather go for sth similiar as in the Double Screen Compo, i.e. after
the deadline, people willing to vote ...will only send me their Top 10 within two
weeks time and those will be the basis of calculating the competition results.
Probably I'll prepare a plain .TXT file as voting sheet and install an email
address for voting purposes.

Voting for own or groupmates' entries might be forbidden, didn't make up my mind about that yet.
Neither didn I finally determine how I can compete myself without being blamed to fake the results,
probably I'll simply publish the votes.

Voting will start immediately on the weekend after deadline expired and votes will be accepted till
14th of Nov, 23:59:59 CET.

5. Advice

Of course, participants should use whatever they like to create the entries,
i.e. real hardware or emulators such as WinVICE, but maybe a few pieces of advice are useful.

a) Use of Direct Mode & Monitor
No matter if you use an emulator or a real machine, it's easy
to save both screen and color ram roughly like that (WinVICE syntax):
S "SCR" 08 $0400 $07e7
S "COL" 08 $d800 $dbe7
b) Tools
There's also a bunch of tools you might find helpul such as
Petscii Editor V3
which also has the option to create an executable afaik,
Edit 7th of Oct:
but make sure there are no more than one color for screen and border each, i.e. different side and top border colors are not allowed.
The advantage of such tools compared to doing the same thing in the
direct mode is that you can't that easily f--k up whole lines when
doing 40th character of a line or scroll up by mistake.
Edit 2nd of Oct: Here is another promising tool for cross developers

6. Prize

Everyone's a winner, baby, that's the truth, as the Tiger once sang.

But besides eternal fame, I promise to unite the top ??? entries finally in the order
of their ranking in one large slideshow release.

Moreover, G*P sez:
If there's more than six submitted logos for either The Hidden (G¤P WHQ) or The Valley (G¤P US HQ) the highest ranked picture will recive a T-shirt of free choice from Aliens T-shirts webshop. NOTE: Fake shit and plain and simple crappy logos will be ignored.

I tried my best to make everything as clear as possible, in case anything remained vague,
feel free to post questions via comment function right here.

May the PETSCIIing begin!

LAST EDIT: 29th of Oct 2013, 21:45 CEST (Voting)
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