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Style   (STL)

- Originality in a Bottle

Founded by :
Wrong Way & Elwix in December 1990

Group Types :
Demo Group, Fixing Group

Base Country :
United States

Website :

User rating:********__  8.2/10 (9 votes)   See votestatistics

All Members :
Alter Ego (1994 -> ) .... Graphician
Deaks .... Graphician
dW .... Coder
Elwix (12-1990 -> ) .... Coder, Organizer, Swapper
Massive Onslaught (1992 -> ) .... Coder, NTSC-Fixer
PK .... Graphician
Six (1/2-2005 -> ) .... Coder
The Wiz (1992 -> ) .... Coder
Voom (2004 -> ) .... Graphician
Warnock (10-1991 -> ) .... Musician
Deathlok   (inactive) .... Graphician, Musician
Decomp   (inactive) .... Coder, NTSC-Fixer
Destiny   (inactive) (1994 -> ) .... Coder, NTSC-Fixer
Firefoot   (inactive) (2-1991 -> ) .... Coder
Randy   (inactive) .... Mega Swapper
Ray   (inactive) .... Mega Swapper
Repose   (inactive) .... Coder
Saehn   (inactive) (31/12-2007 -> ) .... Graphician
Codey   (ex) .... Coder
Cybernoid   (ex) .... Graphician
DemongerX   (ex) (9-2013 -> 12-2023) .... (unknown function)
Metal   (ex) ( -> 30/4-1991) .... Coder, Graphician
Shadowmaster   (ex) (1991 -> 1993) .... Graphician
Sphere   (ex) .... Musician, Sysop
Starlost   (ex) (1991 -> 1993) .... Musician
The Infiltrator   (ex) .... Graphician
Wrong Way   (ex) (12-1990 -> 2008) .... Coder, Organizer

BBS's :
Skull's Pit ((Unknown))
Blurred Reality (HQ)
Corrosion of Conformity (HQ)
Liquid Palace (HQ)
Rootwood (HQ)

Releases : (138)
DownloadPetxd V1.1.0 ... 2023 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadCCGMSx V1.0.0 ... 2021 Other Platform C64 Tool
Downloaddm V1.5.0 [windows/linux/macosx] ... 2021 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadDirMaster V3.1.5 ... 2020 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadDirMaster V3.1.4 ... 2020 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadDirMaster V3.1.3 ... 2019 Other Platform C64 Tool
Downloaddm V1.1.0 [windows/linux/macosx] ... 2019 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadDirMaster V3.1.2 ... 2019 Other Platform C64 Tool
Downloadcbmls V1.0.0 [windows/linux/macosx] ... 2019 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadDirMaster V3.1.1 ... 2016 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadDirMaster V3.1.0 ... 2016 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadCBMdisk Tools V1.0.0 ... 2015 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadCBMdisk V3.1.0 ... 2015 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadTMPx V1.1.0 ... 2015 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadTMPview V1.3.1 ... 2015 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadDirMaster V3.0.0 ... 2014 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadTMPview V1.3 [win32/linux/macosx] ... 2012 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadTMPx V1.0 [win32/linux/macosx] ... 2012 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadHappy ... 2012 One-File Demo
DownloadTMPview V1.2 [win32/linux] ... 2012 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadBrazen ... 2011 Graphics(#6 C64 Graphics at Forever C | The Dirty Dozen)
DownloadDirMaster V2.2 [win32] ... 2011 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadECCC 2010 ... 2010 Demo
DownloadDeterminism ... 2010 Graphics(#1 C64 Graphics at Arok 2010)
DownloadCeltic Doodle ... 2010 Graphics
DownloadTMPview V1.1 [win32/linux] ... 2009 Other Platform C64 Tool(Released at ECCC Chicago Expo 2009)
DownloadDirMaster V2.1 ... 2009 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadFafnir ... 2008 Graphics(#16 C64 Graphics at X'2008)
DownloadLust Daemon ... 2008 Graphics(#12 C64 Graphics at Arok 2008)
Download2^8 ... 2008 Graphics Collection
DownloadLilith ... 2008 Graphics(#1 C64 Graphics at Forever 2008)
DownloadDirMaster V2.0 ... 2008 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadTwist Of ... 2008 Demo
DownloadSilver ... 2007 One-File Demo
DownloadDirMaster V1.0a [win32] ... 2006 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadTurbo Macro Pro Sep'06 ... 2006 Tool(Released at ECCC Chicago Expo 2006)
DownloadTMPview V1.0 [win32/linux/macosx/freebsd] ... 2006 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadDirMaster V1.0 [win32] ... 2006 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadMust See DTV ... 2005 DTV
DownloadTurbo Macro Pro Oct'05 ... 2005 Tool
Must See DTV 90% ... 2005 DTV(Released at Chicago EXPO 2005)
DownloadWixbouncer V1.1 [win32] ... 2005 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadBMSplit V1.0a ... 2005 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadBMSplit V1.0 ... 2005 Other Platform C64 Tool
DownloadWixbouncer V1.0 [win32] ... 2004 Other Platform C64 Tool
Download4midable ... 1999 4K Intro(#5 C64 4K Intro at Driven 4k Compo 1999)
DownloadRsc ... 1999 4K Intro(#4 C64 4K Intro at Driven 4k Compo 1999)
Download4k Entry  ... 1998 4K Intro(#3 C64 4K Intro at Driven 4k Compo 1998 )
Download4k Gfx Entry ... 1998 Graphics(#1 C64 Graphics at Driven 4k Compo 1998 )
DownloadInhumanity III ... 1998 One-File Demo
DownloadMotif V1.0 ... 1997 Tool
DownloadMusic Analyzer V3.3 ... 1997 Tool
DownloadGiga Mosh !!! ... 1997 One-File Demo
DownloadSnowflake ... 1996 One-File Demo
DownloadEtch-a-Style ... 1996 One-File Demo
DownloadArachnoPhobia #1 ... 1996 Diskmag
DownloadHatework ... 1996 Music Collection
DownloadASM'96 GFX ... 1996 Graphics Collection
DownloadJulia Set Morpher ... 1996 4K Intro(#8 C64 4K Intro at Driven 4k Compo 1996)
DownloadStick Boy ... 1996 4K Intro(Released at Driven 4k Compo 1996)
DownloadCrescendo 2 ... 1996 Music Collection
DownloadAnimusic Pack 1 ... 1996 Music Collection
DownloadX'96 GFX ... 1996 Graphics Collection
DownloadTribe ... 1996 Graphics Collection
DownloadTemple of Boom ... 1996 One-File Demo
DownloadExperience 3 ... 1996 Music Collection
DownloadPartytrap ... 1996 Demo
DownloadWix Bouncer V5.0 ... 1996 Tool
DownloadTurbo Macro Pro V1.0 ... 1996 Tool
Download4GASM ... 1996 4K Intro(#1 C64 4K Intro at Driven 4k Compo 1996)
DownloadComa Light ... 1995 Demo
DownloadBest of Arne 2 ... 1995 Music Collection
DownloadMusic Analyzer V3.1b ... 1995 Tool
DownloadAFLI Editor V2.0 ... 1995 Tool
DownloadWired Art ... 1995 Graphics Collection
DownloadDreams of Darkness ... 1995 Demo
DownloadDein Zycrex ... 1995 Demo
DownloadInhumanity ... 1995 One-File Demo
DownloadRelationship Across the World ... 1995 Music Collection
DownloadFools Gold ... 1995 One-File Demo
DownloadTurbo-Assembler V5.0 + [dual-c64] ... 1995 Tool
DownloadSid Rape ... 1994 Music Collection
DownloadThe Unbits ... 1994 One-File Demo
DownloadSummerdemo'94 ... 1994 One-File Demo
DownloadThe Deep Star ... 1994 Graphics Collection
DownloadAssembly 1994 Music Compo Winners ... 1994 Misc.
DownloadMusic Analyzer Player V1.3 ... 1994 Tool
DownloadCleve's Music Collection ... 1994 Music Collection
DownloadParty ... 1994 One-File Demo
DownloadNew Style of Music ... 1994 Music Collection
DownloadGreener Pastures ... 1994 One-File Demo
DownloadChaos One ... 1994 One-File Demo
DownloadAlive ... 1994 One-File Demo
DownloadPage-Editor V5.2 ... 1994 Tool
DownloadD-Lite ... 1994 One-File Demo
DownloadCruise's Graphics Collection 2 ... 1993 Graphics Collection
DownloadMusic Analyzer V3.0 ... 1993 Tool
DownloadTCC Party 1993 Music Competition Winners ... 1993 Music Collection
DownloadBetrayal ... 1993 One-File Demo
DownloadMusic Analyzer V2.2 ... 1993 Tool
DownloadWix Bouncer V4.3 ... 1993 Tool
DownloadBlock Counter V1 ... 1993 Tool
DownloadRead and Spread ... 1993 Misc.
DownloadTurbo Assembler Macro++ REU ... 1993 REU Release
DownloadComa Light 6 ... 1992 Demo
DownloadDelta Coder V0.1 ... 1992 Tool
DownloadMusic Analyzer V2.0 ... 1992 Tool
DownloadPage-Editor V5.0 ... 1992 Tool
DownloadWix Bouncer V4.1 ... 1992 Tool
DownloadSpirographics ... 1992 One-File Demo
DownloadUnity ... 1992 One-File Demo
DownloadFresh Air ... 1992 Demo
DownloadEB Edit V4.2 ... 1992 Tool
DownloadWix Bouncer IV ... 1991 Tool
DownloadExtended Background Editor V4.1 ... 1991 Tool
DownloadEB Edit V4.0 ... 1991 Tool
DownloadShine On ... 1991 One-File Demo
DownloadKludge Writer V1 ... 1991 Tool
DownloadExtended Background Editor V3.0 ... 1991 Tool
DownloadMusic Analyzer V1.0 ... 1991 Tool
DownloadMusic Analyzer V4.0 ... 1991 Tool
DownloadDendrite Construction Kit ... 1991 Tool
DownloadWix Bouncer V3.0 ... 1991 Tool
DownloadChaos 101 ... 1991 One-File Demo
DownloadLife ... 1991 One-File Demo
DownloadExtended Background Editor V1.5 ... 1991 Tool
DownloadWix Bouncer V2.0 ... 1991 Tool
DownloadOur Own Style ... 1991 One-File Demo
DownloadWix Bouncer V1.0 ... 1991 Tool
DownloadNew Style ... 1991 One-File Demo
DownloadKickin' Back ... 1991 Demo
DownloadCircleplot ... 1991 One-File Demo
DownloadAefro ... ??? One-File Demo
DownloadEtch-a-Style ... ??? One-File Demo
DownloadExor'n'Divine ... ??? Demo
DownloadExpose Article Writer ... ??? Tool
DownloadMusic Analyzer V2.2 ... ??? Tool
DownloadWix Bouncer V5.0a ... ??? Tool

User Comment
Submitted by PK on 13 April 2002
Fixes from Style

Coma Light 6/Oxyron
date: December, 1992
fixer: Massive Onslaught

Betrayal/Majic 12
date: April, 1993
fixer: Massive Onslaught

Cruise Gfx Collection/Elysium
date: August, 1993
fixer: Elwix

The Deep Star/Cosmic Style
date: June, 1994
fixers: Elwix, Destiny

Chaos One/Visual
date: June, 1994
fixer: Elwix

New Style Of Music/Studio Style
date: August, 1994
fixer: Elwix

Extra Part/Shazam
date: August, 1994
fixer: Decomp

Cleve's Music/Charged
date: August, 1994
fixer: Decomp

date: September, 1994
fixer: Decomp

Echo's SID Rape/Echo
date: October, 1994
fixer: Decomp

date: October, 1994
fixer: Decomp

date: November, 1994
fixer: Destiny

Lameness Rules/Oxyron
date: April 15, 1995
fixer: Massive Onslaught

R.A.W./Blues Muz
date: April 30, 1995
fixer: Massive Onslaught

date: May 14, 1995
fixer: Massive Onslaught

Dein Zycrex/Antic
date: June, 1995
fixer: Elwix

Wired Art/Byterapers
date: September 3, 1995
fixer: Decomp

AFLI Editor v2.0/Topaz
date: September 9, 1995
fixer: Decomp

Exor n' Divine/Axend
date: September, 1995
fixer: Decomp

Dreams of Darkness/Creators
date: September, 1995
fixer: Decomp

Best of Arne II/Alpha Flight
date: December 26, 1995
fixer: Elwix

X96 Inivitation/SCS*TRC
date: December 28, 1995
fixer: Elwix

Coma Light 1/Oxyron
date: January, 1996
fixer: Decomp

TP'94 Gfx winners
date: February 17, 1996
fixer: Style

Assembly'95 Gfx winners
date: February 17, 1996
fixer: Style

TP'95 Gfx winners
date: February 17, 1996
fixer: Style

Experience 3/Fatum
date: March 27, 1996
fixer: Massive Onslaught

Party Trap/Beyond Force
date: March 27, 1996
fixer: Massive Onslaught

date: April 10, 1996
fixer: Elwix

X'96 Gfx winners
date: April 10, 1996
fixer: Elwix

Animusic Pack/Ascraeus
date: May 31, 1996
fixer: Massive Onslaught

Crescendo II/Crescent
date: June 29, 1996
fixer: Massive Onslaught

FLaG'96 Gfx winners
date: July 25, 1996
fixer: Style

Assembly'96 Gfx winners
date: August 22, 1996
fixer: Style

date: September 19, 1996
fixer: Elwix

Fun Factory'94 Gfx winners
date: October 25, 1996
fixer: Style

date: February, 1997
fixer: Decomp

Symposium'97 Gfx winners
date: April, 1997
fixer: Style

Assembly'97 Gfx winners
date: August, 1997
fixer: Style

User Comment
Submitted by PK on 13 April 2002
Ex-members of Style
Along the way Style saw these guys as part of the group at one time or another, some made a great contribution, others were minimal but we recognize them all here nonetheless, especially since none of them left on bad terms. We had a policy of never kicking any members (forcing us to pick guys who we could be sure of talent and attitude-wise) and until very recently this stayed the fact. Unfortunately we recently 'removed' some members simply as they've gone away and can no longer be contacted. It's safe to say we'd welcome back almost any one of our past friends listed below:
Wrong Way

Of course, here is the other co-founder of Style. Somehow he never appeared but in just one page of one demo (Kickn Back, the first Style demo). Not too long after the group got started, he left (mainly for Amiga), returned, and left again, and now stays in his first group, FOE. No matter, however, he takes the position of most respect from all our past members, having been directly responsible for Style's existence anyway.


Metal joined as an artist, but was pleasantly found to be much more adept at coding. Had perhaps the best parts of the early Style demos (Kickn Back and Our Own). Sadly he left to join Plague and with them produced one of the most memorable NTSC megademos ever, called Grand Posse.


A friend from the early days, Deaks was also one of the first Style members on the Internet. Deaks was an artist and could also be called a designer. Check out Fresh Air, Unity, and Party for his work, as well as a couple Style intros.

Shadowmaster & Starlost

Listed here as a team because Shadowmaster (artist) and Starlost (composer) operated basically as such. Actually their involvement was rather a long story, as they were first in Carcass, a group with whom we meant to co-op for a megademo (Fresh Air). However before the demo had actually been released they joined Style anyway. Starlost did the music in Shine On, most of the music in Fresh Air, and some tunes in Unity; Shadowmaster's art appeared in Shine On, Fresh Air, and a one-day coming demo from us, delayed these many years by the eventual lazyness of these two talented Canadians. I've heard that SM does PC graphics now, but Starlost has vanished somewhere.


Joined the group immediately prior to our slowest period ever. Sadly this resulted in Cybernoid leaving after a short time for the still-existant group Storm. The work he did do for Style has finally been used in various fix intros. While in the group Cybernoid's board Corrosion of Conformity was the Style HQ.


Another guy who joined the group for demo fixing, actually he seemed to handle this well, but erratically, disappearing for a time after only 2 fixes, reappearing for a third, and then finally disappearing for good.


Formerly in 2d, was in Style for about 2 or 3 months when he seemed to make a comeback to the scene, unfortunately he never followed through, and so becomes the only person ever in Style to do absolutely nothing for the group.

User Comment
Submitted by PK on 13 April 2002
History provided by PK, written by Elwix....

I (Elwix) am writing this mostly from my own memory. Eventually the inaccuracies or blanks will get stamped out as other members fill them in.

Style was formed in January of 1991. I can actually remember it quite clearly... the preceeding ~6 months time I had spent in the group FOE alongside Wrong Way and The Phantom. There was some internal conflict regarding this or that, but the main effect was to cause WW to take the idea of forming a new group, an idea he shared with me. I was like minded with WW in the reasons for doing this, and so together we thought about pursuing this.

It started for real one night in January however, as I was (ab)using the payphone in the hall I stayed in on campus talking to WW about demo ideas and the new group. We had a name tossing session, over which such lame ideas were produced as I dare not repeat them here. In the end my last suggestion was "Class", and then Wrong Way said "Style" and that was that. Seemed good enough, I don't know why, it wasn't in use I guess and all other name-ideas we had were pretty bad.

So it began... the first task became finding a couple other members, as we were both coders, and completely incompetent at the visual/aural side of demo making. I believe we first asked Firefoot/SSC to join, and he seemed amicable to the idea, and after finishing his solo demo he did come aboard. However now we were 3 coders strong and still lacking an artist or composer. I can remember calling up Tiamat/Arson to see if he knew any freelance artists/composers and he gave me a list... well, one guy I contacted was Metal , supposed to have been a good artist. He joined, and we were quite shocked when we saw that while being a decent artist he was far better at coding! We didn't complain and set out for our first demo.

Of course I'm missing a little bit, so let's go back a month or more. Through a board in Chicago called Skull's Pit we'd gotten in touch with an H/P group called MOF (Ministry Of Fear). We arranged some kind of barter for their services: me and Wrong Way were going to code them a diskmag outfit and article editor for their mag called Access. I ended up making a complete editor, and it was pretty good for that time too; the mag format was also completed, well it was average quality, your typical extended background display of those days. However MOF basically died and to my knowledge the format was never used. The editor evolved quickly adding word wrap and justification and all the other cooler features lacking in most other page-oriented editors (today we call this tool Page Edit).

What's next? Of course! The first demo... oh, no, wait. I really can't remember if I'd released the editor as "/Style" or not, if so I guess it would have been the first Style product. I'm positive tho that the very first version of my tool called Wix Bouncer was released as "/Elwix". Not sure why I did that, it was in the foggy period between January and March when we were still unsure if Style should succeed or not I suppose. Never the matter, as all later versions were released under Style.

Ah, finally, in March'91 we got our first demo called Kickin Back finished and released. It was a pretty great time, the demo scene in NTSC at that point was exploding, new groups forming constantly and always new demos being released.

Not long after this demo Firefoot made a quick demo called New, and then suddenly Wrong Way left (something about the "brilliant new Amiga scene" lured him away). But we carried on and in April we released another demo called Our Own. The good times were darkened though when Metal left to join a group with fellow Canadians...

At this point we were down to myself (Elwix) and Firefoot . As I recall we talked around a lot to people trying to get members or form a co-op of some sort. I think we first tried the guys from Apostasy (Avenger and Vision) since they'd done a logo for us in Our Own. Somewhere here we did gain an artist named Deaks with a lot of big & cool demo ideas. And in this similar time we also met up with Shadowmaster and Starlost.

Shadowmaster called me up and started talking about a co-op between Style and their group Carcass. Aside from the obvious clash in group-naming styles, this was actually a perfect match pairing the coders in Style with additional artists and composers from Carcass. A megademo was planned and started with hopes we would release it over summer.

So summer came and Firefoot convinced me to stop laming around in the Snapshot monitor and code with Turbo Assembler instead. It was good and bad, because I spent the summer expanding my coding horizons and exploring the possibilites of a real development tool, but not coding my parts for the co-op demo. Instead I finished 2 solo demos for the group, Life and Chaos 101. Firefoot was coding the outfit for the legendary diskmagazine Expose during this time as well.

Things moved on, we missed our deadlines for the megademo, and fall of 1991 closed in. I lamed out and continued with another solo demo called Shine On instead of working on the mega-delayed group project. Firefoot had put enormous work into it but he wasn't getting the art and music he needed from Shadowmaster and Starlost, who had actually joined the group by now. Deaks had gotten lazy as well, lured away by the Amiga's colorful HAM mode I guess. So the group seemed mired down, and Firefoot and myself even considered quiting it.

Fortunately however, things suddenly turned for the better, as Firefoot received at last the missing art/music parts of what had practically become his demo rather than the group demo we'd planned. Therefore on January 1st, 1992 we released Fresh Air, our "group demo" that was 95% coded by Firefoot.
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