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2011 - A Press Space Odyssey   [2011]

2011 - A Press Space Odyssey Released by :
Offence [web]

Release Date :
21 December 2011

Type :
C64 Demo

Released At :
Offence X-mas Party 2011

User rating:*********_  9.3/10 (100 votes)   See votestatistics
*********_  9.4/10 (39 votes) - Public votes only.

Credits :
Code .... Bjørn Røstøen of Offence, Panoramic Designs
  Killsquad of Accept, Offence
  Kribust of Offence
  Olav Mørkrid of Offence, Panoramic Designs
  Perplex of Offence
  Stein Pedersen of Offence, Panoramic Designs, Prosonix
  Zaphod of Antimon, Offence
Music .... Groms of Offence
  Kribust of Offence
  OMP of Offence, Panoramic Designs, Prosonix
  Stein Pedersen of Offence, Panoramic Designs, Prosonix
Graphics .... Kribust of Offence
  Pal of Fairlight, Offence
Idea .... Bjørn Røstøen of Offence, Panoramic Designs
  Groms of Offence
  Killsquad of Accept, Offence
  Kribust of Offence
  Olav Mørkrid of Offence, Panoramic Designs
  Pal of Fairlight, Offence
  Perplex of Offence
  Stein Pedersen of Offence, Panoramic Designs, Prosonix
Text .... Bjørn Røstøen of Offence, Panoramic Designs
  Pal of Fairlight, Offence
Loader .... Krill of Plush

SIDs used in this release :
Also sprach Zarathustra(/MUSICIANS/P/Prosonix/Pedersen_Stein/Also_sprach_Zarathustra.sid)
Bad Trip(/MUSICIANS/K/Kribust/Bad_Trip.sid)
Batman Theme(/MUSICIANS/P/Prosonix/Pedersen_Stein/Batman_Theme.sid)
Beyond Yourself (short remake)(/MUSICIANS/G/Groms/Beyond_Yourself_short_remake.sid)
Fanfare of Heroes(/MUSICIANS/P/Prosonix/Pettersen_Ole_Marius/Fanfare_of_Heroes.sid)
HAL Beat(/MUSICIANS/G/Groms/HAL_Beat.sid)
Heavy Riff(/MUSICIANS/P/Prosonix/Pedersen_Stein/Heavy_Riff.sid)
Popcorn Remix(/MUSICIANS/P/Prosonix/Pedersen_Stein/Popcorn_Remix.sid)
Professor Balthazar Theme(/MUSICIANS/P/Prosonix/Pedersen_Stein/Professor_Balthazar_Theme.sid)
U.F.O. Walker(/MUSICIANS/K/Kribust/U_F_O_Walker.sid)

Download :

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User Comment
Submitted by Compyx on 9 April 2016
That '3d' "loading" logo on the second side, amazing. That's true pixel art.
User Comment
Submitted by Bob on 23 September 2014
What a great demo this is.
the cinematic intro, there is a lot of goodies here, my fav is the medusa part that one really kicks hard! heavily styled demo and the music as allways amazing.
I keep coming back to this one ;) love the music in the sceene heros part. actually many more parts deserves greater notice ;) Great work as allways Offence. C U at X ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Magic on 25 August 2014
What a comeback.. What a ride..
Perhaps you guys should release a non press space odyssey (aka properly linked) version someday ;)
User Comment
Submitted by fenz on 3 November 2013
Saw this for the first time today and enjoyed it immensely :) A lot of great parts nicely linked together. VSP on the batman part crashed my 64. Also as SIDWave writes: change to disk 3 doesn't work with the Ultimate. However, good thing each side can run separately :)
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 1 November 2013
g-fellow... thanx for the words in your demo... and gordian tomb is also one of my fav c64 tunes just so you know(and you have some fine tunes n your demo too i might ad).

When it come to quitting the scene I think I will never do that again but I am just making stuff and not involving myself more that much because when one do involve and try to make a difference in this scene the idiots are charging in and get on your back, so it is better to just stay away...

I have had a great time here on CSDB and as I may have said when I returned and also got my team of offenders and also the almighty prosonix to start using the keyboard again for the scene, it was a blast on here because one felt one came home, entering the safe harbour one had missed for so long. After being on here for some time I see it is not the kind of home I want to live in, for me, it is really sad because there are so much super lovable people on here. For me, and just for me, totally personally, the destroyers are making it not good at all, I am maybe too weak to be on here, I am just one dude caring for the scene and I will try to protect that force or light within me, and to do that I want no more of the destroyers here. Love you all!

And again I say mega insane sorry for my ranting against Triad for their splendid demo at Datastorm last year, I was a mess and I do not know why I did that even I inside liked the demo also. I started a rant about transitions on a base that was all wrong, I am ever sorry for that! Bepp, looking forward to that man-hug at DS this winter!

Maybe we in offence and prosonix and fairlight too can find the super times and entertain you all in a big way again, only time will show. I love the c64 scene and what I love the most is at the partys sitting infront of the demo compo with my friends and knowing that all of us made something in our demo to entertain the scene and the party, looking at all the work people have put into making things that is so beyond the limitations of the c64 machine and hardware and it sound so great, look so cool and feels like the first time you saw boobs... it is just the absolutely best moment in scene life.. to see censor have made such a nice demo, to see cruizer have been coding his arse of to remain king of smooth, to se mahoney surprise us with unbelievable things, to see oxyron blow the screen clean, to listen to HCL telling his demo will rule and then it do rule and so on and one. To see new people making it into the scene and stay there even destroyers put them down, Fredric you are my personal hero in the c64 scene for that, you just made more and became friday fredric... and then you envolved and then you did some super good tunes too... thet is the c64 scene for me,Fredric you are the essence of the scene, you showed in modern times what we all went through, but you met more negative people because it was almost live on air, in the past we did not get feedback like that, we sent out floppies and then made new stuff and sent them out, hero you are!
User Comment
Submitted by G-Fellow on 29 October 2013
A Press Space Odyssey is still a hell of demo, what I want to say this demo is absolut epic and you made more epic demos after this. You guys really rOx and I mean all of you Offence, Prosonix, Fairlight and all involved...

You gave the scene alot when the scene did go weak... the scene got a new impulse and the best of the best did code new amazing demos only to beat you guys! Maybe my words to dramatic, but there is some truth in it!

PAL, I wrote you a message in the scrolltext of the release GFAVE TUNES from CODE7 ...
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 13 April 2013
almighty god, i watched our demo today... man that is a huge demo... and man i must say i love the heroes part and also the rest in there... but what a jolly demo, must say that myself... dear god, let us create demos for 50 years more! Is this not how demos are to be? I just love this when i watch it now... fuck I am proud of all the code and music and pixels in this... offence and prosonix - I LOVE US!
User Comment
Submitted by doctorfargo on 22 December 2012
Wow! This demo has the best animation that I've ever seen on a C54!
User Comment
Submitted by MacGyver on 23 September 2012
SIDwave: Fortunately, Offence were smart enough to make each side bootable seperately.
User Comment
Submitted by SIDWAVE on 23 September 2012
I haven still not seen from disk 3 and onwards. on 1541 ultimate, when inserting disk 3, the demo halts.
User Comment
Submitted by Krill on 11 September 2012
No offence taken, no pun intended. :)

The joke bit wasn't quite obvious, as PAL's ramblings felt like some other sceners's utterances after skipping their meds, and it didn't quite make sense, no matter how i interpreted it.

And i think the loader is easy to work with, it's just hard to build if you're not acquainted with *nix shell-based development tools, i can see that. A build web-service is still quite low on the list, just like the documentation... :)

Anyhow, good luck Offence, with whatever you've got in the pipeline! :)
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 11 September 2012
KRILL you are super, sorry for this if it upset you, were trying to create drama and scene fun only... really sorry if I offended you... WE LOVE KRILL!
User Comment
Submitted by lemming on 11 September 2012
Also the joke should be quite obvious for anyone who has actually watched this demo, it has plenty of loading inside parts even if you need to press the space bar every now and then ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Stone on 11 September 2012
Hmm. I think PAL was making some kind of joke there. We ARE working on a demo for X. It DOES use the Krill loader (like this one), which is awesome and I have never had any problems with it. It took some figuring out to begin with, but after that, it's super easy to use. I think the only problems we've had were caused by people fiddling with the upper bits of $dd00.
User Comment
Submitted by Cresh on 11 September 2012
And PAL changed his handle to SECAM.

(until sKRILLex loader issues are solved)

User Comment
Submitted by Peacemaker on 11 September 2012
The Krill-Load is really a pain.. But with the help of Krill himself we got the loader working the way we wanted it too.

Its sad that you wont release a demo, pal =(
But i am glad to meet you at the x party.
User Comment
Submitted by Hein on 7 September 2012
Suffering the pressure of the spacebar.
User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 7 September 2012
krill or be krilled
User Comment
Submitted by The Human Code Machine on 7 September 2012
Don't be silly and just ask Krill for help. He had a lot of patience with oldskoolers like me ;) and we even use his great loader for a 'Press Space' demo, because it's simply the best you can get! And if I get this stuff up and running it'll be a piece of cake for you guys...
User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 7 September 2012
You was krilled by the loader? =)
User Comment
Submitted by Linus on 7 September 2012
C'mon, dude, don't be a sour fucker! ;)

I and many others would love to see more of your "old lousy demos". Enjoying your oh-so-well deserved X'2010 winner demo on the big screen was the best C64 experience I had in ages. Keep on rocking, PAL, seriously!
User Comment
Submitted by Krill on 7 September 2012
Not sure how to react to this, apparently you managed to use the loader just fine in this here demo. What happened? How can i be of service?
User Comment
Submitted by MagerValp on 7 September 2012
Try Dreamload or ULoad instead, they're much simpler. You're always welcome at Datastorm in February if you need a few more months :)
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 6 September 2012
We do not understand the krill loader... it is far too complex for us... we can not manage, there will be no demo this year at x because of this... we can simply not understand krill... krill you have killed us... We asked you to join us but man, you killed us... today we have decided not to release the demo we were about to link because we get so much trouble doing it, we do not understand what it is and we are just a bunch of nerds and good friends trying to have fun and create something cool for us!

... or can we be the ones that create demos in our old lousy way and you all can do your demos the similar and modern way like demos should be? Are there enough space for both you think... maybe not? I do not know... maybe we should all join together at X and start finding out how we all can create the same feel, look and mood of all demos, make c64 demos mainstream, maybe get the masses to really enjoy them as they are the best there is, that will be fun and really interesting!

That will for sure save or maintain the scene for the years to come, I am so sure of this. Let us all be alike...

magicnah: Your post is great, we love it, but we throw in the towel, because whatever we do create we get the feedback of doing transitions and the track-mo stuff, well thanx for letting us rule in your demo world, really love that, but we can not do it in another way, we do not manage, we do not have the time and skillz...

We are done again... no demo this year... we will have a break for another twenty and then maybe we can return... then maybe we do understand krill, but guess that is outdated then... we are so lost!
User Comment
Submitted by Magic on 5 September 2012
i wonder what happens if you guys spent some time on linking the parts together in some way, original way.. than there probably be the ultimate c64 demo..
Keep em coming.. Offence rulez!
User Comment
Submitted by FATFrost on 1 August 2012
I'm still loving this demo!!!!
User Comment
Submitted by Oswald on 11 July 2012
while I appreciate the amount of work, on the other hand I miss some more spectaculare effects, also the design is something like we would do in rsc (=bad:), nice screens but nothing exciting, and the whole is unconnected)
User Comment
Submitted by uncled on 4 June 2012
Wow! It is definitely great to see that even in late 2011 8bits still are enough.
User Comment
Submitted by HCL on 18 May 2012
Strange enough i have not made any comment on this demo so far. Perhaps because it's not so easy to survey. It has many great moments, but also a few less impressing parts.

There is a lot of beautiful graphics in here, must have been a huge work, but still i'm sure it must be possible to crunch this down to less than 4 disks. No?

For me the most interesting part are the circle scroll (simply awesome!!) and the shadowed multiplexer scroll. Offence are generally good at finding out new ideas and variations of effects, love you for that!
User Comment
Submitted by PARALAX on 18 March 2012
Very nice demo although many effects are already known. Hope to see much more in future from this group.
User Comment
Submitted by Mr Wegi on 11 March 2012
Many many top GFX - PAL and Isildur - like style... artwork best regards
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 5 March 2012
As stated.... We will come to X with a demo and we will not sit at X finishing it! No LCP hell for us ever again!
User Comment
Submitted by Taxim on 27 February 2012
A little masterpiece. Great job.
User Comment
Submitted by Cresh on 3 February 2012
@booker, as I advised, your next step should be:
Goodnite! :)
And do not press space.

Ps. Many thanks for .sid files!
User Comment
Submitted by booker on 3 February 2012
Even though I dislike the idea of 'press space' demos and it pisses me off I'm forced to hit the long one with my feet while chilln' on the sofa....not this time! Four disks FFS! Great deal of work, and ideas! Very good production! A step forward from your X'2010 demo.

ps. judging from your obvious designwise tendency I dare to say your X'2012 will be spaceless ;) no?
User Comment
Submitted by HBH.ZTH on 3 February 2012
I got a two word comment: LOVE IT!

Me: Keeping it short! Offence: Keep 'em coming!
User Comment
Submitted by daison on 30 January 2012
Amazing demo... so many cool ideas well done... Thank you for making this!
User Comment
Submitted by SplAtterpunk on 29 January 2012
I ran the demo on VICE. It crashed just after the "popcorn part". I ran it again (I killed the cartridge before) and it crashed on the same moment. Has anyone experienced the same issue? I have no access to the real C64 now. So far I can say (and there's no exaggeration here) that this demo is awesome. Sounds short, I know. Surely, I will write some more once I see it all! :)
User Comment
Submitted by Hate Bush on 19 January 2012
eventually, i watched it thoroughly and i don't know what the fuss is all about. this c64 demo contains and brings the greatest amount of fun i've seen in a very long time. being just a mere spectator, without any insider knowledge, i enjoyed myself immensely - wish i could say this more often in case of c64 demos. and i don't even want to know how hard the work behind had been.
User Comment
Submitted by Flex on 11 January 2012
Guys in Offence, thank you so much for this one!! Super in every way - though I liked the music in Another Beginning even more. :-) What you're doing for the scene now is amazing! Old farts like myself but still knowing how to do it with standards of the 20th century is something worth a round of pints for the whole Offence team on me! (Hope to meet you at X'12 and even more I hope to see myself there).. What a wonderful group!
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 3 January 2012
For what it is worth, this is as massive as we could create a demo for you all, and in this demo we feel from our hearts and see that also in the feedback that every single one of you have a different part that you love the most, and that were the purpose of this demo, to give everyone a special moment on the c64 in the year 2011. We in offence will not stop with this, we will give you and us another demo this year and we think it will be even greater than the ones we now have created after 19 years of not doing anything on the love machine.

Thanx for all comments and we just want to wish you all a great year in 2012, and even greater years in the future.
User Comment
Submitted by v3to on 31 December 2011
i enjoyed this one a lot, but have to admit not all parts. reminds me the concept of megastyle's seal of focalor somehow. it is like a short movie/comercial/trailer collection or tv zapping (and that is not because of hitting space).
the graphics and music quality is quite high, the parts are diversified and polished.
my favorites are the the 2001-kinda-intro (oh, i love it), the eye-dancer-spaceinvaders-animation and the credits-endpart.
still imo the overall duration is too long and there are too many text scrollers for my taste.
User Comment
Submitted by Nightlord on 30 December 2011
I have to admit I didn't quite get "Another Beginning" a year ago. Sure it was a very nice demo but it wasn't exactly my cup of tea.

Then a few days ago I saw this one. Again it is not exactly my cup of tea.

But this time something different happened. I think I actually "got" the demo :) It has a vibe that I can feel and relate to. It has huuuge amounts of graphics (great job) and it has a really nice soundtrack.

I am one of the poeple who has to get his fix of coderpron from a demo in order to be wowed by it. so no screen here wowed me the way say tower power does. But what it did do to me was this "hoooly crap look at all this work. they do love this machine" and I respect you guys a lot for that :)

so in short, this is a very very good demo (and I can see how it may not look so to someone who prefers another school of demo making). I sincerely wish you guys keep making demos in whatever way/style that keeps you happy and productive.

User Comment
Submitted by Achim on 29 December 2011
I'm not a demo coder, hence I don't care if this is top-notch demo coding or not. But it's really entertaining and that's what every demo should be. My favourite part is the UFO landing on planet earth. Probably nothing special, but really enjoyable to watch.
To all those rebels (wherever you're from): Stop picking on other peoples work, ignore exaggerated comments, stick to you own work.
User Comment
Submitted by GT on 29 December 2011
People, grow up. This is super-twice-nice. The music in the twister-scroller is luvly Ole. And graphics, great work PAL. Greets to the rest of you aswell. ;)
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 29 December 2011
I just want to throw in the towel here!

APSO is for us a massive and impressive demo, we used so much time on it to create it to be different from all the other trackmos out there. Why you say? I guess we just did this for us, and then we thought this would be cool for others too, so we thought again and decided to let us finish the demo in a big way! Let us finish parts and include new ones, let us give us and the scene a present before x-mas and give the scene much to look, listen and think about...

In normal life it is like this... you like this band and they release an album and then you buy it and listen to it or you do not buy it and do not listen to it...

Regarding coder porn I think APSO do have its moments, the circlescroller is uniqe and it holds a massive amount of controlled balls combined with a 2048pix bitmap, handpainted that is.. the tron chess cave is also what coders do like on the c64 and the batman part holds the most graphics possible in a c64... Then there is the rest with all its attitudes and content and graphics and code and music... some amount of polished parts using what is available and some of the parts are to us very special.

We hope you love our demos, and also APSO, because of what we do create, we just do not want to create what is the mainstream, if we wanted to do that we do that everyday in our work, this is not work, this is fun, it is a different thing and we do not follow the self employed bell ringers...

We created this demo for us and our friends that do like the c64, we did not create this to offend or make people feel bad in anyway! We just love what the scene used to be, beeing free of all that relate to work or fixed frames that we do not want to be stranded within...

You might say that we should do this and that, but we did this, and we are mighty proud of what we did...

APSO also got discovered by subculture music scene here in norway and they want me, PAL to record some of the parts and also from AB to be used as decor at live performances here in oslo, and I think that is pretty cool too..

Hope you all do create different and special demos in the future... and I do pray that you do not just create the twister at a frame higher in rate, we did a medusa scroller with that idea instead, do not all the stuff that others do create, just a tad better, do something new too! My favorite part in APSO is the great offender and the heroes part actually, and I guess that is a surprise to you all...

I think OLE nailed it perfectly for us too... We just do this for fun! If you do this for being accepted it is just sad I think...

Magnar... war games... ha ha... we love the idea! And yes you got it right there in your post, we did this because it is us, it is us, the generation of us, we are the same dude... we love that... I can not hope for younger dudes to love that but really it is just as you said, we do this for us, the real c64 generation! Remembering the times whan we created amiga and c64 games... and demos... I love it!

wackee... we are the elder you know!

Carrion... what ever... just do create you better demos and parts, we in offence do love them, you are very talented and you do create lots of cool things...

And to all you that have pm`ed us here on csdb or sent messages on e-mail and on facebook, we love the feedback from you, some of the real elite and some of the greatest inspiration sources for us to do demos on the c64... Some of you are our heroes and we love you for being just that, nothing else!... but you should vote and say it out loud! We love that and we do get very inspired from it... and it will only lead to better things from us in the future... And that is a promise!!!

PS: when coders do see this demo they know there were so much work on APSO... hope the rest of the scene do see that too, it features so much music, code and graphics that I have never seen a single demo holding the same amount of content, ever...

Your PAL
User Comment
Submitted by wacek on 29 December 2011
Damn! So it's possible to react to criticism with maturity and class?? ;)
Thank you Ole for that.
User Comment
Submitted by Magnar on 29 December 2011
What I like the most about this demo is that it kind of summmarize everything that was cool and hip of movies and music in my own teenage period, which also was the time I spent the most sitting in front of the C64+Amiga computers making music and trying to contribute to different scene stuff.

Great work! Thumb up! You guys are my heroes anytime :)

As a small request for future demo projects would be scenes from the 1983 movie called "Wargames". And I am also sure Prosonix would make a killer-track out of good old "Ghostbusters"! :)
User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 28 December 2011
OK, now I wanna say something for once…

First of all, thanks for all the nice feedback - we really appreciate it. The the constructive criticism too, of course. The trackmo issue always comes up when we're planing something new. The way we feel about it at the moment is that we do this for fun, cause we love it, and we're having a good time doing it.

At the moment we're getting much more fun out of producing parts we're proud of, rather than spending most the time coding transitions. We also do not necessarily feel the need to stick with one theme or homage throughout the production. We do that at work.

This is who we are, this is what we do, this is how we do it.

Secondly - of course everybody is entitled to their own opinion. It's when it gets down to hating and bashing it just gets plain silly.

@Carrion: You "poles" are not the only ones being rebellious and honest - However, you can be proud of being the only ones hating on it, pulling the discussion down to a personal, deconstructive level. - And yeah, I DO think you are the only one who reads the feedback the way you're implying.

But in case you're right, I'd like to clarify something:

Some of us are past 40, some of us have at least one child or more, ALL of us have suffered far worse blows than mediocre reviews on CSDb. So please: Don't give APSO a 10, 9 or even an 8 if you don't like it, in fear of offending us.

On a somewhat humorous note, it's interesting to see that a lot of the negativity towards APSO has it's origins amongst people that seem to be some what in lack of a quality c64 track record.

One might want to look at ones own abilities, and think before opening ones mouth, so as to avoid stripping one self of all credibility.

Wesołych świąt i szczęśliwego Nowego Roku

User Comment
Submitted by Dane on 27 December 2011
Nice to see this released at last! Some great screens in a style similar to Another Beginning. It's a mixed bag for me, however. I would love to see a trackmo from you in the future where you stick to just one theme or homage.
User Comment
Submitted by Jammer on 27 December 2011
@Nemezis: You're one deaf mothafucka, aren't you? :P

I agree with Data to the degree that demo can be slightly eclectic and much design-based. Still, sometimes demoscene production is something more than coder's ejaculation. And this is exactly APSO. Speaking of language, Data used some not very contructive criticism, agreed, still I despise fanboyism like Slator's responce. Guys, get a grip. :P
User Comment
Submitted by Zielok on 27 December 2011
Very good graphics, some nice routines and I like this demo but is too boring for me.
User Comment
Submitted by Wile Coyote on 27 December 2011
It’s funny reading the comments posted here on CSDb
I guess some people only like demos on speed, where code out shines graphics and audio.
I can understand that, but I will always have time for demos like 2011 - A Press Space Odyssey

User Comment
Submitted by JMP$FCE2 on 26 December 2011
Fine work! is your circling Part impressed by BROS´ Circle Twist? It seems so and the Sound is so (what should i say) similar. Good Work.
User Comment
Submitted by wacek on 26 December 2011
<sigh> talk about kids ;)
User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 26 December 2011
@wackee: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Not_giVinG_a_FucK
User Comment
Submitted by wacek on 26 December 2011
I agree that Data took the things a little bit overboard ;) but still, it's lovely how some call for respect and uderstanding of oldchool style, yet don't find it offensive to disrespect the nuskool one ;) Long live hypocrisy, ignorance and good old stupid xenophobia!

@Groepaz: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitalisation_in_English
User Comment
Submitted by Cresh on 26 December 2011
User Comment
Submitted by Nemezis on 26 December 2011
I thought Dream Travel had the worst soundtrack in C64 history, and it is not possible to make something worse on SID, but now, after listening APSO's soundtrack from disk side 1, I know I was wrong. This soundtrack is a torture. (..) However, side 2/3/4 is OK.
User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 26 December 2011
This demo has everything most polish trackmos fail to impress me with. Including demoparts that are enjoyable for more than 5 seconds. And actual music.

really, in retrospect i wish i would have not seen the half finished version at X ever. this is so full of rule, and the world needs more scrollers too :)
User Comment
Submitted by Morpheus on 25 December 2011
Well done my Norwegian friends! The creativity and the music certainly stands out. The end music - wow! Being a big Tron fan, I wish you would have extended that part a little. Pal, great creativity man.
User Comment
Submitted by Slator on 25 December 2011
Norway will so much suffer from Finland..... well Janne :-D congrats for joining :-D
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 25 December 2011
Our new member Lemming has put up a video of the whole demo, it is a long video with good colors and sound, it is for those who have no emulator so that they can look, read, listen and so on too.


We in offence are happy that Lemming joins our group because together we will have even more fun... you know it is about having fun.

So happy happy x-mas and a superb new year to all the totally mind-bending and special commodore 64 freax out there.

PS: Thanx for all your feedback...


User Comment
Submitted by celticdesign on 25 December 2011
just lets say... AWESOME!!!
thank you for taking all the pain for the nice code, gfx, musics and entertainment. keep up the good work!
well, people really should be happy about the activity and any single release for our lovely 64' scene these days. you've all my respect for the effort. keep the spirit alive at the back of beyond ;-)
User Comment
Submitted by Wile Coyote on 25 December 2011
'more SID-arrangements' - Yes
'Oxygene part IV, Airwolf' - Sounds good
'Axel F !' - Not a favourite of mine

More Popcorn would be just great! :D
User Comment
Submitted by chriz74 on 25 December 2011
Great graphics but you should cut all the crap and reduce it to 4 minutes.
User Comment
Submitted by lemming on 25 December 2011
Data, how about a compromise so that you get shot not twice but just once, and there'll be yet another Popcorn remix to cheer up us elderly?

Also I'd like to point out that the world in 2011, and 2012 especially, also needs more SID-arrangements of Oxygene part IV, Airwolf (big up to Graham for pointing this out) and Axel F !
User Comment
Submitted by Stone on 25 December 2011
Wow! I can't believe the great response this demo has gotten. Thank you all! :D

@DATA: About the popcorn thing: It's called 'irony' and was quite popular back in 1991. I'll give you another example: "We're through trying to impress everybody and will in the future focus on things that WE enjoy making." Or was that sarcasm? Now I'm confusing myself. But you're right of course: Nostalgia and old geezers have no place in the demo scene of a 30 year-old computer... Now I'm pretty sure THAT was irony. Love ya!
User Comment
Submitted by FATFrost on 24 December 2011
Thanks Offence for a great demo!! I personally love the spacebar or the option to watch an effect for as long as possible. And please keep making as many demos as you can. God Jul!!!!!
User Comment
Submitted by Slator on 24 December 2011
?out of DATA error in 2011
sys 64738

that were nearly the most stupid lines I ever had to read... congrats

dont feed the troll... we want more teckno demos, yes! ehm, no? and now go hiding...
User Comment
Submitted by Soren on 24 December 2011
Knoeki: You are one of the appreciated kids atleast. :-)
User Comment
Submitted by null on 24 December 2011
I am one of the kids of today and I approve of this demo. It doesn't need to be better than other demos from around this time, because it's ruling in it's own league.
User Comment
Submitted by Soren on 24 December 2011
oh... kids nowadays.... sigh... they just don't get it...*DRAMA!*
User Comment
Submitted by Data on 24 December 2011
What's the hype about this demo anyway?
It's long, extremely boring production for old-bulls living still in 1991.

"7 coders" (!)
Press Space Demo in 2011? Did You overslept the IRQ loader era guys?
Are You sure, that utilizing Your FLD/VSP/sprite mangling skills in 20 year old normal manner is the best way to impress audience?
Text scrollers should be banned in XXI century. Have something to say in more than eight words, write a demo note god damn.
"4 musicians"
"The world needs another popcorn remix" - REALLY? I would rather get shot... twice.
Ole, if i would like to hear Your music written 20 years ago (which is really great by the way and one of my best), i would rather run a Destination II from Prosonix.
"2 graphic painters"
Yeach... You have done great job preventing me from commit a suicide watching this overhyped production. Hope only, that there was more 64 and less Timanthes.
"8 designers"
I would replace You all for one Wacek/Arise... Really, You could navigate this project to be a coherent production despite its part to part nature, any You chose otherwise.

But hey.... maybe the goal was a one hour Demo, and i completely missed the point here. Lot o dudes like it and the Scene is for doing what You like so, keep up the good work. Overall, this one is better than Another Beginning.
User Comment
Submitted by Linus on 24 December 2011
Thank you! The C64 force flows through me again. 10/10 and what Jeff said.
User Comment
Submitted by Jammer on 24 December 2011
May be not a hardcore coding, may be uneven and eclectic. But guys from Offence have again struck me with bunch of fresh and great screens and ideas! If anyone can mix the oldskool and newskool right, Offence does the job. Congrats! Very memorable prod!
User Comment
Submitted by Soren on 24 December 2011
Great work guys! I love it!
Best xmas present this year!
User Comment
Submitted by Kristian on 24 December 2011
A super release! I really enjoyed watching this. Great work, guys! Oh, and the end music... bloody marvellous!
User Comment
Submitted by Codey on 24 December 2011
i gave this a 9... my main gripe was it lacked in coding pr0n / technical coding... nothing ground breaking, but done well... nice gfx, music and presentation made up for a lot though..
User Comment
Submitted by w4rp8 on 23 December 2011
Offence - you made my day, thank you!!!
User Comment
Submitted by Medicus on 23 December 2011
If this were are trackmo there would be no chance for any other group to come close to it. Jolly decent of the Offence-guys I say!
User Comment
Submitted by dEViLOCk on 23 December 2011
great one guys! i'm very impressed with the quality of the graphics and design of each part. keep up the great work!
User Comment
Submitted by wacek on 23 December 2011
This is a very nice demo. Not a groundbreaking one, and definately all the hype around it doesn't help - based on it I expected much more and I am disappointed. Which is sad because without the hype I'd probably like it more.

A lot of nice graphics, same in the music department, but I'd expect more codewise. The Tron part is for me the best one, with most "aaaah" factor. Instead of Blackmail comparison, I am more leaning towards Agony and their "Love", but of course the code here is much better ;) The whole press space approach, slow pace and lack of codepr0n makes it for me a solid release with a an "outdated" touch, in my eyes not in the same league as EOD or Andropolis. You say choice of style, I say it's just making your life easier on execution. Not the best demo ever made (eyeroll), but an enjoyable one - definately.
User Comment
Submitted by Cresh on 23 December 2011
Yup, would be nice to have sid files.
User Comment
Submitted by Stainless Steel on 23 December 2011
The Turn Disk 4 music is pretty sweet, who made it?
User Comment
Submitted by anonym on 23 December 2011
Thank you Thank you Thank you for this amazing Christmas present. Merry Christmas to all. Miss you guys.
User Comment
Submitted by cba on 23 December 2011
User Comment
Submitted by Joe on 23 December 2011
Absolutely marvelous!
User Comment
Submitted by MagerValp on 23 December 2011
Enough is enough - this, together with the G*P Xmas disk from Hedning, means that it's time to set up a real C64 again. The only question is if I should have glögg or julöl to go with it.

God jul!
User Comment
Submitted by ne7 on 23 December 2011
had to drop by and say just how lovely this prod is - I just spent some time infront of the little box watching it - the batman greets bit really made me smile. actually the whole demo made me smile, bloody brill + lovely xmas pressie! <3
User Comment
Submitted by Axis/Oxyron on 23 December 2011
Thank you guys for that nice christmas present. It looks like a lot of work has gone into this since LCP. Many people would call this megademo, but I think its more a hybrid between megademo and trackmo. There are a lot of trackmo like sequences in it where stuff is loaded in the background. And this makes it much more enjoyable. On the details I´m mainly with Jackasser. With a bit more codepr0n and less glitches this would be a killer present, also for us coders. But it definitely has some great moments. For me this is the incredible circlescroll, the loading picture on diskside 2, which is imho the best logo I have ever seen on a C64, the smooth animations in the credits and endpart, all the great music and ofcourse the overall design. Good job guys. Take a week of holiday and start working on your x-demo. ;o)
User Comment
Submitted by Wile Coyote on 23 December 2011
Multi Colour Graphic Overload

The film esque intro, and the whole 2001 theme was entertaining.

My 2 favourite parts were the Popcorn pt. And the part featuring the large vertical twister.
I had already viewed both parts when the demo was released / leaked in its unfinished form here on CSDb.

Admittedly the Popcorn pt. Would have been even better if the Popcorn rained down via the upper border.

While there are 4 disk sides of data, there did not seem to be all that many parts.

The large LOADING logo looks great.

2 other parts I liked were the part feat. The Washing Machine animation and comical tune, and the part I can only describe as featuring a red backdrop over which various images appear using rows and rows of twisting sprites.

Great music through out.


Part of me thinks the whole demo should have stuck with a single theme: 2001 A Space Odyssey
Maybe you guys should re create the who story on C64 :D

User Comment
Submitted by Steppe on 23 December 2011
I felt strong waves of C64 love floating through my stomach last night when I watched this. Thanks for the great show!
User Comment
Submitted by grasstust on 23 December 2011
Strong ideas, great design, superb music, amazing attention to detail. I love the demo and I love the direction this demo pushes for. I can really smell the sweat on this one, and yes, the love and attitude from those who made it. In a way Offence is the 2011's Blackmail methinks. Dritbra, gutter! :)
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 23 December 2011
We hope you feel the love and that you accept our x-mas gift from all of us to all of you... Thanx for all the warm feedback... We truly need it to be able to create big demos for you and for us in the future!
User Comment
Submitted by Celtic on 22 December 2011
This demo is amazing indeed, with my personal favourites the credits and the Medusa scroll.

Though i must say, a bit long for me. I would have prefered 2 awesome demo which would be a bit shorter, but i am a grumpy nag however :)

In short: amazing!
User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 22 December 2011
oh my god, u added and improved so much compared to the party version I saw. I am in awe about the amount of excellent stuff you guys came up with in such short time.

/me bows
User Comment
Submitted by Yogibear on 22 December 2011
Absolutely a TOP production! Haven't seen such a good one in a while!
User Comment
Submitted by The Shadow on 22 December 2011
This is a monumental achievement!
User Comment
Submitted by ccr on 22 December 2011
I. Am. Blown. Away.

Initially, I was very sceptical, as I perhaps foolishly associate non-trackdemos with simplistic parts filled with greetings scrollers. But, man, was I wrong this time!

Most of the parts are either pure gold, or just very clever. The design is impeccable, and "production values" excellent - graphics, code and music, all top notch.

I love to be positively surprised. :)
User Comment
Submitted by Freestyle on 22 December 2011
Absolutely aweseome and breathtaking.

Fantastic music, fantastic graphics and code, fantastic tribute to the scene. My personal highlight is the medusa scroller. I love aswell the part with the dancing girl...
It took me about 1 hour to watch the demo and read all scrollers. Extremely well invested time.

Thanks for all the effort!
User Comment
Submitted by nomistake on 22 December 2011
WOW, DUDE! This is INfuckingCREDIBLE!!
User Comment
Submitted by BHF on 22 December 2011
After many sleepless nights its FINALLY HERE !
YEAAAH !!!! Offence did it again, and what a demo it is, on my birthday too :D The best gift for a c64oholic.

Everything about ths production is of the highest quality.
Its one of the best in my opinion.

10/10 - I love it, period !

If anyone vote this demo down, I will personally hunt you down and make you make it the "way " you want it with your "dingdong" berries !

Hmm, cant wait to visit ZTH and view it on the real machine in a couple of days. Now its just re-run, re-run, re-run :)

User Comment
Submitted by Count Zero on 22 December 2011
Awesome style - great graphics - cool effects and fitting musics. A perfect demo for xmas eve.
User Comment
Submitted by Rough on 22 December 2011
I didn't think I'd ever be impressed by a demo again like I was in 1988-90. But I was wrong. This is outstanding. Thank you very much guys. You put so much effort into the demo, G-R-E-A-T. My eyes popped out at the Tron part. 8o

still a little complaining..
-some texts fade to quick so they can't be read
-the first disk change part says INSERT DISK 2 (while it's SIDE 2), a mistake which occures often in emulator days as people forget that a C64 disk consists of two .d64 images.

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 22 December 2011
Great! I love it. Fantastic work! \o/
User Comment
Submitted by cba on 22 December 2011
Great demo, just watched it together with my youngest daughter and she really liked the space alien part and also the popcorn ;-) Funny to see myself in this production, thanks !
User Comment
Submitted by Cruzer on 22 December 2011
Finally it's here. Just had an emulator sneak peek at work, and it definitely seems even better than I remember it from LCP. Can't wait to get home and put it on two real floppies.
User Comment
Submitted by 6R6 on 22 December 2011
"Rottekongen" Probably the best sid I ever heard! <3
Love the demo too..
User Comment
Submitted by JackAsser on 22 December 2011
Awesome screens, awesome graphics, awesome music, awesome text made by awesome people.

I'd like less gfx-glitches though and a bit more coder pr0n, being a coder myself.

All in all a very nice release, thank you so much and keep up this good work with more releases!
User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 22 December 2011

Couldn't even tell what I liked most or would need to write very much if I wanted to mention everything I really like in this production.

Will watch it on real hardware this evening with a friend.
User Comment
Submitted by Testa on 22 December 2011
wow, fantastic demo.... there is so much creativity is this production!!
All together a very very nice demo in many aspects...
User Comment
Submitted by WVL on 22 December 2011
I _always_ forget to press space! :D
User Comment
Submitted by E$G on 22 December 2011
It's really x-mas ... all started with Nostalgia cracks + Laxity one ... then was Onslaught day 5 releases!
And now 4 sides of a megademo (it's not the correct term ... this is a super-mega-cool-astonishing-icanfeelachill on my spine demo!!!)

I love it (and I will run-it many / many times!) ... a cocktail of perfection - advanced coding + super gfx & fab music and overall many good ideas! My fave part ?? Too many but the tribute part & the great offender are my fave one ... pity I can just give 10 out of 10!!
User Comment
Submitted by sLASH on 22 December 2011
Fantastic, what a christmas gift!
User Comment
Submitted by Archmage on 22 December 2011
Wonderful demo with some really nice screens and killer cool music. Once again it's quality work from the masters of julebord.

And I got to see it on the bigscreen! \o/
User Comment
Submitted by Slator on 22 December 2011
thank you so much for his piece of eargasm and eyegasm :-D after your 'emotional breakdown' at LCP I wondered if this will ever happen, it is soo nice to see this art in one piece, well in !4! :-D the typical offence way of understatement :-D

a big hug to all of you who actually made this possible, you are a bunch of cool blokes and you really deserve some scenelove :-D nice to have you back around with brilliant art.

merry x-mas, thank you very very very very much for this present

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 22 December 2011
User Comment
Submitted by Skate on 22 December 2011
This is HUUUGEEE!!! :) I really enjoyed the final version. Some parts are totally amazing. Credits part blew me away. Good job dudes.
User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 22 December 2011
First thing I did when coming to work - I walked straight into a conference room, closed the door, shut the lights and downloaded APSO!

16 parts (+more), 4 disk sides (!) and 30 minutes later I am just filled with joy and love =) So much great stuff in there.

"Baby turned out to be a monster". LOL

Some highlights;

* Space Odyssey intro - EPIC! Feels like a movie =)
* Scene heroes - Love this part, love the routine, love the message. Love. ♥♥♥
* Medusa part - Ah, the scroller! I screamed when I first saw this at LCP.
* Popcorn remix - Haha this is so good. To me, this is Offence captured in one part. Nobody else could have done it =)
* Gotham greets - Fab gfx and style. TRSO?
* Circle plexer - Beautiful new scroll routine with many possibilities. Too bad it's impossible to read =) The cover of "Vill ha dig" is fab \o/
* Credits - Beautiful. Perfected!

I'm so happy that you finally managed to release this "monster". Congrats! And merry X-mas!
User Comment
Submitted by Ksubi on 22 December 2011
Absolutely brilliant on all levels! My favourite part is the intro, love it...especially the graphical content. Congrats Offence and thanks for the Xmas gift :) 10/10
User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 22 December 2011
Oh man, if I only had known this shit was to be released I would have stayed home from work! The perfect Christmas gift! Congratulations to Offence! I know how hard you have worked with this. Much love!
User Comment
Submitted by G-Fellow on 22 December 2011
★ Brilliant and breathtaking demo! Pure Entertainment! Very good messages, too! Inspiration & Motivation! ★ (◕‿◕)



User Comment
Submitted by Prowler64 on 22 December 2011
AMAZING! It is finally here! This must be the best C64 demo ever made! I am stunned! Stunned I tell you! So many nice parts and really great graphics so one can't really name any favourites. Really fun with the Balthazar and UFO-parts, and the great offender, and Batman, and Popcorn and and and... Thumbs up!
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