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World Wide ZOO

World Wide ZOO

- Night in the Jungle!

Event Type :
Demo Party

Zoo Online 2021

Dates :
25 September 2021

Organizers :
Dr. Dick, Electric, Flex, Grendel, Jazoo, Micron, SkY, Spiikki, Terwiz, Vent, Zamdee, Ziili

Organizer Groups :
Alumni, Artline Designs, Byterapers, Dekadence, Extend, Topaz Beerline

Competition Results :

C64 Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Mörkroom by Da JormasDownload8.99.5
2My Name Is Soft, Mihail Gorbat Soft by Gorbat SoftDownload8.4
3VIY by Atlantis, Pretzel LogicDownload9.4
4Pigs in Space by Mahna MahnaDownload8.8
5Arena XIII by AtlantisDownload
6DUGA3 by Karjala!Download
7Love Hate Ordnungsamt by Mayday!Download
8C1X1 by The SolutionDownload
9World Wide Load by Wide LoadDownload
10Ski or Death 2022 Invitation by HiihtoliittoDownload
11CNCD at Zoo by CNCDDownload
12You Suffer by Bump and GrindDownload
13I'm a Banana by STARZDownload

C64 Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Banaanin Alle by MutetusDownload9.89.9
2Nelly Goes West by ShogoonDownload9.7
3Helix by FlexDownload9.1
4Electrostatic by JanglerDownload9.6
5Backward Ride by DeetsayDownload9.5
6Prtzl+Kola by FlotsamDownload9.79.9
 Gone Already by JuzdieDownload8.9
8Jungle Polka by The SyndromDownload9.5
9Future Lover by RockDownload
10Second Bite by ProtonDownload
11Bassonavajo by AgemixerDownload
12Morphine Revisited by ChuinhoDownload9.69.9
13Oktopose by BarracudaDownload
14A Warm Place by MankeliDownload
15Wattson by BarikDownload
16Majoneesi by AnacronDownload
17Big Gelatine Scam by Stabile AltbautenDownload

C64 Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Departed Together by DuceDownload9.89.9
2Dream Membrane by JoeDownload9.89.9
3Skullflower by ElectricDownload9.69.8
4Best Friends by FacetDownload9.69.6
5Fleshy by ElectricDownload9.4
6Lada 3000 by L3nin666Download9.6
7The Darkness Hour by Almighty GodDownload9.3
8Sofasceners by VentDownload9.5
9Parallel Dream by jetan/Isildur/ukaDownload9.4
10Her Highness Compofilleria by ptoingDownload9.49.8
11Electricified by AomebaDownload8.8
12Purification (Preview) by LeonDownload8.6
13Blooden Guts by Dr. TerrorZDownload8.8
14Hooded Goblin by IlbuDownload
15Kisse by JmiDownload7.8
16Green Glasses by HairdogDownload8.0
17U Are the Animal by BackspinDownload6.0
18Iltapala by AnacronDownload
19Metsäretkellä by SupermonniDownload6.1

C64 Basic Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Machine by New Basic GroupDownload9.3
2Let's Twisting by Jupp3Download9.3
3Head or Tail Oneliner by LogikerDownload

Mixed Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Siam by Electric, ExtendDownload9.5
2True Faith by AtlantisDownload9.6
3Party Scener by Pretzel LogicDownload9.3
4Dedhors by Artline DesignsDownload9.4
5Poirobot by Artline DesignsDownload8.9
6Upsetting by Electric, ExtendDownload9.0
7Catching Kermit by AtlantisDownload9.1
8Rules of PETSCII by Dr. TerrorZDownload9.89.8
9Self Portrait by Artline DesignsDownload8.3
10Grendel by Manu, Byterapers, FitDownload
11Tinder Match by VentDownload8.6
12WTF Is Happening??! by VentDownload8.8
13Rhaalanis by Mayday!Download8.4
1490's Daydreams by HaniDownload8.5
15Zoo Run! by Samar ProductionsDownload8.6
 Chopped and Stacked by Exotic MenDownload7.8
17Tukkajumala etenee by Dekadence, FitDownload8.0
18Samurai by AtlantisDownload7.6
19Pondering by christwoballsDownload8.0
20Self Portrait by juN3bulaDownload
21The Great Inventor by LogikerDownload7.4
22Kalmo by VilkeDownload
23YLE Is by YleisradioDownload

Attendants : (13)
Backspin, d4ng3r, Deetsay, Dr. TerrorZ, Flex, Hexhog, Honcho, ilesj, Manu, Marq, Moraff, Scapegoat, theK

User Comment
Submitted by Electric on 27 September 2021
We give out each year a special prize as well with title ’The Scene Act of The Year’, given 2021 to two persons:

Codetsu / Gorbat Soft - For the work on C64 coding workshops and Genetic-PET BBS.

Proton / Finnish Gold - For the Finnish Gold comeback in demoscene and for the sedulous labour done.

… and as we ‘forgot’ to give out the Scene Act of The Year -prize at the 2019 party it was now announced in public:

Scorpion / Artline Designs - For the comeback to Finnish C64 demoscene.

Congratulations! (Trophies on the way, soon…)

User Comment
Submitted by Ziili on 26 September 2021
__ _ _ __
_\ __ _____ _____ /_
____) \_ __) _ (__ __) _ (__ a
_) _.___)__) _(O)_ (__) _(O)_ (_ b
_ \_ \. _/ (___) (___) \_h
\ /___\___\ _________ _________ / o
\/____ __\/ ____ \/ _. __.\/
_/ ._ \__) \___/ _ (__ ./ .___) .__
_) ./ ._ (_ l/ _/_. __/__ . (_
\_ __/_ l/ _/__/ _/ l _/ __/
/___\__/____\ /______\_______\/__\
___ _____. ___ _. __ -t!
_/ _(______ _/ _) ._\ \ _/ .__/ _)__
l/ _/_ _ \____ . \_ \_\_ ______ (_
__/ _/ ___/ l/ l _/ _/ l _/l/ _/
/_____\____\__________\____\ ____\____\
- --[-> WORLD WIDE ZOO RESULTS <-]-- -
Zoo Online 2021 Sep 25, 2021
------------------------------[ Petscii Graphics ]------------------------------
1. 402 pts Siam by Electric / Extend
2. 395 pts True Faith by Lobo
3. 387 pts Party Scener by Mikael / Pretzel Logic
4. 384 pts dedhors by ilesj
5. 370 pts Poirobot by jab / Artline Designs
6. 369 pts Upsetting by Electric / Extend
7. 368 pts Catching Kermit by Honcho
8. 365 pts Rules of PETSCII by Dr. TerrorZ
9. 346 pts Self Portrait by Aomeba/Artline Designs
10. 345 pts Grendel by Manu/Byterapers^Fit
11. 336 pts Tinder Match by Vent/EXTEND
12. 328 pts WTF is happening??! by Vent/EXTEND
13. 314 pts Rhaalanis by TheRyk/Mayday!
14. 311 pts 90's Daydreams by Hani
15. 296 pts Chopped & Stacked by edi / Exotic Men
15. 296 pts Zoo Run! by uka / Samar Productions
17. 277 pts Tukkajumala etenee by Marq/Fit^L!T^Dkd
18. 271 pts Samurai by Almighty God
19. 265 pts Pondering by christwoballs
20. 245 pts Self-portrait by juN3bula / ◤
21. 236 pts The Great Inventor by Logiker
22. 230 pts Kalmo by Vilke
23. 201 pts YLE IS by MrsOffice / Yleisradio
-----------------------------------[ Music ]------------------------------------
1. 292 pts Banaanin Alle by Mutetus
2. 289 pts Nelly goes west by Shogoon/Elysium/Multistyle Labs
3. 277 pts Helix by Flex / Artline Designs
4. 265 pts Electrostatic by Jangler / Artline Designs
5. 260 pts Backward Ride by deetsay
6. 257 pts Gone Already by Juzdie / Artline Designs
6. 257 pts Prtzl+Kola by Flotsam/Pretzel Logic
8. 243 pts Jungle Polka by The Syndrom/TIA/Pretzel Logic/Crest
9. 232 pts Future Lover by Rock / Finnish Gold
10. 218 pts Second Bite by Proton / Finnish Gold
11. 215 pts Bassonavajo by Agemixer
12. 209 pts morphine, revisited by chuinho
13. 204 pts Oktopose by Barracuda/Extend
14. 169 pts A Warm Place by Mankeli/Extend
15. 164 pts wattson by barik
16. 145 pts majoneesi by anacron
17. 117 pts Big Gelatine Scam by Stabile Altbauten
----------------------------------[ Graphics ]----------------------------------
1. 516 pts Departed Together by Duce / Extend
2. 474 pts Dream Membrane by Joe/Wrath Designs
3. 460 pts Skullflower by Electric / Extend
4. 440 pts Best Friends by Facet of Genesis Project
5. 408 pts Fleshy by Electric / Extend
6. 403 pts Lada3000 by Lenin666
7. 396 pts The DarknessHour by Almighty God
8. 394 pts Sofasceners by Vent/EXTEND
9. 364 pts Parallel Dream by Isildur, Jetan, Uka / Samar Productions
10. 351 pts Her Highness Compofilleria by ptoing
11. 343 pts Electricified by Aomeba/Artline Designs
12. 336 pts purification (preview) by leon
13. 317 pts Blooden Guts by Dr. TerrorZ
14. 314 pts Hooded Goblin by Ilbu
15. 299 pts Kisse by jmi
16. 296 pts Green glasses by Hairdog/BooM!
17. 226 pts U Are The Animal by Backspin
18. 220 pts iltapala by anacron
19. 172 pts Metsäretkellä by Supermonni
--------------------------------[ Basic Effect ]--------------------------------
1. 358 pts Machine by Neu Basic
2. 337 pts Let's Twisting by Jupp3
3. 230 pts Head Or Tail Oneliner by Logiker
------------------------------------[ Demo ]------------------------------------
1. 374 pts Mörkroom by dA JoRMaS!
2. 363 pts My name is Soft, Mihail Gorbat Soft by Gorbat Soft
3. 358 pts VIY by Atlantis/Pretzel Logic
4. 344 pts Pigs in space by Mahna Mahna
5. 321 pts Arena XIII by Atlantis
6. 310 pts DUGA3 by Karjala!
7. 291 pts Love Hate Ordnungsamt by Mayday!
8. 279 pts C1X1 by the solution
9. 258 pts World Wide Load by Wide Load
10. 251 pts Ski or Death 2022 Invitation by Hiihtoliitto
11. 247 pts CNCD at Zoo by CNCD
12. 187 pts You Suffer by Bump & Grind
13. 146 pts im a banana by pastoelio of starz
6890 votes were cast by 197 registered visitors
Results generated by Partyman - Primitive 2021

User Comment
Submitted by Electric on 24 September 2021
Ops, we did it again: deadlines on Friday 24th (Music, PETSCII & Graphics) and Saturday 25th (Basic & Demo)!

User Comment
Submitted by Electric on 23 September 2021
Due the public demand and as an act of scene democracy we have extended the deadlines to following ((EEST (UTC +3)):

Music, PETSCII and Graphics – Friday 23rd 18:00

Basic Effect and Demo – Saturday 24th 12:00

User Comment
Submitted by Flex on 17 September 2021
join World Wide Zoo @ Discord:

User Comment
Submitted by Electric on 6 September 2021
Now open for registration and entries in: https://partyman.zooparty.org/

DL 24th of September 12:00 Finnish time (UTC/GMT +2H).

More information: https://2021.zooparty.org/

User Comment
Submitted by Electric on 5 July 2021


For all graphics categories we accept two entries per artist. In music category we are restricted to only one entry per musician.

Number of entries in other categories is not limited. However we all love quality over quantity. Music, Graphics and PETSCII entries will be presented anonymously. Graphics may contain your signature, anyway.


Log in to this website to submit your entry either as a .PRG or a .D64 file. Submitting an entry is possible only for the registered users. Entries can be submitted starting 1st of August 2021.


The deadline for all entries is Friday the 24th of September 2021 at 12:00 Finnish time (GMT+2h).


All pieces shall be previously unreleased original art. Offensive, racistic, sexisitic, plain boring or illegal content will be disqualified. We'll reserve ourselves the right to decide what is to be left out.

All entries shall be runnable with a vanilla C64 (PAL) and loadable either from 1541(-II) floppy drive or 1530 C2N Datasette.

Compo entries are submitted through Zoo website. Link to the PARTYWEB will appear to the website navigation bar. The link is available for the registered party animals only.

In order of preference, please provide your C64 entries either as executable files in .D64 or .PRG file format.


Voting will start when the compos are presented. Voting is available for registered users only and will end one (1) hour after the last compo has ended.

This year we’re encouraging our audience for ‘fair play voting’ (FPV) meaning the following:

• Respect original art and ideas.
• Base your voting on your own opinion – group-voting is for lamers.
• If you vote, give a vote to every entry in the compo serie and keep in mind that downvoting is as well for lamers.
• Voting your own entry? No problemos – just do it fairly.

Our aim is to present the competitions as fair as possible. With FPV we will as well make the scene more welcoming for newcomers.


Each serie winner will receive a custom handmade trophy made Finnish-German sculptor Christian Jütte. Trophies will be shipped during October 2021.



Pove your creativity - boast with your skills!

If your demo requires usrer interaction, please let the organizers know it in advance.

No size or duration limits, but we might be forced to cut your demo short at some point when the audience has had enough.


SID sounds all day long!

Provide your original and previously unreleased song as an executable. The executable shall include the name and credits for the tune. Video will be blanked during the music compo. We will play out maximum of 3 minutes per tune, depending on the number of entries. The compo will be played in random order as two sections with a short break in-between.

If your song does include a loop, please let us know the exact loop point so the fade-out will be smooth.

Please inform us if you want your song to be played either with a 6581R3, 6581R4AR or 8580R5.

Providing additional information (player, speed, use of samples etc.) on your entry is highly recommended.


Pixel magic without restrictions!

Any graphics format (Hires, multicolor, interlace,...) is accepted. Converting is not accepted at any stage of the image. This concerns scans or googled images or collages out of these. However, you may use a reference image such as a photo taken by you or sketch you have drawn. Handmade remakes are accepted but in such case please provide all necessary information on the original art (author, title etc.) – this information will be shown along the image. However, we encourage you to focus on your own handmade unique art and ideas.

Graphics will be shown for maximum of one minute per piece. Audio will be muted during the graphics compo. Images will be presented anonymously, but you may have your small signature in the image.

We require minimum of five (5) workstages of every image. Provide the stages so that they truly present the creation of the image from blank screen to the final stage. An image without proper presentation of the workflow will be disqualified.

Any additional information (format, tools, motif…) about your workflow is highly encouraged.


Scii or PET!

Submit an image drawn with the original PETSCII character set using standard character mode. Maximum size is 40x25 characters. You may tune the screen colours ($d021 / $d020) while using rasters or animation is a no-no. Entry shall be provided as an executable. Audio will be muted during the compo. Images will be presented anonymously, but you may have your small signature in the image. PETSCII will be shown for maximum of one minute per piece.

Converting is not accepted at any stage of the image. This concerns scans or googled images or collages out of these. However, you may use a reference images such as a photo taken by you or sketch you have drawn. Handmade remakes are accepted but in such case please provide all necessary information on the original art (author, title etc.) – this information will be shown along the image. However, we encourage you to focus on your own handmade unique art and ideas.

We require minimum of five (5) workstages of PETSCII graphics as well. Provide the stages so that they truly present the creation of the image from blank screen to the final stage. An image without proper presentation of the workflow will be disqualified. Work stages may be provided as executables or imagea (PNG / JPG preferred).


Pure Commodore Basic V2 – unleash it!

In this category we encourage you to create one mindblowing effect with good old C64 Basic – can you do it? Let that be a one-liner or blast the screen with data – it’s all appreciated.

The entry can be a demo effect, game, music, animation, visual poetry, whatever! No other limits as long it’s pure basic. If your entry needs user interaction, please note that when submitting. Please note the staff if your entry is a loop or it has an end.

Each entry will shown for minimum of one minute or through the length of the presentation.

User Comment
Submitted by Electric on 20 May 2021
WORLD WIDE ZOO - Zoo Online 2021

Due to current situation, ZOO - the biggest North European C64-only party will happen ONLINE on 25th of September 2021. Reserve the whole day, evening and night on your calendar, fill your fridge with beer & food and let yourself into hands of the Zookeepers from the North.

WWZ will entertain you with varying content – talks, live commentaries & music, and of course – competitions. To make the evening perfect we need YOU – your entries and your votes. Our studio crew with changing guests will spice up the show through the evening.

We will have compos in traditional categories of PETSCII, Music, Graphics and Demo while having also a new single effect compo in basic language titled ‘Basic Effect’.

Stay tuned and follow us through our channels for further information:

ZOOparty site: http://zooparty.org/
CSDb: World Wide ZOO
ZOOparty TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUhLhl-ceXSshi27ALcAbdg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zoopartyC64
Twitter: https://twitter.com/zooparty_ry
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