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2011-02-15 15:07

Registered: Jul 2002
Posts: 402
straight from YOUR playlist

if you encounter a piece of sound so great you want to hang yourself for not being able to write something of similar quality...
if you think you've just found the best music ever made...
if you think a certain song/tune/symphony contains some unusually awesome elements...
...and you want to share it with other c64 composers and not necessarily via your facebook wall, just do it here.
explanations, reviews and so on warmly welcome.
one link per day max.
have fun.
2011-02-15 15:11

Registered: Jul 2002
Posts: 402
to get the stone rolling:
in most cases, the production is all about exposing strengths of a song. despite marvellously strong songwriting here, the production tries to HIDE it completely. and fails :)
'strange fires' by ariel pink.
2011-02-15 15:47
Account closed

Registered: Jan 2011
Posts: 33
As I indicated in the other thread, I am not a superior fan of unchanged rhythmic patterns. No wonder that this gem caught my attention as soon as I heard it (when it was a year old and I was almost 15, early 1982, they weren't really popular in Germany by then):


'Limelight' by Rush
2011-02-15 18:09

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 121

Because it's awesome. Especially the lyrics. Which happens to be in Norwegian.

Casiokids - Finn bikkjen
2011-02-15 20:34

Registered: Nov 2007
Posts: 369
?Too many answers error :)

Hudson Mohawke "Overnight"
The first time I heard this it almost made me cry because of the pure simplicity and genius behind those 3 minutes.

Plastikman "Pakard"
This deserves to be heard from the original CD, in a dark room. I put it on wherever I am alone at home in the evenings, turn the light off, and dance shamelessly.

Konflict "Messiah"
Still gives me shivers when I listen to this track. Used to do sound checks before razorPoint gigs with this one. Which was of course just a lame excuse to jump on the empty dancefloor and shout our lungs out together like fucking maniacs when 1:28 kicks in.

From the other side of musical spectrum:

Opeth "A Fair Judgement"
Just when I lost all hope in metal and gave it up for few years, someone pointed out this album ("Deliverance") to me. And this track brought be back to Satan's sweet hands for many years to come ;)

There will be more.

Oh, just noticed you wrote "one link per day". Well, whatever :)
2011-02-15 20:39

Registered: Jun 2004
Posts: 616
Quote: to get the stone rolling:
in most cases, the production is all about exposing strengths of a song. despite marvellously strong songwriting here, the production tries to HIDE it completely. and fails :)
'strange fires' by ariel pink.

Love, but ... although I am a sucker for somewhat lofi and honest sounds I think the lofi aspect is a bit overdone in this particular case since the style doesn´t exactly scream for it :)

One link a day, hum, let´s start with an old favourite of mine, something I´ve been listening to for 15 years at least.


I adore the sounds, the composition, the production, the vintage singing style, the lyrics, the percusion work, anything. Truely one of those songs so great I want to hang myself for not being able to write anything that comes even remotely close.

wackee, you fucking cheater! =D +1 for Opeth, of course!
2011-02-15 21:42

Registered: Jul 2002
Posts: 402
nooooo, +1 for Hudson Mohawke :)
loved Alan Parsons and Casiokids too, didn't know those tracks.
Rush brings too many memories of my first band and our miserable attempts to cover their songs ;)
Linus: perhaps you may want to check out Ariel's newest release "Before Today" then, where lo-fi is mostly gone, and songwriting still A+.
2011-02-15 21:59
Account closed

Registered: Aug 2006
Posts: 6
One item from my playlist :)


The piece "Droid" by Italian duel "Automat". I love it for simple and ingenious, at the same time, melody and harmony.
2011-02-15 22:07

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9532
Mike Steiphenson "Burundi Black" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnLf9Pnyk_E

this is a nice anti-example concerning classic song structure :) it also manages to build an percussive wall of awesomeness by very simple means. best heard in a dark room at full volume. oh, its also a classic, get the maxi if you stumble about it - avoid the reprinted cd release with the uninspiring "new school" remixes.
2011-02-15 23:03

Registered: Jun 2004
Posts: 616
Hah, Moog, haven´t heard this one for quite some time. Sounds italian for sure in the same vein as Goblin and the like.

Since it´s past midnight already here´s another frequent visitor in my playlist:


claustrophobic, deep, pretty, wow. this unofficial video contains scenes from a lot of my favourite movies. new hollywood for the win.
2011-02-15 23:21
Account closed

Registered: Jan 2011
Posts: 33
New day here :-)

Actually 2 long pieces of the same kind and performer, so I hope grouping them together instead of making two days is ok. I do not post youtube links, as I could not find a non-crippled version there. Do not try youtube if you do not already know these pieces :-( really not. And do not even start them when you do not have the half hour of quietness to listen...

I cannot give you a direct download, you must look for yourself.

These can take me away to long journeys...

Bayreuth return

Crystal lake
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