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Event Type :
C64 Only Party

X-24, X2024, X24, X'24,X-2024

Dates :
10 - 12 May 2024

Place :
De Hoof 18
5712 LM Someren

Website :

Organizers :
Burglar, DJS, Dylotic, Mace, Mr.Ammo, Oxbow, Tim

Organizer Groups :
Silicon Limited, Success + The Ruling Company, Xenon

Competition Results :

C64 Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
113:37 by FairlightDownload9.710.0
2Layers by Finnish GoldDownload9.69.9
3Das Boot by LethargyDownload9.2
4Sofa - So Good by SlackersDownload8.7
5Get in the Van by AtlantisDownload9.8
6Greaties 83% by Mayday!Download
7The BYG Dotz by BabygangDownload
8Rise Again! by The DreamsDownload5.3
9Vaddertach 2024 by The Solaris AgencyDownload
10Honor of the Geisha by BollemanDownload

C64 4K Intro
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Soul on Fire by ReflexDownload10.010.0
2Solution 42 by CycleburnerDownload9.2
3Pathfinder by TriadDownload9.1
4Kaas by GoerpDownload
5Random RasterDownload

C64 Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Xtrovert by psych858oDownload10.010.0
2Get in the Van by MibriDownload10.010.0
3A Boot and a Leg by VincenzoDownload9.7
4Brutopian Schlager by FlexDownload9.6
5Cat on the Keys Again by Spider JerusalemDownload
6New Dawn Shades FM by LinusDownload9.8
7When It's All Gone by Steel/StinsenDownload9.6
8Triphace by Warp 8Download9.3
9Freakandel by YouthDownload9.8
10Organism X by SIDWAVEDownload
11Hoofraver by RølyDownload
12Debut & Credit by tubesockorDownload
13Asian Flavour by PicrardDownload

C64 Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Phoenix by FacetDownload9.79.8
2Henko by Almighty GodDownload9.5
3Janissimus by NithDownload9.2
4Orko by FirelordDownload8.9
5Back in the Game by LeonDownload8.8
6Motodog by NanzeeDownload
7Ohhhhhh... by GoerpDownload8.7
8Conqubine by ExileDownload6.7
9Greetings to You! by GeniusDownload
10Love Kills by LZwerchDownload

Mixed Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Zed's Dead by Atlantis, Pretzel LogicDownload9.810.0
2Captain Cute by Mayday!Download9.0
 Elf Girl by TriadDownload9.4
4ibex'24 Crew by ibex-crewDownload8.7
5X marks the Spock by Hokuto ForceDownload8.4
6Nasty Catsy Devilisimo by Nah-KolorDownload
7Futuristica by AmidDownload7.0
8Call or Die by NetphreakersDownload

Productions released outside compos :
Black Birdie 2024 Invitro (Invitation)
Cave of the Word Wizard +3D by Cracker Force Nijmegen (Crack)
Multiverse 100% by Nah-Kolor (Demo)
X'24 Party Scroller by Padua (One-File Demo)

Attendants : (152)
Acied, Adder, Aggressor, Airwolf, Almighty God, Angel of Death, Anus, AVH, B.A., Bacchus, bexxx, Bolleman, Bonefish, Brix, Bugjam, Burglar, Case, Cash, CBA, centaur2, Comos, Conrad, Count Zero, Cycleburner, DeeKay, Devia, Drees, Duke, DuncanTwain, Edhellon, El Jefe, Elko, Exile, Facet, Fei, fieserWolf, finchy, Flex, Flexman, Flyshpytshe, Fred, Freestyle, Frostbyte, Faayd, Genius, Gideon, Goerp, Groepaz, Hagar, Han Solo, Heavy Head, Higgie, Hobbit, HOL2001, Honcho, Irata, Ixon, Jeroen Tel, Joshua 5, Knight Rider, Kordiaukis, Kreator, LDX#40, Linus, LKP, Lord Crucifier, Lotus, Luke, LZwerch, Mace, Macx, Maestro, Magic, Markus Schneider, Martinland, marty, Mason, MdZ, Megabrain, Messy, Mibri, Microtop, Moren, Mr. Curly, Mr. SID, Mr.Ammo, MWS, Nanzee, Neotec, Nerdine, New Design, Ninja, Nith, nucleus, Nyke, OhLi, Paranoidroid, Pastoelio, Pat Boon, Pater Becker, Peiselulli, Picrard, psych858o, Raf, Rayden, Razy, Ream, Retroluzzer, Reyn Ouwehand, ritti, Rolex, Røly, Sander, Sandfly, Scan, Sebaloz, Sepa, Seven, SIDWAVE, SounDemoN, Sounx, Spectator, Spider Jerusalem, Splatterhead, St0fF, Stormfront, Stratford, t0m3000, The Beast, The Dream Warrior, The Mysterious Art, The USER, TheRyk, Thundax, Tim, Toggle, TPM, Trasher, Trident, tubesockor, Tyger, Veto, Vincenzo, Visage, Viscid, Walter, Warp 8, wbochar, Weasel, WVL, Youth, Ziona

External links :
SceneSat & Transmission64 Live Stream Recordings  (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZrOu95tr-T7Uo8xt-L5weYctEBUAGoRM)
Burglar Live at X2024 (mp3)  (https://xparty.net/static/Burglar_-_100_Percent_SID_Part_2_-_Live_at_X2024.mp3)
All releases  (ftp://ftp.scs-trc.net/pub/c64/Party/2024/X)

Releases containing information on this event :
Attitude #22  Impressions
reMETA #18  Posts and comments from the party visitors on the reMETA 8-bit social media platform.
True Lies #02  party and road trip report
Vandalism News #74  Status update and invitation
Violence #9 [hungarian]  results
X'24 Party Scroller  party reports

User Comment
Submitted by Raf on 20 May 2024
Thanks for the party, my speech from friday 5PM is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvCKIxfuKOw

User Comment
Submitted by Zierliches Püppchen on 18 May 2024
Great party as usual, it will be a pleasure to meet this great party team in 2026 again. Didn't miss anything, nice friendly orga team, great organisation. Thank you guys for the chance to escape everyday working life for 3 days.

User Comment
Submitted by Sepa on 14 May 2024
It was fantastic. 29 years since I attended a C64 party - it really felt like being back in the 95 :)

User Comment
Submitted by Case on 14 May 2024
Will Reyn & Jeroen's sets be available ?

User Comment
Submitted by tubesockor on 13 May 2024
Thanks for a really great party! Had so much fun meeting you all and it was exciting to finally be able to release a first SID tune :) Was also very fun to run that little talk on the stage together with Youth.

User Comment
Submitted by Viscid on 13 May 2024
It was a nice time and a wonderful place to be, again. CU all in 2026!

User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 12 May 2024
                                    X 2024


                             Competition Results

Music Competition
  # Title                      Handle/Group               Voters  Sum Score
  1 Xtrovert                   psych858o/MultiStyle Labs     102  870 8.529
  2 Get in the Van             Mibri/Atlantis^MultiStyle...  100  839 8.390
  3 A Boot And A Leg           vincenzo/Le Thargy            102  799 7.833
  4 Brutopian Schlager         Flex/Artline Designs          101  791 7.832
  5 Cat On The Keys Again      Spider Jerusalem/MYD^SOA^...   98  752 7.673
  6 New Dawn Shades FM         Linus/MSL                      98  745 7.602
  7 When it's all gone         Steel/Genesis Project/SCS...  100  741 7.410
  8 Triphace                   w4rp8/Atlantis                 98  721 7.357
  9 Freakandel                 Youth                          98  688 7.020
 10 Organism X                 Sidwave/TST                    99  690 6.970
 11 Hoofraver                  Roly/Mayday!                   99  663 6.697
 12 Debut & Credit             tubesockor                     99  660 6.667
 13 Asian Flavour              picrard/Mayday!                99  581 5.869

PETSCII Competition
  # Title                      Handle/Group               Voters  Sum Score
  1 Zed's Dead                 Honcho/Pretzel Logic / At...  104  892 8.577
  2 Captain Cute               The USER/MYD!                 102  798 7.824
  2 Elf Girl                   wbochar/Triad                 102  798 7.824
  4 ibex'24 crew               t0m3000/ibex-crew             103  678 6.583
  5 X Marks The Spock          Sande/Hokuto Force            103  673 6.534
  6 Nasty Catsy Devilisimo     Magic & CoaxCable/Nah-Kolor   105  624 5.943
  7 Futuristica                Drees/AMID                    102  599 5.873
  8 Call or Die                Heavy Head/NetPhreakers /...  102  377 3.696

Graphics Competition
  # Title                      Handle/Group               Voters  Sum Score
  1 Phoenix                    Facet/G*P ^ Bonzai            113 1028 9.097
  2 Henko                      Almighty God/Atlantis/Lev...  110  950 8.636
  3 Janissimus                 Nith/TRIAD                    108  904 8.370
  4 Orko Mutu                  Firelord/Excess               110  868 7.891
  5 Back in the game           Leon/SGR/RSC/CHR/LTH          109  843 7.734
  6 motodog                    nanzee/chocotrophy            108  766 7.093
  7 Ohhhhhh....                Goerp/F4CG/HF                 108  686 6.352
  8 Conqubine                  Exile/Anubis+Cracker Forc...  108  666 6.167
  9 Greetings to you!          Genius/Xenon                  109  623 5.716
 10 Love kills                 Lzwerch/Mayday!               108  611 5.657

4K Competition
  # Title                      Handle/Group               Voters  Sum Score
  1 Soul on Fire               Quiss/Reflex                  117 1138 9.726
  2 Solution 42                cycleburner                   116 1007 8.681
  3 Adder                      Adder/Triad                   114  848 7.439
  4 Kaas                       Goerp/F4CG/HF                 113  483 4.274
  5 Random Raster              Mr Rasta/Rasta Plastas        113  408 3.611

Demo Competition
  # Title                      Handle/Group               Voters  Sum Score
  1 13:37                      FairLight                     112 1093 9.759
  2 Layers                     Finnish Gold                  113  926 8.195
  3 Das Boot                   Lethargy                      115  920 8.000
  4 Sofa So Good!              Slackers/Slackers             113  784 6.938
  5 Get in the Van             Atlantis                      114  776 6.807
  6 Greaties 83%               TheRyk/MYD!                   112  667 5.955
  7 The Byg Dots               Babygang                      113  640 5.664
  8 Rise again!                Ninja/The Dreams              113  618 5.469
  9 Vaddertach 2024            The Solaris Agency            115  579 5.035
 10 Honor of the Geisha        Bolleman                      115  494 4.296

Demo Competition (Onefiler Only)
  # Title                      Handle/Group               Voters  Sum Score
  1 Layers                     Finnish Gold                  113  926 8.195
  2 Das Boot                   Lethargy                      115  920 8.000
  3 Greaties 83%               TheRyk/MYD!                   112  667 5.955
  4 The Byg Dots               Babygang                      113  640 5.664
  5 Rise again!                Ninja/The Dreams              113  618 5.469
  6 Vaddertach 2024            The Solaris Agency            115  579 5.035

Party Releases
  # Title                      Handle/Group               Voters  Sum Score
    Multiverse 100%            Magic/Nah-Kolor                 8   77 9.625
    Black Birdie 2024 Invitro  Black Birdie Team/Scenior...    8   64 8.000

                     Results generated by votox 3.6.0dev

User Comment
Submitted by goerp on 12 May 2024
I had a great time, thanks to all!

User Comment
Submitted by Conrad on 11 May 2024
Another awesome edition of X! Cheers lads! See you @ X'2026!

User Comment
Submitted by ritti on 11 May 2024
This was my first time on a X party. Thank you for that amazing weekend! See you in 2 years!

User Comment
Submitted by t0m3000 on 24 March 2024
booked! yeah :)

User Comment
Submitted by ritti on 10 March 2024
Booked too ;)

User Comment
Submitted by marty on 27 February 2024
I will also be there and bring some old RADWAR members along. ;)

User Comment
Submitted by bodo^rab on 21 February 2024
count me in

User Comment
Submitted by HOL2001 on 20 February 2024
Booked! :)

User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 15 February 2024
Payments are now live! Tickets will be sent, beds will be reserved :)


See you at Twitter (formerly known as X)!

User Comment
Submitted by Raistlin on 13 February 2024
To avoid all potential confusion, I’d like to propose that the name of X be changed.

How about “Twitter”..? Has a nice ring to it IMO.

User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 11 February 2024
https://xparty.net/ - X'24 10-12 May - Now open for registration and ticket reservation. Sale starts later this week!

User Comment
Submitted by Flex on 11 February 2024
Just booked my flights. Seems obvious that the Ascension Day (9.5.) has an effect on both flight and hotel prices as many are heading for an extended weekend holiday..
Compared to X'23, the price tag for flights and hotels has doubled or even tripled (Coming to AMS already on 8.5.) Especially the "back home Sunday-evening" flights were something I'm not used to.. :-) Not sure if it's the same from all around the world but I just hope this will not have too much of a negative impact in people coming or not but for sure it has an effect.

To me it really doesn't matter if it's an X-party with 400 or 200 people. Hope to see many of you again this year!

User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 15 January 2024
we are working hard on the new website and we should be going live early feb if all goes well.

User Comment
Submitted by Firehawk on 15 January 2024
Count me in - is there a schedule for the various deadlines (registration, confirmation etc). Will try to book travel as soon as possible.

User Comment
Submitted by Exile on 9 January 2024
So when are we getting more info? Getting close already!

User Comment
Submitted by ptoing on 4 January 2024
REALLY hope I can make it this year. Been ages.

User Comment
Submitted by Count Zero on 30 June 2023

User Comment
Submitted by Zierliches Püppchen on 22 June 2023
count me in ;-)
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