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2014-06-08 19:52
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Registered: Sep 2002
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Release id #131308 : Relaunch64 V3.1

Relaunch64 - a clear, powerful and intuitive IDE for C64-assembler-coding on Windows, Linux and OS X - version 3.1 has been released! No matter which assembler you prefer, Relaunch64 supports (almost) all common assemblers for 6502-coding.

See CSDb-Entry: Relaunch64 V3.1

Get an impression of its fancy features at http://www.c64-wiki.com/index.php/Relaunch64

New in Relaunch64 3.1:

completely new editor component with new features, such as:
- increased performance
- much faster syntax highlighting
- highlight current edit-line
- rectangular text selection (ctrl+mouse)
- code-folding
- proper text anti-aliasing
- improved line number display and handling
- changes on color scheme, font and tab size etc. immediately take effect

improved suggestion / auto-completion popup (ctrl+space and ctrl+shift+space):
- local labels outside the scope are not listed (only global labels and labels within scope)
- filter suggestion list by typing
- editor scrolls to suggestion popup when caret is not visible
- suggests all labels, constants, variables (these two go as labels, too), macros and functions.
- hierarchical namespaces for 64tass, ca65, TMPx, DreamAss (also planned for ACME and KickAss)

improved navigation (jump and goto functions):
- all labels, constants, variables (these two go as labels, too), macros and functions are extracted.
- hierarchical namespaces for 64tass, ca65, TMPx, DreamAss (also planned for ACME and KickAss)
- jump to next/prev code fold function

assembler and error handling support
- added DASM support
- added TMPx support
- syntax support for !addr pseudoop in ACME (since 0.95)
- improvements with goto error functions, error line parsing for all supported assemblers.
- highlight current error line in log
- goto error line in source when clicking on highlighted error line in log

- Aqua Look'n'Feel on OS X by default
- UI font scaling to better fit screen resolution (can be switched off via preferences, not supoorted with Aqua-Look'n'Feel)
- added apply-button to Other-tab of preference pane
- added close-buttons to tabs
- ctrl+c can now copy content of Relaunch64-log and assembler-log

- added alternative syntax highlighting mode (see preferences)
- many (code) improvements, code cleanup
- slight modification of Popelganda color scheme

Bug fixes
- modified files, which should have been saved before compiling, were not checked if they really exist
- remove-script-button (preference pane) was disabled in certain cases, where it should have been enabled - fixed
- preference window could be resized, so apply-button was no longer visible. fixed, set minimum size to preference window to ensure apply-button is always visible
- relative paths, for instance when drag'n'dropping files, were not correctly extrtacted - fixed
- adding new user scripts may have messed up script-assignment to recent opened files and tabs that are re-opened on startup - fixed

For those who especially develop under OS X: beside KickAssembler, which runs on OS X out of the box, compiled binaries of latest 64tass and ACME assembler are available at http://www.popelganda.de/relaunch64.html

2014-06-13 19:43
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Registered: Sep 2002
Posts: 131
We've uploaded a developer-snapshot from Relaunch64 with previews of new features.

Here's a list of what we have added / changed in the current developer-snapshot (features should be stable):

- enable or disable code-folding
- added automatic code-folding for braces { and } (can be en-/disabled)
- added automatic code-folding for labels (can be en-/disabled)
- added automatic code-folding for conditional directives (can be en-/disabled)
- added automatic code-folding for structures (can be en-/disabled)

- automatic indention works for spaces now, too
- added commands to automatically convert spaces to tabs (and vice versa, see menu edit)

- optionally show file extension in tabs

- added quick-access to compiler-help (type "ch" into text field on bottom left)
- added SOURCENAME and OUTNAME as additional placeholders for input and output file names, excluding path and extension

Bug fixes
- tabs on OS X where a bit larger than planned - fixed
- fixed bug with syntax-highlighting, which, in some specific cases, did not recognize all labels

2014-06-17 11:48
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Registered: Sep 2002
Posts: 131
There's a new snapshot available. The GUI has been a lot, in hope that the user-experience will improve. -)


Don't be irritated if the GUI looks a bit "messed up", it's due to removal of components. Once you've re-arranged the GUI, the next startups it'll look okay.

The goto-popup at the bottom was removed. Now, calling a Goto-command from the Navigate-menu, will open a sidebar to the right of the editor. This list is permanently visible and you can find entries by typing in the textfield under the list. If you hit "enter", the list will be filtered according your text. Hitting "escape" closes the sidebar. You can navigate with arrow-keys, i.e. pressing (page)up/down in the textfield under the list will select items in the above list.

The "Select assembler" list now is where the Goto-popup was before. The "Select script" list is under the log-textfields.

You can also hide the "Select script" list, if you don't like it because it takes too much space. You still can select scripts then (ctrl+F5), the list will appear for about 2 seconds and then automatically hides again.

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