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2016-10-04 03:42

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 3921
Release id #150735 : I Am the Flashing C64 Cursor +D

The "discussion" in the comments section escalated quickly, so it was moved here, where it kind of belongs. The comment section should be about the release itself only, not the game that was cracked or philosophy about what should be released or not.

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Submitted by Jazzcat [PM] on 4 October 2016
Whilst the heart of the release group might be in the right place. I think this might be a bit too much also (I respect we have our own ideas on what we should release and not release, with our own reasons).

I agree that a lot of people are unfortunately (in my view) favourable on this style (albeit people not from the cracking scene); I am curious on people *in* or have been in the cracking scene and their views, will they be as supportive? Possibly people do not want to rock the boat and keep their thoughts to themselves?

This could be a broader discussion for the forums: e.g. releasing games made by members of own group, releasing CSDb games (when and when not to). Releasing games code in Basic etc. Of course people can do what they want. We all have made errors in judgement, but how to get the quality/baseline tradition back?

I guess such a forum blog would be difficult, people may want to piss on each others shoes etc rather than getting back to oldschool (whatever that used to be).

Anyway, hoping not to have a heated discussion but a healthy debate.

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Submitted by Fungus [PM] on 4 October 2016
This is not a "discussion" I am making a comment on the quality of this game and this release. It is my opinion, if you don't like it tough shit.

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Submitted by hedning [PM] on 3 October 2016
I don't agree, of course. It's a unique meta level take, and a cool nerdy game. But this "discussion" should move to the forum instead if you would like to continue. It seems more people are liking it, so your view is not universal, quite the opposite. If you have more to say about what we should do and not, please send a PM and I can ignore it in peace without disturbing the rest of the population.

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Submitted by Fungus [PM] on 3 October 2016
I don't need to read the fucking manual, this is shit and not worthy of releasing.

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Submitted by hedning [PM] on 3 October 2016
rtfm ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Fungus [PM] on 3 October 2016
This isn't even worthy of dinasours. Is this what the scene has come to? You should be ashamed of releasing this.
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2016-10-06 01:48

Registered: Jan 2002
Posts: 2704
Quoting Jazzcat
The moderators also make mistakes from time to time also.

You don't say? The moderators are humans also?!

Joking aside, of course people make mistakes. I've reversed some of my moderation in the past and censored some of my own comments.
2016-10-06 04:38

Registered: Feb 2002
Posts: 1028
Fungus comment on this game "crack" should be restored. Shouldn't discussions be moved to forums when they become that? Not when someone's so called spidey senses start tingling?

Secondly, segregation of duty. Seems odd and unobjective that mods perform moderation against their own group releases. It would look impartial if different mods do it. Like Crest reviewing their own demo with a circle jerk and high five at the end.
2016-10-06 05:07

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 3921
Now you are doing it again, JC. Telling people what to do and how to do it. Must feel nice to always be right. No, it shouldn't be restored, and we had a discussion about it. All mods think that I did the right thing when I moved the discussion here.

Started another thread yet, btw? No? Keeping on posting point-discussions in this thread are we? It's obvious you don't want to listen.

Talking of "odd and unobjective" behaviour by me moderating this entry, btw. That comes from the guy that want to change the release rules to better fit his own group needs and situation. We are not stupid. It's quite obvious, even if you try to hide your intentions in fog and smoke.
2016-10-06 05:54

Registered: Feb 2002
Posts: 1028
You missed the points. As mentioned before. No need to be so aggressive. This is just some suggestions/ideas. If there is no support for them. We leave thingz the way they are. No big deal. :)
2016-10-06 20:52

Registered: Sep 2002
Posts: 477
Obviously struck some kind of nerve, enough for someone to post fake news announcements on CreamD's site posing as me.

Typical bullshit.
2016-10-06 22:01

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 2939
it's here btw... I have removed it meanwhile http://prntscr.com/cqq4uz
2016-10-06 22:43

Registered: Feb 2002
Posts: 1028
Oh my god, that is some funny stuff, thanks for sharing CreamD :D

With regards to the points lowering, will discuss with Didi, otherwise we drop that discussion completely as no one seems keen to take it up.

I think in the future I should write: "I dislike this choice of a game crack. No further discussion." to avoid being moderated. I still believe it would look better if Moloch/CreamD/Comm etc would moderate say a GP entry and Hedning or Zyron mod say a Triad entry (rather than Moloch). This shows the neutral, non-agenda driven maintenance. e.g. I am not going to review my own disk mag in the next VN. I will wait for someone else ;)

Okay, on with the show...
2016-10-06 22:50

Registered: Sep 2002
Posts: 477
Even if it's a poor impersonation, I had to laugh.
2016-10-06 23:15

Registered: Sep 2002
Posts: 477
Let me address this, since this is a poor impersonation I feel I need to express how I would say such things. This is satire so don't let your feelings get hurt OK?

"First Release" - Hot 0day firstie doods, quick link an intro and copy/pasta the "docs" from the release thread on lemon! We gotta get the pnts and beat the heat!

"Linking" - Did you guise get that awesome memory template tool that Shadow made? Goddamn hotness there, be sure to grab it and use it for best results! P.S. Don't forget to remove all the 0's as per Bayliss' excellent doc on the subject! Our demo section made us an awesome new 32k intro with a hot tune by Robric!

"Original Supply" - Hey guise, I scoured lemon, github, facebook, my collection of RUN and Computes Gazette all morning for this hot one! Race race race!

"Docs" - Docs were scoured from the source code guise, those comments sure are valueable aren't they? Damn we need the coders to make more of these so that we can tell people how to properly play dis game! If we can't find any in the source or the lemon/facebook thread just make some up, it's coo!

The scene is dead, LONG LIVE THE SCENE!
2016-10-07 06:50

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 501
scientists revealed there's scene after death, so no need to worry about.
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