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2019-01-26 12:59

Registered: Jan 2014
Posts: 36
Release id #174485 : CCGMS Ultimate

I just tried this with the "virtual" drive #10 on the 1541-u2+ ... when downloading a file that has a slash ("/") in the name, the virtual drive reacts with "31, syntax error ..."* -- so far so good, but it seems CCGMS sometimes crashes on errors from the drive, I had it freeze after just printing "31, syn". Didn't check the source so far (too lazy), just asking if anyone can confirm this issue?

*) double-checked this, the drive seems to always react with syntax error when CCGMS tries to write a download to it :( well, workaround is using a mounted d64 ...
2019-01-26 19:53

Registered: Dec 2011
Posts: 23
This seems like expected behavior to me. Outside of the .d64 / .d81 native C64 drive environment, file names with slashes I believe can be misinterpreted as directory change commands. I would say this is why you are having success saving files with slashes in a .d64 image. Same type of thing can happen when saving to the root of an sd2iec. I changed the default name of the phonebook from ccgms/phone to ccgms-phone for this very reason. Hope that helps!

P.S. Someone else may have a better technical explanation for this phoenomenon, but i just recall this is my experience and from my limited chats with other people about these devices.
2019-01-26 21:26
Mr Ammo

Registered: Oct 2002
Posts: 155
Using the Ultimate DOS for accessing the file system for files and folders would be prefered over software IEC (which does not get much love/I have never seen it working), I think/believe. But that would require some extra code for CCGMS to support this. XLAR already knows some things about the Ultimate DOS.
2019-01-26 22:33

Registered: Mar 2002
Posts: 5
Is there some kind of quick manual to that tool?
I am quite lame at this topic, connected to the default stored commodore-server and what´s next? Some kind of home-dir or welcome message?
2019-01-27 00:03

Registered: Dec 2011
Posts: 23
Ahh i get it, so it's an ultimate dos thing. That's not something I'm prepared to tackle at the moment. There are many dos calls for many of the functions, and getting them to play nice is sometimes tricky. But if someone wants to take a stab at it, the source code is there, and just remember that the calls to jsr nmistop need to be called before running any disk access, and jsr nmistart need to be called after disk access and before sending/receiving data from the ethernet. :)
2019-01-27 11:19

Registered: Jan 2014
Posts: 36
Yes, it's an Ultimate thing (I tried a lot so far and wasn't able to have CCGMS store anything other than its phonebook on the virtual IEC drive).

But what I think is a problem with CCGMS is that when the drive reports an error while trying to save a download (like this "virtual" drive is often reporting "31, syntax error ..."), CCGMS tends to freeze (no reaction whatsoever on CTRL-X, SHIFT-STOP, function keys, ...) so you have to reset the machine.

Sure, Ultimate DOS support for storage would be sweet! In fact, this would make CCGMS with a U2+ the "ultimate" cg terminal combo for me ;)
2019-01-27 19:10

Registered: Sep 2003
Posts: 58
This aint just an Ultimate DOS Thing. Every Mass storage also like sd2iec cant handle that.

Or try with your Local PC trying to create a File that includes / as Filename. The Result is that it creates a Folder named with the letters before the / and the Filename after it. The / sign isnt ment to be used as Filename on modern Systems, also it makes no sense to cover that.

Other than that, writing to the IEC Drive doesnt work with most of Filecopy Programs aswell. If this would be fixed in the Firmware once we can think About finding a workaround. The only solution is to use a mounted Image.
2019-01-28 09:42

Registered: Jan 2014
Posts: 36
again, the forward slash was a red herring I fell for. Sure this can't work, but it doesn't work with *any* filename. And sure, the U2+ virtual IEC drive is probably to blame for that.

BUT: it gives an error on the error channel. CCGMS tries to show that error, but somewhere in the middle of printing it, it just freezes. If someone else can confirm this behavior, I'd say there's a bug to fix: correctly handle errors from the drive when trying to save a download.
2019-01-29 01:11

Registered: Dec 2011
Posts: 23
I will put that disk error on download crash on my bug list. Thanks!
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