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2020-01-28 15:33

Registered: Dec 2006
Posts: 30
Release id #187181 : Into Hinterland World +4

I opened this thread because this discussion would probably be moved to the forum at some point anyway. Saved the mods some work...

So, let me get this straight: The initial purpose of this Triad version is to have a trainer in level 1 where it is superfluous to have a trainer? That was the initial trigger for Triad's version, right?

And yes, the 1st release scene is childish. We've heard that over and over again. That's probably also why some people feel the urge to complain about a 1st release that lacks a trainer, which is not needed in the first place, and then put out a 101% version to show 'how it's done'?

I can't help but feeling that I smell some sour grapes over a possible firstie lost???
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2020-01-29 22:12

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 707
yeah, true
2020-01-30 18:34

Registered: Nov 2011
Posts: 374
We have the points, Triad has the fame. ;-)
2020-01-31 08:46

Registered: Jan 2002
Posts: 76
Points points points.. Fingers are pointed against us for trying to get points over this release.. but in reality we didnt release a quick(bad, if you want) version for the points only, hm?

We are satisfied with our final release, and restrained releasing until we got there. A +1 would been finished on saturday evening, but we didn't wanna go down that path.

It hurts us more to release a bad version than loosing points. Quality over quantity. Jerry thought me the importance of doing a good version, and did I hear when something was wrong :). In the beginning I handed over releases to him that he refused to release before I had finished it up better. (Gamers Guide, where art thou?)

I have done some very rushed releases and that usually ends up in not always so good release (sloppy, in better terms). Been there, done that, and there are some releases I gladly hand over the points to anyone if I just can delete the bugged first version.

"We have the points, Triad has the fame. ;-)".
Yes, and for that we are grateful. Are you working on a better release as stated in your scrolltext, or did you let us make the better version ?. I hope you are working on a second version otherwise you have set your standard, we won't lower ours.
2020-01-31 08:48

Registered: Apr 2016
Posts: 13
Quote: We have the points, Triad has the fame. ;-)

Wow, being flamed, downvoted and whatever else just only to get the points... Funny game :)

I also read a comment about game coder dislikes trainers in level 1 because then it's too easy for everyone, which is exactly the purpose of trainers. Non-sense.

Nowadays standards for a release are really high. People expects a lot from groups, so releasing rushed releases only for the point is a risk and could be a boomerang, you experienced this by yourself.

That's what I think.
2020-01-31 10:53

Registered: Jan 2002
Posts: 76
..Rephrasing a quick(bad) word, no points for that comment..

Cant edit, but with the word bad in the post I mean unpolished, just for the points. Quality over quantity.
2020-01-31 14:33

Registered: Sep 2002
Posts: 465
In this day, I would change the rules to favor quality, there is no reason to rush versions anymore.
2020-01-31 14:42

Registered: Oct 2007
Posts: 30
There is also no reason for Formula 1 races anymore... :)
2020-01-31 17:21

Registered: Sep 2002
Posts: 465
You do realize that in 2020 racing to release freeware games lacking any sort of protection at all looks completely pathetic right? right? It was pathetic 20 years ago.

So better to do something nice to them, rather than fast shitty versions anyone can do in 20 minutes.

You guys seem to have different ideas about how things should be. To many of us it looks like some kind of weird ego flex that means nothing, because there is no challenge in it at all other than racing some other lamer to be hurr durr first like some youtube comments.

That's fine you can be like that, don't expect people to ride your nuts and pat you on the back for it or give you a participation medal.
2020-01-31 20:32

Registered: Dec 2006
Posts: 30
Fungus, let's be honest here, it's hasn't been about cracking in the true essence of the word anymore since >25 years! Exceptions excluded ofcourse. So what? If we persist in keeping this c64 scene alive, why not also try to keep some of that traditional first release spirit alive? I remember that friends were calling me pathetic in 1995 for still sticking to the c64. And now in 2020 I'm still around in one way or another. Pathetic? Maybe... Yes. :)

Be it in terms of quality (which we all admire and will always prefer) or in speed which (if the game is 100% working like it is originally intended) is impressive in it's own way aswell... I still enjoy every small bit of competition remaining in the c64 scene, as insignificant as may be.
Like where 2 top-notch 1337 groups, with a combined memberstatus of 60+ active members (according to CSDb), beat a smaller crew with only 6 members, by introlinking and +1D training a (cool!!) game like 'Crackpots'! Well done! *thumbs up*
2020-02-01 13:34

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 707
Quote: There is also no reason for Formula 1 races anymore... :)

True! Why don't they stop that nonsense
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