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2020-08-24 01:35

Registered: Nov 2010
Posts: 23
Release id #194939 : CorGI

User Comment
Submitted by Elko [PM] on 24 August 2020
Yeah Corona makes me sick and depressive. But i try to do the best of that shit, its a kind of "must" do this, to protect friends & family. From biological and evolutionary standpoint its full ok for me to live with all that restrictions ;-D but hey, do what ever u want, BUT live with the consequences.

DAMN what a mind-blowing scroll-text, cant believe it. A new LOW-Level.

User Comment
Submitted by ZeSmasher [PM] on 23 August 2020
many comments, so I had to read that infamous scrolltext... GI Joe just typed covid tests aren't 100% accurate and he's skeptical about the government's decision to wear masks.
well, I don't think he spread fake news like covid is an hoax or Earth is flat, so let's move on. and yes: coronavirus suxx!

User Comment
Submitted by Nordischsound [PM] on 23 August 2020
one point to say "this sucks", I'm on board. Guess what? just found out, that a friend of mine lost a aunt and a cousin in brazil, because of COVID-19

User Comment
Submitted by Honcho [PM] on 23 August 2020
I'm all for free speach, but ignorance kills.

User Comment
Submitted by Medicus [PM] on 23 August 2020
This production makes me sick!


User Comment
Submitted by awsm [PM] on 23 August 2020
Kudos my friend for being able to release while being boozed, also I encourage free speech and respect your opinion, but I'd also rather happily enjoy a fresh dose of tripper than approve your scrolltext message.

User Comment
Submitted by Groepaz [PM] on 23 August 2020
This scroller is a new low. And you should probably watch this video to understand the actual error ratio of those tests.

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk [PM] on 23 August 2020
Freedom of Speech Disclaimer: Opinions of single members do not necessarily represent whole group.

Corona and fun, Corona and non-mainstream opinion, well... it was clear that this release provokes reactions.

In a way, I can understand iAN's reaction, especially as he's from Italy.

However, I've read through the scroll once more and found that GI-Joe _mainly_ just points out inaccuracy of some figures, nothing wrong with that imho, although I personally might not draw the same conclusions from that.

So what Jammer say bu also, freedom of speech includes GI-Joe is gonna endure that people criticize his view.

User Comment
Submitted by Jammer [PM] on 23 August 2020
His holy right to convey any bullshit he wants to ;)

User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG [PM] on 23 August 2020
Very stupid message in the scroller. Just because you were lucky to not get infected so far doesn't mean the Covid is an hoax, it's serious and you should be always careful.
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2020-08-30 01:07

Registered: Sep 2015
Posts: 11
Were you in Berlin today ? Can you report first-hand? Believe me, this demo is a different from the Querdenker-anti-corona demo !
2020-08-30 01:11

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9532
citation needed
2020-08-30 01:29

Registered: Sep 2015
Posts: 11
I'm tired now. My next demo will be easier I think ...
Maybe I'll release it at the bunker party 2021 :p
2020-08-30 01:31

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9532
can't point to info to a handful of those supposed hundreds other demos, eh. who would have thought. somehow all and everything related to demos in berlin today points to anti.corona nutcases. probably all NWO fake news.
2020-08-30 19:28

Registered: Sep 2015
Posts: 11

On the subject of "not observance of the minimum distance". The police have sealed off the "Strasse des 17. Juli" like an "U" so that more and more people were let in from the "Brandenburger Tor", but due to the closure no place was created, as planned to let the demo-train run.
That was the reason, that the distances could not be maintained.
The lawyer Markus Haintz (blue T-shirt) of the organizer tries in vain to explain this to the police.
here the scene - Timecode 0:15 - 3:00

The Fault for the non-compliance with the distance lies solely with the Berlin police. My wife was trapped in this cauldron and couldn't get out.

But the mainstream media don't report anything like this, it just comes: the distances were not kept. Oh man, wake up slowly as we get messed up ....
2020-08-30 22:11

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9532

But you realise those 1000 applications were made by the same corona nutcases just to make a point? O_o There were not actually 1000 demonstrations you know... but 2 or 3.

The Fault for the non-compliance with the distance lies solely with the Berlin police.

But of course. The police also ripped the masks from everyones faces, and then gave them signs with silly slogans on it.

and a ken fm video. brilliant <3
2020-08-30 22:37

Registered: Sep 2015
Posts: 11
Quoting Groepaz
and a ken fm video. brilliant <3

That's exactly what I wrote. Please don't stigmatise again. In this case, however, it is only about the uncutted content in the video. Or do you want to claim now that KenFM faked the video content?
2020-08-30 22:46

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9532
I am not watching KEN-FM videos the same way i ignore any other bullshitters videos, like Bodo Schiffmanns.

You seem to be quite deep into alternative facts. I am not.
2020-08-31 00:00

Registered: Sep 2015
Posts: 11
Quoting Groepaz
I am not watching KEN-FM videos the same way i ignore any other bullshitters videos, like Bodo Schiffmanns.

You seem to be quite deep into alternative facts. I am not.

Hey, that's not a problem for me, let it be good. I do not think other opinions are bad.

But, i always look at the counter-thesis from a thesis and make up my opinion from the synthesis of both.
And I trust what I see myself or trust what trustworthy sources tell me first-hand.
And i try to take official statements and numbers from their source.
I think more ppl should do that.

I've mostly been critical of news. Sometimes i think about such headlines in the "Bild-Zeitung" that you see lying around at the bakery - 'puhhh - hard stuff ...' ;)

I think a lot of KenFM-stuff is bullshit too, but an uncut video, which I found on the YT search, whose content was exclusively about it, I consider to be worth energized enough.

whatever, i'm done with the shift here.
Too many words without C64 reference, let's open some borders or whatever ....

I hope we can still have a beer or my selfmade Kräuterschnaps in the bunker or wherever - if you like - hopefully without Corona or other sick shit.

2020-08-31 00:31

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9532
I do not think other opinions are bad.

again: it's not about opinions
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