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2021-01-16 16:37

Registered: Mar 2007
Posts: 291
Release id #198974 : 1988

Submitted to Only Sprites Compo by email.

It's coded by Shazz, apparently a member of TRSI - but not currently listed on CSDb either as a scener or a member of TRSI.

Credits note from him:-

"Logo: elko, converted from Kellerkind

Multiplexer sprites: adorbz (that’s my daughter ;) no need to say she’s not yet in TRSi)

Fonts: shazz, adapted from aeg10 fonts

Music: unknown, taken from Jetliner [german]

Code: shazz with help from Raistlin (Codebase64 interleaved sprites article), Compyx (Stretcher), Lee (Optimization), Sparta (Inits), Nurpax (Macros, Assembler)"

So.. I've only added Elko so far in the credits.
2021-01-16 16:42
iAN CooG

Registered: May 2002
Posts: 2846
Shazz added
2021-01-16 16:43

Registered: Mar 2007
Posts: 291
Thanks Ian.
2021-01-16 16:50

Registered: May 2007
Posts: 9
I do exist but looks like there are different kinds of users in csdb :)
Thanks Raistlin and iAN CooG for managing the entry.
2021-01-16 17:55

Registered: May 2007
Posts: 9
For those who are curious, here is the story behind this little entry.

So, I'm from the TRSi Console Division and I never coded on the C64 before. But some years ago (a decade in fact), I promised to my good friend Streetuff that I will learn to code on the C64 and one day I will join them to make a demo on the C64 (the DTV, in fact, he built for me). Time has passed and 2020 happened. I got bored, I got sick so before it was too late, I decided to jump.

I was a little afraid, the C64 demos are incredible, what could I bring 30 years later? So I started quietly, reading things and piece by piece I coded a few little effects. I was extremely lucky to meet great and friendly people who spent time to explain me things and especially Raistlin and Compyx. They spent A LOT of time. But also other great folks: Sparta, Anonym, Nurpax, Lee, Tobias who helped a lot.

Then Raistlin started the Only Sprites Compo, I thought it could be a good occasion to thank them for their help and that, it was not useless, thanks to them, I was able to code a little entry. So yesterday night I finally got a version working without too many glitches. I know, this is quite unfinished, some inits missing, some bad design (variable width scroller), some unfinished transitions, and a missing techtech effect. But this is the rule, after the deadline, that's too late.

And as you noticed, I did not find some courageous pixelers and musicians, so I recycled a nice logo from Elko and a SID I really like (and which consumes very few raterlines :D) from an unknown artist (Would be funny if it would come from TRSi as it looks like Ultimate isn't a real group). With a little exception, believe it or not but the animated sprites in the multiplexer were pixeled using SpriteMate by my young daughter (Adorbz). I'm so lucky :)

Talking about rules, Raistlin told me yesterday that I needed to split the 2 effects. But bah too late, and apart, those 2 effects would look dumb. And I don't really care of the votings, this entry is not to win (and could not...) but to say thanks. So it was released out of the compo. That's my victory, my challenge :)

Oh, and it is called 1988 because I guess, those effects I coded would probably make sense in 1988 (fullscreen multiplexer, interleaved sprites, hires scroller...) but one day I'll understand those crazy tricks I cannot imagine in the other compos (ghostbyte ???). Next step, 1998 :D

To finish, let's greet the fanstastic people I met since the beginning of this journey:
- Raistlin/GP: for the help, the tricks, the debugging, your kindness and patience. Top coder, top guy.
- Compyx/Focus: for your help on the stretcher.
- Sparta/OMG: for your patience on fixing my bugs with Sparkle
- Nurpax/Orange: for c64jasm and your help
- Anonym/Padua: for your advice, our discussions
- Great people on Lemon64 forums: Lee, Oswald, Tobias, oziphantom, MrSid...

And of course, hugs to my TRSi family in no special order: Tuffy, Benson, Peiselulli, H2o, Ayatollah, Mike, Warhead, Spotter, Rebb, 71M, WodK, Luis, Digiman, Teis, Irata... and my MJJ family but I guess talking of Atari stuff here is dangerous :D

Stay sage, stay healthy, stay kind.
2021-01-16 18:50
Count Zero

Registered: Jan 2003
Posts: 1250
and there is your connection :)

nice firstie
2021-01-20 00:29

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4681
its awesome you learned coding so late, I dont think I would have ever done that so late :)
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