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2009-08-15 21:30

Registered: Jan 2003
Posts: 108
Release id #81924 : Scramble 2010 preview

I've done a version of the preview with fallback kernal loading enabled - you can get it here

If the screen turns purple momentarily at startup it means the loader has fallen back to kernal loading.

I don't have the equipment to quickly transfer d64 images to various c64 setups, so i'd be happy if some of you could try this on your setups :)


P.S. When testing, don't throw any bombs... i know of one bug where i'm not properly handling any $01 changes
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2018-06-17 21:54
iAN CooG

Registered: May 2002
Posts: 2116
It must become the bestest SEU in the world for having had a whopping 10 years development ;)
Eagerly waiting for it since 2009
2018-06-17 21:57

Registered: Jan 2003
Posts: 108
One eagerly non-paying customer is good enough for me. Thanks iAN :)
2018-06-18 01:22

Registered: Jun 2002
Posts: 1472
Quote: Oh look, an old thread that I can revive... Better than writing poop in the oneliners.

It's nearly done. I started work on this again last friday, inspired by the work done by Andreas on the Eye of the beholder port, and it's now at 90% finished instead of 50% finished :)

I'll be talking to Krill and Jammer soon, I suppose.

2018-06-18 10:30

Registered: Jul 2012
Posts: 230
Played this the very first time now.
This is a pure "AUGENWEIDE"(german)! Don't know the right word in english! Please finish this asap... <3

EDIT: What kind of graphic mode do you use?
2018-06-18 17:23

Registered: Aug 2004
Posts: 874
Eye candy? A feast for the eyes?

Comments on one of the previews mentions VSP, and it does look like a multicolour bitmap… Challenging timing when sprites cross the VSP area, nice work debugging that one, Mirage.

*rummages through RAM after reset*
*finds horizontally offset MCM bitmap* :)
2018-06-18 19:32

Registered: Jan 2003
Posts: 108
Yes, plain bitmap and VSP. The whole colourmem is fixed to mid-gray, though, so I don't have to copy that when it's time to switch double buffer.

WVL helped me with the 63-$dc04-cycle-timer-IRQ to make sure I could have the missiles cross the VSP area without messing up the critical timing.
Not sure if he came up with that method or if it had been around longer.
2018-06-18 19:59

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 403
Kjer and/or Bagder used the CIA clock slide 'trick' in Xplosion! (1989), so it's at least that old.
2018-06-18 20:27

Registered: Mar 2002
Posts: 841
Ofcourse I didn't invent it. I just helped Mirage with it.
2018-06-18 21:18

Registered: Jan 2003
Posts: 108
And helpful it was!
2018-06-18 21:18

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 403
Just providing some historical perspective. I remember looking at the code of some Horizon demos (back in 1989) and coming across JMP ($DC03). I had no clue what was going on. Only relatively recently I could make sense of it, thanks to the internet.

Edit: And I would really like to see the finished project, remember seeing the preview many years ago, wowzers :)
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