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2020-06-08 23:21

Registered: Jan 2004
Posts: 80
Defining big charsets

Hiya all, I'm back with more noob questions. So, I'm making a font with each letter being X*11 characters in size. X being 2-4, so variable width. I have a bitmap with all letters and I know it'll take 93 with equal char packing. The problem is, CharPad has a limit of 7x7 characters for tiles and I don't know any other programs that would let me do tiles from a bitmap (with automatic indexing). Do I need to do this by hand or write my own tool, or is there something that can do this?

Bottom line: I need a proggy that'll let me organise an indexed bitmap into tiles of 4*11 size (or preferably variable size). If the same proggy does the indexing too, even better. Does such thing exist?
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2020-06-09 00:54

Registered: Jul 2009
Posts: 541
Just make a charmap with 4 x 11 x # of characters (the 1 x 11 still takes 4 x 11). You can then easily extract the charmap from the … charmap. letter A = 11 x 4 x 1, B = 11 x 4 x 2 etc.

Then you just make a table for the variable width which cuts off the "less than" 4 chars wide characters.
2020-06-09 07:58

Registered: Jan 2004
Posts: 80
Good ideas on how to do the indexing on my own, thanks. So it seems there's no specialised tool (yet) to do this...
2020-06-09 10:46

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 5017
Mega Logo Converter V1.2

Heigh-Ho Converter V1.0

these can convert a bitmap to charset+ screen. heigh ho can even fix a color to a bitpattern.
2020-06-10 08:59

Registered: Jan 2004
Posts: 80
Thanks for the suggestions. I decided to write a C# program to do the reorganising of data and indexing, that way I have full control over the final result.
2020-06-10 13:26

Registered: May 2004
Posts: 47
Charset-Maker V1.0 was made for this exact scenario...
2020-06-10 20:45

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 511
I'd use pixcen.
2020-06-10 21:28

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 224
PixCen is great for defining not only big screens, fonts, scrolling images and other things (animations). Use it!
2020-06-11 07:48

Registered: Jan 2004
Posts: 80
Shit, I thought Pixcen wouldn't accept anything beyond 320px. SHOULD HAVE TRIED! :D

Anyway, I already did a C# program which takes in a png and generates the lookup tables exactly as I want them and also automatically slices the tiles where all bytes vertically have their least significant bit set to zero. And of course does the equal char packing too. Didn't take long to code and now I can adjust the output format exactly as I like it.

Still, good to know that Pixcen isn't limited to 320x200... typical me to assume such a thing and not test it. :)
2020-06-11 09:25

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 511
yes Flotsam, you can set any size with PixCen.
for big or huge chars I suggest to create a 256 (or multiple of 256) wide area.
If your font is char mode you save the screen RAM and in your code you have to deal with low byte only.
2020-06-11 09:26

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 716
So, you did it the right way then :). Save it for later!
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