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2023-01-20 12:43

Registered: Nov 2006
Posts: 811
Merge votes between multiple linked handles

For quite some time I was urging to start a topic on merging votes between multiple handles linked to each other, to give a more realistic rank for an actual scener, regardless on how many handles it used.

Seeing all the credits moved from RRFreelance to Robert Ramsay, yet currently seeing RRFreelance being ranked #2 as Graphican in the charts, just makes it all look broke and misleading.

So, time to debate... what do you think about merging votes?
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2023-01-22 19:37

Registered: Apr 2004
Posts: 868
Inflation has made your 50k votes pretty worthless, I think. Sad story.
2023-01-22 19:46

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 207
Hahaha, I guess it has become!
2023-01-22 22:06

Registered: Sep 2004
Posts: 209
recode votes. just a "like", and you can not vote for your own stuff and if you are in the same group the product has been done.

make an popular -> last 7 days
last month
last year.

so new stuff get attention too

done ;)
2023-01-22 23:24

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 4085
Quote: It will make a nice experiment to remove the voting system, but I fear the mods will loose their jobs, because this place becomes alot less exciting.

Yup. 90% of our job has been to calm down voting drama queens, mass deleters and rage quitters during the years. We won't be needed after votes (and comments! Don't forget comments - they can hurt too!) are gone.
2023-01-23 06:33

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 10546
changing it to something using just "like" (or thumb up/down like on pouet) would indeed be a huge improvement. Actually pouet does most vote related things so much better than csdb - don't think it has less drama though :)
2023-01-23 08:21

Registered: Feb 2002
Posts: 1034
Agree with removing the voting system completely.
2023-01-23 10:03

Registered: Nov 2006
Posts: 811
Well, the topic quickly changed to the usual "Remove or keep voting system" debate, so I give in...
Yes, remove the voting system! I think comments should stay though, especially Production Info / Trivia / Summary.

To those who love & endorse votes... make a Chart/Ranks demo about it... there's a "C64 Chart" type just for this.

2023-01-23 12:00

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 1574
Oh, my sweet summer child.

What makes you think that anything will be fixed here related to the voting system?

It's fucked up beyond repair for more than two decades and no one at all who would be able to make a change cares about it.
2023-01-23 12:50

Registered: Sep 2004
Posts: 209
na, removing it completly would make it hard for people, new people, to find good stuff in this nearly endless mass of releases.
so yes, a like system, where you can not vote for yourself or a release of your group would be top.

let you filter by total, last 7 days, last month, last year.
2023-01-23 20:46

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 1669
Quoting Joe
If you remove votes, can my 52274 ones atleast count for, maybe ... a bottle of good whiskey ...

I've got some 11K votes but I don't care at all if they're gone, keep voting just out of bad habit.

We can share a bottle of Schnaps at X (I provide it), but you must drink 5 times as much of it than me, then, of course
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