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2014-01-19 01:02

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 3036
2 days to Forever Party 2014!

<Post edited by CreaMD on 11/3-2014 20:52>

3 days to Forever 2014 - Olympic Edition

Hi Everybody,

Few days ago when Conrad (which is currently using Owen as his artistic handle) confirmed visiting of Forever 15 I had an Idea that it would be cool to have list of confirmed participants for the party... a "lineup". Similar to lineups of performers on shows and music fests. It might increase interest in compo by other when there is someone cool showing up, and generally it increases more buzz than just writing, please send entries and counting numbers of them like I did in past.

So this is a little exeperiment to make the Forever 15 cool an exciting (I hope ;-)

I would like to ask everybody interested in competing in C64 Music, Graphics or 1k Intro compo at Forever to join in and enlist for the show. The music compos will of course be still played anonymously, but it might be nice to know who you are going to be performing with.

I don't ask for demos, I know it's hard to make a quality production, and it's always way cooler to watch them personally or release them on more important parties than on east-european one, but I believe in some 15 years ... if we still make Forever, we might get some more attention. Until then, It would cool if coders accepted the challenge of making 1kb intros[/b[ that kick some serious arse of Speccy and Atari ones, which are usually pretty cool, either funny, or technically brilliant (yes you can make funny and/or cool [b]1kb intro[/b] if you don't believe me, check here http://goo.gl/3ZK0nW ;)

If you accept the challenge and are willing to joing the compos, you can do it here in the forum by signing in for MSX, GFX or 1kn intro compo. All you have to do is yo write ***COMPO, challenge accepted *** using your account, (replace COMPO name by GFX, MSX, or 1k). I will publish the LINEUP on Forever party page, C64.sk and Facebook Event on-fly.

My contact address for compo submission is creamd@c64.sk as always.

thank you for support of Forever 15 - Olympic Edition

CreaMD / Dmagic (c64 organizer)

1. Exclusive limited edition T-shirts all #1 places for every compo (only about 15 pieces printed every year)
2. Diploma for 1-3 place for every compo.
3. Eternity Award (solid polished marble stone, really heavy and quite cool I tell you) (there is 4th one being awarded (if there is a worthy entry this year) that is given to the entry that goes best with the spirit of the party theme.
4. Raster's award - small "pixel" awarded to entry that is witty and entertaining. Given in memory of the Raster / C.P.U. long time supporter and great inventive Atari demoscener (Radek Štěrba, who died 28th July 2011 in a train accident.)

Last years t-shirt (this year's one is totally awesome, designed by Reekol/Crest I will post preview later)

Eternity Award and Raster's award
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2014-03-07 08:34

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 3036
Awesomenesss!! Deadline #1. When I'm still home with fast net. early friday morning. Let's say 08:00 AM March 14.

Deadline #2. After I move to the partyplace, I will possibly have some connection there (mobile tethering or how is it called). So you might try to send it on (let's say) 08:00 AM - saturday.

thanx for support guys,

2014-03-07 10:20

Registered: Dec 2002
Posts: 66
Quote: Dunno yet about the visit (although it would be cool to have the Slovakian police called upon me once again during the drunken' vicissitudes of the Hungarian bunch :D), but I'm pretty sure I'll compete (with a piece of graphics, that is). What's the deadline?

Come again! I'll pull you again from the locked room with toilet! :D
2014-03-08 08:50

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 3036
Nice and quite surprising musical commeback from exotic country in Forever line-up. Although just a 2014 remake of his own tune, still a solid thing. Anyone else accepting the challenge? ;-)
2014-03-08 13:32

Registered: Nov 2002
Posts: 47
i'm far behind with my sidtune... but i have an idea and i don't know if it's allowed, since it is not mentioned - are cover version allowed or is this a generic no-go? and is there a rough timetable, will i be able to finish at the party if i arrive on friday?
2014-03-08 18:28

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 3036
Finishing stuff at Party is allowed. Deadline is usually around saturday morning. Covers aren't strictly prohibited, although own compositions are usually more appreciated. At least in C64 scene.
2014-03-09 09:32

Registered: Nov 2002
Posts: 47
i have thought of maybe remixing vangelis "chariots of fire" since thats the only theme i could think of fitting the party theme. otoh it's lame to pick this tune and it's hard to judge this with a neutral view. so i will try to find a tune on my own :)
2014-03-09 10:32

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 3036
Actually I had the same idea (which I quickly rejected but that lead me to another idea that will be used for party ;), you can try, but making cover (right way) is much harder and time consuming than doing great original tune.

Choosing good tune that you love is one thing, having patience, kreativity and skills to stuff the atmosphere and message into the 3 channels is other thing. ;-) I miserably failed with yet unreleased Theology of Civilisation cover (from the Barbarian (2?) movie) not that it wasn't trying to be accurate, but it was not lively enough and sounded too forced. Same goes for Streets of Philadelphia Cover I did (also unreleased afaik).

Doing great covers is very hard task, and you only have a week ;-))) Try if you want, I don't mind. doing tune thematically entwined with party is a big plus.
2014-03-11 00:12

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 3036
Compo entries (submitted) so far

7x msx submitted

1x 1k intro

3x gfx
2014-03-11 00:56

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 11154
i just noticed that you keep updating the topic - and that you can do it by editing the first post... wow :)
2014-03-11 19:52

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 3036
9x msx submitted
1x 1k intro
4x gfx

Groepaz: it's quite useful bug/feature.
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