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Forums > CSDb Discussions > Anyone knows what happened to vice.pokefinder.org?
2017-05-23 08:47

Registered: Jul 2004
Posts: 197
Anyone knows what happened to vice.pokefinder.org?

Seems like there is no new build on http://vice.pokefinder.org/ since the 08.05.2017.

I already mailed them but did not get a reply back.

Anyone knows what's up with the site? I guess it's the only site to get daily builds of the latest WinVice?
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2018-10-17 15:38

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 577
Nightly builds also fails on my Win10 box with `i 0800 d000`, but it works when setting `bank ram`. I get a lot of non-ascii tokens in the monitor with the $a000+ stuff even causing the monitor to output some text with a red background.

On 64-bit Gtk3VICE, these non-ascii tokens are properly replaced with normal ascii tokens ('.' for non-ascii).

So somehow the 32-bit build doesn't properly translate the data into printable characters and vte fails.
2018-10-17 17:25

Registered: Jul 2004
Posts: 197
out of curiosity.. is there any benefit on having a 64bit version of vice instead of the 32bit?

would be nice if the site had the 64bit version then aswell.
2018-10-17 19:18

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9534
the benefit is that a single nightly build works on all windows (more or less =P). you should be glad anyone gives a damn to even provide this.
2018-10-17 20:00

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 577
Count zero:

Try setting LC_ALL=C, that appears to "solve" the problem. When using msys2 you can use `LC_ALL=C src/x64`, on Windows with cmd.exe you'll have to use `set LC_ALL=C` before running x64.exe.

So now we need to find a way to set the proper charset inside VICE, ie avoid Gtk3 using Unicode/UTF-8.
2018-10-23 22:24

Registered: Jul 2004
Posts: 197
got the latest GTK3VICE-3.2-win32-r35685 from pokefinder today and noticed that the "minimum" display size looks somewhat scaled:


f.e. the "r" in ram or the "c" in cyberpunx.

if i took a screenshot/media it looks correct, but this minimum sized display is surely missing some pixels.

..not sure if this is just a windows thing?

EDIT: if i uncheck "keep aspect ratio" is seems to look correct? sizing the window up and then down again still keeps a somewhat proper minimum size. hth?
2018-10-23 22:37

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9534
that stuff seems indeed a bit funky on windows - have patience :) McMartin is currently fixing SDL2 rendering, hopefully he'll look at GTK after that :)
2019-03-28 10:46

Registered: Mar 2007
Posts: 218
I noticed the nightlies ended on New Year's Eve ... any plans for these to kick off again?
2019-03-28 12:21

Registered: Jul 2004
Posts: 197
You can find the latest nightly from someone from the lemon forum here:


NB: Actually it's not that hard to build vice yourself from the sources as i always expected. And it works nicely on my system here (though i need to run it on my Nvidia on the laptop, as the Intel graphics are not supported with the GTK or something. Look here:

2019-03-28 16:28

Registered: Mar 2007
Posts: 218
Thanks Dano! Perfect :-)
2019-10-26 16:27

Registered: Jun 2004
Posts: 26
Looks like it's back.

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