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2017-11-27 12:05

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 1002
HDMI upscaling on a budget

I love my CRT to death, but sometimes a more compact option is needed. Does anyone know of an HDMI upscaler that doesn't cost $400, outputs 50 Hz without artifacts or dropping frames, and shows aspect correct 4:3 with black bars on a 16:9 display? The $30 converters on eBay are crap. Specifically, has anyone tried these KanexPro converters? http://www.kanexpro.com/converters/composite/
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2018-08-11 13:57

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 3166
I took MagerValp's place and ran all C64 stuff on Datastorm and I am very happy with the quality of the picture. No apparent jerky pic, lag or other disturbing stuff.
2018-08-11 14:51

Registered: Sep 2003
Posts: 454
Ok, so does this mean scrollers are smooth and stable and it doesn't try to de-interlace?
2018-08-11 21:33

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 1002
Yep. The RetroTink 2x doesn't do any frame rate conversion since it's scanline based, and it outputs a progressive 480p image which your TV won't try to deinterlace.
2018-08-12 10:42

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 1002
Jope: Would you mind sharing your OSSC settings for a pixel perfect image?
2021-03-14 04:51

Registered: Jan 2002
Posts: 112
Reviving this thread ;-)

So... in order to try to get things right for Transmission64, I went above the budget and bought an XRGBmini, also known as Framemeister on eBay. It seems to be mostly working fine, and I got the colours pretty much adjusted BUT when the brightness on the screen changes fast, it seems that the framemeister adjusts the overall brightness. I can't seem to find the option that causes this. Any idea? Or can anyone change their settings that do not do this?

Here's an example recording with timestamp from a test stream:


Setup is C64g (with Lumafix) -> SVHS -> Framemeister -> Elgate HD60s -> OBS

I connected it directly to a TV via HDMI, too and saw the same brightness fluctuation.
2021-03-14 06:15

Registered: Aug 2004
Posts: 1130
…and now that this thread is back, has anyone tried any of the newer RetroTink offerings? It seems the original 2x is hitting eol.
2021-03-14 09:34

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 1002
The current 2X line all use the same chip, the only differences are which connectors are used and some minor firmware variations. For the C64 the Mini is hard to beat.
2021-03-14 10:18

Registered: Nov 2019
Posts: 3
How are you able to watch the screen without throwing up? I tried moving from a TV set to a monitor to play my dreamcast and after 10 mins got a huge headache and almost threw up.. The picture also did not look good since people used tricks to blend colors that bleed on a TV set unlike on a monitor.. upscaling this only makes it look far worse..
2021-03-14 17:36

Registered: Aug 2004
Posts: 1130
Cheers MagerValp.
2021-03-14 19:40

Registered: Jan 2002
Posts: 112
Quote: …and now that this thread is back, has anyone tried any of the newer RetroTink offerings? It seems the original 2x is hitting eol.

I still only have the older one.

I will try running this to an Excom DSC 301 HD scaler shortly, to see what that looks like.
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