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2020-08-28 22:50

Registered: Oct 2009
Posts: 44
Beamracer ... who's in?

I saw that Beamracer is finally available to buy (see https://beamracer.net/) and I'm thinking about ordering two of these but it's not a cheap piece of hardware for sure.
I certainly think it's an exciting expansion.

So, who else is in for a ride, eh?
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2020-09-22 19:53

Registered: Aug 2002
Posts: 115
I ordered one. But mostly because I like to support cool hardware (I also bought the FM-YAM even though I don't compose music).

Nowadays I do most/all programming from my Linux machine, so unless vice somehow ends up emulating the Beamracer it's very unlikely that I'll ever end up coding for it.

Still, it's a cool device, and as such I happily support it.
2020-09-22 21:22

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 803

But I guess you really need some killer demo before a significant no. of people want to invest 150 bucks and/or Groepaz building it into TC64 :)

Count: GEOS? Weren't these the disks you got in the late 80s together with your C=64/1541-II... disks which you were supposed to format and put some warez on? :P
2020-09-22 22:49
Silver Dream !

Registered: Nov 2005
Posts: 53
Quoting wil

I'm not sure about the majority, but I do rapid prototyping mostly using cross development tools including an emulator for quick testing. Only later I try out the alpha version on real hardware. As far as I understood, with beamracer I would to have to go back to "true" coding on the real hardware. Or is there some possibility to emulate the beamracer within an emulator?

Thus, I not sure if point 4 really applies to me.

I think there is a slight misunderstanding. One thing is coding especially for the BeamRacer, another one is quick-testing ideas that can later be used everywhere. I think OP meant the latter and dropping in a few lines of BASIC code, even on the real hardware will often be quicker than setting up new project and adding boilerplate to stabilise and synchronise CPU with the beam, handle badlines, etc. It's hard to imagine how efficient this in fact is without trying.

As for emulation - yes, it will be emulated. Probably sooner than later. There are two concurrent efforts for two different emulators already under development. It will be tricky to _fully_ emulate every low level aspect from the first try so this will take longer but it will follow the "behavioural" (something like x64 vs x64sc) emulation, which is already well advanced.
2020-09-22 23:20

Registered: Jun 2002
Posts: 1791
+1 for quick prototyping. I do this already in my own emulated environment (i.e. display lists running the VIC directly) just to test new ideas quickly.

Having this on real HW will let you find new VIC tricks and so on (if there are any left to find).
2020-09-23 00:47
Silver Dream !

Registered: Nov 2005
Posts: 53
Quoting JackAsser

Having this on real HW will let you find new VIC tricks and so on (if there are any left to find).

Right! And some unhandled edge cases in emulators.. Been there, seen that :-))
2020-09-23 00:50

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9715
How do you use that hardware to find edge cases in an emulator? *shrug*
2020-09-23 01:10

Registered: Jun 2002
Posts: 1791
Quote: How do you use that hardware to find edge cases in an emulator? *shrug*

I suppose he means finding stuff in an emu that makes u scream yay, just to discover it doesn't work on the real thing. This was standard procedure 10 years ago, not so much nowadays (fortunatly!!!). :)
2020-09-24 16:36

Registered: Dec 2014
Posts: 49
It triggers a couple of different reactions in me. On one hand I love the innovation and the geek in me is enthusiastic.

However it also becomes a new platform and if that is the case I might be more interested in something like MEGA65. I think for my C64 coding I rather like the "elegance" of the standard platform.

So in terms of personal time I will continue to code for classic C64 and if I have time I will have fun with MEGA65 in terms of expanding that experience

(like politics my opinion could change without notice ;-)
2020-09-24 19:58

Registered: Oct 2010
Posts: 70
What are the launch titles for this?
2020-09-24 20:40

Registered: Feb 2002
Posts: 1137
Quote: What are the launch titles for this?

At least these :) https://github.com/madhackerslab/beamracer-examples
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