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2018-07-05 20:28

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 399
Testers requested for the Gtk3VICE-win64 build

VICE-team would like to request people to test an experimental build of VICE on Windows x64 using the new Gtk3 UI. We've added quite some new stuff and fixed a lot of bugs. So we're curious how the Win64 port behaves now.

Some things we added is support for directinput and directsound, so the UI should now present the 'dx' sound driver along with the old 'wmm' driver. The joystick support should also be much better, with plugged-in controllers being recognized and listed in the joystick settings. Just remember that VICE does not yet support plug'n'play, so plug in that controller before starting VICE.

The file is here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/vice-emu/files/experimental%20..

It was built with debugging enabled, meaning it might be a little slower than a stripped build, and it outputs a lot of stuff on the terminal which might be useful for us to track down bugs.

Bugs can be reported here: https://sourceforge.net/p/vice-emu/bugs/

Or you could just bitch here :)
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2018-07-11 12:50

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8897
it took me about 5 seconds to find 2 different solutions with google. i am sure you can do it too.
2018-07-11 12:57

Registered: Oct 2014
Posts: 234
I can find plenty of GDB(VisualGDB, WinGDB et al) based solutions but nothing that is VSDebugger based, so I will just have to accept that your google foo skills are greater than mine.
2018-07-11 13:06

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8897
whats wrong with visualgdb anyway? too much effort?
2018-07-11 13:51

Registered: Jun 2002
Posts: 1469
Quote: it took me about 5 seconds to find 2 different solutions with google. i am sure you can do it too.

Google for ”gcc generate pdb”. First hit. First solition:

2018-07-12 08:57

Registered: Oct 2014
Posts: 234
the issue with VisualGDB its is using GDB, I've never liked GDB and have found it to require about as much energy to find and get the info I need to debug as it does to actually debug the bug it self. When using it I now normally put a printf on a line and then put a break point on the printf, so I can see if the breakpoint didn't fire, if it is actually because it didn't fire, or just GDB didn't install the breakpoint properly. If Apple would allow us to use GDB over their LDB however that would be a nice solid step in a good direction. I also rather GDB than CodeWarrior.

I searched for DWARF to PDB, Msys, Cygwin and MinGW but not GCC to PDB as that doesn't really make sense but fair.. seems in the comment people have got it to work in a live sense mostly with VS rather than on dumps in WinDB.
2018-07-18 10:43

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 74
This is just bitching really, but as mentioned in post #2 I also find it really jarring that all my hotkeys have now moved, and sometimes to two-qualifier buttons where it was previously one.

Under Windows, I've used alt-a (detach all disk drives, now ... does not have a hotkey at all!?), alt-c to take a screenshot (alt-c now is attach a cartridge, while taking a screenshot is shift-alt-r now), invoking the monitor (previosuly alt-m, now alt-h) and alt-pause (is now alt-p) a lot, and probably a few others who have now moved as well - but those are the ones that stood out to me. While I understand that full customization of the keymap is a bigger issue to tackle, I would appreciate a "old Windows keymap" or similar.

I'm also not a fan of the emulation just continuing to run while I interact with the menus, while previosuly if I wanted to take a screenhsot, it would halt until the thing I was doing was done. Is there a setting for this that I've overlooked, or is this just the new behaviour?
2018-07-18 13:01

Registered: Mar 2007
Posts: 122
Yep, Alt-M changing to Alt-H is the one I'm struggling to get used to ... M for Monitor made sense - and it's glued in my head now.

I love this new build in every other way though, it's a huge improvement. I kinda need a release build of it for when I'm in development mode, of course, as the startup is just too slow for iterative development with the debug build ... so I hope it's released properly sometime soon :-)
2018-07-18 14:41

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8897
those hotkeys may become configurable at some point (probably not in the near future though). besides that they are exactly the same as they were before for me and the other devs (on linux), so chances we change them to what they were on windows (which none of us use) are kinda slim, sorry :)
2018-07-18 17:12

Registered: Feb 2009
Posts: 215
Quoting Raistlin
I kinda need a release build of it for when I'm in development mode, of course, as the startup is just too slow for iterative development with the debug build

Does this Windows build support remote monitor? If you combine that with a kernal patched to bypass RAM check on reset, you're all set for *instant* code reload into an already running emulator.
2018-07-18 17:26

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8897
remote monitor should work, yes
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