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Text from No No

Text:. .. ... john silver of dinasours, together with sprites by skyffel and two tunes by nigel grieve, presents this quick hack for gerp 2015 called "no no". now follows a group conversation we had on irc regarding this release, read all of it to understand why ... .. . <johnsilver> hi guys! i started coding on a new demo. just one screen, nothing special. maybe we could release it on that gerp party this weekend, if i manage to get it ready in time? <medvurst> whats are gerp four party? <johnsilver> it's some party in skovde. mainly amiga i believe. but also for other platforms. <skyffel> hahahaha you so funny medvurst joker. party animal that dont now about gerp.. <medvurst> sow you code all so now on amiga too? <johnsilver> ehh, no. i started working on a new c64 demo... <johnsilver> you're familiar with gerp skyffel? <skyffel> yes... i herd about gerp in a demo <medvurst> cool whit knew demo! <medvurst> i'm is has to link it! <skyffel> it was called c64demo so it was clear it was a demo for c64 <skyffel> johnsilver: but i have no family there if you mean that <skyffel> i like new demo too! but we cant call it c64demo, because that name is taken <skyffel> i have very much graphics!!!! <medvurst> but it are c64 demo john just telled! <skyffel> demo john? <skyffel> c64 demo john!!! great new name for john! <medvurst> mutch better then amiga demo john hahahaha!!!1 <skyffel> hahahhaa.. so funny!!! <johnsilver> right! so i started working on this demo anyway. it's more or less just a text screen with some diagonal lines right now. i can dcc you both an early preview. <skyffel> dcc? <skyffel> just send me a diskette <skyffel> when was the demo? <skyffel> party gerp i mean. demo c64 demo party <medvurst> i wont it buy mail not nows how is dcc is it works! <johnsilver> the party is this coming weekend. <skyffel> butt the post is not open now in weekend!!! <johnsilver> alright, mail it is then. is that ok for you too skyffel? e-mail that is. ;) <johnsilver> file sent to you guys. <johnsilver> there will be a scroller in the top left corner, working on that right now. <skyffel> how can you put a scroller in the corner. it is just one pixel!!! <johnsilver> no it will cover about 20 chars or so. just like the area at the bottom right where it says done by john silver. <medvurst> how can you puts scroller their? four you're haves all ready other things on same line?! <skyffel> it will not work.. i now how it work in grafix! just do this: make the scroller go 4-5 centimters from the corner and then into the corner <skyffel> if you make scroller in corner it has no where to go! <medvurst> scroller must be in sprites then if sow! <johnsilver> i'll show you instead, just give me a couple of minutes to finish the routine. <skyffel> i have no time to write scoller.. <johnsilver> no medvurst, it's not sprites. it's a rol-scroll on a char matrix. <medvurst> i can not write finnish :( <skyffel> have you saw matrix movie? then scroller have to go raining down <medvurst> and be in green <skyffel> and that lame censor group maked a matrix demo all ready, and this one will win over them on csdb!! good idea johnsilver!!1 <medvurst> and after little time it can shows more and more and you sees real true! <skyffel> i am making a great picture of a rabit <medvurst> yes ksyffel like we winned over them on party 1997 in compo their! <skyffel> "folow the white rabit" <skyffel> medvurst: i now!!! it is therefore we shoud do it again! <johnsilver> skyffel: could you make some sprite for the demo? the letters d i n a s o u r? <skyffel> johnsilver: i send you the rabit! you can flash it in white so poeple will understand the referenz! <medvurst> we are rules over them! <johnsilver> what rabbit? <skyffel> johnsilver: i maded a rabbit for the matrix demo you talk about all time! <skyffel> helloooo <skyffel> how is the memory <skyffel> you shood rename yourself johnsilverback old man with no memory <johnsilver> i'm busy coding, can't keep up with everything you two write here. either way, i'm not making a demo about the matrix so i don't need any rabbit. i need some sprites, like i asked for a moment ago. can you fix that? <medvurst> hahaha john haves no memory left four rabbit!!1 <skyffel> johnsilver: matrix is shourter than d i n a s o u r... are you shore john? <johnsilver> we're not called matrix 1338, are we? <skyffel> and we are called dinasours, not dinasour... we are not one body <skyffel> so that so! <johnsilver> but you only have to make one "s" skyffel, i will re-use the same sprite. <skyffel> hahahhaaha <skyffel> so the sprite will jump from one place to the last plase?! all time? <skyffel> that is not necessary john.. i will make 2 s.. will go faster for you <medvurst> i were in store to day and sow old lady jumped from one place too other in the lines four try to came faster to pay haha!! <skyffel> hahahaha <skyffel> good demo idea!!! <johnsilver> skyffel: whatever. just start pixeling, ok? <skyffel> like tapper but a old lady with wares on the counters <johnsilver> the scroller is ready now, will send you a new preview. <medvurst> yes i thinked all so on tapper when i seed it haha!!1 <skyffel> i have it here now i think.. just have to find a new tape to transfer it two <skyffel> johnsilver: i will bike to medvurst too now <skyffel> johnsilver: he has my quickshit joy stick that i pixel with... <skyffel> i have started the transfer of the preview to tapeso when it is ready i will be home again... <medvurst> you knows where key is hidded under middle biggest stone out side <skyffel> haha.. so you founds it! i hidded it there <medvurst> sow that is only to come inside! <skyffel> ok.. i bike now see you <johnsilver> what are you transferring to tape, skyffel? <skyffel> johnsilver: your program.. have no time.. must bike <medvurst> he is leaved all ready i thinksskyffel is now known as skyffelbike <medvurst> know he were knot but know he are <johnsilver> did you check the new preview yet then? <medvurst> yes i sayed all ready be four it's needs scroller! skyffelbike is now known as skyffel <skyffel> my bike is punked <johnsilver> just check your mail, medvurst. <medvurst> oh i is got mail! how knewed you that? <skyffel> someone taked the air from it.. :( <skyffel> medvurst: do you have rubber? <skyffel> and glue <skyffel> and sand paper? <medvurst> off course!!1 <skyffel> oh.. i forgot. i cant bike to you and take it <medvurst> i'm is rubber you is sand paper! <skyffel> johnsilver: are it okey that i pixel your letters sprites with another joystick? <medvurst> i have gotted one other mail from you john whit file is that same as be four <medvurst> avg sayed it can harmed my copmputer <johnsilver> just save the file medvurst, and run it in vice. <skyffel> don't give it your codes to the bank, medvurst!!1 <johnsilver> no skyffel, you must do the sprites on a piece of paper and then enter them as data statements in a basic listing. <johnsilver> just make me some sprites dammit, ok?! <skyffel> johnsilver: ok... i have paper, but the post is closed in weekends so i cant mail it.. cant i just make them with another joystck? <medvurst> my mail program crashed just now <medvurst> has you maked virus in your demo john <skyffel> johnsilver: dont you have a email adress johnsilver? its easier <johnsilver> use whatever joystick you have skyffel. <skyffel> johnsilver: you forgoted to write what email adress you have in your mail.. dont you have a email adres? <johnsilver> just restart the mail program medvurst. no, of course there's no virus in my demo. <skyffel> this is confusing <skyffel> i just make aprites instead <johnsilver> skyffel: just reply to my email with the preview. <skyffel> johnsilver: can you telefon me and tel me your emailadress? <johnsilver> i must focus on this sprite routine now, so i will ignore this window for some time. cya later! johnsilver is now known as js-away <skyffel> medvurst: why can he know just answr simple kwestions?! <medvurst> my mail is works a gain! <skyffel> aaaah <skyffel> i must have a zingo <medvurst> i is just now looks on he's preweiv whit scroller in it and it is have other chars be sides it and is knot in sprites!1 wow! <medvurst> has you all so seed it too skyffel <skyffel> wait.. tape is ready now.. will load it <skyffel> mmm.. popp corns!!! <medvurst> it's are has all sow music know i wounder if it's john who maked it. it's get better and better all after some! <skyffel> loading <skyffel> it is broke.. i can not run <skyffel> it cant start! <skyffel> i right run and it will not run <skyffel> medvurst: can you email me your program that you got from john? <medvurst> you must start buy type sys 1638 <skyffel> why send me a broke version and you a working <skyffel> just send me your program <medvurst> john writted that in email! <medvurst> sys16384 <skyffel> after loading? <medvurst> yes! <medvurst> load first must you <skyffel> but my 8 is broken on keyboard <skyffel> john nows that!!! <skyffel> why did he shose that number? <medvurst> i knows not <skyffel> run is much easyer <medvurst> my 8 not is broken maybe four that? <skyffel> "ho has the biggest number after sys" whooo.. brag john <medvurst> i send you freezed version you can start whit run <skyffel> good <skyffel> i make sprites now.. its hard with the bug.. the joystick <skyffel> so dont say to me that the sprites is ugly, it it the big <skyffel> bug <medvurst> i is thinks bourder shall be black in up and down on screen in demo <skyffel> can you film the demo with your telefon and send me filmen? <skyffel> that is the fastest way <medvurst> comes you to make picture four this party skyffel? <skyffel> rabit is send to john <medvurst> i has all ready mailed you knew freezed file four some time a go <skyffel> ok... transfer <skyffel> what is that gerp name mean <medvurst> i not now <medvurst> i can think me that that saw good out in logo they thinked <skyffel> in danmark it means gender equality rolling plan, i read in newspaper <medvurst> so that mean nothing <medvurst> skovde not are in denmark skyffel!1 <skyffel> not? <medvurst> is in sweden <skyffel> but skov is danish for forest.. <medvurst> john sayed to me that so it is so <skyffel> i shose danish in scool instead of frensh <js-away> just a very quick visit to see how the sprites are working out. <js-away> the routine is almost ready. <medvurst> the preweiv is look good john!!1 <medvurst> has you maked the music all so? <js-away> thanks. no, it's from the game zynaps. <skyffel> "jeg er pisse ligeglad" = i am happy even when i piss <js-away> good for you. but what about those sprites? are they ready? <medvurst> zynaps has i not played <skyffel> js-away: i just transfer medvursts program instead.. he freezed your program so i can start it <skyffel> now i can see it... <medvurst> is that good game zynaps <skyffel> can you crack it, medvurst? <medvurst> sound like snaps <medvurst> i can crack a snaps hahaha <skyffel> hahahhahaa <js-away> hello? i need some sprites. <skyffel> js-away: i see demo now!!! looks like wrong color for matrix theme.. but hey <medvurst> zynaps game not are has sprites? hahahaha <skyffel> js-away: i send you dinasou <skyffel> i am working on the r and the second s <skyffel> it is hard with the bug <js-away> it is still not a demo about the matrix. sheesh... dunno where you got that from in the first place. <js-away> i don't need a second s! <skyffel> js-away: jew wrote it!!! for fanden <js-away> don't ask why! i just don't! just make the letters d i n a s o u r <skyffel> js-away: i can write the scroller in danish! <skyffel> knep din mor <skyffel> i read danish class in scool! <medvurst> do ready the sprites know skyffel some john ask four! <skyffel> ok ok! <skyffel> dinasours.. all are sended... now <skyffel> i also made matrix <skyffel> i send that two<js-away> thanks. will add them to the code and compile a new preview. brb. <skyffel> no. add them to the demo <skyffel> hahaha <medvurst> we not is called matrix skyffel <medvurst> i is must has to pea <skyffel> what is the matrix in danish? <skyffel> i have a danisg lexikon here... its matricen <skyffel> that is 8 sprites. perfect <skyffel> wait. medvurst... john must have forgot that dinasours is 9 sprites!!! is not the upper roof 8 srites for the c64 <skyffel> js-away: !!! <medvurst> you has right!!1 <skyffel> js-away: you are always away!!!! its important <skyffel> why is he on a way <skyffel> is he biking some where? <medvurst> js-away: c64 are only has 8 sprites and are not toreach four hole hour name dinasours!!!1 <skyffel> i made matricen sprites instead, js-away!!! its danish and the danes at erp will love it and we will win over censor one more! <skyffel> and they are 8 <medvurst> what are matricen? <medvurst> and why four shall we has that in demo? <medvurst> skyffel? <skyffel> its danish four matrix <skyffel> and skovde is in denmark i think <medvurst> you haves wrong their its are in sweden chr142 has joined #1338 <chr142> hahahaha halloj pojkvaskrar!!! <chr142> nu dricks det bira ska ni veta ojojoj <chr142> vad pysslar ni med? <js-away> i just mailed out a new preview of the demo. it contains a simple multiplexer so there are nine sprites on the screen. i also changed the colour of the upper/lower border to black. <js-away> oh, hi there chr. i'm working on a new demo for this weekend's gerp party. and you're getting drunk i asume. :) <skyffel> chr142: give me back my diskbox with zynaps. medvurt want to crack it <medvurst> hiiiiiiiiiii chr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 <chr142> hey guyz! <chr142> yes john beers floating here hehe.... <js-away> you want a preview chr? <skyffel> chr142: my mom wans back the umbrella too you took at summer party <chr142> skyffel: i don't have a diskbox full of zynaps from you. <chr142> js: sure jusst dcc me ok? <skyffel> chr142: zynaps is on one disk there.. i just checked my lists!!! <chr142> skyffel: she todl me i can keeep it <skyffel> but it was my umbrella :-( <chr142> so tell her to buy you a new one son <skyffel> i buyed it in italy and smuggeled rare originals in it from a flea market <chr142> yeah yeah <chr142> nice demo john! <chr142> and the zynapos music! <chr142> -o <medvurst> you has played zynaps chr? i not has heard off it be four but all sow thinks its are grate! <skyffel> i think a madonna music would be better <js-away> cheers chr! js-away is now known as johnsilver <skyffel> thriller or something <medvurst> thriller is not buy maddona!1 <medvurst> is buy prince <johnsilver> michael jackson <skyffel> its madonna! i have it on a blandband here <chr142> m jackson <medvurst> i has it and is buy prince <skyffel> its written "madonna - thriller" <skyffel> so i believe you are wrong <medvurst> you is wrong i haves it on home burned cd from markoepairs!!1 <chr142> haha markorepairs! where did he go anyways? <johnsilver> surely a name you didn't hear in a long time. is he still in the group, medvurst? <medvurst> yes he are still members off dns <chr142> really? why? <skyffel> he collects old tec <johnsilver> yes, why? <skyffel> he repair mine datassettes <medvurst> there four that hes is use full four hours group <chr142> my loudspakewrs are bnroken, how can i get his help to repari them? <skyffel> i need to fix bike know <skyffel> it is punked <medvurst> marko just repairs other things not highspeakers! <skyffel> good zingo here.. will just drink more before <skyffel> you like zingo chr142? <skyffel> ahhh... 234dropps onkeyboard <skyffel> noooicantwritespace <skyffel> noihavetogetpapers <skyffel> damit!!! <johnsilver> so did all of you check the latest version of the demo that i mailed you? <johnsilver> i believe that scroll writing is the only thing left to do. <skyffel> seeyoulaterthenmustfixthiscomputerandbikealsoithaspunka <skyffel> ihatethisssss <skyffel> buyboys <skyffel> nothavespacetowritescroll <chr142> yes loved it jhon but i must leave neow beb caus i f eel a bi tnot so godo.... chr142 has quit irc: "alt-f4" skyffel has quit irc: "bigpunka!" <medvurst> i is all so not haves time four to type scroll <johnsilver> great! i spent some hours making something to release at a party. skyffel helps me by supplying some sprites, but no one has the possibility to spend a couple of minutes on some text for the scroller? <medvurst> swim calm now john i is sure on that we comes can get to gether little text hear on irc an other day <johnsilver> i seriously doubt it. <medvurst> your are all ways so negative john its so typical you john <johnsilver> really? you think so? now where is your contribution to this demo? when was the last time you did something productive on the c64? how can you say i'm negative when i produce stuff for this group to release? <medvurst> i telled you bourder shall be white and when demo is ready you send it me and i will link <johnsilver> you mean black. you said the border might look better if black, not white. and, not that it really matters, i had already changed it myself. <medvurst> black or white plays no role i thinks that you speak racist now!!1 <johnsilver> i'm talking about colours in a demo. <medvurst> all ways this colors talks <medvurst> i must go and lay me now. send me finisheded demo four linking! hi then! <johnsilver> finisheded? what? we only need some scroll text, then it's ready. <medvurst> yes you haved sayed that a bout scroll text all ready much times you thinks i not can remember? <johnsilver> so? <medvurst> i now really not and i must stop know be four i miss mach on tv witch markorepairs fixed four me ones do! <medvurst> i is sure on that you fixes it on one or other way!!1 has it so good buy! medvurst has quit irc: "mach 13338" <johnsilver> you can't be serious...

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