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Text from X-Massive Booze

Text:"ho ho ho! its fucken cold!", says the santa and puts another bottle in his pocket. merry xmass my friends! pulse raising the flag (not on mjk's flag pole) with yet another (errm, its 1st) product! yea, we are alive! finally! lets hit sum credits here before you fall asleep. satan... ermm... santa claus by zeldin! (pal, you rule! there i go again, hehehe), zak (called "blow the santa skyhigh", hehe) by zyron, and a touch of code here and there + the idea by me, terminal storm... whats that santa's got for ya? been bad boy? you'll get a pack of win95 if you been bad. santa's got contract with gaytes, so better watch out! btw, thoze 660 dots before were just a way of keeping yar attention while the processor woz (realtime) calculating thiz picture by zeldin's secret formula for santa clauses! no, really! (hey, don't tell em the formula, pal!) i think i'm starting to get into xmass mood, and i haven't been even drinkin' yet, honestly! ;) lda $d00d, and $babe, jmp $2bed ups, sum code just ran away. xcuze me for a moment... :) nature calls... welcome to a school (dont run now!) of santa robbers. today we'll talk of sum ways of robbing the good old drunken santa. 1st of all take a look at the upper picture ^ yes, that is how modern santa claus looks like. now, all you need is a shot gun (rent one at yar local pulse rent-a-shot-gun store). lets see... you can uze sum garlic and a few bottles of gin (no, dont touch that stuff!) for a bait. santa comes usualy on xmass, nobody really knows why. now, after the santa senses the gin and the garlic he will aproach, thiz iz yar big chance, dont blow it, blow him! btw, make sure you wash off the walls. now go home and enjoy yar presents. and remember: he will be back! (next year) btw, that few seconds of black screen before, woz a part dedicated to zyron's very dead monitor! i hope it will work again soon, zyron. hey, i converted al those sids you sent me! ok, i'm off for a while... ok, juice/pulse taking over the keys... yo, yo yo 'sup this is the origional rewd bwoy on dem keyz, mon... anyway... i haven't got me a 64 yet, so my position in pulse is moral-support for now, but when i do get it i'm gonna do some bad-ass sidz and hopefully some coding... (yea, right.) i don't like xmass all that much, so my scrolly won't have to do that much with it. with that in mind here goes a funny (?) story... jesus is walking down the street and he says to the first guy: "do you know who i am?" and the guy says "i have no idea...". he wonders how this guy didn't know who he is, so he goes and asks the next one.. and he also doesn't know... this gets him really angry, and he asks a third guy: "do you know who i am?" and the guy says "no, but i got some killer weed, wanna smoke with me?". jesus is now outraged, and says "how can you even think that, do you realise who i am?".. the guy says "i have no idea. let's smoke." so jesus goes to smoke with him, and when they get high, jesus asks again "do you know who am i?".. and the guy says "comeon and tell me." and he says "i am jesus."... the guy then says "see, i told you it was some killer weed..." hehehe... uh.... enough of that shit... now i'd like to greet some people.. but i don't know anybody in the c64 scene, and the amigans who i know aren't watching this.. so no greets... except to all pulse membaz hehehe.... nespotism rulez... i'm really sorry i couldn't make a tune for this product (lucky for you, eh?) but watch out for the next ones.... <evil grin> ?out of ideas error. but tst wrote $800 bytes, and i gotta write more hehehe.... beyond 2000.... (what? the first one who gets this bit gets a free... er.... uh... i'll think of something...) i never realised how hard it can be to write a simple scroller (lucky i got tst watching from the side for any mistakefh i maje.. hehehe).. there should be a new position in demo groups: scroll-text-writer... then a scroll-text-supervisor, editor-in-chief and all other kind of stuff... imagine a demo with 64k of scrolltexts... (nooooo... that would be impossible.. where would the code be? well, who needs code :) ) just plain old... long... scrolltexts... yeah.. huh-huh that would be kinda cool... or something... yeah.. huh-huh.. i'm pretty smart sometimes.. "shut up beavis!" *smack* ... uhhh... er... ouch. i guess i'll hand the keyz to somebody else while i go kick butt-head's ass... or something... tst on da keys again. just to mention - pulse membaz are: terminal storm, juice, mousekilla, han solo and oswald. ok, giving the keys to... to... hey, where did everybody go? mousekilla aint 'round here and is late with txt, so i guess we'll have to skip his part... giving keys to some ppl on irc now, starting with zyron. hmm...this is weird. i'm sitting in school writing a scroller for terminal storm's christmas-demo in windows' notepad... nothing i do everyday i can tell you...and thank god for that. i prefer writing scrollers on the c-64 screen using the transfer command of my action replay but experience mustn't always be a positive thing.. i'm mainly writing thiz for tst as a thanx for him converting apx 120 of my tunes to sidplay, he even did it fast :)) i'm also on irc at the moment where i see the following people; bx, chiefy, edhellon, goz, k12, mepk, mjk (some text from him here: y0y0y0... this is mjk at the keyboard and want to let you know that i all love ya and wish you a merry xmas and a happy new year with many issues of go64! and many supercpus for free.... cya in 97! mjk is off...), mrsid, raver, tst (wonder who that can be:)), vinzi, zardax and stasi.. the irc is kinda slow today and i'm getting hungry so i guess i'll stop writing very soon. remember to check ftp://utopia.hacktic.nl/pub/c64/music/zyron to get all my 24 collections + my new one called "echoes of rapture" which will be released on christmas-eve 1996.. zyron/f4cg/oxsid planetary/nostalgia is signing off at 12.30 the 19th of december... bye.... mepk took over... hmm... hey! it's me(pk)! i just want to say merry xmass & a happy new year to everybody who supported the c=64 scene 1996. you'll see: 1997 will beat it all! raver wants to say sumthin'... heyaaaa, all freax and luverz of c=64 superb machine, i wish ya happy xmas & merry new year, i wish to not leave c=64, involve more ppl to work with thiz & other 8 bit computers (yeah, 8 bit comps fuckin' rewlz!)... also, i wanna send special greetinx to all da crowd in #c-64, ya all r my virtual friends ;-) cul8r, raver/phantasy. and now finnaly han solo! yea, yea, yea! howdy there.. han solo on the keys.. wanna share this cool dream with you.. or a cool nightmare? you be the judge of that......... so there was i, must walking through some forests. funny how everybody who's ever done role-playing games or anything dreams of forests and such settings in a totally different way than anyone normal :) .. ok, back to the story. walking through that forest i was, when the sky suddenly went pitch black in must a couple of seconds. the wind started blowing wildly and the trees began to bend. no sun, no moon or stars lighted my way, but the searing lightnings were enough to give sight to my eyes, as was the deafening thunder enough to take hearing from my ears. i ran. trees hit by thunderbolts cracked and fell, sometimes blocking my way and sometimes must adding more noise at the limits of hearing, but none of them would catch fire. and although the bolts of lightning were scaring me to death, i knew that without them i'd be totally lost in the dark. then it happened. the trees diminished in size and somehow got sucked into the earth, which became dry as stone, though not as hard. the storm silenced into nothingness, the sudden darkness revealing a weak but stable eerie light coming from nowhere in particular and making the ground visible and even discernible from the black sky on the horizon. it was all ready for a different kind of storm... the storm of the earth. ground cracked everywhere as far as sight could reach, erupting in many places with such a power that only screaming earth could release. until then i had thought i was scared, but that was when i realized i hadn't known what scared had really meant. if standing in a place eating itself up in a spectacular fireworks show of molten rock was reminding of anything peaceful at all, then it was reminding of it very very vaguely. but i forgot all that and almost laughed at myself when i saw him. the man who had caused it all. seeing william trying to destroy the world was a sight more pitiful then you would guess by must thinking of what was happening and not thinking who had been doing it. the asshole stared at me in disbelief and stopped playing around with the device he was holding as i rushed with my teeth towards his neck. as he helplessly tried to stay on his feet while i was tearing his veins, he woke up, all wet from sweat... mostly sweat. "damn that han solo, i can't even have a nice dream of destroying the world without him interfering and turning it into a nightmare" he thought. "oh well, i guess i'll have to return to the everyday plans of destroying the world the slow and efficient way that he can't prevent - making more windows" said bill gates to himself and went to change his wet underwear. and how he was wrong thinking i wouldn't prevent that too.. must wait! ehhh, cool dream, huh? no matter it wasn't dreamed by me :)) well this must be first big scroll i ever wrote (yep, that's right), and i don't want to end it with the end of the dream. i haven't actually seen any other scrollies for this christmas product (demo? naaah.. dentro? yuck! lametro? sounds lame..) though i guess this is the last one to be packed into it. and it's terminal storm's birthday tomorrow (happy birthday tst!) so he wants it in time to pack it and up it everywhere before the day after, coz the christmas holidays are coming then and he won't be able to use internet too much then.. well why the hell am i talking all this, i guess he's mentioned it in some other scrollie if he wanted it known? bah.. whatever.. it's my 18th birthday 2 days after the christmas, too (happy birthday, han!) so you can all send your greetings, presents and girlfriends.. naah, forget about the girlfriends, i'm a nerd :) more or less.. gonna make a nice party... hey tst, you gonna make a party, too? this is a strange way of making demos (or whatever) must writing a scrolltext and sending it to someone else without seeing anything done.. so i better get used to it :) i wanted to do my evil scroller (why evil? you'll know when you see it) dedicated to me/pk must for this little thingie, but i didn't make it... no time... actually all the time of the world these days, but i'm sooo lllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy.. hehe and what did you think? ;) pulse - the five coders of apocalypse, how does that sound to you? disease, war, hunger, death and the lack of chocolate.. i'm the one that brings the lack of chocolate everywhere i pass, and i don't really care how juice, mousekilla, terminal storm and oswald (in alpha order) want to distribute the other four duties among themselves..... hmm, would this be a nice place for a couple of personal greetings? in no particular order.. or rather in the order of coming to my mind... first, all of vortex, warriors of wasteland, pulse (surprise, surprise!), pollution and wigs. tosha, arsonist, bp and fatboy of hyperopia. parazyte and (least but not last!) the fucking nazi raver bastardmined, both of frequency. all the cool people from irc.. haha, you guys thought i was gonna name you all, ha? no way i could remember all of mjk, me/pk, simple, glenn/ips, wisdom, edhellon.. errr.. errrrr... can't remember anyone more right now, so i better stop.. so all the cool people from irc and all the other cool people from irc whom i forgot in that list.. (and i feel there's more cool people from irc that i forgot, than those that i named..) .. a special greeting to phuzzy logic/vipers.. why special? because this is the last fucking greeting he gets from me until he answers my mail... and the most special greeting to mac gyver. errrrm.. that's about all.. and these were all my personal ones only, because i'm hundreds of kilometers away from any other pulse member right now.. as if it matters how far you are..... well that's about all i wanna say.. i wish you all a happy birthday, merry xmas, happy new year and a nice life... han solo signing off at 20:56, 18th december 1996. anni domini. no, it's not a tryping mitsake, anni is the genitive.. get it? 18th december of the 1996. year ... instead of 18th december in the 1996. year... guess it could be said that way too... long time since i learned latin... and this is a foul mix of english and latin anyway...... ok, really signing off now.... will you kick the fucking space or not? (geeze, this will be real lame if tst puts this scrolly at the end..) hey, i really got nothing more to tell you... honestly! as unbelievable as it may sound .............. you're still here? are you trying to see must how much was written? well, there's not much left... or there's not gonna be much left, cause i'm must typing it right now....... come on, you don't want to read that stupid nightmare story again, do you? if you don't press space now and if you see the text starting again, then you deserve to be put in creatures 3 as an enemy... a stupid little enemy that clyde can kill with one normal shot, even without the fire..... too bad the rowlands guys gave up the c64.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!! can you be so stupid to be still reading? (can i be so stupid to be still typing?) ok, if you live to see the text restart, you're the lamest asshole in the world! you won't find the meaning of life in this scrolltext! and if you're looking for the answer to the final question of life, universe and everything, you won't find that here either.... it's well known, anyway... i'm getting kind of bored of this, and i mean it! signing off for the third and last time! (21:10) han solo .... tst on the keys again... hey, if you're still reading thiz makes you the biggest demo freak in the universe. i couldnt read thiz text in one peace, thats why it woz written in parts... pitty oswald couldnt make it till thursday, 19th of dec, so no text from him here :((( ok, merry xmass, happy new year, many kewl things. cya on #c-64 (c) pulse 1984 ermmm... 1996 :)

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