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Ex member of :
Megadodo Software, NATO, Radix Developments
Functions :
Fullscreen Graphician, Graphician

Handle alternative spelling :

Trivia :
PD10 on Compunet.

I've changed the older and younger photo of DOKK from MOBY Games, for a more recent one sourced from C64.com. (Motion/GMI).

The following info was sourced from MOBY Games :-

A rising star on the notorious C64 network, Compunet, Dokk garnered real fame when, in 1987, Zzap 64! celebrated his uploads by printing them for the masses in glorious colour. He started his career by delivering 8-bit loading screens for tape-loaded games such as Leviathan (1987 English Software), Trantor (1987 GO!) and Flying Shark (1987 Firebird). His first foray into game graphics came when GI Jo Bonar let him grind out some sprites and backgrounds for “BMX Kidz” (a game blessed by a loading screen by Bob Stevenson, and a fantastic score by Rob Hubbard). The game was released on his birthday, January 1988. Those graphics were truly horrible, though – sorry Jo.

Throughout the remainder of the late 80s and early 90s, Dokk freelanced as a graphics designer and animator for a number of companies – notably System 3, Audiogenic, and Cloud 9. Dokk was also a founding member of the doomed independent development company, Strangeways Software. After the demise of that business venture, Dokk moved the United States in 1992.

Dokk worked for a few more years as a graphics designer, creating graphics for Cloud 9 and Gameboy work for Climax. After the migration to the so-called 'next-generation hardware', freelancing as a video-games artist became next to impossible. After spending a significant amount of time and effort as lead artist on the singularly unsuccessful PC game “Montezuma’s Return” (1998 Utopia Technologies), Dokk abandoned the games business forever. He currently lives and works as a film and video editor and digital animator in Brooklyn, NY.

Country :
United Kingdom

Releases released :
DownloadMinter & The Llamahead Nebula ... 2021 Graphics
DownloadBlack Lamp ... 1988 Graphics
DownloadMariko ... 1987 Graphics
DownloadAliens Pic ... 1987 Graphics
DownloadDruid II ... 1987 Graphics
DownloadJustice ... 1987 Graphics
DownloadLeviathan Pic ... 1987 Graphics
DownloadThe Last Ninja ... 1987 Graphics
DownloadV for Vendetta ... 1987 Graphics
DownloadCommando ... 1986 Graphics
DownloadLife, the Universe and Everything ... 1986 Graphics
DownloadMr. Adams ... 1986 Graphics

Credits :
DownloadMinter & The Llamahead Nebula by Dokk ...  2021 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadHeart of Neon by Robin Levy ...  2019 Graphics  (Design, Concept)
DownloadC64Persian Demo Farsi by ToriSoft ...  2018 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadGFX 2 Preview by Black Mail ...  2015 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadLightyears Cracktro by Crypt ...  2011 Crack Intro  (Graphics)
DownloadVandalism News #51 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs ...  2009 Diskmag  (Interviewed)
DownloadIn the Mood by Onslaught ...  2007 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadBreakpoint 06 c64 Graphics Seminar by Crest ...  2006 Misc.  (Graphics)
DownloadED-itor Preview by Wrath Designs ...  2001 Tool  (Graphics)
DownloadAll Terrain Gardener by Ubik ...  1999 Game  (Graphics)
DownloadRob Hubbard Covers Demo by Jon Wells ...  1997 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadGame Over by Active ...  1994 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadQCF - The Pride of Queensland by Queensland Copy Federation ...  1992 Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadGreat Pixels 001 by Presence ...  1992 Graphics Collection  (Graphics)
DownloadDutch Breeze by Black Mail ...  1991 Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadDelirious 10 by Genesis Project ...  1991 Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadGraphics Show by House Designs ...  1991 Graphics Collection  (Graphics)
DownloadPiratesland by World Cracking Federation ...  1990 Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadHammerfist Pic by Century ...  1990 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadICS Intro (Tusker Endsequence) by Italian Cracking Service ...  1990 Crack Intro  (Graphics)
DownloadRed Hot Chilli Pepper by Crest ...  1989 Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadPalliation by The Paranormal Federation ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadDuck Stab by Masters of Reality ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadCity of Shock by Beastie Boys ...  1989 Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadDelirious by Excess ...  1989 Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadCool Fuck and Member by Danish Science ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadBrand Nu Toy by The Yuelden Team ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadMikie Demo 2 by The Detonator ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadGame Pics by Actual Trading Generation ...  1989 Graphics Collection  (Graphics)
DownloadScandalous by Headline ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadThe Nippon Tunes II by Hotware ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadDiashow by Joe Cool ...  1989 Graphics Collection  (Graphics)
DownloadExtravagance by Dynamix ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadBitmania by Duel Control ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadTrantor Demo by Voix ...  1989 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadFuture Vision by Bit Terror Crew ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
Download18 Years Ago by Crest ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadCrazy Life! by NATO ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadColour Rape by NATO ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadThrust Me 2 by Danish Underground Crackers ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadInternational Karate Plus Demo by Kugel ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadPiccy 2 by BSG ...  1988 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadThe Real Bros by Bros ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadTristar Is Watching You by Tristar ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadDisk-Covery by Beatless, The Dutches ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadGrappo by Byterapers ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadPicture Show by The Seven Crew ...  1988 Graphics Collection  (Graphics)
DownloadGothik Ripp Off by Jewels ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadDokk It by Traxx Hakin Crew ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadWheelchair III - a Joke by The Hidden Forces ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadCommando Demo by Kol ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadContact Demo by All Stars ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadOne in Knight in Bangkok by Razor Express ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadEnlightenment by The Robots ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadThe First Demo Disk Collection for the Commodore 64 by Ash & Dave, Ian & Mic, Ikari, Reptilia Design ...  1988 Demo  (Graphics)
Download1988 - The Demo by Digital Crackers ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadG.F.X. by Ian & Mic ...  1988 Graphics Collection  (Graphics)
DownloadIK+ Demo by Jewel Cracking Crew ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadBlack Lamp by Dokk ...  1988 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadOver Night by Stage 3 ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadSharks by Stage 3 ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadRevolution by Future ...  1988 Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadGothik Demo by The Infiltrators ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadBlast'n Rock 'em by The Vampirsoft Crew ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadMad Monkey by New Example Crew ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadQuedex by The Mad Butcher, D&F ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadGiga Writer V1.0 by Razor Express ...  1988 Tool  (Graphics)
DownloadKiller Eyes by Moskwa TV, The Mean Team ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadGunna's Demo #3 by Modsoft ...  1988 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadMutual Jog Trot by The Hidden Forces ...  1987 Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadAll Micronet by Micronet, Sita Soft ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadTrantor Demo by Stage 3 ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadX-Mas Demo by Mazix 2010 ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadJoyboy by Prisma ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadReal International Karate Demo by Dutch Swapping Team ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadBe a Man by The Warlocks ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadKarate Music by Megaforce Crackings, The Austrian Union ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadMental Power by The Warlocks, United States Software Pirates Exchange ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadTroopers' X-press by The Troopers ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadInternational Skate + by The Fantastic Five ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
Download3 Minutes Demo by Actual Cracking Entertainment, Rhenus ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadS.L.T.D. II by The Troopers ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadInterdex+ by The Last Detail, The Shadows ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadInterdex+ by The Last Detail, The Shadows ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadTrantor Shit by The Supersonics ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadVSP&IK+ by The Mean Team ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadTrantor Demo by The East Agents ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadMental Power by The Warlocks ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadNinja Eyes by Channel 4 ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadBurning Hearts by Starfire Inc. ...  1987 Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadNinja Demo by Commodore United Crackers ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadThe Power by The Warriors 1881 ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadElite Demo II by Elite Cracking Service ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadNinja! by The Explorers ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadLast Ninja by Softball Swapping Crew ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadFinal Demo by 6581 Crew ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadThe Shadow Warrior ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadFinal Ninja Demo by Higher Computer Science, The Last Science ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadAnother One by Anti MSX Group ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadScrewy Business by The Main Force ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadLeviathan Demo by Danish Rippers ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadLast Ninja by The Last Generation 1945 ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadLast Ninja by Danish Gold ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadMariko by Dokk ...  1987 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadEyesoteric by The Mean Team ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadBlue Eyes by Radix Developments ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics, Text, Concept)
DownloadPeace on Pulse by Radix Developments ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics, Concept)
DownloadQuedex Demo by Radix Developments ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadRadix Picture Show by Radix Developments ...  1987 Graphics Collection  (Graphics)
DownloadThe Commodore 64 Picture Show by Ian & Mic ...  1987 Graphics Collection  (Graphics)
DownloadJustice by Dokk ...  1987 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadAliens Pic by Dokk ...  1987 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadThalaprobe by The Shadows ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadLeviathan by The Parade International ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadV for Vendetta by Dokk ...  1987 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadLeviathan Ripp by The Lightforce ...  1987 Music  (Graphics)
DownloadStyle Warze by Partners in Crime ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadLurking Horror by Radix Developments ...  1987 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadLeviathan Pic by Dokk ...  1987 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadDenes Druid II Demo by Dene Carter ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadDruid II by Dokk ...  1987 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadThe Last Ninja by Dokk ...  1987 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadLast or First ! by The Famous Duo ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadMusic Magic 4 by Asparagus ...  1987 Music Collection  (Graphics)
DownloadA Shez & Satan Demo by The New Frontiers ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadThis Is Music 8 by CCGG ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadNothing Else by The New Frontiers ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadGame Music 3 by Final Crackers ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadMental Moons by Ash & Dave ...  1987 Game  (Graphics)
DownloadNinja Lives by The Mutants 2001 ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadThe Last Ninja Demo by Raw Deal Inc. ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadTrantor by Front ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadUltimate Demo II ...  1987 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadMusic Sample I by Raw Deal Inc. ...  1987 Music Collection  (Graphics)
DownloadLoading Pics from International Karate + by The A-Team ...  1987 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadGCC Demo VI by Gothenburg Computer Cracking ...  1986 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadBacon Buttie by Greater Birmingham Hackers ...  1986 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadCommando by Alloy Graphic Design ...  1986 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadCommando by Dokk ...  1986 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadTo Connections by The Detonator ...  1986 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadSaturn by The Wolverines ...  1986 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadThe Questline Demo by Radix Developments ...  1986 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadMonday Demo by Megadodo Software ...  1986 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadMr. Adams by Dokk ...  1986 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadHere Is Arnold by Commando ...  1986 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadLife, the Universe and Everything by Dokk ...  1986 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadCommando Demo by Kangaroo-Soft ...  1986 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadTrivia Corner by Roosta ...  1986 One-File Demo  (Linking)
DownloadCommando II Demo by Exodus Cracking Firm ...  1986 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadCommando by Commando ...  1986 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadCommando Demo by Lendavasoft ...  1986 One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadNo-one Special by Radix Developments ...  ???? Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadSelf Portrait by Radix Developments ...  ???? Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadCoded News by Zone 7 ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadFuture Brief V by Crackers of the Future ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadCFR Picture Show 2 by Commando Frontier ...  ???? Graphics Collection  (Graphics)
DownloadTribute to Dokk by The Gremlins ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadThe Last Warlock ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadQuedex Demo by Actual Cracking Entertainment ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadCrack Attack 2 by Silver Rom Crackers ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadAbracadabra by Silver Rom Crackers ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadThe Commando Demo by Telemachus ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadThe Quest Intro by Pulse Productions ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadThe Strange Globe by Swedish Hacking Corporation ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadGallery by Breakpoint Hacking Techniques ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadCommando by The Detonator ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadBlack Lamp Pic by Triumph 2001 ...  ???? Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadLV-426 by Radix Developments ...  ???? Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadSavage Pic by Riffs ...  ???? Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadPandora Pic by The A-Team ...  ???? Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadIK+ Pic by The Dirty Dozen ...  ???? Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadI-Ball by Radix Developments ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadTrantor Demo by Marvellous Cracking Corporation ...  ???? One-File Demo  (Graphics)
Download3 Game Pics by Secure ...  ???? Graphics Collection  (Graphics)

Attended :
PCW Show 1987

User ratings :  
As Fullscreen Graphician:awaiting 8 votes (6 left)   See votestatistics
As Graphician:**********  9.5/10 (16 votes)   See votestatistics
*********_  9.4/10 (8 votes) - Public votes only.
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