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Forums > CSDb Entries > Release id #160818 : Tink's Subtraction Fair +
2017-12-11 20:22

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 1653
Release id #160818 : Tink's Subtraction Fair +

User Comment
Submitted by Bacchus [PM] on 11 December 2017
I started that debate here:

I also find the "Five byte update is a new release" very unhelpful.

Give the archivers acces to older versions is they want it, generate statistics showing who are sloppy and need to upload multiple versions but don't penalise the users by having multiple version of the same game floating around in the system.

User Comment
Submitted by wertstahl [PM] on 11 December 2017
i find it also pretty unhelpful to treat every tiny change as a new version. why not have a versioning option that lists all the prior versions but only one newest main entry. a crack by 2 different groups is ofcourse different releases. but like this, much attention is lost and confusion added. time to reform!

User Comment
Submitted by Bacchus [PM] on 11 December 2017
I'm happy take some deserved pissing for not doing the QA properly. One could argue it's hard to test every combination (which Pitcher does below) but in the end it's my responsibility to not do that sorts of mistakes.

My concern is still more that CSDB gets flooded with something that looks like duplicates. Talk to your local moderator if you find it confusing to have almost identical entries of a game.

My suggestion is to allow me to upload a new binary to the same entry, with a reason why I want to invalidate the previous one. Replacing a bugged version would be one reason that would given me enough bad karma and bring enough shame, without confusing the CSDB users with multiple version that are indeed the same basic version with minor adjustments.

I'm fine with the old - bugged - version being there for public shame - but please than have some sort of warning that it's likely not the version you want if you try to download.

User Comment
Submitted by Pitcher [PM] on 11 December 2017
Ian the Inc $d020 was added by Bacchus on purpose, if it flashes it means we've dropped a bollock somewhere.

Maybe we've missed converting some sectors to a file or not quite enough sectors onto a file.

As you can imagine, the original game has 3 difficulty settings, so each game level on a different difficulty setting can or could load a possible different selections of setups, sometimes a few extra sectors here and there, sometimes a few completly different ones.

Also every now and then it would load something in and then over load a percentage of it with the next load of the same level, making life very hard work to keep track of, sometimes it used the data of the last load to take care of something internally in the game, sometimes it just looks like there lazy and only want part the data and overload the rest of it.

But while all this is going on, we're trying to keep the amount of files down to a minimum.

So sometimes logging every possible mix of loads by hand and converting to files, with testing the amount of games we've thrown out this weekend, there may still be the odd error crop up.

To be honest, I'm glad someone's looked that much into them, it means atleast someone's interested in what we have actually done.

I know the amount of times I've played them is unreal, even in warp mode just to try and speed them up a bit :)

These things happen, I'm sure we aren't the first group to release a bugged version of something and we won't be the last.

But all in, I'm quite happy and I'll take it on the chin I didn't test this last game like I did the other 3, so a couple of small changes by Bacchus last night, a morning of testing every possibility by myself (only possible due to the snow of course), it should now be perfect.

User Comment
Submitted by Bacchus [PM] on 11 December 2017
Move on guys - there is nothing to see here. It's a quick fixed version which didn't solve the problem and I am not allowed to delete it, even if it's useless and nothing anybody would ever want! :-(

User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG [PM] on 10 December 2017
borked this one too, at 2nd tent loader stops with a inc $d020 at $c95e
.C:c95e EE 20 D0 INC $D020
.C:c961 AD 01 DC LDA $DC01
.C:c964 C9 EF CMP #$EF
.C:c966 D0 F4 BNE $C95C

Better stop with quick fixing and do proper tests.
2017-12-11 22:03

Registered: Aug 2006
Posts: 46
I'm not sure why some of the comments are here ?, Ian found a bug, that should be in the comments section? Surely ?, and I merely replied and tried to explain some of what's gone on with the release, as although the games aren't the best in the world, theres many months of work gone into them (except bug testing on no.4 ;), and I'm fairly sure most people won't even realise what was actually involved.
2017-12-11 22:09

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 1653
Bugs should be reported in Goofs section. I have limited time, and as it all became a discussion I moved it all here, where discussions are supposed to be.
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