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Forums > CSDb Entries > Release id #184152 : Donkey Kong Jr. Game & Watch Preview +2
2019-11-23 19:44

Registered: Nov 2010
Posts: 29
Release id #184152 : Donkey Kong Jr. Game & Watch Preview +2

User Comment
Submitted by Logiker [PM] on 23 November 2019
That's really cool.. I feel like back in the 80ies when I played "tricOtronic". Maybe one of the first electronic devices I owned in my childhood. Nostalgia pure!

User Comment
Submitted by G-Force [PM] on 23 November 2019
A geography teacher in school used to let us kids play watch & mini handheld games in class in the mid to early 80's haha.
Nice one mr groves.(:-)


Goof Info
Submitted by Raistlin [PM] on 23 November 2019
How many comments does it take to get this moved to the forum? I reckon we’re there and I’m about to get told off (again) ;-)

I drink Chamomile now ... in 40 years I’ll move back onto whisky I reckon.

Goof Info
Submitted by ZeSmasher [PM] on 23 November 2019
hehe, what a nice überpedantic discussion this is :)
it depends of the context. in the ancient times an invicible warrior could not be beaten. so you fight him you die (or could you run away? uhmm... :) ).
in sport Usain Bold, Floys Mayweather and others could get the utopian name "the invincible!". during WWII battleship Bismarck was said to be invincible, but was sunk anyway.
in videogames it depends of the game. in this case opponents who fight you will all die, but if you slip on the banana you still can kill yourself even if you are invisible, erm, invincible! or? uhm...

dear Raistlin, I'd like to talk with you about this again in 40 years while drinking chamomille together and remembering the good old times :)

Goof Info
Submitted by Raistlin [PM] on 23 November 2019
Yeah, this is getting really academic now.

As I was taught (I still have the books):-

- invincibility .. someone that can’t be killed by anything other than old age
- immortality .. someone who can’t die from old age

So to -really- never die you’d actually need to be both of these.. since an immortal can still be killed.

But hey-ho, either way, the invisible cheat is still a goof since, well, the player is still visible :-p

Goof Info
Submitted by ZeSmasher [PM] on 23 November 2019
sorry, we are getting a bit academic here, but invincible can die. invincible != immortal IMHO
maybe invincible/vincible is more appropriate to the opponent ("make that invincible final boss vincible?").

Goof Info
Submitted by Raistlin [PM] on 23 November 2019
Invincibility is invincibility, though... not “invincibility 90% of the time”.

Invincibility: impenetrable, can’t die.

Unlimited Lives: can die .. but can be resurrected unlimited times.

The former makes the game easier of course as you don’t need to keep restarting from the start point.

No biggie though, the important thing is that it’s a promising looking game and you guys cracked it :-)

Goof Info
Submitted by Faayd [PM] on 23 November 2019
Rastilin: for real invisibility play For Speed We Need V2 +2

and it newer says that you can't loose Lives, if you dont want to loose Lives, try the Lives Trainer too.

Goof Info
Submitted by Raistlin [PM] on 23 November 2019
The Invisible trainer doesn't quite work ... couple of goofs with the second cheat...

1) I can still see the player sprite (ie. i think you mean "Invincible" not Invisible)

2) Invincibility doesn't quite work anyway .. If I jump from the upper platform and miss the cage, I fall down and die... losing a life. So i'm not invincible either.
2019-11-23 20:43

Registered: Apr 2003
Posts: 2244

Now there STILL isn't a goof about the "invisibility". :D On the other hand, it _could_ mean invisibility for your enemy (meaning he cannot aim his bullets, shurikens, ... or in this case: barrels at you), not for the player in front of the screen (which would be a rather odd kind of "trainer" anyway) - but I doubt this is the case here. :)
2019-11-23 20:45

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 1214
what smasher sez (or will say)
2019-11-23 23:52

Registered: Mar 2007
Posts: 322
Yes, I’m gonna head back to school to make sure I understand invisibility. I guess I goofed by thinking it meant “not visible” :’-(

Anyway, gotta get back to chatting to TSD and Mr.C about the Original Excess rebirth :-) ... “Excess: You Can’t Kill Us, We’re INVISIBLE!*”

*- except when falling off a small platform. Then we die.
2019-11-24 03:29

Registered: Jan 2002
Posts: 2381
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