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2011-05-08 15:10

Registered: Feb 2005
Posts: 139
Double Screen Compo Voting

Okay - all entries are in and it is time for voting.

Take your time and check the pictures properly. If you like to check it on a C64, I'd recommend to turn off the volume, because music tends to alter atmosphere. Now here come the rules:


Deadline for voting is June 7th 2011 (know it is a long term but c64pixels-visitors are watching random)

Good luck to all contestants !

Looking Outward by Celtic, code by Zielok
Additional content according compo rules: Music
Format: MultiColor

Monroe 6569 by Diggr
Format: Charmode

Asteroidmine by Grass, code by Cruzer
Format: MultiColor

The Raven by Dane
Additional content according compo rules: Dark red and dark grey are laced
Format: MultiColor

CARGO by Twoflower, code by Cruzer
Additional content according compo rules: Music
Picture format: MultiColor, 4-colors, Colorscheme is matching Charmode

A Kind of Magic by Yazoo, code by Axis
Additional content according compo rules: Music, scrolltext (can be disabled by pressing spacebar)
Picture format: MultiColor
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2011-05-25 04:50

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 218
Me as an example were not able to get my contribution ready, I were working hard for it to be great... guess it just must be released later on instead...

2011-08-08 16:58

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 30
"Dont wire bad!" Jesus
2011-08-09 20:04
Stainless Steel

Registered: Mar 2003
Posts: 960
I dont really feel like getting involved in this,
but i feel myself touched by the topic since the issue at hand somehow also applies to music.

A cover / remix in a competition.
And the author didnt even bother to mention the source. Or maybe he did,
and you just didnt get the memo?

Like THAT's never happened.
So what ? It's been like that for ages.

That's how it is. Deal with it, it's part of the way this scene works and is part of why it has survived for so long.

It works for me. Should i feel guilty about it ? Tough question.
Depends on who you ask. I tend to think not.

"BBbbut, he didnt tell the truth!! He's a cheater and a liar!"

Lets be honest now. People aren't stupid (i hold on to that hope).
In this day and age, in this "scene" - no one with two working braincells would seriously think he could "get away with it".
Win the prize. Take the cake and laugh all the way home about the stupid fuckers he so cleverly cheated on.

Victory!! Finally!!!

Seriously ? I think not. And (i hope) neither do you.

So whats the point ? Why are you making such a big issue about it ? Get over it.

If you refuse to recognize something as "art" according to your standards, then so be it.
Atleast give the poor bastard the benefit of craftsmanship or skill and take it easy.

Dont be so agitated about it. It's just a compo.

Most of the audience is just going think "oooh pretty picture" or "ahh nice tune" anyway.
Not every one is as nerdy and sophisticated analytically full of issues as you.
Some people just enjoy something and have fun and i think compos are alot of fun. "NO COPY" or not.

Tough shit. Grow a pair.

A lot of my stuff is based on the work of others. Most of the time its obvious. Other times not so much.
Hell, one time I even covered a cover of somone elses original and didnt even know it!

Good thing i didnt place that one in a compo, i probably would have went to hell three times over!!

Sometimes i even like to keep people in the dark and see if they recognize the source and if they agree with,
or heaven forbid even enjoy the way i imagined it. How i transported it to our limited but beloved medium the c64.

Basing your stuff on other peoples work, not being "original". Does that mean i'm not an artist ? what am i then, a plumber ?

You could argue with me about the difference of "art" and "craftsmanship" or "skill" and if craftsmanship and skill couldnt be an art form itself for days.
But please, dont come down on me with that holier than thou shit preaching me your moral standards and all that.

Does anyone see the hypocrisy here?

On the one hand, everybody and his dog is ejaculating over themselves about mahoney's LCP demo compo entry,
some even saying it should have won.

While, if i understand it correctly - his entry is "just" a cover of some swedish band's song.
He digitized it, arranged / copied some notes from the original song,
came up with a clever way to crunch it all into a small one filer and then placed it in a demo compo.

And suddenly everybody's going bat shit crazy about how great it is. Yet here, people totally get their knickers all in a twist because "its not original" and all that shit.

Seriously ?

It's part of the scene people. Deal with it.

Which is why i felt comfortable in the first place with making music on the c64. Oh sorry, i forgot. I'm not really "making" music. I'm just copying some one elses work. Oh dear!

I even dared to put a cover (or "reinterpretation" as i put it) in the X 2010 compo.
And it didnt even occur to me that i was somehow "cheating" or otherwise doing something wrong.

I slept like a baby that night and i probably wouldnt ever have thought about it until someone in a comment to the tune here on csdb came up with the "cover in compo" issue.

Be as it may.

Next time around there's a compo and it's not explicitly forbidden to compete with a cover and i happen to have a tune ready that just so happens to be based on the work of someone else, rest assured you're going to see my name on the competitors list again.

With a big grin on my face.

Sorry for the lenghty text and all :-D

2011-08-10 11:47

Registered: Oct 2004
Posts: 395
If it's a "no covers allowed" compo, then entering with a cover is of course to be considered cheating and the entry should be disqualified. If the cover isn't revealed until after the compo is over, well, then your cheating payed off...
When it's not stated if covers are allowed or not, then personally I tend to not vote covers as high... This is of course a problem since I might not have recognized if some tune was a cover...
So really, it should be stated if only original compositions are allowed or not.
Lately though, I tend to dont give a shit and just vote for whatever I find the most interesting, Best sounding/looking or original idea in no particular order...

weak formulated comporules means anything goes.
2011-08-30 14:58

Registered: Nov 2002
Posts: 299
Quoting Digger

In theory it is (or it will be) possible to write i.e. a Phyton script (Mr. SID come on!) to convert any image into pixels using i.e. Hein or Carrion's pixelling style.

So I could create my original artwork in PhotoShop and then convert to C64 in a best possible way (preserving hand pixelling quality), it's even possible to breed a few styles (using genetic algorithms) to create hybrids (i.e. Mermaid/Archmage).

Sounds too scary? ;-)

Yeah, definately. I'd like to see you try! <:-) There's a reason why Mermaid, Carrion, Archmage, Joe, Ptoing, Mirage etc pictures look so good, and it's because they know things about pixelling you could never teach a program... A program will never actually "see" a picture, it does not know which detail is important and which is not, and it cannot place pixels just like someone doing it by hand. I know Lars has spent considerable time in Timanthes to "teach" it all his knowledge, and we've done a lot of that with Mufflon, too... But there's simply a limit to how far software "intelligence" can go... You could teach programs to simulate a certain dither style, but that's about it... And I'd like to see a program that emulates f.ex. Joe's crazy dithering experiments, that'll probably require a supercomputer! ;-)
2012-01-12 23:32
Account closed

Registered: Jan 2012
Posts: 8
Copy or not, the Cyberpunk Girl is a real nice one. Perfect Technique. Diggrs and JAzoos Technical Skills too, but the Motives doesn't impress me that much. My 10 Cents ;-)
2012-01-14 13:07

Registered: Mar 2005
Posts: 275
@DK: genetic algorithms will take care of that ;-)
2017-07-12 17:41

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 1512
Lol how could I miss this? I must have been drunk.
The thread is pure gold :D
2017-07-12 17:58

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8543
We should have this discussion again - its certainly more fun than the annual voting and/or tags drama :=)
2017-07-12 20:59

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 1512
Now that I have read everthing... Sorrry but what's with Mermaid's stuff here? I purposely havent used worst words because this is just fucked up. Who cares? I love all these pictures. This is just fucking up people for no reason whatsoever
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