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2015-06-05 12:45

Registered: Nov 2011
Posts: 288
Hacked/modfied games - Do you have more info?

Based on the discussion about Demoni +4DGHF , which is a hack of Warhawk with modified graphics, and what Smasher wrote about these hacks and about cracks without intros being sold in Italy. I also got word that in Spain it was done in a similar way.

Maybe you know about other countries this was common?

Also scene groups sometimes modified old games to look a bit different and published them as first releases of new (because widely unknown) games. Cycles +FT is a well known axample for this.

Maybe you know about more games where this was done?
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2018-03-07 22:25

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 307
renamed by ICS or has it been sold under that name officially?

in Italy back in the 80's you could buy commodore/spectrum mags with embedded bonus tape full of games at every kiosk. those games were mostly cracked games with removed intros and italian translation. so to answer your question: it was very probably "sold" that way, not in a computer shop with proper cover and box.
///Ze Mediterranean
2018-03-07 22:43

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 531
buying hot warez at a kiosk... unthinkable in 1980s Germany where copy criminal kids lived in fear of being tracked down by police or company lawyers :)
2018-03-08 01:28

Registered: Apr 2003
Posts: 22
I remember a wheelchair race game which was infact a modified Pitstop 2, something similar to http://csdb.dk/release/?id=108678. But I can't remembery anymore if it was for made for getting a firstie or just for fun.
2018-03-08 07:10

Registered: Nov 2011
Posts: 362
Italian "Kiosk tapes" =)

2018-03-12 08:41

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 531
What I really wonder is why the Italians borked the game titles so frequently, BADALM (facepalm) might be a typo but why re-baptizing Night Racer to Special Cars? Did they think, renaming it would make it less obvious/less copyright-criminal?
2018-03-12 09:26

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 1083
Quoting TheRyk
less obvious/less copyright-criminal?
The fun part is that it was, in fact, technically legal for a long while. And technical legality is the best kind of legal. Similar in the Netherlands, and some other countries, iirc, where related loopholes persisted.
2018-03-12 11:54

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 307
ZeRyk: correct. you could take "Microprose Soccer", rename it as "Roberto Baggio soccer" and you could sell that game and make money. there was no laws that said the practice was legal or illegal, and if there really was a laws about that nobody really cared. even F4CG had a shop in the early days.
Also many games were not complete, especially multiload ones: you could find and play the first level only on that tape.
aaaww, someone should really bring back the 80s, when Italy was world champion while today we don't even go to Russia... :)
2018-03-12 12:22

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 531
Quoting ZeSmasher
... someone should really bring back the 80s, when Italy was world champion ... :)

... in what? Lawlessness? After all I've read here, I think that might hold true :)
2018-03-12 12:38

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 307
Quoting TheRyk
... in what? Lawlessness? After all I've read here, I think that might hold true :)

you perfectly know in what, as it was against West Germany in 1982! :)
well, we could open a new topic to talk about copyright laws.
For example here in Switzerland you can legally download any multimedia content (movies, music, etc... I'm not talking about software like videogames) and you can share it with your family, your relatives and your friends, but you can't publish it and make it general available. in practice: you can download any movies/mp3 with bittorrent if you stop/filter the upload flow.
2018-07-12 07:53

Registered: Oct 2007
Posts: 23
Another hacked game:

"The Adventures of the Little Ghostkid" (https://csdb.dk/search/?seinsel=all&search=ghostkid) from 1991 is an unauthorized hack of the game "Orsital" (https://csdb.dk/search/?seinsel=all&search=orsital), which was published in 1989.

The original's game coder writes: "Ha, I’ve not seen Little Ghostkid before, same game, but someone added better sprite graphics, level’s still the same by the looks of it : )"
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