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2018-04-28 17:42

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8920
WANTED: older (Windows) VICE builds

in order to give some people a chance to track down a certain bug that shouldnt be hard to guess from the following list, i am looking for a bunch of older winvice builds (unfortunately the server that builds the nightlies moved at some point and the older builds are lost). perhaps someone kept them, if so please mail them over, put them online somewhere, or whatever :=)

2018-04-24 [r34721] fix envelope bugs shown by testprogs/SID/env_test/

2017-03-14 [r32988] 6581 oscillator top bit behavior fix
2017-03-13 [r32987] fix 8580 filters
2017-03-13 [r32986] fix envelope timing issues
2017-03-13 [r32985] 8580 filter bias range
2017-01-05 [r32605] hack to fix integer overflow
2017-01-01 [r32587] SID noise writeback improvement

2016-12-31 [r32579] filter bias tweak value fix
2016-12-31 [r32578] SID envelope generator improvements
2016-12-31 [r32576] SID 8580 filter improvements
2016-08-16 [r31615] (hopefully) fix the noise writeback and lfsr details.
2016-08-12 [r31587] As the OSC3 register is sampled in the first clock phase 
                    while the tri/saw output is latched on the second phase the 
                    delay will be noticed only on OSC3 read, since we produce 
                    the waveform output when phi2 is high
2016-08-10 [r31571] register writes are NOT delayed by a cycle on 8580 - instead 
                    the perceived delay is caused by a half cycle delay in the 
                    sawtooth/triangle output
2016-08-09 [r31558] The oscillator's value is 55555 at power up (all bits are 1 
                    but odd ones are stored inverted) and is not changed on 
2016-08-08 [r31541] The effect of the top bit of the ring modulating voice was 
2016-08-08 [r31538] Reading from a write-only or non-existing register returns 
                    the value left on the internal data bus, which is refreshed 
                    not only on writes but also on valid reads from the read-
                    only registers

2015-12-25 [r30331] fix bus TTL
2015-12-24 [r30329] add hard clipping to 8580 mixer output

(doesnt have to be the exact revision, slightly higher revisions than the ones listed may help too)

2018-04-29 06:12

Registered: Oct 2014
Posts: 240
I just zipped my vices, 311MB ahhh I guess you don't need ALL of it, is there a way I can just gives bits of it?
2018-04-29 07:15
iAN CooG

Registered: May 2002
Posts: 2113
try winrar solid compression, or 7zip, maybe they can find matching parts and squeeze them more =)
2018-04-29 11:11

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 403
Don't bother looking for r31538, that one doesn't build due to some missing files. r31544 is the revision where the missing files are added.

Edit: so r31541 won't build either, meaning to get the changes in ReSID between r31538 and r31541 the offending code (uigmod2) needs to be manually removed/disabled before building these revisions.

And I just found out r31544 also doesn't build due to errors in uigmod2. Great :)
2018-04-29 17:42

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8920
ok, thanks for all offers....

compyx uploaded all the files here

now those who hear deal-breaking problems in reSID can check them out, and hopefully point at the revision that broken it.

2018-04-29 18:48
The Phantom

Registered: Jan 2004
Posts: 353
Well, not sure why, but I have these versions:
2.4.10 -r28787
2.4.11 -r28861

You can grab the zip off my google drive...

2018-04-29 20:42

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 403
Thanks, but I'm afraid those versions aren't going to help tracking bugs down.

Groepaz posted a very specific list of revisions in which SID emulation code changed. Those are the revisions (or those very close) we're interested in.

Edit: but I've downloaded the file anyway, I'm curious about those old versions, thanks.
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