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2007-10-14 17:57

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9533
maintaining periodically updated entries

*sigh* ok well, to put an end to this nonsence:

- each new release of whatever is added to the database must get its new entry. period.

this is a general rule for everything in the database, and it wont be discussed either. no exceptions. we will enforce this, no matter what. (and no, only because there are other releases which do not follow this rule that doesn't mean that newly added releases may not follow it either - they will all be fixed over time)

that said, i can see how "latest releases" beeing flooded with stuff that gets updated on a daily basis is annoying and unnecessary. no doubt about this, and no need to discuss it either. we will find a solution for this, but it will take some time.

as for now, when you are updating such a release, please do the following:

1. create a new entry for the new release, with the proper releasedate and info and all that.
2. in the old, now outdated, previous version set the release year to "year" (ie, undefined).
3. if the links to the file in the entries aren't permanent, upload the actual file.

this will prevent the old release staying in the "latest releases". the actual year will still be visible in the edit history (for moderators/admins) so it can be fixed/restored later when we found a proper solution.

thank you for your attention :)
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2007-10-19 20:38

Registered: Dec 2004
Posts: 827
2007-10-20 04:08
Account closed

Registered: Mar 2004
Posts: 679
does it really matter if we're looking at <release id="XX"> or www.csdb.c64.org/release?id=XX ?!
same arent static because of the way it is here...

whatever you say, assi... i guess stfu is a good idea now :-)

anyway, all these proposals can become reality once we integrated this chaining-(or other)-thing
voting can be seen as an overall score among these chained-together releases and the same applies to comments and so on...
2007-10-20 05:50

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4608
you gotta love the STFU and general agressive attitude of the moderation team. Moderators should be people who can handle cases like this in a civilised polite way without STFU and flaming.
2007-10-20 06:49
Account closed

Registered: Mar 2004
Posts: 679
yes, i also think that assiduous should keep his aggressive attitude regulated but you should not put him in the moderation team, you can clearly see, who is in under the handles, for example 'Groepaz - Moderator'
but there isnt a 'Moderator' word under assiduous, so he is NOT a moderator, whats so hard about this one, oswald?!

some questions are there in my mind for quite some time now:

am i not allowed to speak on my own?
how can we distinguish between a moderator post and single's person!?

and where do you see a moderator beeing too aggressive!?

and still i think shutting the fuck up is a good idea, because it isnt leading towards any interesting here :-)
2007-10-20 08:09

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4608
I'd except more adult behaviour from ppl that are supposed to control us than stfu and acting like being owners of csdb, getting hurt each time one has an opinion about the site's workings. thats all. Just look at your childish attempt to turn my post inside out.
2007-10-20 08:20
Account closed

Registered: Mar 2004
Posts: 679
i dont get it...

assiduous made some statement

then i answered the way i think about it

reading his aggressive answer to my post, i just thought i perhaps better shut up ...

now you come to the stage to tell me im not acting adult, like discussing normally, without beeing aggressive?

the inside-out-thing was my way to ask you cause i dont see the most aggression at any other than assiduous

who is acting like beeing the owners? gpz, cause he tries to enforce the rules??

me, cause im taking part in a discussion??

and about that 'supposed to control':
once we do you begin to moan, so pls dont rely in that issue now :-)

what's your point oswald?


i always tell myself, but i never manage to .. STFU :)
2007-10-20 09:13
A Life in Hell
Account closed

Registered: May 2002
Posts: 204
Quote: I'd except more adult behaviour from ppl that are supposed to control us than stfu and acting like being owners of csdb, getting hurt each time one has an opinion about the site's workings. thats all. Just look at your childish attempt to turn my post inside out.

You know they do it for the lulz.
2007-10-20 09:33

Registered: Jan 2002
Posts: 1498
wreg, you should read the posts more thoroughly and only reply if you're sure you understood everything. Sorry, but I hate if people are getting slapped because your English sucks and your reply sounds as if the original poster stated something completely different than he actually did...

Edit: Obviously I misinterpreted wreg's earlier posts, just like Oswald. If I read correctly, the "time to STFU" was directed at himself. Which gives the whole post a lot more sense than if he directed it at Os or As. ;)
2007-11-02 05:33
Account closed

Registered: Aug 2005
Posts: 5
Doh, that was a lot of stuff to read, but even if I'm a noob, let me mention something...

If you got your very own HDD sorted by demos and games for example and somebody gets to your computer and messes all up by copying everything from one playce to another so you can't find anything again, wouldn't you be saying VERY EVIL THINGS to this person and maybe DO VERY BAD THINGS to him?

I would!

If there is a release of the same thing in a new version, it should be an entry as a new release! Even if I'm a nobody in the scene, I go with that!
2007-11-02 12:38
Account closed

Registered: Jun 2007
Posts: 343
I would be delighted to find out the relation between a HDD of one's very own and CSDb which is a shared effort of countless people. Elaborate on this please.
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